EduReviewerTest PrepBestMyTest Reviews: The Best TOEFL Prep? Yes!

BestMyTest Reviews: The Best TOEFL Prep? Yes!

By Alina Burakova, Updated January 8, 2024


Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here.

About BestMyTest
Lowest price$69
Charged Monthly
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My Verdict Pros & Cons


  • BestMyTest is loaded with all the authentic material and has students completely covered to not turn elsewhere for additional support.
  • The service is known for quality material and courses designed by none other than TOEFL experts.
  • All in all, we might conclude that BestMyTest is overall the best option students have for TOEFL prep.

Value for Money

  • BestMyTest is entirely about TOEFL.
  • The service certainly is affordable and worth the money as they guarantee you proper preparation and passes at the TOEFL.
  • Some may wish they had another option when it comes to their subscription plan.
  • New students are doubtful about anything related to courses, material, or how things work because you easily obtain all the insight at first glance.
  • Their courses plans aren’t complex or confusing and will help students make a quick and clear decision.
  • Even though you can select from a range of options to make your payment, they do not mention the possibilities in the case where you have difficulty making a one-off payment.
  • BestMyTest is available as a mobile app, which means there is no way for students not to have an opportunity to learn with them and succeed.

Student Feedback

  • They support and help students prepare in the best possible way, and offer quality, security, authenticity, convenience, and of course, guarantee, in every aspect, which is all crucial to students who rely on a good service to help prep and pass their examinations.
  • Some still argue that they could have a couple more features/more access in the Custom/7-Day plan.
  • As this is a service related to online learning, some may prefer ‘live chats’ that help viewers clarify concerns instantly
  • They have proven themselves repeatedly for having offered brilliant services to all who sought support.
  • The FAQ section covers fundamental concerns and does not answer other specific questions.
  • Unlimited High-Quality Material
  • Affordable.
  • Clear & Straightforward.
  • Customer Care.
  • Mobile App.
  • Lacks Better Extended Plans.
  • Lacks Detail about Payment.
  • Lacks FAQs.
  • No live chat.
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Best Websites for TOEFL Preparation

Do you have tests or a daunting examination coming up, a test, and you are looking for test prep courses or course, online?

Looking for a legit prep course can be troublesome, too, and only adds to your examination anxieties and woes. It can be quite confusing when people tell you about different prep courses and sites, but you have no proper insight about any of them.

As a solution to your dilemma and other practice tests and questions, we offer you thorough insight into one of the most popular practice tests and best websites for TOEFL preparation: The Best My Test TOEFL.

Looking at our detailed and genuine review, you will have all the insight you need to practice test and all your questions answered. Or you can always view this short video of BestMyTest overview:

With our BestMyTest TOEFL review, basically, you won’t have to seek a second opinion on high score from the actual exam service. Instead, look at what we have to say, and you should be good to go ahead and make a decision.

Are you looking for the best IELTS courses? Then search no more! Expert IELTS courses with affordable pricing, tailor-made to suit your language needs.

Our BestMyTest TOEFL Review Will Help You

Our Best My Test TOEFL review is reliable because we generally focus on and give practice questions and practice tests that bring forth answers listening questions and clarifications to the biggest concerns:

  • Is it reliable and safe?
  • How effective is the service, and what are the guarantees?
  • Likely issues concerning learning or otherwise?
  • Is it expensive? Is it worth the money?
  • Will I have complete satisfaction overall and no regrets?

We of course cover all of the above and so much more on our BestMyTest review. We do not just analyze information on the surface but also dig deep, look further, and of course use comparisons to give you a legit review of the service.

This means we also look at other BestMyTest reviews and use them to give you our analyzed Best My Test review, so you get all the facts right.

Having read our review, you could try looking up My Best Test TOEFL, and you should find the link to BestMyTest straight away.

Upon looking at the details on your site, you’d see how accurate and detailed explanations and convincing our review actually is.

Also, try looking up my best test TOEFL exam reviews and use them in comparison to ours. This way, you’ll know what a good review should look like and which ones to take seriously.

TOEFL video lessons included

Online Prep for Entry Exams

Many entrance exams require thorough preparation. These exams are challenging, costly, and often require bookings if you wish to re-take them. Thus, you cannot risk being unprepared or half-prepared for them.

With a prep course that, too, online, you can commit 100% time and dedication in prepping seriously and practice discipline as you do so, unlike when your self-study, where you are likely to get distracted and even procrastinate until the last minute.

BestMyTest guarantee

Additionally, prep courses train you and prep you properly, systematically, and the way you should.

They make you obtain enough practice material, that too, with the right materials in the right way. Following are some of the main entrance exams for which prep courses are instrumental.


Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL test is a standardized test that tests an individual’s competencies in speaking and writing the English language.

The test often becomes a requirement for obtaining admissions at universities and higher education institutes. In this case, of course, the exam result can be crucial, even life-changing.

