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One of the hardest periods a teenager could experience is probably his or her high school life. It is when you have to start thinking about your future – what course you want to take, where you want to study, and what your career plans would be ten to twenty years from now. But in order to get into college, you have to take an ACT or SAT. What is SAT vs ACT? Should I take the SAT or ACT? This article will help you understand what ACT and SAT are all about, enable you to decide which test is best suited for you, and know what’s the difference between ACT and SAT.

ACT versus SAT: If you are a high school student and you are planning to go to a college or university, then you have to take either the ACT or SAT. What is SAT and ACT – ACT stands for American College Test while SAT means Scholastic Assessment Test. The ACT and SAT are standardized tests that serve as an extensive assessment and covers the majority of what you have learned throughout your time in high school. Technically, SAT & ACT are the most important tests a high school student will take since these are a major requirement to attend college. You might think that the ACT and SAT tests are the same, but no, they’re not. You can compare SAT and ACT since there’s a difference between the ACT and SAT.

Comparing SAT and ACT is easy. So, what is the difference between the ACT and the SAT? The difference of ACT and SAT is that the SAT is a skill test that is focused more on problem-solving or reasoning abilities while the ACT is more on curriculum-based examination that covers everything you have learned in high school. The ACT vs. SAT or ACT to SAT comparison doesn’t end here since there are more differences between the two. An ACT and SAT comparison chart would be helpful to easily determine the difference between SAT and ACT.

The ACT vs. SAT differences can be known and understood if an SAT vs ACT comparison chart is present. What are ACTs and SATs difference in topics covered? What is different between SAT and ACT in difficulty level? Below is an ACT and SAT comparison to see how is ACT different from SAT.

Math · Very long yet short amount of time

· 60 minutes = 60 math problems

· Easier

· Not too difficult but tricky

· Basic algebra yet confusing questions

Reading · Reading without vocabulary

· Long passages with around 10 questions each

· Uses common sense

· Not that hard

· 15 vocabulary problems

· Ranges from long, medium and short passages


Writing · Essay writing

· 30 minutes to finish

· Specific question yet broad to write

· Difficult

· Optional

· Easy

· Essay, 25 minutes to finish

· Broad topic


· Multiple choice that tests on grammar and proper usage of English


English · Easy

· Uses common sense and grammar

Science · Interpret charts, graphs and conclusions

· Similar with reading section

· 35 minutes = 7 passages with 40 questions


So, which is better ACT or SAT? As you can see between the ACT vs SAT test, the ACT reading vs SAT reading shows that reading is easier in ACT. In SAT vs ACT math, ACT is easier, too. What is the difference between SAT and ACT test? The differences between SAT and cat can be minor, and it somehow shows that ACT is easier than SAT and SAT compared to ACT is a bit harder. So, is it ACT or SAT or should I take both ACT and SAT? Still undecided? Keep on reading below.

Now that you know the basic information about what is ACT and SAT and the primary difference between ACT SAT, then it’s time to know more about ACT and SAT test. Since the ACT SAT difference has already been mentioned, you can now take ACT or SAT. ACT vs SAT which is better? Before deciding, make some research first on whether the college you’re interested in requires the SAT or ACT or both. If you have questions in your mind like which test should I take ACT or SAT, which test is better ACT or SAT, is the ACT better than the SAT, is it better to take the SAT or ACT or which is more important SAT or ACT, then here’s a little tip for you – the SAT is more widely accepted.

Another difference in ACT and SAT or ACT v SAT comparison is the scoring method. The ACT assigns a score between 1 and 36 for each section, the average of section scores is the final score and has no penalty for incorrect answers whereas the SAT is graded additive with a total score of 2400 and subtract a quarter of a raw score point. Since this ACT SAT comparisons show a huge difference in the scoring method, an ACT SAT equivalency chart/ACT SAT equivalent is needed to translate your score in SAT to ACT and vice versa. Should you take the SAT and ACT exams, you must know and understand your ACT SAT scores and send them to the right schools. The SAT ACT concordance magoosh is the perfect tool to convert your scores and serve as a SAT ACT equivalency chart.

