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MCATKing Review: Any Good?

By Alina Burakova, Updated May 17, 2024


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About MCAT King
Lowest price$70
Charged per class
Promo CodeN/A
Pros & Cons My Verdict
Not Recommended
  • Prof. Noble Zaghi, an experienced educator in MCAT subjects, leads it.
  • Offers both in-person and online classes.
  • Emphasizes core subjects like chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and biology.
  • Provides guaranteed seats for certain payment plans, ensuring availability for enrolled students.
  • Allows students to repeat the course under specific conditions.
  • Offers partial refunds or course repeats in some situations.
  • Course materials lack depth and comprehensiveness compared to other leading MCAT preparation courses.
  • The refund or repeat guarantee does not fully compensate for subpar course material.
  • Some students and reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the course content and teaching effectiveness.


  • MCAT KING relies solely on Prof. Noble Zaghi, offering a restricted scope of teaching.
  • The course content emphasizes essential subjects. Despite this focus, my experience suggests it lacks the depth required for rigorous MCAT preparation.
  • The MCAT teaching methodology appears subpar and insufficient for thorough readiness compared to other options.
  • The course entails standard materials – handouts, practice problems, 30 live sessions, and 10 pre-recorded lectures. But, based on my evaluations, this offering seems inadequate for optimal MCAT preparation.
  • MCAT KING's policies lack clarity regarding refunds or guarantees, making it less reliable compared to reputable alternatives.
  • The course duration varies but generally spans 20 weeks for the Fall semester, 16 weeks for Spring, and 8 weeks for Summer.

Value for Money

  • MCAT KING offers a course for $1800, covering 30 sessions, each lasting 3 hours. However, it's essential to note that this pricing might not justify the quality compared to better-rated options.
  • Despite the course cost, they provide payment plans such as the $2200 advance payment, two $1100 installments, and a "pay as you go" option.
  • The company guarantees seats for specific payment plans. But this feature does not outweigh the subpar quality of the course content.
  • For full advance payments, students can repeat the course for an additional cycle at a cost of $100. However, considering the course's effectiveness, this might not be a worthwhile investment.
  • The course recommends purchasing three extra books from Amazon, indicating potential hidden costs beyond the course fee.
  • MCAT KING charges $45 for a 2-hour session or $60 for a 3-hour session. This pricing does not reflect the course's value concerning the content and teaching methods.

Student Feedback

  • Prof. Noble Zaghi and the team are praised for their expertise, teaching methods, and ability to make classes interesting.
  • MCAT KING offers personalized guidance, focusing on individual improvement areas to enhance test scores.
  • Students appreciate the instructors' knack for explaining complex topics in a simple, memorable, and engaging manner.
  • The instructors motivate students, instill confidence, and provide practical study techniques, making learning enjoyable and encouraging.
  • The classes are fun, interactive, and supportive, fostering an environment conducive to effective learning.
  • KING’s course review prepares for the MCAT and aids in practical skills development beyond the test.
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Looking for the ideal MCAT preparation can be a perplexing quest for both students and their parents. As a seasoned reviewer in the realm of online test prep services, my experiments have shown that the pursuit of excellence in MCAT preparation hinges on a thorough assessment of various criteria. Enter our MCAT King prep reviews, a meticulous examination that sheds light on the essential aspects prospective students and parents should consider.

In my experience, evaluating test prep services involves scrutinizing quality, features, prices, website usability, value for money, students’ feedback, and higher score guarantees. Specifically tailored for aspiring medical students, the MCAT, a rigorous assessment encompassing chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and biology, demands a comprehensive and effective preparatory course.

Through my tests, I realized that the King reviews delve into these critical facets, providing insights crucial for making an informed decision. With a focus on quality instruction, valuable features, competitive pricing, and student feedback, our review aims to assist students and parents in selecting the optimum MCAT preparation program.

MCAT King Features

In my experience evaluating MCAT prep platforms, my experiments have shown that while the King’s might seem promising at first glance, further exploration reveals it’s not the best option. As a reviewer aiding kids and their parents in finding top-notch preparation, I’ve discovered that our blog lists much better alternatives.

Who will find this platform helpful? Aspiring medical students seeking MCAT preparation will initially be drawn to King’s offering but might find it lacking compared to superior options elsewhere.


King’s boasts a course on chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and biology – core subjects essential for MCAT success. However, my experience shows that the platform lacks depth and comprehensive support, falling short of fulfilling the needs of serious MCAT aspirants.