However, the exam helps you qualify as a master of the English Language, which is a useful recognition of career and employment.

Best TOEFL course PrepExpert

The test focuses on using the English Language in academic/professional contexts, speaking task which is quite complex speaking and writing sections are challenging. Intensive training may be required to obtain successful passes at the exam.

You will find a detailed BestMyTest TOEFL review below.

Not sure which test is easier, TOELF or TOEFL exam. Check the difference between the IELTS test and TOEFL in our article.


This English Language test focuses on individuals’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. The exam is a key requirement in institutions worldwide.

IELTS opens doors for higher education and is sometimes critical where employment and career advancement are concerned.

In some cases, insufficient grades at the IELTS can be costly and affect your future endeavours tremendously.

We will write a scrutinized BestMyTest and IELTS test and review for you too, but you can find the best website for the IELTS test preparation on our website for now.



SAT is mostly required for admissions at international colleges and universities. The exam is standardized and tests students’ in English skills in language and communication, particularly critical reading, writing, and math.

The test can be taken by any learner who is an 11th or 12th grader and above. In most cases, a pass Mark becomes mandatory to gain entrance to the institution.

BestMyTest Overview

BestMyTest online TOEFL preparation

What is BestMyTest?

BestMyTest is a website that offers online training courses or test prep courses, solely focused and based on TOEFL.

It offers professionally structured courses that include quality study and practice material combined with effective learning modes to prepare students who intend to take the TOEFL.

Whether your examination is due weeks or months later, or it is just around the corner, BestMyTest offers prep plans to cater to all your specific needs to have you fully prepared, ready, and confident to sit your TOEFL irrespective of the time factor or the hurdles you’ve been facing previously.

To sum things up, BestMyTest aims at helping students obtain great scores at writing the TOEFL on their first try.

How to pass TOEFL in 3-steps

How Does It Work?

BestMyTest offers students three types of study plans that they need to subscribe to with a payment. Each of the plans is designed in a way that they surely cater to you, no matter what your circumstance or need.

Best My Test offers a 7-day free trial, which is a highlight of their prep services. If students wish, they could take the free trial to determine how useful, effective, and satisfactory the Best My Test TOEFL prep can be.

This might be a great option for those who have enough time to prep for the test.

BestMyTest try TOEFL tutor

If you look at the website, you will find that each plan is clearly described in terms of whom it may suit best, what it includes, and how much it costs.

Looking at these details, you should be able to decide, quite easily, which plan suits you best.

Once you’ve made your decision, you could go ahead, ask an instructor, make payment for your subscription, and start your course straight away.

Is it Safe? Could it Be a Scam?

Security and scams are always a concern when it comes to signing up and committing to online services.

When it comes to BestMyTest, you only need to take one quick look at their website and all the information on it, and you start realizing that it undoubtedly is a legit service.

If you move on to the Testimonial section, you will see that students have nothing but loads of great things to say about BestMyTest; about how legit, reliable, helpful, and awesome it is in every aspect.

BestMyTest review

Thus, even if you are in a situation where you have absolutely no time to take the free trial, and you need to start on the prep course straight away, but you are concerned about commitment, you still have assurances that it’s the right thing to do.

BestMyTest offers full guarantees to their students not just about a legit experience, but about quality learning and preparation, and of course, passing their TOEFL with ease.

Best My Test Story

It all started when the co-founder of BestMyTest, James Liu, had to take TOEFL because he wanted admission to the University of Vancouver BC.

James Liu had a tough experience studying and preparing for his TOEFL. Back then, there weren’t many options, such as prep courses, and online access to awesome study material, like there is now.

In fact, there were none at all. His struggle was real; however, he managed to pass and make it to university. He then went on to succeed in his endeavours, one of which was the launching of BestMyTest.

How to score high in TOEFL

James made it a point to do something legit to make exam preps less burdensome and less of a struggle for students desperate and determined to seek admissions to university.

He knew that prepping for TOEFL is no cakewalk. He knew it takes so much more than anyone can imagine obtaining a decent pass.

Down the road, he met his present partner, Ron Ross, second co-founder BestMyTest, and together they managed to launch this amazing platform that not only makes exam prep easy but effective, beneficial, and fun.

Services at BestMyTest

BestMyTest is entirely about TOEFL. This makes things so much easier for students and gives them confidence, too, because they know that their services aim at helping their students pass their TOEFL and nothing else.

BestMyTest account

There are a couple of key things that BestMyTest offers students to prep them for their TOEFL. Ample resources are one of the key things they are equipped with.

BestMyTest Provides Only the Necessary Materials

If you take a look at their material and also go through the FAQ’s on the website, you see that they provide students with only the required, essential, and relevant material, and not with those that aren’t required, irrelevant, or lacking quality.

In other words, all material is focused and designed specifically for TOEFL prep. Therefore, students will not be wasting any time engaging in activities customized lessons that are not required.

