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DAT Booster Review

By Alina Burakova, Updated February 5, 2024


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About DATBooster
Lowest price$299
Charged per course
Promo CodeN/A
Pros & Cons My Verdict
Not Recommended
  • Realistic practice problems that closely simulate the PAT exam.
  • Extensive study notes and cheat sheets enriched with graphics for effective learning.
  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions with experts providing valuable guidance.
  • Impressive PAT problem generator and analyzer for comprehensive preparation.
  • Video lessons presented in easy-to-grasp, bite-sized chunks.
  • There’s no app version available.
  • The program structure may have a slightly disjointed feel, impacting the overall flow.
  • Lack of printed (hardcopy) prep books, cheat sheets, or study notes for those who prefer physical materials.
  • Absence of live classes, limiting real-time interaction and engagement in the learning experience.


  • DAT Booster provides a robust learning experience.
  • 3000+ DAT Videos, all updated for this year.
  • An integrated PAT question generator with unlimited access.

Value for Money

  • Competitive pricing, starting fro $299.
  • Good value as it includes PAT training resources along with the DAT prep.

Student Feedback

  • Good value for money, compared to other prep providers on the market.
  • The practice questions made students feel test-ready.
  • No live lessons available, which could be a drawback for those who prefer these.
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If you’re seeking an honest review of DAT Booster, you’re in the right place. In this detailed examination, I’ll discuss the platform’s features, prep material quality, pricing, student feedback, and more. If time is of the essence, here’s a quick overview. The DAT Booster is one of the most affordable prep resources, priced at $299 with a repertoire of 60 practice tests and 8900+ questions.

They also claim to offer the most powerful tools and high-quality content representative of the real DAT, when compared to any other available prep material. It also includes material that’s updated for this year, so you’re kept abreast of the latest developments.

Additionally, PATBooster has been fully integrated into DATBooster, which makes it a 2 in 1 resource for aspiring dental students. I would rate the DAT Booster at 3.5/5 stars, since it still has some aspects which could be improved, as I explain in this article.

As I prepared for the exam, DAT Booster became my go-to companion, providing me with a combination of video lessons and comprehensive written notes to grasp every aspect of the exam. The program didn’t just stop there; it threw a multitude of practice questions and 10 full-length practice tests my way, mirroring the actual DAT experience. What set it apart for me was the detailed explanations accompanying each question—both right and wrong choices were thoroughly dissected.

When the day of the DAT finally arrived, I felt well-prepared and confident. As I tackled the exam, I couldn’t help but notice a striking resemblance to the Booster practice tests. This unexpected familiarity worked wonders for my nerves, putting me at ease and allowing me to showcase my abilities to the fullest. It was more than just a study tool; Booster had become my trusted guide, seamlessly bridging the gap between preparation and performance.

DAT Booster Features and Personal Experience

Who Benefits:

Ideal for students preparing for the DAT, DAT Booster caters to those seeking comprehensive and structured DAT courses. It’s relatively affordable and comprehensive, making it a targeted prep resource. Here’s a summary I’ve compiled of the most important features:

Key Features:

Advanced Tracking System:

  • The DAT Booster offers a unique tracking software that enhanced my learning progress.

Comprehensive Guides and Instructional Videos:

  • I had access to over 3000 high-quality DAT-specific videos for detailed insights.
  • Through these, I received step-by-step guidance on tackling each section of the DAT.

Limitless Practice with PAT Generators:

  • I was able to benefit from unlimited PAT practice questions using their exclusive PAT question generators, integrated in their course offering.

Thorough Solution Explanations:

  • These detailed solutions included 3D models which gave me a well-rounded understanding.

Focus on High-Yield Questions:

  • I could access the most pertinent High-Yield Questions designed for DAT preparation.

Up-to-Date Content with 3000+ DAT Videos:

  • The DAT-specific videos, totaling over 3000, were all updated for this year. This helped me feel exam-ready.

My Experience:

In my journey with DAT Booster, I found the platform intuitive and well-structured. Engaging video lessons and adaptive study plans enhanced my learning experience. I especially enjoyed the PAT question generator, which was a fantastic feature for targeted practice.

