EduReviewerPSAT Tutors: Best Tutoring Companies

PSAT Tutors: Best Tutoring Companies

Finding the best tutors there when preparing for PSAT exams is one of the giant steps needed to ace this exam and other standard college entrance examinations. Not sure of the best PSAT tutoring service to go for? Read this in-depth review first. I put in a lot of effort to find and evaluate every top tutoring service, wrote in-depth reviews for a few, and finally came down to the top five, which will help you improve your PSAT scores and apply for scholarships. For more PSAT prep tutor options, check out our list of the best PSAT online tutoring and the 5 best PSAT tutors online.

Top 1
Customer choice
$397 Price starts from

Online prep programs;
7,100 practice questions;
Unlimited access to all study materials.

Best PSAT tutors
Top 2
$45 Price starts from

Personalized teaching experience;
Online PSAT preparation;
Detailed Subject Review.

Best personalization
Top 3
Editor choice
$799 Price starts from

Private PSAT tutoring;
Access to full-length practice tests;
Improved grade assurance.

Best quality

Review Process

My methods of creating the most rigorous and informative review and providing the best PSAT tutors for you consist of four important factors. My goal is to offer a resourceful guide that helps you find the perfect PSAT tutor for your needs and budget.


My first course of action is to review each PSAT tutor's certifications and academic background. I ensure that the top PSAT private tutors possess the expertise to get you ready for the PSAT exam.

Track Record

After that, I looked at the teaching experience and track record of each of the PSAT tutors. I assessed how long they have been tutoring, how many students they have helped, and what results they have achieved.

Delivery Methods

I make no assumptions about the strategies or resources used by any PSAT tutor. I assessed their approach to personalizing their instruction to each student's learning preferences, goals, and style.


How much do they charge per hour, per session, or course? I compared the prices and packages of each PSAT tutor to see that you get the best value for your money. I also factor in any discounts or deals that they offer.

Summary: Best PSAT Tutors This Year

  1. Best Overall: PrepScholar
  2. Best Personalized Tutoring: Varsity Tutors
  3. Best for Big Test Tutoring: Princeton Review
  4. Best Live Instruction: Kaplan Tutoring
  5. Best Budget-friendly: Wyzant

In my PSAT tutoring exploration, PrepScholar stands out for its personalized, tech-driven programs and a 150-point score increase guarantee. Varsity Tutors offers tailored experiences, but the lack of teaching resources affects quality.

Princeton Review excels with trained specialists and comprehensive packages. Kaplan’s global presence brings live online classes with subject-specific drills, though it’s relatively expensive.

Wyzant’s vast tutor pool offers flexibility, but the absence of pre-screening and customer service issues raise concerns. Affordability, content coverage, and tutor quality vary, making the choice dependent on individual priorities in PSAT preparation.


Prepscholar Psat tutors

PrepScholar is my choicest of PSAT tutor companies for several reasons. They offer online prep programs for some of the most used entry tests. With the use of cutting-edge technology and an algorithm that “learns” from the student’s strengths and shortcomings, they offer one of the best PSAT courses that are tailored to each student’s unique learning process.

They offer a guarantee of at least 150 points of score increase, which means that your PSAT score will increase by at least 150 points over previous exams, or your money back, as every PrepScholar PSAT review promises. Is Prep Scholar good enough though?

You get unlimited access to all study materials, a personalized curriculum, tutor comments, and weekly progress reports in the full PrepScholar PSAT tutor program. They offer more than 7,100 practice questions that are updated with the most recent PSAT version, along with more than 100 hours of online instruction.

I was surprised not only by how PrepScholar explains more difficult subjects but also by how they pair the student with a top teacher who has both a perfect or almost perfect SAT score and a wealth of teaching experience.

With Prepscholar, students can choose a free one-hour PSAT tutoring online session that doubles as a college admissions consultation, guiding how to increase their chances of getting into their ideal university.

Prepscholar tutors PSAT packages

One of the most important factors to take into account when selecting a tutoring program is its price. Regarding Prep Scholar, PSAT tutoring costs differ greatly based on the characteristics of each program for every exam.

