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Best MCAT Full Length Exams for Your Prep

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Best MCAT Practice Tests at a Glance

My experience made me realize nothing compares to getting a good practice test. This is where the best MCAT practice tests and exams step in. While conducting my experiments, I have learned that good MCAT practice tests are not only questions but also provide additional material for preparation.

They make the world come alive and give the natural feel of what your performance would be like when it matters. In this write-up, I will examine which MCAT practice tests is the best, examining their features, honest user feedback, costs, and value for money. Here, you will also find the people behind these resources.

If you are interested in taking an online class to prep for MCAT, see our list of the best prep websites with courses and classes to take.

Best MCAT Practice Exams

I have been given many options and found out that not all practice tests are created equal. Right here, you will get insights on what makes these tests stand out and how they can dramatically up your game.

Acing the MCAT isn’t just about knowing the material it’s about mastering the test itself. From free to premium options, we’ll discuss which MCAT practice exams are best for acing that test!

Blueprint MCAT Prep Tests

Price starts from $249
Promo code N/A
  • The best full-length MCAT practice tests.
  • Favorable payment plan among competitors.
  • Unique artificial intelligence tutor Blue by Blueprint.
Blueprint MCAT Prep Tests
In my experience, Blueprint MCAT Prep Tests, launched in 2018, stand out in the realm of MCAT preparation. Crafted by MCAT experts and college professors, they offer some of the best full-length MCAT practice tests.

Their pricing models are enticing. For $159, you get 4 practice exams plus the AI Qbank, which is a steal. The $209 package ups it to 6 exams, and for those wanting extensive practice, the $319 option offers 10 exams. Each package guarantees 6 months of access, including multiple attempts per test and insightful analytics.
Blueprint MCAT Price Plan
My experiments have shown that for anyone seeking one of the best MCAT test prep, Blueprint offers an exceptional blend of quality and affordability. In my journey studying MCAT prep options, Blueprint's unique AI Tutor, Blue, caught my attention. Blue guides you through CARS sections with clarity, honing a strategic approach that I found invaluable.
Blueprint MCAT Prep Tests FB
Online opinions vary. Many, like Rola Yaman, rave about instructors Gabriel and Sarah, highlighting their exceptional teaching and fun classes.
trust fb Blueprint MCAT Prep Tests
However, some users, like John, express dissatisfaction, pointing out the program's rapid pace and practice tests' focus on content over reasoning, which differs from AAMC exams. If you're seeking the best MCAT practice tests other than AAMC, Blueprint stands out with its innovative tools and dedicated instructors.


Price starts from $1799
Promo Code N/A
  • Comprehensive set of tools for the best preparation for MCAT exams.
  • Authenticity of the tests provided.
  • Six-month access.
  • Scientific video package, may not meet the needs of everyone.
In my experience, Kaplan's MCAT® PREP PRACTICE TEST 3-PACK stands out as a prime choice for aspiring medical students. Since 1938, Kaplan has been a beacon in educational services, and their MCAT offerings are no exception.

For $129, you get more than just tests; you get a comprehensive toolkit for the best practice MCAT exams. I tried these tests and realized their value lies in the authenticity they offer – they're among the best MCAT full-length exams available. I discovered that Kaplan doesn't just test your knowledge; it guides your learning.

What clinches the deal is the six-month access. It's ample time to study the best practice exams for MCAT, targeting weaknesses and fortifying strengths. In terms of bang for your buck, Kaplan delivers an educational experience that's hard to beat.
Kaplan FeedBack Trust.
Kaplan Feddback Trust Test Prep
However, it's important to remember that some resources, like their science video pack, might not meet everyone's needs. I tried their practice tests and realized they're among the best practice tests for MCAT, especially for understanding complex concepts.