Overall, I felt it was great value for money and I could follow the prep materials at my own pace.

Quality of Prep Material for DAT

This course offers the best value for money when it comes to prep material, with extensive practice tests and questions to use while studying for the real test. In my opinion, trustworthy test material is the first foundational stone when studying for exam success, which I think this course delivers on.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of my perspective on the DAT Booster course material.

Exceptional Biology Section & Illustrative Learning Resources:

In my experience with DAT Booster, I found its biology section to be very useful. Through my experiments, I discovered that the biology practice questions provided by DAT Booster are incredibly realistic. It’s worth noting that some of these questions could be word-for-word identical to those encountered on the actual DAT.

The comprehensive Biology materials, including detailed videos, provided me with a thorough understanding of the subject without overwhelming me with unnecessary details, making it an effective and representative learning experience. Overall, the course also offers impressive illustrative learning resources, including graphics like the one below:


Needless to say, these help immensely to keep learning interesting and fun. It’s also handy for those who are more visual-oriented when it comes to understanding complex concepts.

Outstanding PAT Section with Personalized Practice:

During my tests, I delved into DAT Booster’s PAT section and discovered its exceptional qualities. The personalized PAT generator proved to be a game-changer, allowing me unlimited access to practice problems tailored to my needs. I also utilized the PAT Booster, which, based on my experience, lived up to its reputation as the best PAT prep course in the industry.

The analyzer tool, 3D visualizer, and 3D review tool provided me with valuable insights and enhanced my visualization and perceptual skills significantly.

Realistic Practice Tests for Accurate Assessment:


My experience with DAT Booster’s practice tests was particularly enlightening. The tests closely mirrored the actual DAT exam, especially in the PAT and Biology sections. I found that taking these tests not only gave me an accurate idea of my current performance but also made me familiar and comfortable with the overall format of the exam. With 10 full-length tests and 80 sectional practice tests, I could track my progress effectively, identify weak areas, and refine specific skills for optimal performance.

Higher Score Guarantee and Comprehensive Coverage:

DAT Booster’s higher score guarantee was a reassuring factor during my preparation. The promise of a higher score or a refund added a layer of confidence. My experience with DAT Booster’s comprehensive coverage was equally positive. Covering all aspects of the DAT without overlooking any topic, DAT Booster’s package of 8,900 practice questions, 80 practice tests for DAT prep, 400 video lessons, and various notes and solutions provided me with a well-rounded study experience.

Up-to-Date Content and 3,000+ Exceptional Videos:

I appreciated DAT Booster’s commitment to up-to-date content. My personal opinion is that theirregular upgrades, including additional questions, video lessons, and materials added each week, kept the course aligned with the evolving DAT requirements. Here’s an example of some of the learning slide decks that I had access to, during the prep course:


The 3,000+ exceptional videos, including 400 video lessons and 2,600 solution explanations, played a crucial role in enhancing my understanding. These videos, with their clear explanations and technological features like 3D manipulation and performance trackers, surpassed traditional textbooks in delivering a comprehensive learning experience.

Representative Practice Questions and Detailed Answers:

During my tests with DAT Booster, I found the practice questions to be highly representative of the real test. This familiarity with the material and the realistic expectations set by DAT Booster’s practice questions were invaluable. I appreciated the emphasis on not just providing the right answers but also offering detailed explanations in various formats, including videos. This approach went beyond what traditional textbooks offer, contributing significantly to my understanding of the concepts.

Tracking Progress and Performance Analytics:

DAT Booster’s Past Test Results section proved to be a valuable tool for tracking my progress. The detailed performance analytics helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to focus my study efforts more effectively. The marked questions feature facilitated easy revision, ensuring that I had a comprehensive understanding of the material.

Live DAT Crash Courses and Affordability:

Though my experience with DAT Booster did not involve comprehensive live classes, I explored the section-wise crash courses. These crash courses, combined with my need for accountability and interactivity, were helpful, especially when I struggled with subjects like Biology and the PAT section.

Additionally, I found DAT Booster to be remarkably affordable, given its extensive features. The $299 price tag and available discounts made it a cost-effective choice without compromising on quality, providing excellent value for my DAT preparation journey.