How does it work? King offers classes, both in person and online, covering various subjects relevant to the MCAT. However, from my tests, it’s evident that their teaching methodology and resources aren’t as robust as other leading MCAT prep providers.

Personal thoughts and experiences learning with MCAT King: Despite initial promise, my experience with King left me underwhelmed. While it may appeal to some, those looking for an edge in their MCAT preparation might find better options through our blog’s recommendations.

Keep reading our blog for a comprehensive guide to choosing the ideal prep, including superior alternatives to King’s.

Here are some distinctive features of the prepper:

  • Comprehensive Course Subjects: KING covers vital subjects like chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and biology, which are crucial for the MCAT exam.
  • Flexible Learning Options: The platform offers various learning formats, both in-person and online.
  • Experienced Instructors: Led by Prof. Noble Zaghi, MCAT KING boasts experienced educators.
  • Guaranteed Enrollment: For specific payment plans, KING guarantees seats.
  • Repeat Course Opportunity: Under certain conditions, students can retake the course.
  • Fair Refund Policy: KING offers partial refunds or the option to retake the course in specific situations.

Quality of MCAT King Material

In my exploration of King’s prep material, my experiments revealed a mixed bag that might not suit everyone seeking robust MCAT preparation. Better options are available for kids and parents seeking the best MCAT prep.


Who will help you on this platform? MCAT King is backed by Prof. Noble Zaghi, the founder, and other experts. However, during my tests, I found that the depth and quality of their teaching materials weren’t as comprehensive as one would expect for MCAT preparation.

What refund guarantees are available? While MCAT King does offer a guarantee for repeating the course under specific conditions, my experience suggests that this might not fully compensate for the subpar quality of their materials.

How is it different from other courses? The platform promotes its course focused on essential MCAT subjects, yet in my experience, it lacks the depth and comprehensive resources found in better-rated MCAT prep courses.

My experience with King’s prep material left me skeptical. Though it might benefit some, those seeking a competitive edge for MCAT success might find superior options elsewhere. For a thorough evaluation and recommendations on top-notch MCAT preparation resources, exploring other avenues beyond King is advisable.

Does MCAT King Stand Out?

MCAT King, Blueprint, and Princeton Review for MCAT prep each have unique features for aspiring medical students.

Princeton Review gives choices for different study needs. They offer MCAT self-paced and tutoring live online courses priced between $2,000 and $2,800. These courses contain many materials, like 16 full-length MCAT practice tests and detailed score reports.

But the video lessons aren’t well made, and the mobile app isn’t well connected. Check the list of the best apps for MCAT prep here.

Blueprint stands out with its fun and interactive video lessons, various study tools, and an easy-to-use platform. They have different study options, from Online Courses to the 515+ Courses. Blueprint gives you 15 full-length practice exams, custom study plans, and live classes with two instructors. They also have a 24-hour refund policy to show they’re serious about their course.

MCAT King, led by Prof. Noble Zaghi, has a narrower teaching focus. My evaluation shows it might not cover as much as other options. The $1800 course has about 30 live sessions and basic materials, but it’s not clear about guarantees or refunds, making it less reliable.

Princeton Review has strong courses with lots of live teaching, while Blueprint has exciting video lessons and many study tools. But King might not cover enough, and its policies aren’t clear, despite good feedback about the teaching methods.

Feature/Brand Princeton Review MCATKing Blueprint
Price $2,000 – $7,000 $2,200 $2,000 – $3,000
Subscription Length Up to 24 months Up to 12 months 6, 9 or 12 months
Videos Comprehensive video lessons with content richness Limited Engaging video lessons
Number of Practice Questions Numerous practice problems and full-length tests Limited 4,000+ Practice questions
Practice Tests Up to 16 full-length practice tests Limited 12 Full length available
Books Included 11 subject-specific prep books included Limited 6 Hardcopy MCAT test prep books
Student Plan Personalized Study Plans and Office Hours Payment Plans Available Customizable study planner
Guarantee Score increase guarantee and liberal refund policy Lack of Clear Policies Yes

Pricing of the MCAT Courses

When it comes to pricing at KING’s, I found a few different options for students to consider. They offer plans with varying payment structures to cater to different needs.

One plan allows for a single upfront payment, assuring a seat in the course and even including extra tutoring time. Another plan splits the payment into two installments, making it easier for some students to manage financially.

Lastly, there’s a “pay as you go” option, but it doesn’t guarantee a spot in the class and involves paying for each session separately. Consequently, now might be a good time to start asking: is Shemmassian good for MCAT?

