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Why Do You Want to Go to Yale? And Should You?

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Why go to Yale University? This question might sound a bit strange because why not?

Yale is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and the third oldest in the United States. Anyone who wants the best for themselves would surely want a spot in this University.

“Yale wants students who push their limits academically and extracurricular, so a student who would enjoy that kind of challenge and has that kind of drive would be well suited to Yale,” said Matthew Garner, admission officer at Yale University.

Yale University has an acceptance of 7%, which is very low. What does this mean for you?

It means you need more than just a desire to attend Yale because it is a prestigious college. As students, you need to put in effort and preparation, lots of it. Thousands of candidates apply for admission to Yale every year, and only 7% are chosen.

This means you need more than basic and academic knowledge to stand out. This is why high school GPA doesn’t matter because the college takes into account the entire persona of such students, as opposed to their academic scores and educational background alone. If you’re curious about this topic, we have a comprehensive article on our site explaining everything about it. For now, let’s discuss all the things you should know before applying to this University:

What Should You Know Before Applying to Yale University?

Before applying to Yale, there are a few things you should know about this college to help you better prepare for your life on campus:

Diverse Student Body and University Culture

If you’re ever asking yourself, “Why do I want to go to Yale?” this is more than enough reason. Being a private university founded in 1701, this school is full of students from all walks and diversities. If you’re looking for a college rich in culture, then Yale University is a good option.

According to Enrollment Data, the most common race or ethnicity at Yale University is White (38.7%), Asian (16.2%), Hispanic or Latino (10.6%), Black or African American (6.53%), American Indian (0.249%), Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders (0.124%). These numbers include all the current students on campus, both full-time and part-time, as well as graduates and undergraduates.

Another unique thing about Yale is the cultural organizations on campus to help students identify and feel a part of their culture and roots. We have a more extensive article on this topic on unique things about Yale ranging from fun facts about this University to special programs.

The cultural organizations at Yale include Afro-American Cultural Center, Asian American Cultural Center, La Casa Cultural, and Native American Cultural Center.

There are more than 83 additional organizations affiliated with these cultural centers, so you can find one you truly connect with.

Political life is also not left behind, as students can join groups focusing on prevalent societal issues, school politics, or even New Haven politics.


Yale University believes that the best housing situation for students is by pairing them up with a group of roommates from different backgrounds and diversities to help them better understand each other and live in a different culture for the duration of their time together. This has formed a major part of your Yale college education.

There are fourteen residential colleges at Yale, of which every member of the University is a resident. For first-year students, their residences consist of single-sex room suites on mixed-gender floors or houses.

Each suite can accommodate about five to six students. A suite is not just a room; it is a grouping of single or double rooms that share a common living space with an internal bathroom.

Students hardly get assigned to a single room due to population and space, but it can be arranged in case of a medical necessity.

These rooms are comfortable, but there are no air-conditioners, and the students cannot install or operate theirs.

As soon as admission is granted, students will be assigned a room in one of these residences, which cannot be changed.

If you have any medical issues or health limitations as a student, you should ensure you state this for special consideration.

However, if you want to live off-campus, you need to submit a request for permission and must be at least 21 years old or married.

Student Life or Why Should I Go to Yale University?

You should know that Yale University is a party school. Not in the traditional sense, you might expect, as it isn’t a club party or anything of the sort.

However, you will find yourself in more than one sorority party, most especially in parties thrown after every semester, in preparation for the holidays.

Anything and everything is possible at Yale University, and as a student, there is never a dull moment unless you let it.

There’s almost always a debate competition going on, a play, a dance recital, a dinner party, a musical orchestra, an acapella, or any other performance.

The best thing? Everyone is welcome. You can walk into any of these festivities and have a good time without being alienated.

Another thing to note is that while all these activities are ongoing, it is important for students to find a balance because time keeps ticking.

Due to the competition and acceptance rate, we know that only people of high intellect and mental development are enrolled. You need to develop yourself, even while having fun constantly.

Yale has some of the best college admission consultants; you can always ask them for assistance in figuring out extracurricular activities that can give you a fine balance between fun and development. We have an article expanding on this topic on our website; you can check it out for more knowledge on what these consultants can do for you.

Application Process

There are majorly two timelines for academic admissions in the United States: the regular decision and the early decision. Regular decision is the standard admission timeline where most applicants choose to submit their entry, while an early decision is, as the name suggests.

The student chooses the University as their first choice and submits their application earlier than every other applicant. This type has a lot of restrictions because you are not allowed to choose any other institution or apply to any other college during the early decision round.

“Each of these possibilities will not only demonstrate that a student is ready for Yale’s level of college work but will also demonstrate that student’s interest in Yale specifically,” said Professor Isabella Tonkins on early decision.

You can earn undergraduate degrees at Yale College, master’s or doctoral degrees at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and specialized degrees at the 12 professional schools under Yale University.

Those looking for an MBA program should read the article we have on the list of MD MBA programs at Yale University. We have already written extensively on this topic, so you can always go back for more information.

As long as you have a statement of academic purpose, three letters of recommendation, a $105 application fee, and your resume, among other things, you’re set to go.

There are also so many non-degree programs that let students pursue a course or research without matriculating.

However, if you want a degree, the application process is easy. The major requirements are:

  • Application fee or a fee waiver.
  • Recommendations from two teachers and one counselor.
  • School Report with the transcript.
  • Standardized test results (ACT or SAT) – not required for fall 2023 admission. See below.
  • Mid-Year Report (due when first semester/term senior grades are available at your school)

Depending on the mode of application, you can enroll with your IB diploma as long as you have a minimum score of 40. Check out our article on IB Diploma and college admissions to learn more about this.

Extracurricular Programs

While you run your degree and do other academic assignments, you can also pick up some minor skills along the way through the extracurricular activities around the school. These days, being a graduate is no longer enough.

The competition is stiff, and so every student must play up their game. To do this, you need to stand out by possessing skills that are rare or essential to your career.

One such is public speaking skills. No matter your discipline or business, it is important that you master the skill of communication and the confidence needed to speak publicly and get your points across.

We wrote an article on the best public speaking colleges in the US, as you’ll find on our site. However, Yale is also a great option, and you’ll find several public speaking courses.

Other extracurricular activities include Writer’s workshops, drama classes, debate team, speech team, etc.


If you want a world-class education, why not go to Yale University? We understand that the processes are excruciating and the acceptance rate low; however, there are a lot of benefits to gain from this school.

For those who are not yet convinced why they should choose Yale, after all, there are other prestigious Ivy League colleges in the US; we hope this article has done enough justice to put those thoughts to rest.

Sports students are not excluded. There are 35 varsity teams with major sports inclusion at the University, and there are many opportunities to make this a career if you’re skilled and lucky enough.


What is so special about Yale University?

Yale University is one of the oldest colleges in the United and, as such, is respected above every other. Another distinctive feature of the college is its residential and housing system, which is more than 70 years old.

The residential colleges allow students to experience the cohesiveness and intimacy of a small school while still enjoying the cultural and scholarly resources of a large university.

Why should I attend Yale?

The academic opportunities within this University’s walls are unparalleled and unmatchable. It has a strong reputation, one that it has maintained for years, excellent and unique programs, affiliation with powerful and successful people and alumni, state-of-the-art workshops and laboratories, and so on.

What is Yale best known for?

Yale is best known for its rigorous and comprehensive coursework. For undergraduates, the study classes are very compelling and thought-provoking, which makes them a worthy competitor outside the school walls.

They are also known for their amazing workshops and internship opportunities where students can meet professionals and experts in their interested fields of study.


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