Comparison Table with other DAT Courses:

Explore this comparison table highlighting DAT Booster’s strengths against competitors in terms of pricing, quality, and features.

Princeton DAT 20+ Kaplan DAT Limitless Prep DAT Booster
Price $1999 $699 $299
Subscription Length 3-4 months 3 months
Live Online Hours 55 70+ N/A
Practice Questions 4600+ 7000+ 8900+
Practice Tests 4 7 60
Books Included Yes Yes No
Guarantee Yes Yes No

Also, check our detailed comparison of DAT Booster with DAT Bootcamp. In our opinion, the latter is better, but see yourself if you agree with us. And here is another comparison, but this time of DATBootcamp and DAT Destroyer.

Pricing of the Courses

How much is DAT Booster for? On its website, it’s listed for $299, which makes it cheaper than Princeton Review and Kaplan DAT prep courses.

dat booster prices

Student Feedback & Reputation

Support Quality:

According to DAT Booster reviews shared by other users, they have a positive experience with the course overall. The online user interface is easy to use and customer support is good as well.

Real Reviews:

Besides my own personal experience, I know you’ll also want to know what other students say about this DAT prep course. Students love the excellent customer service and effective practice exams. It’s also helpful for being relatively closer to the actual DAT test experience, as highlighted in detail by a previous user here:


Another group of students appreciate how the DAT Booster course helped them to prepare for the test:


These are what other customers are saying about the prep course, but the best way to find out is to experience it for yourself. Everyone’s learning journey is unique, after all.

  • Realistic practice problems that closely simulate the PAT exam.
  • Extensive study notes and cheat sheets enriched with graphics for effective learning.
  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions with experts providing valuable guidance.
  • Impressive PAT problem generator and analyzer for comprehensive preparation.
  • Video lessons presented in easy-to-grasp, bite-sized chunks.
  • There’s no app version available.
  • The program structure may have a slightly disjointed feel, impacting the overall flow.
  • Lack of printed (hardcopy) prep books, cheat sheets, or study notes for those who prefer physical materials.
  • Absence of live classes, limiting real-time interaction and engagement in the learning experience.

Conclusion on DATBooster

After careful evaluation, DAT Booster emerges as a solid choice for DAT preparation. While it excels in certain areas such as thorough practice questions and an excellent PAT generator, there’s room for improvement. I recommend this platform for its quality, but acknowledge the need for enhancements.

In conclusion, my experience with DAT Booster has been largely positive, making it a commendable choice for DAT preparation. The platform stands out for its robust features, including a comprehensive PAT problem generator, realistic practice problems, and an integrated PATBooster, all contributing to an effective learning experience. The 1-on-1 coaching sessions and extensive video lessons, combined with the higher score guarantee, provide additional value to aspiring dental students.

While DAT Booster offers competitive pricing, starting at $299, and is praised for its value for money, there are areas that could benefit from improvement. You could also find DAT Booster promo codes online, which could possibly help you get discounts. The absence of an app version for DAT preparation and live classes might be a drawback for some users. The slightly disjointed feel of the program structure and the lack of printed materials may also be areas for enhancement.

Overall, DAT Booster proves to be a solid option for DAT preparation, offering quality content, valuable practice resources, and affordability. The platform’s commitment to regular updates and the incorporation of technological features, such as 3D manipulation and performance trackers, contribute to its effectiveness. As with any resource, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on individual preferences and study needs.


How much does DAT Booster cost?

DAT Booster prices vary; detailed information is available on their official website. At the time of writing this review, the package prices started at $299.

Are DAT Booster crash courses worth it?

Crash courses offer condensed content; effectiveness depends on individual learning preferences. However, the DAT Booster crash courses offer extensive preparation materials to help you get test-ready.

How does DAT Booster work?

DAT Booster utilizes video lessons, practice tests, and personalized study plans for an interactive learning experience.

Is DAT Booster harder than DAT?

Difficulty perception varies; DAT Booster aims to provide a comprehensive and challenging preparation. Many users seem to feel that the DAT Booster practice questions are quite similar to the real test.

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