Advance Payment Plan

  • Price: $2200
  • Inclusions:
  • Complimentary 1.5 Hour one-on-one Verbal Tutoring
  • Lesson Book (Course material)
  • Guarantee: Guaranteed seat

Installment Plan

  • Payment Structure: Two installments of $1100 each
  • First Installment: Due before the first class
  • Second Installment: Due on the 12th class
  • Inclusions:
  • Lesson Books (Course material)
  • Guarantee: Guaranteed seat

Pay as You Go

  • Payment Structure:
  • Deposit: $290 (non-refundable) before the first class, including:
  • $70 for the first-class payment
  • $150 for course materials (lecture notes)
  • $70 as a deposit towards the last class

While these plans provide some flexibility, the costs might be a concern for some students and their families. The fees per session might add up, especially if you opt for the pay-as-you-go method. However, the upfront payment plans offer a better deal if you’re sure about committing to the entire course.

Student Feedback & Reputation

I think the feedback about MCAT KING from students seems overwhelmingly positive. Most verified buyers have praised the instructors, especially Professor Noble Zaghi, for their expertise and teaching methods. The reviews commend the comprehensive preparation provided, mentioning the effectiveness of the course in enhancing test-taking skills and boosting confidence.


The comments consistently highlight the supportive and motivational environment fostered by the instructors. They mention the instructors’ ability to make the learning process engaging and effective. Many reviewers commend the instructors for going beyond just teaching MCAT content, offering practical study techniques and support throughout the application process.


However, it’s important to note that all comments are positive, which might indicate a bias in the displayed reviews. Typically, a few negative comments could provide a more balanced view. As for the support staff, while the comments focus on the instructors’ expertise, they don’t directly discuss the support team’s conduct. This might suggest that the primary focus of the feedback is on the teaching staff’s performance rather than administrative aspects.


The typical comments from users at MCAT KING emphasize the following points: excellent teaching skills, effective preparation, an engaging and enjoyable learning experience, supportive instructors, and comprehensive course materials. Overall, these comments indicate high satisfaction among the students who have utilized KING’s services.

  • Prof. Noble Zaghi, an experienced educator in MCAT subjects, leads it.
  • Offers both in-person and online classes.
  • Emphasizes core subjects like chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and biology.
  • Provides guaranteed seats for certain payment plans, ensuring availability for enrolled students.
  • Allows students to repeat the course under specific conditions.
  • Offers partial refunds or course repeats in some situations.
  • Course materials lack depth and comprehensiveness compared to other leading MCAT preparation courses.
  • The refund or repeat guarantee does not fully compensate for subpar course material.
  • Some students and reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the course content and teaching effectiveness.

The Recap: Is MCAT King Good?

I’ve thoroughly reviewed MCAT King’s offerings but found it doesn’t match top-tier MCAT preparation standards. Despite having some strengths like covering essential subjects and having experienced instructors, particularly led by Prof. Noble Zaghi, there’s a notable lack in the depth and quality of their teaching materials. The platform’s guarantees for course repeats or refunds don’t fully make up for these shortcomings.

In short, while King might seem appealing initially, it doesn’t match superior alternatives available elsewhere. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself wondering mid-lessons: is Shemmassian a good MCAT prep guide? For a better guide to excellent MCAT preparation resources, I recommend exploring alternatives featured on our blog rather than opting for MCAT King.


Who will find MCAT King helpful?

MCAT King prep course review may suit those initially drawn to its focused approach on essential MCAT subjects. However, aspiring medical students seeking effective preparatory courses might find its content depth inadequate. While Professor Noble Zaghi leads experienced educators, the course’s quality might fall short compared to superior alternatives. If you wonder is MCAT King prep is worth it, you have your answer.

What are the main features of their courses?

MCAT King focuses on important MCAT topics like chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and biology but doesn’t cover them deeply enough for effective preparation. Prof. Noble Zaghi leads the classes offered online and in person.

However, the resources and teaching methods are not as good as top MCAT prep choices such as Blueprint and Princeton Review.

How does MCAT King work?

While it offers in-person and online classes, my evaluation suggests depth and teaching methodology limitations compared to leading MCAT prep services. The course spans 20 to 8 weeks and costs $1800, with unclear refund policies. Despite positive student feedback, it may not match superior alternatives.

What are your thoughts on learning with MCAT King?

Despite initial promise, it might not be the best choice for serious MCAT prep seekers. Better alternatives are suggested on our blog. So, is the MCAT King course worth it? Frankly, we think not.

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