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Which Is The Most Expensive College In The World?

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College life is probably one of the experiences that each person looks forward to. With so many films and cinemas based on colleges, it is not surprising that people look forward to going to college. College life can be extremely fun if one balances their life and studies properly.

But a college education is not cheap. There is a reason that people start saving for their child’s college fees a long time beforehand. Quality education also requires a lot of money, some more so than others.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most expensive colleges in the world. These might be slightly heavy on your pocket, but the education they provide is top-notch.

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You can also read about the best online MBA in Canada on our blog. Keep reading to know more about the most expensive colleges in the world, and decide for yourself whether these colleges are for you.

List of the Most Expensive Universities in the World

We’ve made an overview of the most expensive educational institutions in the world. Listed below are the most expensive colleges in descending order:

Institution Fee per 4 years
Harvey Mudd College $79,539
University of Cambridge $72,587
New York University $65,850
Yale University $62,250
Oxford University $62,000
Dartmouth College $60,680
Massachusetts Institute of Technology $57,590
Princeton University $57,410
University of Chicago $57000
Harvard University $47074
Bond University $15,929

What is the Most Expensive College in the World

If you are someone who has been eagerly looking forward to going to college, there is one thought that must have bothered you. You must be well aware that higher education facilities are costly and might sometimes be simply out of people’s means.

In that case, it might help to know how to decline college acceptance letter, and we have an article on that, so check that out.

But here, you can read about the institutes with the most expensive college tuition in the world, and you can choose for yourself. Keep in mind that even though these institutes are expensive, they are also some of the best-known educational institutes in the world.

●      Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College was established in 1955 and is deemed to have the best undergraduate courses in the United States. It is the world’s most expensive college, with average fees of around $79,539, so you need to start saving if this is your dream college.

The college mainly focuses on science and engineering courses and is known to have produced the largest number of STEM PhDs. Donald D. Chamberlin, the co-founder of SQL, and Michael G. Wilson, the popular screenwriter, have graduated from this college.

●      University of Cambridge

university of cambridge

Established in 1209, it is located in Cambridge, England, and has a campus spread across 617 hectares. The University is the third-oldest in the world. The University has 31 semi-autonomous colleges operating under it and has a higher rate of acceptance than most colleges on the list, at 17.5%.

With average fees of around $72,587, it can be said without any doubt that it is the most expensive University in the world. Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, and Stephen Hawking are some of the well-known alumni of this university.

●      New York University

New York University was established in 1831 and has been offering quality education to its students for almost two centuries. The main campus is located in New York City, but the institution has campuses across the world, including Asia and Europe.

It is known to be one of the first universities that accepted students based on their academic capabilities, irrespective of their social backgrounds, so it is easy to see that academic excellence has always been its goal.

The average fee is around $65,850, which makes it one of the most expensive tuitions in the world. Notable alumni include Anne Hathaway, Martin Scorcese, and Elizabeth Olsen.

●      Yale University

Yale University was established in 1701 and is one of the most popular Ivy League research universities in the world. As the third-oldest university in the United States, the institution has had a long time to build its reputation.

It started as a Collegiate College and turned into a fully functioning University only in 1887, after which it expanded its campuses and list research fields. The institution has an acceptance rate of 5%, and the fees go as high as $62,250. Notable alumni from Yale include Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush.

●      University of Oxford

university of oxford

Students across the world have heard of the University of Oxford, and it is not surprising, given the fact that it is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. There has been evidence that shows that teaching was taking place as early as 1096.

Average fees are around $62,000, but there are numerous grants and aids to help students from economically weaker sections of society. Notable alumni include Stephen Hawking (who needs no introduction), Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, and Margaret Thatcher, among numerous others.

●      Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College was established in 1769 and is one of the top Ivy League colleges in the world. What started as a center of theological studies gradually developed into the top graduation colleges of the early 20th century.

The institute has since then expanded into a research university, which has further improved the quality of education and opportunities that they offer.

With a 6% acceptance rate and fees as high as $60,680, it should be considered the most expensive college in the world. Robert Frost, the American poet, and Nelson Rockefeller, one of the most popular politicians in the history of America, studied at Dartmouth College.

●      Massachusetts Institute of Technology

massachusetts institute of technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established in 1861, and since then, has massively contributed to the advancement of science and technology. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is spread across an area of 168 acres.

The acceptance rate is 4%, and fees are as high as $57,590, even after aid is given. Buzz Aldrin, who accompanied Neil Armstrong to space, and Richard Feyman, who is known for his contribution to the field of quantum mechanics, are alumni of this institute.

●      Princeton University

princeton university

Another commonly heard name in academic circles, Princeton is an Ivy League college located in Princeton, New Jersey. Established in 1746, this institute is among the oldest universities in the United States. The acceptance rate is 4%, and the average fee is $57,410.

Some of its prominent alumni include Michelle Obama and Jeff Bezos, so you can see for yourself how students turn out.

●      University of Chicago

chicago university

The University of Chicago was established in 1890 and is located in Chicago, Illinois. The acceptance rate is 6%, and the fees are around $57000. Students from the University have made their mark in various fields and have started the Chicago school of thought in their respective fields.

The University also houses the University of Chicago Press, which is the largest University press in the United States. It is also one of the most expensive colleges in the America. Milton Friedman, the popular American economist, and Roger Ebert, the popular film critic, are some of the most notable alumni of this institute.

●      Harvard University

harvard university

One of the most popular colleges in the world, Harvard is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was established in 1636. Over the years, Harvard has churned out several great personalities, so there is no doubt regarding its dedication to its students.

The acceptance rate is merely 4%, and the average cost of studying is around $47074. Barack Obama and Theodore Roosevelt are Harvard Alumni.

●      Bond University

Bond University was established in 1989 and is located in Queensland. It is one of the most popular universities in Australia, as well as around the world. It is a private institution but functions on a not-for-profit basis.

It has been Australia’s top educational institution for 17 consecutive years, so you can rest assured that its facilities are nothing but the best. The acceptance rate is perhaps the highest for this institution, at 90%, so it is easy to get admission here. The average fee is around $15,929, which can vary from course to course.

With so many Ivy League colleges on the list, it is easy to come to the conclusion that they are some of the best colleges in the world. The competition is high, acceptance rates are low, and barely a few people each year fulfill their dream of studying at these institutions. But EduReviewer has an article on how to stand out to Ivy League colleges that will help you with the admission process. Make sure to check it out!

Why Do They Cost so Much?

You are probably wondering why these colleges are so expensive. The low acceptance rates are these institutions point to the fact that only the most gifted people can get in. So with the top students meeting the top teachers, it is not surprising that the tuition fees charged by these institutions are through the roof.

If you are seriously considering studying at these institutes, it would help if you had a college admission consultant who could ease you through the process. The admission process for these colleges is long and complex, and the competition is cutthroat. You would need all the help that you can get to successfully get into these institutions.

We have an article providing a list of college admission consultants, which could get you started. If you want to know how to become a college academic advisor to help people out, EduReviewer has a great article for that too. Our articles are meant to help students across the world to get the education of their dreams.

Final Words

At the end of the day, a large part of the reason behind an individual’s success is their hard work. These colleges with the highest college tuition in the world might offer a great platform to form a network of like-minded individuals, but if a person is deserving, they can make their paths quite easily. Instead of giving in to peer pressure, people should align their life goals with their beliefs to be happy in life.

Success is subjective and can mean quite different things to everyone. EduReviewer also has an article on what to do if college isn’t for you that could help you figure out what to do next.  Irrespective of where you can graduate from, you can land a great job and live a good life.


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