Material includes TOEFL, practice questions and tests, full length practice tests and questions, and test simulations that are prepared by TOEFL experts.

These practice questions and tests and full length practice tests and questions are prepared to mimic the official TOEFL examination papers to ensure complete fluency and familiarity.

Additionally toefl course, students are provided with sets of specific TOEFL vocabulary, speaking and writing reviews toefl practice questions and exercises, writing reviews toefl lessons, grammar corrections toefl course, and study guides toefl tests writing assessments.

The prep course also includes video lessons, practice exercises, and an ‘Ask an Instructor’ feature for further guidance and support.

BestMyTest TOEFL Sample Test

Students can access available material and resources firstly through a free trial and then subscribe to a suitable plan as per their requirement to proceed with a complete prep course that guarantees great passes.

Tutorials From BestMyTest

In addition toefl scores, BestMyTest also offers students separate study guides to TOEFL reading, writing, both speaking and listening sections, in writing practice tests, and listening.

Under each guide, students will be given thorough guidelines and tips on prep and passing practice test for each reading and listening section and writing section.

They can then take Mock tests to find out where they stand in writing sections and reading section.

BestMyTest questions

For TOEFL prep, you should also consider Kaptest. If you are not sure if it is good, check our reviews on Kaplan University to be sure.

Quality of BestMyTest Services

BestMyTest offers quality education, and training becomes obvious as you look at all the key elements or information on what they have and how they function.

They are a legally certified service and a popular one amongst many from around the world who have tried and experienced learning with BestMyTest.

Feedback From Students

In the testimonials sections, you find many satisfied and successful students who repeatedly and wholeheartedly vouch for BestMyTest, their quality, range of services, and promises to students.

BestMyTest Remas review

All material and courses are designed by none other than TOEFL experts themselves.

Thus, students will have access to quality study material that is carefully chosen and courses that are carefully and professionally designed for effective learning.

BestMyTest Pricing

Courses and subscription plans at BestMyTest aren’t only affordable but are entirely worth the money and time.

This, you realize when you compare other services in terms of quality, standards, flexibility, and overall benefits.

Current Prices

BestMyTest prices

The customizable plan is priced at $69, while the 6-month plan will cost you $189, and the 7-day plan will be $39. They offer you a range of payment options to make things easier for you, irrespective of taking the course.

As an alternative to the TOEFL exam and BestMyTest prep, you might want to try passing IELTS and prep with Magoosh for it. See Magoosh IELTS reviews from their students and a review written by EduReviewer Team.

Customer Service at BestMyTest

The best way to find out about customer service is by reading and writing essays, listening, and hearing what the past students have to say from their experiences.

Thus, when you look at the testimonials by students who took courses at BestMyTest, you see that they have experienced a completely fulfilling and brilliant service in every aspect, making their whole experiences completely positive and enjoyable.

Each testimonial is filled with positive comments and praise about the service, which basically tells us that they are undoubtedly brilliant at customer care.

I would strongly recommend all TOEFL test takers to enroll in BestMyTest to boost their own score improvement and increase and improvement of their TOEFL score improvement too.

BestMyTest top tier schools

Mobile App Usability

BestMyTest also has a super handy mobile app that works amazingly on your smartphones, making learning literally at your fingertips.

With this awesome tool, students have no excuse for not making the most of the amazing range of services and the opportunities given to them for effective, convenient, and successful learning.

BestMyTest mobile app

  • Unlimited High-Quality Material
  • Affordable.
  • Clear & Straightforward.
  • Customer Care.
  • Mobile App.
  • Lacks Better Extended Plans.
  • Lacks Detail about Payment.
  • Lacks FAQs.
  • No live chat.

BestMyTest Alternatives

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$299 Lowest price Read Review

BestMyTest Reviews 6

  1. Janicee says:

    For adequate preparation for the TOEFL, I would recommend the Best My Test Toefl, ranging from unlimited materials available to the user’s reach. One should be assured of success. The prices are affordable for such benefits. As a new user, the courses are clear and straightforward not to talk of the interface, which is easy to navigate.

  2. Naomi says:

    BestMyTest is a great platform as it provides essential and relevant material. Their material is focused and designed thus helping me do well in my TOEFL tests.

  3. Leonora says:

    I gained so much confidence after signing up on BetsMyTest. They have ample resources that were key in aiding me to pass my test.

  4. Ali says:

    My friend recommended this site when I was struggling to read for my SATs. I have to admit the app is thorough in all sections that came up in the test. Extremely reliable and effective.

  5. Pete says:

    If you are looking for an online training course that is solely focused on TOEFL, you must register at BestMyTest. I have been able to access vital learning materials and structured courses that are beneficial in my learning process.

  6. Keith Adams says:

    I really enjoyed the way the site advocates for step by step process of learning. It was really systemic and it made me gain a deeper understanding of different topics.

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