Here’s a sample of ACT vs SAT comparison of scores that show the ACT to SAT equivalency and the new SAT to ACT comparison. If you want to compare SAT to ACT scores, make sure that you use the legit and standard SAT ACT equivalents to prevent any errors. Keep in mind that there’s a new at vs ACT conversion, too.

9 800





11 840




12 880




13 980



14 1030





15 1110





9 590



10 620



11 650




12 690




13 730





14 780





15 830





This ACT SAT equivalency table is the best tool to convert your scores. It will help you identify what schools are going to accept your application based on your total. The SAT ACT equivalency is widely used and is the standard measure.

After knowing what is better ACT or SAT, now is the time to learn when to take the exams. The best time when to take ACT and SAT is during your junior year since it gives you more time to look for universities or scholarship programs that will best fit your preference. Taking the test earlier than that can also put you at a disadvantage since a lot of topics weren’t tackled yet. Should I take the ACT or SAT, keep in mind that they are both given seven times every year. So, what are the SAT and ACT examination months?

  • SAT – March or April, May, June, August, October, November, December
  • ACT – February April, June, July, September, October, December

Which is better SAT or ACT in terms of testing periods? It depends on your preferred time. Take note that some states require the SAT or ACT as part of their state testing regulations and are not given on the national test dates. On the other hand, what is the ACT and SAT deadline for registration?

  • SAT – Four weeks before test date
  • ACT – Five to six weeks before test date

Since what is SAT ACT is already explained and you start pondering is SAT better than ACT, another point to think about is should I take both the ACT and SAT. Yes, you can take both exams, but it still depends on different factors. This time, how is the ACT different from the SAT? What’s the difference between these exams in terms of costs? The SAT costs approximately $45 while the ACT costs $32. So, SAT or ACT? In this SAT ACT comparison, SAT is the better choice.

What is the difference between ACT and SAT when you take the exam? The difference between these exams is that during the SAT, you are allowed to eat some snacks during your break while ACT does not. If you need some sugar into your system then opt for the SAT. If you have the money and time, then take both exams. However, since you already know the differences, just figure out what colleges you’re eager to get into and see which test they need.

If you want to apply to a few colleges in different areas, or simply unsure which one you want to apply for, it is best to take both as well. Since they convert the scores in a standardized way, don’t forget to check the their equivalency chart including for the new SAT or ACT.

We’re done with what is ACT/SAT, what’s the difference between these tests, difference between ACT and new SAT, their comparison, results chart, what are the examination months, and their equivalents, now the concern is should you take these exams, would there be benefits? The answer is both yes and no. Should I take the SAT and ACT some of the benefits would be as follows:

  • Preparing yourself for either the ACT or SAT can help you be ready on the other as well. So if you are studying for a SAT vs subject test, you can also do well on the ACT. (If you want to see the Actual differences between ACT and SAT, it’s best to take them both.)
  • Since you studied well for your test, it allows you to excel in your chosen course and motivate you to do better in your future career.
  • Even though SAT is more recognized by universities between the SAT vs ACT test, some may recognize your capability and skills when they see both of your scores. The ACT to SAT equivalent would be helpful in this situation. (Once you’ve experienced the Actual what is the difference between SAT and ACT, you can share it to the next exam takers and help them with some tips.)
  • There might be pressure when it comes to the ACT test vs SAT, but if you take both exams it’ll give you more date options to select from.

Still, some might say that there’s no benefit when you take both exams. Since there’s only a little ACT and SAT difference, you can consider SAT equivalent to ACT (hence the SAT ACT equivalent) since both serve as an IQ test. Remember that colleges and universities will require either of the two and not both. But, if you enough money to spare, then take both exams by all means.

What is the difference between the SAT and ACT in terms of difficulty level? When you compare them, the first thing that comes to your mind would be which test is easier. To know what’s the difference between them, an ACT vs SAT comparison chart would be helpful just like what is shown above. Between the ACT reading vs ACT reading, it shows the ACT easier than SAT, and the SAT math vs ACT math in the SAT vs. ACT comparison chart also shows it’s easier, too. However, when you research more regarding the difference, students and mentors have different answers to that since it will really depend on the exam taker.

