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How to Put Sorority or Fraternity on Resume: Easy Steps

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You can enhance your resume by listing a sorority or fraternity. Being a member or leader allows you to gain skills that can transfer to work, enabling you to be a more effective employee. By highlighting what you’ve done in a sorority or fraternity, you can demonstrate how it makes you a good candidate. Still, many people are asking “Should I put my fraternity on my resume”, and the answer is rather complex.

“What fraternities and sororities are about is to be there to give people that helping hand, especially the youth.” – Alexandreena Dixon

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn why and how to put fraternity on resume or a sorority for that matter. Often people forget to remember that hazing and other behaviors don’t represent the whole experience. Fraternities and sororities teach students leadership and philanthropy, which are crucial traits hiring managers look for in new graduates.

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So is a fraternity or a sorority resume listing a good decision? Let’s find out more about it.

What Are Sororities and Fraternities?

A sorority or fraternity is a social organization that is often found on a college or university campus. Some refer to them as Greek organizations. Many different fraternities and sororities exist, and some have defined memberships based on gender. You can find fraternities and sororities in the following categories:

  • Social
  • Professional
  • Service
  • Multicultural
  • Honorary or academic

Fraternities and sororities may have different requirements for membership and different goals, but all of them offer networking opportunities. Traditionally, members of Greek organizations remain active long after graduation, and membership is usually available for a lifetime.

In addition to community service and missionary work, fraternities and sororities focus on education and outreach. Keep on reading to learn how to list fraternity on resume or how to put a sorority on your resume.

Should You Add a Fraternity or Sorority to Your Resume?

If you are looking for your first job after graduating from college, listing your Greek organization might be a good option. After a year or two in the workplace and you have gained more professional experience, you may want to remove your fraternity/sorority experience from your future resumes.

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A description of your sorority or fraternity involvement can tell many positive things about you. Some of them include diverse interests, advanced skills, proactive mindset, community involvement, and being achievement-oriented. Plus, there are many ways to put a sorority on a resume, so incorporating it in your CV will be possible.

Thus, you can show your potential employer that you had interests outside your academic career. Besides, you can emphasize that you had the opportunity to develop different skills through experiential learning. Also, adding sorority or fraternity on resume can help you showcase your enthusiasm for new challenges.

Moreover, resume writers can use this experience to mention their participation in community service and charity events. Lastly, if you have a history with professional or academic Greek organizations, you can add them to your CV to show dedication to career development.

So if you are wondering “Should I put my sorority on my resume?”, the answer is definitely yes in most cases. However, you should always make that decision based on the position you are applying to. If you have more questions on how to put sorority on resume, you can read about it here.

How to Include Sorority or Fraternity on Resume

How to Include Sorority or Fraternity on Resume

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

When you include Greek Life on your resume, it is important to display it in the right place. You have two options for seamlessly incorporating your fraternity or sorority experience on your resume. And it all depends on how much information you want to disclose. You can put it in:

  • Professional experience
  • Activities section
  • Volunteering sections

Add It to Your Professional Experience

The question is not should you put your sorority on a resume, but when to do it. Three instances in which you should include Greek Life experience in the Professional Experience section are:

  • There isn’t enough experience for a full resume
  • In your graduate school application, you have honors from your fraternity/sorority time
  • It is clear from your experiences that you have achieved something

Due to the fact that this option allows you to talk about your experience as a member of Greek Life, it’s possibly the best way to communicate how your involvement has helped you become a better candidate.

Add It to Your Activities or Volunteering Sections

Consider mentioning your affiliation in your Activities or Volunteering section, if you don’t want to devote a significant portion of your resume to Greek Life. You can include it in this section in some of these cases:

  • If you did not hold any positions of authority in your fraternity or sorority
  • In case you think that your Greek experience simply shouldn’t be too prominent

Even if you don’t devote too much space to your Greek Life experiences on your resume, make sure that you provide numbers to show your employer what you’ve accomplished.