Prepscholar offers two distinct bundles. You may have unrestricted access to the Complete PSAT Online Prep for a year for less than $400. This includes two complete practice exams, study plans that can be customized, over 200 hours of content, and much more.

Another option is the Complete Plus Tutoring plan, which includes one-on-one tutoring sessions with a dedicated instructor who will help you with your weak areas, support you through the most challenging material, and give you extra encouragement to succeed.

Following extensive research, I concluded that while Prepscholar may not have all the features of other best PSAT prep tutoring, their affordable price and extended access duration make them a very appealing option for a respectable PSAT study guide.

Prepscholar Customer Reviews

My in-depth examination revealed that the most prevalent criticism of Prepscholar’s educational services is that they are more expensive than alternatives of similar quality.

Prepscholar PSAT tutor user review

Although PrepScholar provides excellent PSAT instruction, as seen in the review in the image above, I think the math lessons are particularly useful and creative.

Prepscholar PSAT tutor quora review

Many PrepScholar reviews like the one in the image above recommend this company for ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and PSAT, and every PrepScholar tutor’s reviews say that their teachers are experts in the topics they teach.

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Varsity Tutors

VarsityTutors PSAT prep

Varsity Tutors is a wonderful choice if you want a personalized and tailored teaching experience. There are thousands of teachers available who are professionals in their fields and fit your goals and learning style.

This massive teaching network provides trustworthy guidance in all disciplines and test preparation, including online PSAT preparation. A free consultation to choose the ideal tutor for you is provided, along with flexible scheduling options and an online platform for accessing interactive tools and materials. They also guarantee your satisfaction.

Varsity Tutors charge different rates based on the subject, grade level, and number of hours you purchase. In addition to offering hourly fees that range from $93 to $105, they also provide all-inclusive packages for tutoring requirements that are more regular.

They do not supply any curriculum, resources, or training for tutoring sessions; instead, individual tutors must prepare everything from scratch, which worsens the gap in quality.

Read our in-depth review of Varsity Tutors for your final course selection decision.

How Varsity Tutors Work

Varsity Tutors is a great platform, but results will vary tremendously. I believe it may be a huge benefit and save you a lot of money if you are careful who you choose as your tutor and are prepared to work hard.

They offer a tutor database that you can search and filter by tutor type, availability, cost, and rating. Additionally, Tutors can provide feedback to students, and reports and analytics allow them to monitor their development.

Varsity Tutors PSAT Work

One of the features offered by Varsity Tutors is the ability to schedule a free consultation with the tutor of your choosing to go over your objectives, expectations, and preferred methods of learning. Additionally, you can schedule a time to meet with your instructor online, where you can exchange files, converse, and take advantage of interactive tools like voice, video, and whiteboard.

In my experience, students who have regular tutoring schedules perform the best on varsity tutors. Naturally, the quality of Varsity Tutors might be greatly enhanced if tutors received training in evidence-based methods or further education.

Regarding the refund policy, Varsity Tutors will assist you in finding a better fit, and your subsequent session will be free of charge (up to two hours) for all users who purchase tutoring hours through the platform.



  1. Insufficient teaching resources lead to poor teaching quality.
  2. There are no educational or training prerequisites for tutors.
  3. Low teacher pay indicates that teachers are less competent than tutors from other SAT tutoring services.

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Princeton Review

Princeton Review Tutors for PSAT

The Princeton Review is a well-known educational organization in and of itself, having published numerous test-prep and college-admissions manuals. The core of the prep program is its best PSAT private tutoring.

They provide individualized, one-on-one tutoring with a subject matter specialist. Rather than simply starting to watch videos or take practice exams, you and your tutor will create a strategy with attainable objectives and then collaborate to meet them.

Princeton Review Tutoring for PSAT

The Princeton Review provides its tutors with in-depth training. A tutor is specifically matched to aid students’ needs and mentor them at every turn. They don’t have to be Ivy League grads or have extraordinary test-taking scores on the SAT, ACT, or GRE.

The Princeton Review PSAT Tutors, of course, offer access to full-length practice tests, copies of Princeton Review’s PSAT prep books, and a library of over 2,000 practice questions. Comprehensive Private Tutoring and Targeted Private Tutoring are the two primary packages that Princeton Review offers.

