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By Alina Burakova fb Jul 13, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

The logic behind Teachable from its launch up until the present day has been to make education accessible to all through its online platform. It has succeeded in its aims, and now it can be called the best tutoring service in the sector of digital marketing. With easy accessibility comes a wider audience which has been recognized in Teachable reviews.

The Platform has lots of scope for integration with other software and can be personalized to suit the individual. More courses are added regularly; there is something for everyone. When it comes to selecting a website in this sector, these are aspects that demonstrate that Teachable is aware of the need for even better content to stay at the head of the field.

When looking at the most popular courses on this platform, there is a wide range of prices in those that have sold in volume. The top six are courses on building apps and developing good habits that cost no more than pocket money. This is not the best website to learn English, as there are not many courses on English learning. Their two best sellers provide insight into how to make better use of the Internet.

If you are looking for English tutors, you’d better check one of these top English tutoring online companies listed in our list.

‘’Email Marketing Magic’’ provides help with producing effective emails rather than just ones with little direction and even less success. ‘’How to Crush It on Twitter’’ is a valuable tool for those needing to improve their success without necessarily having any marketing experience.

A serious course of changing your habits to improve your life, career, and fitness permanently is well supported: ‘’The Habits Academy’’. Fourth on the list before those two ‘’pocket money’’ courses will teach you how to make Sourdough Bread, ‘’Sourdough U’’!

So, let’s proceed with a detailed Teachable.com review.

What is Teachable?

The name says it all; every subject is teachable, and the wide range of subjects that this platform offers is one of the things that an appraisal of Teachable inevitably includes is that very fact. It is a platform that is fairly simple to set up, easy to customize, and designed to suit all devices, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Another great platform with courses is Creative Live. Check our CreativeLive.com review to learn more about his company.

Users can set up their own schools very quickly. After supplying personal details, including email address and school name, you are ready to get on with the detail of the building. There is a tutorial to help, which is extremely useful for those not too familiar with modern technology but aware of its opportunity. The 5-minute video is easy to understand, and then you are ready to go with a template to help out if needed.

How Does Teachable Work?

It acts as an educator, a host, and a manager, an ideal platform for those with a message that they wish to convey and looking for a platform to do it. Users can create their own online content with Teachable as their host, their means of selling and marketing their expertise, and a payment processing facility.

Does Teachable Have Guarantees?

While there is no vetting process on the quality of the content that users market, Teachable will guarantee that no content that fails the standards of legality and honesty will be allowed. Logically, it is not a platform that would have been so successful, as all Teachable website opinion agrees, if its content and courses were not of the highest quality.

Is Teachable Online Platform Useful?

Teachable site appraisals are done by those who have used the platform and can therefore judge the effectiveness and accuracy of its lessons. There is no reason to doubt that the platform opinion expressed online is inaccurate and that opinion regularly talks of its effectiveness.

Is Teachable Safe or Is it a Scam?

Everyone who has joined Teachable can read and understand the terms and conditions that the company follows before they join up. Scams are increasingly rare these days, and secure payment gateways have become ever more sophisticated to create barriers between their hosts and anyone looking for illicit access. Likewise, personal information is completely secure from those wanting to get access for less than honourable reasons.

Reviews of Teachable.com all accept the prominent position that this platform holds in this sector. It would not be possible not to deliver the content that would satisfy even the most critical inspection.

Originally called Fedora when launched 5 years ago, its founder Ankur Nagpal rebranded as Teachable in 2016. Nagpal’s frustration at being unable to make effective contact with students resulted in developing his own platform. However, its early growth was restricted by its inability to host multiple courses.

That resulted in a project to rebuild the system, and Ankur and his partner Conrad set about that with enthusiasm, relaunching effectively as Teachable once the job was completed. Teachable learning platform reviews recognize that their work has been a success.

Teachable’s expansion has resulted in offering courses in a wide range of subjects, from art and business to food & drink and health and fitness to design, photography, and writing in a relatively short period. Teachable website reviews identify the most popular courses related to marketing in social media and email, food & drink, and productivity.

Limited time courses also look at marketing and productivity, but a ‘’crash course’’ on writing is exciting.

