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Target Test Prep GRE Review

By Enthony Ferdinand, Updated April 3, 2024


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Lowest price$179
Charged per course
Promo CodeN/A
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Personalized and versatile study plan
  • Six months of exclusive access to materials
  • Five days Free Trial
  • Structured course materials
  • Over 3000 practice question bank
  • Enough Focus on Quant section study
  • Excellent tutorial system
  • Over 1000 professional video lessons
  • Adaptive learning technologies customize study plans.
  • Extensive coverage of quantitative material.
  • Places more emphasis on the quantitative section and less on the verbal.
  • A few users thought the course structure was too much.
  • Limited options for live support.


  • Score increase guarantee: The 15-point score improvement guarantee also proclaims their commitment to quality.
  • Adaptive learning: This review on GRE Test Prep Target shows that the course has exceptional quantitative content and an adaptive learning structure for all students.
  • Industry experts: Professional tutors with years of experience and rich academic backgrounds.

Value for Money

  • Affordable: Leveraging their flash sales and discounts, you can subscribe at a relatively cheaper and competitive price yet get value for money.
  • Rich Resource Bank: Target Test Prep GRE has an extensive resource base and flexible pricing, making the Target Prep GRE course an excellent value that fits your budget.
  • Free Trial: Five days free trial with full access to all resources.

Student Feedback

  • Personalized Study System: From the Target Test Prep GRE Reviews available online, many students believe that the Target Prep GRE course is a structured, customisable, personalized and adaptive GRE test course.
  • At your Pace: Whether one month or six months, you can define your learning pace and customize your learning path.
  • Easy MBA Admission: The best GRE prep course to get your MBA admission quickly.

Passing the GRE isn’t on the list of the easiest things to do in the world. However, with suitable materials, test courses and dedication, anyone can ace the exam without struggles. Many GRE test preparation courses and materials exist, but the Target GRE stands out. If you’ve been searching for a reliable GRE preparation guide, keep reading to explore Target Test Prep’s GRE course with me. This review on Target Test Prep GRE is based on my firsthand experience and represents my honest opinion.

TTP GRE Main Page

The last thing on your mind as a student is to spend more money on preparatory courses when graduate school costs are so high. That was my thought when I decided to check out the highly regarded GRE course offered by Target Test Prep, which emphasizes digital and adaptive learning. My experience using their platform was rigorous and eye-opening; it tested my quantitative abilities and provided a well-organized route for academic growth. This is the Target Test Prep GRE review, and you must make an informed decision.

Discover the ins and outs of Target Test Prep review to supercharge your GRE preparation.

Target Test Prep GRE Pricing & Course Options

TargetTestPrep GRE Prep Benefits

Target Test Prep GRE course offers various options with flexible and relatively affordable packages to accommodate various financial capabilities and preparation requirements. On the Target Test course platform, there is a plan that works for everyone because it offers options for both longer study duration and short bursts of intense preparation. In addition, they provide money-back guarantees, trial periods, and score improvement guarantees, which adds to their credibility and shows their investment and dedication to the course’s efficacy and dedication to student satisfaction.

Now, to answer the question on your mind: How much do the Target Test Prep GRE review courses cost? Here’s a breakdown of the plans and pricing.

Target Test Prep GRE Course Plans

Self Study Plan

This plan is best for you if you prefer to study independently and at your own pace. It comes with full access to all GRE study materials.

Flexible preparation
  • $149 / Month (instead of $179, save $30)
  • Monthly recurring bill
4 Months plan
  • $87.25 /Month ($349 in total)
  • Dedicated four months of self-study
  • One-time billing (instead of $449, save $100)
6 Months plan
  • $66.50 / Month ($399 for 6 months)
Six months of dedicated self-study
  • One-time billing (instead of $499, save $100)

Use the Target Test Prep GRE discount code provided to claim your discount where applicable.

TargetTestPrep GRE Expertise

Live Online Classes

With this plan, you can join live classes and experience real-time tutoring as you prepare for your GRE. This means you can engage with real people to get your specific GRE-related issues solved like you were in a physical classroom.

