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Kaplan and Princeton Review are two of the leading companies when it comes to providing educational services. However, you might be wondering which among them is better.

Basically, it all depends on what kind of service you need, your budget, your study style, and the test you’re preparing for.

This guide will give you a more detailed view of Kaplan vs Princeton Review about how these two education giants differ from each other to help you make the right choice.

One of the common questions asked by prospective clients is better, Kaplan or Princeton Review?

Kaptest, Incorporated is one of the leading providers of educational services such as training, certifications, test prep, and many more. The company was founded by Stanley Kaplan in 1938. The company started small, from tutoring New York State Regents Exam students until it slowly grew and expanded to other countries.

Today, Kaptest offers a variety of educational services such as test preparation, higher education, corporate training, support services, educational resources, and a lot more.

On the other hand, Princeton Review is a company offering college admission services such as test preparation, online courses, tutoring, admissions resources, and books. Founded by John Katzman and Adam Robinson in 1981, this company started by providing SAT preparation services to a few students in New York.

Now, it has grown into more than 4,000 tutors and teachers and expanded across 14 more countries all over the globe.

Both Kaplan and Princeton Review are great in their field of expertise and are trusted by students worldwide. However, some clients can attest that Kaplan Princeton differs in the quality of service they provide depending on the type of test you are preparing for.

Preparing for the GRE is essential if you want to achieve amazing scores for your admission application. Kaplan and Princeton are two of the most trusted companies by students looking for GRE preparation services.

Choosing between Kaplan vs Princeton review GRE can be a challenge since both are great for providing education services. The same hard task is to choose between Kaplan vs Magoosh GRE because all of these companies are all outstanding options.

Below is a quick guide about Princeton review vs Kaplan to help you compare these two and help make the right choice.

The prices for Princeton Review vs Kaplan GRE depend on the type of course format you prefer. For the Self-Paced Package, Princeton Review costs $499, which is cheaper compared to Kaplan’s $699.

However, Kaplan vs Princeton GRE is cheaper when it comes to Live Online test prep. Kaplan only costs $999 compared to Princeton’s $1199. However, Princeton offers lots of discounts, for prices as low as $899.

For students who learn better from physical resources, you’ll definitely find Kaplan or Princeton Review GRE books really helpful in your test prep. Kaplan has two options: the GRE Prep, which costs $16, and the GRE Prep Plus, which costs $28.

On the other hand, you can choose from over 20 textbooks from Princeton with prices ranging from $10-40.

FeatureKaplanPrinceton Review
PriceSelf-Paced Test prep – $699

Live Online Test prep – $999

Self-Paced Test prep – $499

Live Online Test prep – as low as $899

Books2 Books (GRE Prep and GRE Prep Plus)More than 20 books to choose from
Practice Questions5000+ practice questions, Quiz Bank3500 practice questions,
FlashcardsMobile FlashcardsOnline Access Flashcards
Course FormatsSelf-Paced, Live Online, Tutoring, and In-Person.Self-Paced, Live Online, Private Tutoring.
Video LecturesOne-on-one Lecture StyleOne-on-one Lecture Style
Retake OptionsFull refund available for unsatisfied clients, Full Course Retake.Full refund available for unsatisfied clients, Refresher courses available.

The Medical College Admission Test is a standardized exam used to measure one’s competency in medical schools. It requires adequate preparation before the exam to be assured of great test results.

People commonly ask, is Kaplan or Princeton Review better for MCAT? While these two are already popular in MCAT prep, it can’t be avoided to compare Kaplan vs. Princeton MCAT, especially the review features they offer. This section will help you determine which is the best MCAT prep course Princeton Review or Kaplan, for you.

Who has the best online MCAT prep courses? Princeton Review ranks number 3 for MCAT prep courses, while Kaplan is at number 1.

However, when comparing Princeton vs Kaplan MCAT features, they are almost at par with each other. Their prices don’t vary that much, plus both Kaplan vs Princeton Review MCAT have the same course formats for their students.

Kaplan offers more discounts making it a better choice for those comparing Kaplan vs Princeton MCAT in terms of budget. Read more in our Kaplan MCAT prep course review.

FeatureKaplanPrinceton Review
PriceSelf-Paced – $1999

Classroom Instruction (Live/Online) – $2499

Personal Tutoring – $3999

Self-Paced – $1699

Live Online Course – $1999

Classroom Course – $2499

Books7-Book Set (Complete MCAT Review)7-Book set, Online practice MCATs
Practice Questions8000+ questions2000+ questions
FlashcardsWith FlashcardsNo Flashcards
Course FormatsSelf-Paced, Live/Online Classroom Instruction, Tutoring.Self-Paced, Live Online Course, Classroom Course.
Video LecturesPre-recorded supplementary video lessons.On-demand video lessons.
Retake OptionsFull refund available for unsatisfied clients or continue prep for free.Full refund available for unsatisfied clients or repeat program for free.

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is an assessment exam for applicants on graduate management programs. It requires extensive preparation to get a good score. That’s why takers enroll in a GMAT prep course before taking it.

Two companies are well known when it comes to GMAT prep courses: Kaplan vs. Princeton Review GMAT.

Although they have lots of features in common, Kaptest is known to be better when it comes to GMAT prep, which comes with a price. The start-off price for the Kaplan GMAT course is $799, while only $499 for Princeton Review.

Another great comparison made by our team is Kaplan vs. Manhattan GMAT; check it out to have more alternatives to choose from.

