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Are You a College Dropout? Explore All the Opportunities to Succeed

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College is the default choice for many students as they pass out of high school. Therefore, you would find hundreds of students getting into a college without considering whether it would be the best choice for them or not.

But let’s tell you that college is not everyone’s place. If you are getting admission as the degree will ensure a job, you are on the wrong side!

All humans have not been designed in the same way; likewise, you can’t sit all day quietly memorizing the information as many others do. It is not because that information is useless in real life, but it is as if you have a spark to do much more than get a degree to secure your job.

The truth is that everyone’s brain works differently. If you feel bored in the classroom and believe that you don’t belong in this place, you need to explore plenty of other opportunities you have. The time you had gone when everyone used to do a 9 to 5 job to earn a living for the family. There are many ways to showcase your talent and make millions of bucks.

Stop believing in what you have heard for so many years. Do something that energizes and fascinates you the most, whether writing a book, traveling, blogging, marketing, or whatnot.

If you need more ideas, stick to this post, as here you will get some fantastic options that every student needs to know how to think college is not for me!

How to Know If College Isn’t for You: Red Flags

College selection is undoubtedly a stressful task, especially at this young age. Also, you might get overwhelmed and make a wrong decision. So, how do you know that you have made the correct decision? Or does the taken path need to be corrected for you?

So, if you have also been facing this situation and thinking about how to know if college isn’t for you, here is the answer to your query!

But, before you clarify that you have selected the wrong path, we can tell you there is no wrong or correct path to achieve the set goals. Instead, you can say there is always more than one path to your destination.

So, what should I do if you think college isn’t for me? Look for another path, as it is always time to change. The change could be changing the college or switching the courses.

Let’s dig deeper and go through the point outlined below, and if you find these red flags relatable, take action as this college is not for you:

Department For Your Intended Subject Is Weak

Though, at a young age, it is hard for students to decide what to do in the future. Due to this, more than 40% of college students join the institute undecided. But that is not true in all cases.

Many passionate and enthusiastic students know what area of interest they have and which subjects they would love to master.

For instance, if you are interested in medicine, look for a college where you can get in-depth knowledge about your field. Likewise, if you are interested in humanities, look for a liberal arts college.

Going to a school which offers the best courses related to your courses would be the best college for you. Also, this kind of institute provides countless benefits to students. I think we should make it clear with the help of an example.

Think of a school that offers fantastic internship opportunities to excel in your skills, or you may get a chainsaw to complete a research project independently. Regardless of the offer you get, in both situations, you can polish yourself and take this opportunity to get your dream job.

get your dream job

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Academics Don’t Match Your Capabilities

If you want to accomplish any task in your life, challenge yourself. The same applies to the college. For instance, you go to an average college where you can quickly get A grades but not learn anything from your experience.

On the other hand, you are a student of one of the best colleges where you are merely getting C grades after much hard work.

You can put more effort into turning this C grade into an A but never go beyond your capabilities. It is because sometimes, putting yourself in impossible situations may not let you get the intended results.

So, get the challenges, but remember to ask yourself whether you can work hard and succeed in that situation, school or college. While making the decision, keep your academic capabilities in mind and choose an institute to help you grow rather than making it impossible to pass out!

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You Got Admission Because Of Family Pressure

Many parents look more passionate and energetic than kids. But the worst part is that they make all the decisions themselves, leaving nothing for the kids. There is no doubt that parents can invest in their kid’s life, but letting the kids end up unhappy would be their worst decision.

If, in your case, you were not willing to join the institute you are in now, you are in the wrong place; my buddy and your parents need to accept that.

The College Environment Does Not Suit You

How will the college environment be? Will it suit me or not? You are not alone in asking these questions; like you, many other students wonder whether the college atmosphere suits them. It is challenging and complex to figure out once you don’t visit the college. Also, it is something you need help finding written on paper.

But, your gut feeling tells you everything on your first visit to the college. For example, there would be many schools you fell in love with at first, but also, there would be many others you would never want to visit.

If you have the same vibes you are getting for your college, it is a clear sign that this college is not for you.

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Sitting In The Class Makes You Exhausted

Sitting in the class and listening from one teacher to the other may seem boring to many students. If you also face the same scenario, there are better places for you. Many students, on the first day of college, find out school is not for me. What should you do?

It is what they start thinking about. So, instead of getting exhausted from boring lectures, you can also make the best decision for yourself.

Limited Opportunities

Colleges and universities are one of the most significant platforms to learn and grow. Like many other students, when they get admission to colleges, they think of the internships and other opportunities that college will offer them.

The internships are an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with your desired field. It is a bridge that lets you review what you will do soon.

But, if you feel that the college needs to provide these golden opportunities to you, it is a sign this institute is not a good choice for you.

