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If you are thinking about starting a new career or a graduate degree in a country that is English speaking, you will also need a way in which to demonstrate that your English is up to the mark. The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination as therefore, become one of the most widely accepted tests in many of the most sought-after countries such as the UK. USA, Australia, Canada or New Zealand to name a few.

The score that you receive in this examination will indicate to employers and colleges on how well you are able to speak, read, write and maintain any form of communication in English, as well as your level of understanding of it.

But in order for you to get that top score that you so badly need, you will need to prepare and that is why EduReviewer has compiled the best IELTS prep for you with details of IELTS review as well as best IETLS online course options on the market. These consist of many different levels and can cater to experienced English speakers as well as the not so fluent.

In order to complete our review and have it presented to you with the most accurate and unbiased information we have conducted our evaluations across several different criteria. These criteria include the price, the quality of the course, the mobile app and the website usability, customer service support and guarantees given. We also take into consideration things like the personalization levels, the number of practice tests that you are given, the accessibility, and the point increase guarantee.


When it comes to the price, what we look for is good value for money. The best IELTS preparation programs will offer you competitive prices and will also offer you comprehensive services that are worth it for what you are paying. It will also be comparable against other courses. You may sometimes have to pay something extra especially if the tutors happen to be extremely experienced. However, if the cost that you are being charged is worth the while, you might as well spend it and get the right result.


The quality of the courses that you are choosing to take will also be taken into consideration and this, we must say, makes for one of the most important criteria. When you pay for these programs you hope to be able to excel at your studies and your examination and the only way that can be ensured is through great quality. We use customer reviews and in-depth comparisons as well as analysis of what information we have to come to this conclusion.

Mobile App and Website Usability

We know that today most of us are on the go and would like to be able to access whatever we learn from wherever we are. That means that the platforms used should be able to offer a great user experience be it on a laptop or desktop or on your mobile if it is to be one the best IELTS app options. We take into consideration things like the loading time, the layout of the website, the ease and smoothness of navigation, how much information is available and whether that information is actually helpful and relevant to advise you this.

Customer Service/Support

No matter what service it is, the presence of great customer service or support is a must. These criteria are evaluated through the in-depth analysis of other customer reviews and things such as whether they have an online or live chat option and how much of time they usually take to get back to a customer or a potential customer. We also take a look at the efficiency of the live chat options and the handling of queries in general.


Of course, you are looking for guarantees and you should do so as well. You are after all, paying to be able to score at the top-level for your IELTS right? We do take into consideration the kind of guarantees that are offered to students and how the point increase system has been broken down and explained as well as addressed so that you have the best possible chance of excelling at your IELTS.

There are many different types of IELTS courses available. If you simply do a research on online IELTS classes, you will be able to see the many different types of programs that you are able to access. Some programs will give you a thorough training on each of the sections that you will be tested for during the examination such as reading, writing, interview as well as listening and understanding English. The best IELTS preparation programs will also give you a few mock tests so that you already know what to expect when you do sit for the examination.

When you choose a service online, make sure that you go through their IELTS review and make sure that they also have a good reputation. You also need to see what services they offer, the kind of pricing they give you as well as the level of expertise that they have in their team in order to guide you through the program. All of these are key pointers. You may also want to go through what they say their guarantees are.


Magoosh reviewMagoosh is rather affordable and has the lowest starting prices among the top ranked courses. They also offer you features like video lessons, practice questions as well as practice tests which are on offer. They also have a mobile friendly test prep app and you can do your prep from pretty much anywhere. It is also compatible with any device. They offer students a score improvement guarantee. They keep it real and offer you a 0.5 increase, and that counts. They however do not have live lessons. However, with all of the other features that they bring you, the lack of live lessons for the affordability is alright.

Read full Magoosh review.


bestmytest reviewBest My Test gives you live instruction with video lessons conducted by experienced tutors. After you have bought a plan you also have the benefit of having access to 1000+ IELTS practice questions, 2000+ commonly used IELTS vocabulary words, 200 IELTS lessons organized into a study guide and many more. With their experts support they guarantee a 2.5+ band score for students who take their IELTS Premium package and 1+ score guarantee for those who take a custom package. Remember that, their services are very affordable and considering the level of expertise and score guarantees given that is very justified.