More Important Tips

When including your involvement in fraternities or sororities on your resume, emphasize how the experiences contributed to both your personal and professional growth. This will greatly direct the decision on how to put your fraternity on your resume. The following steps will help you add your Greek experience to your resume:

  • Identify important experiences
  • Determine specific skills
  • Decide where to locate it
  • Identify relevant examples

Identifying the most relevant aspects of your experiences to your job application should be your first step. You can include GPA or community service hours, committees, leadership positions, meetings, philanthropic events, etc. After recording these, identify the common themes and skills you were able to learn. You might have one or more of the following strengths:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Networking and relationship-building
  • Time management and organization
  • Management

Once you have done that, you can switch to determining placement.

You will need to choose which skills and experiences are most relevant to the job you are applying for. Then, you can determine where to place this information. You can include this information in the “Experience,” “Leadership,” or “Activities” sections.

Move on to identifying the relevant examples you want to include in your resume. Furthermore, you can emphasize your Greek organization’s participation value in your interview by sharing some stories. Keep track of the purposes, attendees, participants, outcomes, and your responsibilities for specific events.

Use numbers when putting fraternity on resume as they provide a quantitative measure of success. In addition, you should explain unfamiliar terminology. Hopefully, this gives you more information on where to put fraternity on resume or sorority on resume.

Benefits of Fraternity or Sorority Listings on a Resume

Benefits of Fraternity or Sorority Listings on a Resume

Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

Are there benefits of including Greek Life into your resume? Most certainly. To begin with, Greek Life provides leadership opportunities as well as transferable skills. In Greek organizations, leadership positions exist, such as the president of the organization or recruitment chair. This process requires soft skills that can be transferred to a job, so you should include them at the top of your resume as examples of your accomplishments and evidence of your leadership skills.

Apart from these skills, you can emphasize skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, attention to detail, creativity, and interpersonal skills. Many types of jobs require these soft skills. Thanks to your experience in organizing events and managing organizations, you are well-positioned to convince the hiring manager why you are an excellent candidate.

Several of your activities can become bullet points that illustrate your skills, especially when they are supported by achievements.

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Greek Life also highlights your community involvement. Developing philanthropic skills is another important aspect of Greek Life. Many chapters emphasize their commitment to philanthropy through charity work as a central component of their mission. When you are preparing your resume, consider how you contributed to your fraternity or sorority’s charitable activities.

You should also include your volunteer work on your resume if your chapter is involved in civic engagement. Employers highly value the skills volunteers gain through community service. Provide specific examples of your role in these activities when putting sorority on resume, such as the number of people you helped.

More Situations Where You Can Benefit

In addition, Greek Life provides networking opportunities. Involving your fraternity or sorority in your job hunt allows you to make use of national networks of Greek alumni. A connection with the hiring manager through the Greek organization could assist in landing a job interview.

Greek Life makes for good conversation starters and will break the interview tension. It isn’t a guarantee that you will get an interview, but it is a great icebreaker. Furthermore, your time management abilities can be well displayed through Greek Life experience.

In order to be successful in college and in Greek life, stellar time management skills are essential. Taking care of your academic responsibilities while taking part in social events, philanthropy, and volunteering can be challenging. The hiring manager will know that you can manage your time effectively if you know how to include fraternity on resume. When deciding how to list sorority on resume, mention both your academic achievements as well as your active Greek participation.

If the company is fast-paced or requires multiple juggling tasks, these skills make you an ideal candidate. In case you are still wondering should you put fraternity on resume, get more info here.

Ways of Incorporating Fraternity or Sorority on Your Resume

Including your sorority or fraternity membership on a resume can sound confusing. Figuring out how to put a fraternity on your resume can also be time-consuming. This is why we wanted to give you some examples of how to put your sorority on your resume and how to add fraternity to resume. In the following example, you can see how a resume for sorority can look like:

Leslie Sanders

Chicago, Illinois

(123) 456-7891

[email protected]


Professional with extensive event planning and management experience. Looking for an opportunity to utilize my creative talents and strategic expertise for a well-respected brand.


University of Illinois Chicago

Bachelor of Arts: Mechanical engineering

August 2015 – June 2019

Leadership Experience

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Chapter President, 2018-2019

I led a 50-member group

Maintaining five buildings, including two major alterations and renovations

Provided guidance and support to the eight other executive officers so that they could complete their duties effectively

Treasurer, 2015-2017

Utilized Microsoft Excel to manage a $60,000 annual budget

Organized funds and documentation for all income and expenses

Assist the vice president in setting budgets for housing, food, and charity events

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