Bundle and Save

This is the only plan for the live online classes, and it comes with the following features:

  • Maximum learning + Live Classes (Instructor-guided study)
  • $999 for 6 Months (instead of $1,399, save $400 )
  • The live online classes plan comes with the maximum learning plan plus 40 hours of instructor-led live lessons
  • Personalized practice test assignments
  • Exclusive slack channel for your class

This is how their pricing works – all packages and plans come with:

  • Easy to comprehend GRE Quantitative and Verbal lessons
  • 4000 plus question bank
  • Over 1000 verbal and quantitative videos
  • Custom practice test builder
  • Solid performance analytics and error tracking
  • Live online support
  • Guaranteed TTP GRE score
  • No automatic billing

Interestingly, the platform allows you to try this Target Test Prep GRE course for free. This translates to Five Days Free Trial. This five-day free trial offers you the opportunity to test all the classes that are offered without cost. So, if you’re still in doubt, dispel those thoughts by plugging into this without a debit from your account. I did so, too, before subscribing fully.

What Do You Get in TargetTestPrep GRE?

From experience, I need to state in this GRE Target Test Prep review that the Target Test Prep GRE course has an extensive curriculum and live professional coaching sessions. I joined the live classes and was amazed at the talent and astuteness of the experienced professionals who demonstrated a vast knowledge of GRE courses.

The platform is owned and run by professional GRE experts with years of experience helping students ace the GREs. They have experts with over a decade of experience and even an alumnus of Harvard. Trust me, I had to do my due diligence to ensure their tutors were correctly profiled and the company’s integrity was intact.

Another exciting part is that their website is secure, and their courses are created with the students in mind. The website is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. This means right from the homepage, you’ll be able to navigate without needing a special tutorial like some other course platforms. Also, their claims are not bogus, as real testimonials from reliable third-party websites and review platforms attest to their top-notch GRE course delivery. Rest assured, it is intriguing to state that you’ll get more than you paid for.

TargetTestPrep GRE Quora

TTP GRE 15-Point Score Improvement Guarantee

The Target Test Prep (TTP) score improvement guarantee is offered to users with a previous GRE score of at least 310. The guarantee is that you’ll get a score increase of 15 points after completing the course.

There are a few steps to take to qualify for the score improvement guarantee:

  1. Send your GRE score to the TTP team: Make sure to end the GRE score within 30 days of subscribing to the TTP GRE course. This entails sending an official copy of your GRE score report before enrolling in the TTP course to this email address: [email protected].
  2. Achieve 100% Completion of the TTP GRE Course: To gain eligibility for the TTP score improvement guarantee, you must complete the entire course by Target Test Prep GRE course. It would be best if you also attained it to exceed the benchmarks of accuracy set in your study plan.

Note: the accelerated study plans are not eligible for the score guarantee. Also, you must choose quantitative and verbal studies to qualify for the score improvement guarantee. You won’t get the guarantee if you subscribe to only quant or verbal.

  • Send your new GRE Score: After completing the steps above and ensuring your eligibility, send your new GRE score to the same email. If your score doesn’t improve, you’ll get a free course subscription equivalent to your former subscription.

What distinguishes this course from other prep courses is the combination of individualized support and self-paced learning. Their strategy highlights their dedication to student success by offering a guarantee of improved scores. Target Test Prep stands out due to its comprehensive quantitative content and flexible study plans that accommodate your unique learning style and specific academic needs.

Target Test Prep’s GRE Study Materials

The comprehensiveness, adaptability, and emphasis on quantitative mastery of Target Test Prep’s GRE study materials are key features. Numerous educational videos, in-depth explanations of answers, and thousands of practice questions are all available on their platform.
TargetTestPrep GRE Study MaterialsIn my experience, the most noteworthy aspect was the customized study plan that adjusts based on your performance, emphasizing your areas of weakness and enhancing your strengths. Unlike other prep courses that take a one-size-fits-all approach, this dynamic approach and the excellent materials it used made for a learning experience that felt thorough and customized.

The following paragraphs articulate the unique features of the Target Test Prep GRE course that make it stand out from the competition.

Video Solutions Taught by Instructors

The platform boasts of providing instructor-led videos. I tested this and realized that trained tutors truly handle their video solutions. This will help you solve questions like a pro. You’ll also get stepwise strategies to ace the GRE by applying the concepts you’re taught.

Intelligent Performance Analytics

Target Test Prep offers detailed performance analytics to help you stay on track regarding your academic goals of taking the GRE. The platform provides a comprehensive view of your performance on a personalized dashboard. While testing this out, I found that I could also view my speed, accuracy, and mastered topic right from my dashboard. It was also easy to spot my weaknesses and focus on the right areas to help combine weak points with strengths.

Right on my dashboard, I could gauge my preparation level dashboard to advance my progress in the course. This gave me an uptight approach towards preparations, keeping me in check through up-to-date analytics to rate myself correctly. This helped boost my confidence and made the platform’s guarantee a reality.