Read full BestMyTest review.


Kaplan reviewKaplan brings you over 500 questions for practice and is the second highest number of prep questions on the market. You are also given live instructions on the prep courses and these are run in partnership with Cambridge University Press as well as the Cambridge Assessment English Promise. However, they do not offer a score improvement guarantee which is a drawback.

Read full Kaplan review.

British Council

British Council IETLS reviewBritish Council takes the English speaking and writing really seriously and they also give you reviews once they go through the samples that you submit. They will give you direction that is customized to curate real improvement. They have meticulous attention to detail. They also offer a very comprehensive study plan where there are sessions for each of the sections of the examination.

They bring you IELTS reviewer worthy student support via instant messaging and email assistance as well as around the clock customer service. You can also ask your instructor for any clarifications. They also offer a band score improvement guarantee of 1 – 2,5 which is fantastic. However, they are not video based and they focus on interactive practice that is test based.


EdX reviewThey have a partnership with the University of Queensland and therefore over 20 years of expertise in language training. However, they do not have a score guarantee available.

What Problems Do Students Face in IELTS Examination?

  • Lack of preparation
  • If you have self-studied there may not have been a real way of testing your progress
  • You may have not timed the tests correctly and would run out of time
  • The listening skills test can prove to be challenging if you are not careful about the answers
  • Interview can be challenging if you do not feel confident about how to speak

In order for you to find out whether an IELTS course is effective, you will have to make sure that you refer the best IELTS review online options available, look at things like the quality, the reputation of the education body that you want to work with, the kind of previous success rate that they are showing, the guarantee that they give for score improvement, the pricing as well as the level of support and customer service given.

Whom This Course Best Suited For?

In this best IELTS online course review we found out that the IELTS preparation courses are best suited for anybody who wants to excel at the examination. However, make sure that you join a course on time or ahead of time so that you give yourself enough space to familiarize with the examination format and so on.

How to Choose Best IELTS Prep Sites?

If you are in doubt about how to choose the best IELTS prep sites, again refer the reviews, see where on the search engine hits, they turn up and also look at the kind of user experience their sites offer. They should load fast, easily accessed on your laptop or mobile and should give you clear and cohesive guidance and navigation.

What Is the Best IELTS Prep Course to Take?

There is not just one but many options that you can choose as a course for you based on your requirements. You should do some researching beforehand to make sure that you get the right course. We cannot specifically say that there is just one course above all that must be chosen at all times. We can only rank the programs available so that you have the right information needed to make an informed decision. Remember that it is really important for you to think prudently when making this choice.

When Is the Best Time to Take IELTS Prep Class?

The best time to take the IELTS prep exam is anytime that you feel you are ready. Some sites will offer you more than just one practice test and that will come in handy as well. Think about what you want and where you are as a student realistically and do your studies and practices first. When you feel that you are quite sure for the test, go ahead and take it and see what the result is like.

How Do You Know Which Company Is the Best Test Prep For IELTS?

How can you know which company is the best for IELTS Prep test? Well, there are actually quite a few of these including the ones that we have ranked on top, above. The final choice of who you will work with stays with you and will depend on the needs that you have.

Would You Pay for Online IELTS Courses?

If you are thinking about whether or not there are best IELTS preparation online free options, please remember that you need to pay to get the education that you need. There may be free options available but we cannot say that those options will give you the best possible chances or options of getting the results that you are looking for.


In conclusion we would like to recommend that any student who wants to get the IELTS scores that they want, should also look for their prep support and tests with reputed service providers. The IELTS examination is a global standard and will open up new doors for your academic and professional pathways and as such it is completely investing your time, effort and money in. The right service can help you excel (of course your efforts are key) and with that you will be able to access the future plans that you have waited for. This way, you can choose the career path you have always wanted once you finish, whether it’s Medicine, Law, Business or something else.