Mometrix Online MCAT Tests

Price starts from $30
Promo Code N/A
  • A broad overview of the main scientific subjects.
  • One of the best options for practice tests to prepare for the MCAT.
 Mometrix Online MCAT Tests
Mometrix Online MCAT Tests stand out as a robust tool for medical school aspirants. Established by Mometrix Test Preparation, these tests offer an extensive review of essential scientific subjects.

I've realized that their package is meticulously crafted, including detailed lessons, video tutorials, and practice questions, making it arguably one of the best practice test for MCAT preparation options.

Their test prep is organized into four essential points that cover different areas of medical knowledge. Regarding pricing, two options caught my attention: downloadable instant access ebook at $49.99 and print book version at $54.99. In my experimental sessions, this investment has been worth the while. Also, check the list of the best books for your MCAT prep on our blog before buying any.

I would say that in my experience, the Mometrix Online MCAT tests is one of the best MCAT practice exams besides AAMC. Memorization of facts is not all that they do for them; instead, they stress upon understanding and application of logic in science concepts.
Mametrix Feedback Trust
There are numerous reviews as well from users like Pamela Cresswell on Trustpilot, who highly appreciate this resource for its thoroughness and effectiveness that allows them to pass their exams confidently. However, one should be aware of the fact that content knowledge is significant, but Mometrix helps you figure out question phrasing and context cues- an ability.
Mametrix Feedback
However, there were a few users, like LSK (Trustpilot), who felt that scenario-based questions were less reflective of the actual test than they appeared on the practice tests. This shows that although Mometix provides a reasonable basis for study, actual test conditions may be different, and one must be flexible.

Princeton Review MCAT Free Tests

Price starts from $1399
Promo code N/A
  • Free online MCAT diagnostic test.
  • MCAT flashcards, which contains more than 500 cards.
  • Сomplexity of tests.
Princeton Review MCAT Free Tests
Princeton Review, one of which was established in 1981, remains among the most prestigious brands that offer superb MCAT prep items. A breakthrough in their best MCAT diagnostic test can be accessed online for free.

It unmasks what you need to work on more. I found out that their MCAT Test package was worth trying. The kit has eight practice tests which contain explanations for the purposes of learning enhancement.

Additionally, the free MCAT practice test worth zero USD will leave you baffled by its affordability. They also provide an MCAT flashcards app that contains more than 500 cards. Shockingly, this application retails at $ 17.99, but it can also be downloaded freely.
princeton feedback
Numerous online conversations speak with approval of the level and quantity of commentary offered in regard to this topic. I used some of these sources and discovered that it is not only just rote learning. It is beyond understanding conceptual ideas and principles.
Princeton User FeedBack
Although some online voices say that these tests are even more complex than the real MCAT, the general opinion stands that they are solid for content review and practice, although the average score will be lowered a bit compared to the actual MCAT.

MedSchoolCoach MCAT Practice Exams

Price starts from $59
Promo Code N/A
  • Practical exams are based on real doctors.
  • Free half trial.
  • Time adjustment function.
MedSchoolCoach MCAT Practice Exams
One of the best MCAT practice exam is the  MedSchoolCoach’s product, developed with a professional and scientific viewpoint. Since its establishment, MedSchoolCoach, which was founded by medical doctors, has been helping students. Therefore, their practice exams are almost like a true MCAT, and this makes them more useful during preparation.

I experienced their free half-length trial, and I found it realistic enough, with many elaborate notes. They also have a complete-length examination for those who desire further information but still want great value at $49, and in addition, they have an entire package of 3 for those individuals interested in them but still want a great deal at $109.

What you get is substantial: timed, five tries per test, and one year of access. The specific analytics provided to me highlighted areas that improved my effectiveness while studying. Moreover, this complete program is not made up of a series of tests; it represents a strategy to achieve success in the MCAT.