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College Isn’t For Me: What Are My Options

After knowing the clear signs that this college is not a good option for you, the next thing you are considering is what to do if college isn’t for you.

what to do if college isn't for you

Every college dropout thinks about what to do when college isn’t for you. Let us tell you that you have countless options, and you can choose any of them and start your successful career. The best part is that you don’t need to earn a college degree for them.

For instance, you can start trading where you don’t need to spend much money.

Also, you can be a successful trader without owning a degree. The only thing you need is to believe in your capabilities.

So, stop thinking, “What if college isn’t for me?” and explore the countless opportunities you still hold. Below are the unlimited possibilities you can explore without a college degree. So, what are you looking for? Walk through these opportunities one after the other till you are still trying to decide which suits you the most.

Learn Valuable Skills

If not college, then what can you do? If this question is limiting you from doing what you are capable of doing, remember that there are various ways to conquer this world; a college degree cannot diminish the spark that you have. Instead of going to an expensive US college, you can follow your passion.

You must learn new skills either online or from another college and can start earning. For example:

  • This world needs more skilled and intelligent coders, and if you love coding, avail yourself of this golden opportunity and get qualified in it.
  • You can quickly learn the relevant skills if you are interested in digital marketing. Also, benefit from different online platforms to specialize in other areas, including copywriting, paid advertisements, social media, and web designing.
  • If you have an outgoing personality, why not become a sales superstar? Also, you don’t need any degree to pursue this career.

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Think of Starting Your Own Business

Why work for others when you can work for yourself? So, stop thinking about what to do if college isn’t for you and start your business today, as it does not require any degree.

Setting up the business will take some time but would be a worthwhile investment. The company sounds like an excellent opportunity for geographical and financial freedom.

starting your own business

Why Not Start Your First Job

Never believe in people who say a college degree is a prerequisite for finding a job. The job brings a decent salary and joy, but what if you can earn a handsome amount while doing other things/jobs?

If you want to start a job to build up a reliable source of income for your future, then an apprenticeship would be the way you are searching for. You can work directly with a mentor in a training and be paid to learn.

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Getting Into Marketing Would Be A Better Idea

Marketing is an amazing job if you are good at it. Put in a little effort, and you can earn enough without a degree. Also you can explore hundreds of other options as well.

You might have to learn one or two things about marketing, which would only sharpen your skills. As a marketer, you can market your products or showcase the products of others and earn a handsome commission for doing so.

Become A Content Creator

The number of content creators is increasing day by day. Hundreds of creators love creating content and then publishing it online. It has become a viable way of earning a living. Affiliate marketing, ad revenues, and sponsored posts have boosted the revenues of content creators.

So, you can either create blog posts on WordPress or fun videos on TikTok; both can generate enough living.

Writing A Book

The college isn’t for me what should I do, first stop thinking about it as there are still many other opportunities you can think about if you have not found the job of choice now. Have you ever wanted to be a book writer?

If yes, then why don’t you write a book? Yes, you can write a book without having a master’s degree. Like many others, you would also have stories to tell, so why not share those stories? So, take out a blank page and start writing about your personal experiences and other fun stories that you have.

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Consider The Careers Which Don’t Need A Degree

If a degree is a barrier, there are various other jobs that you can think of. For now, many students find it harder to pursue a degree due to several factors, including finance. Therefore, we would suggest getting benefits from your opportunities, including getting a degree or certificate online.

careers which don't need a degree

Pursue Your Passion

If people used to listen to your food or restaurant recommendations and you are a food lover, why not take it as your career? For instance, you can start a food blog, which paves a path to reach a wider audience.

Likewise, you can also start a channel on YouTube that will widen your reach to millions of people around the globe, how it would be if your passion become your profession. It would be a great way to earn while having fun.

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Key Takeaways of The Article

After taking many tests and going through countless interviews, you get admission to a college. But what if you find that is not where you want to be? It could happen as your parents have selected that institute for you, or maybe your decision has proved wrong because of multiple causes.

Now you have found that college isn’t for me what are my options is all you need o know. The good news is that many opportunities are waiting for you. You can avail of any one of them and pursue your career without owing the degree.

The choice that you now have includes writing a book, starting a career as a content creator, or marketer, o can start a job or your own business. Besides that, you can also think of pursuing your passion or looking for jobs requiring a degree.


For many of you, skipping college is looking like a scary path. It is so that we all have grown up listening that college is necessary. Otherwise, we would end up working at some pathetic places.

Also, you may be unable to earn a living for yourself and your family. Well, that time has gone when a degree used to open the path of opportunities. For now, youngsters are well-aware of their capabilities and can earn millions of dollars without having a degree in hand.

We knew of a student who dropped out of college because of his poor grades. But proved everyone dead wrong and tried plenty of other options, as mentioned here. He started his marketing career, learned a few skills online and started promoting various products.

Also, the talented young man wisely used various social media platforms and got a massive following in no time. These days he earns a huge amount, has millions of followers and owns his brand. He has done all this without having a college degree, and that is what you can do if college is not for you.


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