Quantitative and Verbal Flashcards

The GRE prep course by Target Test Prep offers Quant and Verbal flashcards to help you extensively practice quizzes on important quantitative and verbal concepts. From my experience, I realized that the flashcards are segmented by chapter, with options to create custom decks and cards.

They also offer about 1200 flashcards to help build vocabulary, focusing on definitions, synonyms and example sentences. These cards aid on-the-go learning, any day, anytime, anywhere.

Error Tracker

Target Test Prep also helps track errors. This feature stood out because it helped me see my recurring mistakes aligned by topic. The errors were also arranged by frequency and type. This error tracker also highlights score-depleting habits and patterns of errors. Ultimately, this will help remove errors and increase accuracy.

Custom Test Creation

Target Test Prep also offers a feature that permits users to create a library of Quantitative and verbal practice question sets. This means you can curate a set of questions to suit your unique need based on your area(s) of weakness.

Upon trying this feature, I found that this feature helped review and reinforce new and difficult concepts. It also helped me practice areas that require improvement strategically. Practice pacing is another key feature of this platform, which means you can set customized times per question.

Unique Study Plan

If you’re looking to do the GRE general test, this feature is best for you as you design a personalized study plan geared towards helping you achieve your unique goals. This offers a stepwise design and approach to studying effectively for your GRE. From my observation, this feature assisted me in making consistently notable improvements in my study habits and knowledge acquisition and retention.

Then, it would heighten your study efficiency and prepare you to study without wondering what to read next.

My Thoughts and Experiences With Target Test Prep’s GRE Study Materials

Throughout this Target Test Prep review, I have articulated my thoughts about the course, but here are the details. First, I was finally taking charge of my GRE preparation when I started working through Target Test Prep’s GRE Course materials. Flipping through general study guides is one thing; actually, engaging with something that seems to be speaking directly to you is quite another.

Quantitative materials? Top-notch. They were aware of my exact areas of weakness and had a strategy to address them. Target Test Prep did more than just make a promise; they kept it. They have unique adaptive technology. It is like having a personal tutor who knows exactly how hard you need to push yourself while always being available to you. The perfect balance between ease of use and difficulty. Oh, and the adaptability! For someone balancing work and school, fitting in a practice session at a non-traditional time was a huge help. I studied the material whenever I could without adhering to a rigid schedule.

To be honest, I had my doubts initially, but they were eliminated the moment I experienced the complete package Target Test Prep had to offer. Don’t get me wrong, the course isn’t 100% perfect, as I saw a need for them to improve on the verbal part of the GRE questions. Then, their customer support service can be more responsive.

Overall, it was a journey worth taking. Would I recommend it? Yes, especially if your worst enemy is quantitative or arithmetic. It’s like they break down the math into a language you can understand, and suddenly, those problems aren’t so challenging anymore.

Need personalized guidance to ace the GRE? Explore our roundup of the best GRE tutors to find the perfect match for your learning style.

  • Personalized and versatile study plan
  • Six months of exclusive access to materials
  • Five days Free Trial
  • Structured course materials
  • Over 3000 practice question bank
  • Enough Focus on Quant section study
  • Excellent tutorial system
  • Over 1000 professional video lessons
  • Adaptive learning technologies customize study plans.
  • Extensive coverage of quantitative material.
  • Places more emphasis on the quantitative section and less on the verbal.
  • A few users thought the course structure was too much.
  • Limited options for live support.

The Verdict: Is The Target Test Prep GRE Good?

The Target Test Prep GRE is an excellent company for GRE prep, but some areas need improvement. I can recommend this platform. They are amazing at providing a thorough and customized GRE preparation experience, especially for the quantitative area.

I hope that this review on Target Test Prep GRE has convinced you. Other students also have overall positive feedback, even if some comments are that there is a need for improvement, especially in verbal content and support services.

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Is Target Test Prep Worth it?

Yes, especially for those seeking an all-inclusive GRE prep programme incorporating adaptive learning features.

Is Magoosh or Target Test Prep Better?

It depends on your requirements; Magoosh is renowned for a well-rounded approach, whereas Target Test Prep shines in quantitative sections.

What is The Best Preparation for the GRE?

An individualized study plan, comprehensive study materials/course like Target Test Prep Course,  and practice exams make up the best preparation.

What is the most accurate GRE practice exam?

The Target Test Prep GRE course is accurate and can boost your scores since it resembles the real exam environment.

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