Free courses are available as well, with the most popular looking at careers, writing, art, and the category of ‘’tech and programming.’’

The service does have a free option that is mentioned in all Teachable reviews, and the features it provides are excellent. The downside is the high transaction fee, with the cost being $1 and a commission rate of 10% on courses you sell.

The other Teachable prices are as follows, and clients can switch between them at any time:

  • Basic is $29 per month with saving if taken annually: $348 per year.
  • Professional comes at $99 per month and $1,188 per year.
  • Business is $249 per month and $2,988 per year.

If you are looking for a place to provide language lessons, then VIPKid might be a great alternative. Check VIPKid review to learn more about this platform. It is also good in terms of pricing.

There is no doubt that the overall quality of this platform, concluding that reviews on the company Teachable all reach. Subscribers to this service do not need to prove their level of expertise to use the service.

However, the ongoing success that those offering their own courses through this platform, those who review Teachable online courses, and Teachable student reviews all suggest that they agree.

There is separate customer support staff for each of the four pricing plans, with the Business Plan getting priority. That is not surprising and not held against this platform in any of the reviews of Teachable.com. There is a live chat option and a system of tickets whereby you can ask a question in each case.

However, you need to follow a series of pages before that option is available. At this stage, there is no phone option available.

There are live workshops every week, tips, and blogs offering plenty of advice with courses and tutorials as examples of the things you may be looking to sell yourself.

Anyone interested in Teachable can get a free trial on its App for Android to judge its performance. If you have enrolled in their school, you get access to content by downloading the App.

There are no problems in using just a smartphone to complete a course. Their platform could not be more mobile user-friendly, and this is something regularly mentioned in appraisals of their school.

  • Reviews all agree that it is easy to use, and that is especially of benefit to beginners who may not be particularly good at navigating a website and the Internet as a whole.
  • It gives many payment and currency options, including two of the most popular, PayPal and Stripe.
  • The free plan is a definite advantage while you can upgrade from monthly to annual plans once you have satisfied yourself with services being the one for you.
  • Teachable integrates well with 3rd party software, so there are times when you do not have to start from scratch.
  • Adding new courses is simple, and overall, once you know what you want, you can start teaching online soon after joining up.
  • Helpful information and tips are a regular email feature.
  • Designed to be suitable for mobile, tablet, and laptop as well.
  • The learning languages Teachable review posts point to the relative weakness of this platform in the field of languages.
  • The service takes a sales fee even for those who are paying the top rates for use.
  • There is limited integration; those not using Zapier or Mailchimp will find it impossible to integrate with your email.
  • Greater emphasis on Teachable seems to be directed at marketing rather than teaching at times.
  • The quizzes are very basic when it should not be a problem to make them more interesting.
  • Some reviews on Teachable query the costs involved in signing up to it even though there is a free trial starter.
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Appraisals of this platform look at every aspect of the platform. While there are some subjective criticisms of it, Teachable.com reviews inevitably agree with us that it is an excellent service, valuable to anyone looking to learn or teach on a whole range of subjects. Those who found out where to submit an opinion on Teachable.com have sided with it in a Teachable vs. Thinkific review when it comes to its sales and marketing. The result is its ability to offer an opportunity to those interested in the interactive properties of the Internet and its quality websites.

Teachable works for professionals and entrepreneurs looking for another way of reaching an audience. It provides the chance for you to learn more about your hobby and make money out of it to the extent your hobby may become your future career. Wouldn’t that be like living your dream?

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I love Teachable because of their free plans. After using their services, I plan to upgrade to monthly or annual plans to fit the bill.


Teachable is a great platform for all. You can easily access the platform through different gadgets. I’m often traveling so the convenience of usability is a top priority. The mobile app is extremely reliable, works seamlessly.


The effectiveness and accuracy of the platform is unmatched. Teachable has been nothing short of a top tier service provider. It really helped a lot across different topics. I am much more confident now with my courses.

George, 25

I really enjoyed the customer service provided by Teachable. I had a lot of a challenge navigating but the support staff was eager to ensure a smooth transition. I got the value I needed in this experience.