With 18 hours of teaching, the Comprehensive Private Tutoring package costs $150 per hour, while the Targeted Private Tutoring package costs $160 per hour and offers 10 hours of training. To acquire an estimate for your particular needs, you can also create a free account and ask for a free consultation.

Princeton Review is so certain in its efficacy that it promises complete satisfaction with your teacher following the first session. You can switch tutors if you’re not happy, and they’ll offer you a free session to make up for the time you missed.

In my opinion, students who wish to work with one of the biggest test prep companies should consider Princeton Review. You can always get the assistance you require using the program’s open communication system.

Princeton Review PSAT Tutoring Lessons



  1. No hard copies of the online course.
  2. There isn’t a self-paced option available.
  3. There are no particular educational prerequisites for tutors.

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Kaplan Tutoring

Kaplan PSAT Tutoring

Kaplan is a global leader in education and training with more than 12,000 instructors and staff members who annually educate millions of students and professionals. Kaplan is among the largest test-prep companies, along with Princeton Review.

It provides thorough live online PSAT classes with real-time instruction from teachers connected with the College Board. Students can take advantage of this to potentially qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Programme.

Kaplan provides subject-specific drills, over 1000 test questions, simulated sample exams, and strategies and recommendations to help you become better and score higher.

Kaplan PSAT Tutoring Questions

Kaplan provides four varying-sized tutoring programs. They require a minimum purchase of $1999 for a package of ten tutoring hours. This equals $200 per hour for tutoring.

Those who are serious about their studies could opt for an additional $400 of Unlimited Prep with Tutoring. You can get four hours of customized, one-on-one test preparation with one of Kaplan’s highly qualified test specialists for $100 per hour.

The tutoring program offers a money-back guarantee. However, it may only be used within seven days of the purchase. This claims that their website and content will enhance your grades and cause you to experience improvement, or else you will get your money returned in full.



  1. Somewhat expensive for PSAT prep
  2. There are no prerequisites for tutors.

Also check out our detailed review of Kaplan PSAT test prep. It’s going to be interesting!

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Wyzant PSAT Tutoring

Wyzant is one of the biggest tutoring platforms, offering a vast pool of part-time tutors and coaches who are accessible to work with students. On their website, they list over 65,000 tutors who are available to help. By Simply selecting the tutors that best suit their needs from their roster, students and families can arrange scheduled tutoring sessions

During my tests, I learned that I could look for tutors based on availability, hourly rate, and subject matter. While there are trustworthy teachers in your region, the site doesn’t pre-screen applicants or run background checks on them.

Both the student and the instructor are charged a price for the tutor’s services under the terms of the program pricing structure. Wyzant often receives a commission from the tutor of 25%. Tutoring fees range from $35 to more than $300 per hour at the very least.

A money-back guarantee is provided by Wyzant to pupils, but only for the first hour of instruction. If students’ test scores or grades don’t improve, the corporation won’t give a refund.

As a reminder, we previously made a detailed comparison between Varsity Tutors and Wyzant. I advise you to study it before buying the course.

Customer Feedback about Wyzant

Wyzant PSAT Tutor Good Review

Users and tutors have given Wyzant an average review rating. As seen in the image above, one of the main grievances raised by users is inadequate customer service. It’s difficult to get in touch with a representative about any difficulties, and response times are lengthy.

Review on Wyzant PSAT Tutoring

Fortunately, you can review the topics taught in class by watching recorded videos whenever you’d like. Along with its ease of use, users praise the website for having the ability to book tutors, as shown in the review above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you get a tutor for the PSAT?
Yes. You should get a tutor for the PSAT if you want to improve your score and get personalized feedback and guidance. A tutor can help you identify your strengths, tailor your study plan, and motivate you to achieve your goals.
Are PSAT prep tutors worth it?
As revealed in the article, PSAT prep tutoring is worth it if you are serious about preparing for the PSAT and the SAT. The best PSAT prep tutor can also help you qualify for scholarships and recognition programs, such as the National Merit Scholarship Program.
What is the best way to study for the PSAT?
By practising regularly, reviewing the contents, and learning from your mistakes. You should also familiarize yourself with the format, timing, and scoring of the test and take full-length practice tests under realistic conditions. You should also seek feedback and advice.