Kaptest is pricier than Princeton, but it is worth it with unique additional features such as the Kaplan Official Test Day Experience.

The table below summarizes the differences between Kaplan vs. Princeton GMAT in more detail.

FeatureKaplanPrinceton Review
PriceLive/Self-Paced Online Course – $599

In-Person Course – $1590

Private Tutoring – $2230

Self-Paced – $499

Live Online – $1299

In-Person – $1199

Books2 Textbooks plus submission guidesAll online GMAT books
Practice Questions900 test questions, nine practice exams800 practice questions, ten practice exams
FlashcardsPrint flashcards plus app500 Print Flashcards
Course FormatsLive or Self-Paced Online Course, In-Person Course, Private Tutoring.Self-Paced, Live Online, In-Person Course.
Video LecturesInteractive video lessonsAdaptive video lessons
Retake OptionsFull refund available for unsatisfied clients or repeat course for free.Full refund available for unsatisfied clients or repeat course for free.

The Law School Admission Test or LSAT is a standardized exam for admission into law schools. An extensive test measures the taker’s competency in analysis and reasoning, which are the essential skills needed to prosper in law school.

Passing the LSAT is not easy; that’s why you need to enroll in a prep course before taking it. There are two big names when it comes to LSAT prep: Kaplan vs Princeton review LSAT. However, they have many similarities, Kaptest scores higher than Princeton in being the best LSAT prep course.

Both Kaplan and Princeton Review are priced almost similarly. They also offer self-paced and live online courses making it easier for takers to choose which one suits their schedule best. Below is a more detailed comparison of Kaplan vs Princeton LSAT.

FeatureKaplanPrinceton Review
PriceIn-Person – $1399

Live Online – $1199

Self-Paced Course – $799

Tutoring – $2599-4799

Self-Paced – $799

Fundamentals – $1099

Ultimate Prep – $1299

Private Tutoring – $1800-$3700

Books2 Books (available on Amazon)2 Books (available on Amazon)
Practice Questions8000+ test questions, 3 practice exams.8000+ practice questions, 6 practice exams.
Flashcards400 print flashcards.Printable flashcards.
Course FormatsIn-Person, Live Online, Self-Paced Course, Tutoring.In-Person, Live Online, Self-Paced Course, Tutoring.
Video LecturesOn-demand video lessons.Video lessons available on the portal.
Retake OptionsFull refund available for unsatisfied clients or repeat course for free.Full refund available for unsatisfied clients or repeat course for free.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is an admission exam commonly used by many schools and universities in the US. It is a standardized, paper-and-pencil test that is used to measure a student’s readiness for college.

Most students enroll in an SAT prep course to get better scores on the test. There are two companies known for the quality of SAT courses they provide: Kaplan vs Princeton SAT. If you’re curious about which is better, Kaplan or Princeton Review SAT, read along to learn more.

Although the two companies offer almost similar services for SAT prep courses, Princeton Review vs Kaplan SAT has its own pros and cons in certain areas. They don’t differ much in pricing, with Princeton Review starting at $1599 and Kaptest at $1999.

Princeton Review is more affordable when it comes to price in SAT Prep Princeton Review vs Kaplan. However, price is not everything when you’re looking for the best review course.

FeatureKaplanPrinceton Review
PriceSelf-Paced – $249

Live Online – $599

In-Person – $599

Private Tutoring – $2599+

Self-Paced – $299

Live Online – $899

In-Person – $899

Private Tutoring – $167/hour

BooksIncluded in all courses.Included with Live Online and In-Person.
Practice Questions1000+ practice questions, 8 practice exams.3200+ practice questions, 3+ practice exams.
Course FormatsSelf-Paced, Live Online, In-Person, Private Tutoring.Self-Paced, Live Online, In-Person, Private Tutoring.
Video LecturesIncluded in all courses.Included in all courses.
Retake OptionsFull refund available for unsatisfied clients or repeat course for free.Full refund available for unsatisfied clients or repeat course for free.

Aside from providing educational services, clients also compare Kaplan vs Princeton in the additional services they offer. These two companies are well known for their educational resources and non-educational services such as professional training.

Here a quick comparison between Princeton vs Kaplan in the additional services they offer.

Kaptest is well known and active across many countries all over the globe, making them one of the leading providers of educational services.

Aside from that, they also provide corporate training and development to improve its performance, especially its employees. With their global recruitment system, they can also increase a university’s number of international students.

Kaptest also proves top-quality exam prep courses, whether it is for licensure or admission purposes.

Aside from providing quality test prep for students and professionals, Princeton Review is also well known for its educational resources such as textbooks and test prep books. Read more in the Princeton Review reviews on our blog.

They also help students find their target schools through their admissions counseling services. You’ll get to know which schools are a perfect fit for you financially, academically, and socially.

With the detailed comparison above, it could be seen that Kaptest and Princeton Review are almost at par with each other in terms of the educational services they offer.

However, some students may prefer Princeton Review as a better choice than Kaptest or the other way around based on their experience. Lots of students prefer Princeton Review because of the additional educational resources and materials they provide.

On the other hand, other students pick Kaptest because of its affordability, especially on its prep courses. Keep in mind that each of them has its pros and cons, making them unique from each other.

To choose the right company that suits you, be sure to determine your learning goals, study style, budget, and even your learning needs to pick the company that could provide all of these factors. That way, you can definitely get the most from your investment, especially when you’re preparing for a test.