A great highlight in their design, which makes practice more accessible for you, is their adjustable timing feature, making them one of the best third party MCAT exams.
Medcoach Feedback Trustpilot
While online opinions differ, people value information on what is strong and weak, and such analytics make planning studies effective. One of my trials remarkably proved advantageous. The tech support responded immediately to my queries, enabling me to proceed without interruption to take more mock tests.
MedCoach Feedback Trust
However, some feedback suggests the service might not always meet expectations, especially considering the investment. The company's value lies in its specialized MCAT preparation, but experiences with its broader advisory services might differ.

Magoosh Free MCAT Practice Test

Price starts from $379
Promo code EDUREVIEWER10
  • Free resources do not include email support.
  • Access to 60 detailed records of the analysis.
Magosh Sign-Up
The company was formed in 2009 by entrepreneurs Hansoo Lee, Bhavin Parikh, Pejman Pour-Moezzi, and Vikram Shenoy, who changed the landscape of online test preparation. From what I have experienced, they help in preparing for tests. My experience proves that this test has demonstrated its equivalence to MCAT questions and full-fledged clarifications.

For one week, you will get access to 60 detailed review recordings - lots of information in one place. Trying revealed to me that this is not only about practicing but also understanding. Free resources do not include email support from expert tutors, which makes it even more personalized guidance.

Although Magoosh offers premium packages, one can’t neglect the value provided by the free practice test. Digging through their service packages, it was evidently apparent that they understood this delicate balance between guidance and self-driven efforts.
Magosh Trustpilot feedback
Navin on Trustpilot stated that it worked well as a study supplement. He especially mentioned the video explanations that accompanied solved questions, which is what attracted me most to the program. These are not simple response videos but rather illustrations of problems being solved.


Price starts from $9.95
Promo code N/A
  • Value for money and quality of tests.
  • Advanced performance analytics.
MCAT practice tests at GradPrep are undoubtedly excellent and resourceful. I discovered through my digging that they started their trip somewhere around early 2021 through their Facebook activity. I’ve noticed that the sample tests provided therein are of good quality and resemble the actual MCAT exam.

Their pricing is also acceptable, at around $29.95 per test. When I took one of their tests, I immediately saw its worth. Moreover, every test contains comprehensive explanations that not only explain the ‘what’ but also the ‘why.’ My score predictor was an essential measure of my readiness and helped to increase my confidence in my preparations. The combination of their resources with the option to buy only what you need makes GradPrep the best value for complete and affordable MCAT test prep.

Advanced performance Analytics is their masterpiece in that. Through trying, it allows users to keep tabs on their development over time with regard to particular subjects and weaker skills. Strategic learning is not all about practice.
GradPrep FeedBack
Users such as Ariel T. extol it for being simple yet effective. It was an insight that allowed them to realize how the testing process would prepare them for what they were going to experience in medical school. My findings tell me that if I were one of the aspiring MDA medical school applicants and wanted to improve significantly in my SAT scores prior to entering medical school, then GradPrep can be more than just a simple study tool.


Which MCAT practice test is the most accurate?

Based on my experience, the AAMC’s MCAT tests are the best and most accurate. The makers of the MCAT are theirs; therefore, their exams replicate what they do on theirs. It’s like previewing the actual examination so that you know precisely what will happen on examination day.

What practice exams should I use for the MCAT?

But then, through trial, I was able to discover how multiple tests are the most effective for my preparation. Use the best mix of exams from AAMC, NextStep, MedSchoolCoach, and Blueprint. They each bring a different perspective to your prepping.

Is 7 practice tests enough for the MCAT?

Based on my experiments, five or six practice tests usually suffice for thorough MCAT prep. Seven might not be necessary, but it doesn’t hurt if you have the time. Think of each test as a rung on a ladder, getting you closer to your goal with each step.

What is the best method to study for MCAT?

From my study journey, I found a winning strategy. Start with grasping the MCAT’s structure, then continue with a full-length practice test early. This initial test acts as a roadmap, showing where to focus. Incorporate flashcards and lots of practice questions from the start. Build a study plan that suits your pace and stick to it.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on June 13, 2024
Verified by Alina Burakova
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