What’s the difference between these exams? Is ACT easier than SAT? Yes, because you can always guess your answers and be sure not to leave any question unanswered. Is the SAT easier than the ACT or is the SAT harder than the ACT? Well, opposite to what advisers would say, the SAT is actually a bit easier than the ACT. If you are to take one of these tests and want to ace the test, be sure to prepare for it and study well.

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of comparison chart and which is easier, the question for you will now be are which is better to take, should I take one of them, or should I take both. The answer is it will depend on your preference and your choice of college. Another difference between them is the length of the exams. These tests have different allotted time to answer each exam.

  • SAT – 3 hours and 45 minutes with 3 short breaks in between
  • ACT – 2 hours and 55 minutes (3 hours and 25 minutes if you take the optional writing test)

What is the SAT and ACT number of questions? This will be another factor whether is one of them easier. If you are a student who always struggles with time pressure, the SAT will be the better fit for you since it only has 140 questions while the ACT consists of 215. So, which is better based on your gender? They say that boys will more likely do better on SAT than girls, while girls do better on ACT than boys. But, of course, it won’t always be the case. Should you take both after knowing the comparisons, be sure to take it early so you’ll still have time to retake it if you wish to gain a higher test score.

Should you take the SAT or ACT, take note of your future career. When applying for a job, experience and credentials would be convenient. A lot of employers show interest in the applicants’ SAT scores since it measures your intelligence and reasoning skills. If you wish to take ACT/SAT, be familiar with the equivalents, chart, and ACT equivalent to new SAT and have your goal set and be able to impress your potential boss in the future.

Is SAT or ACT better when it comes to an acceptance rate of colleges? Do colleges prefer SAT or ACT? Ggenerally speaking, it depends on the geography. The colleges and universities in the East and West coast rely more on SAT, while those in Middle America prefer the ACT. It also depends on you if you want to study within your area or if you’re willing to relocate to another state.

Studying for tests is important if you want to get into a prestigious and competitive school. One of these tests would be a good basis to get in since if you don’t have a good SAT and ACT equivalents, then you most likely won’t make the first cut.

What’s the difference between SAT and ACT when it comes to applying for a scholarship program? Should I take ACT or SAT and pick only one or should I take both the SAT and ACT? Between these tests, most colleges and universities accept either exam, but for those who have enough time to prepare can take both and just submit whichever test they achieve better scores.

But sometimes, between these test, other universities recommend taking the SAT. When to take the ACT and SAT? The earliest SAT schedule for 2020 is on August 29th while the ACT is on September 12th.

Since there’s a difference between these tests that are also seen through a comparison chart, then you have to prepare for it differently. How is the ACT different than the SAT when it comes to preparation? Differences like the ACT math vs SAT math show that ACT is easier in the comparison chart. You have to study and master the basic algebra and trigonometry in order to pass this test. Comparison also show that reading is easier in ACT, so you just have to practice yourself reading long passages in order to have enough time in answering the questions

Another difference is that when you prepare for an upcoming ACT test, you could always go online to watch ACT related videos or enroll yourself in an online course. You can study anytime, anywhere.

Which test is harder? Well, it will really depend on how much time you allotted to study and prepare for it, and if you excel in that particular subject in school. If you want to ace the SAT test then you have to prepare yourself in writing clear and concise essays. In terms of reading, you have to practice yourself to analyze what you read, and for math you have to challenge yourself in answering different math topics such as algebra, trigonometry and geometry.

Aside from the SAT vs ACT, there are also SAT 1 vs SAT 2 and SAT subject tests vs SAT. Although these tests are commonly compared, it’s also nice to know the difference between the other two. Practically, the SAT 1 tests the ability of the student when it comes to their written, verbal and general math skills, while the SAT 2 measures their knowledge on a specific topic. Technically it can also be called SAT vs SAT subject tests.

What is the difference between abovementioned tests – differences can be minor, but they’re surely essential to be able to enter college and jump start your future career. Make sure that you prepare ahead, read a lot, review previous lessons, take your existing classes seriously, take a test prep course before your test and complete a practice exam. These steps will definitely help you achieve a great score and give you a chance to a brighter future.