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Best DAT Practice Tests

Young students who want to become dentists in the United States and Canada probably have only one thing on their minds: the Dental Admission Test, or DAT. The exam is by no means easy, it consists of as many as four sections and, because of its importance, preparing in the best way is crucial. That's why so many students and their parents search online for practice exams to try. Here we will understand which are the best options available.

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Useful DAT tests
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DAT Course with Practice Tests
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DAT Study Guides and Flashcards
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Free DAT Practice Tests
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Practice tests online free options
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Free DAT Practice Questions

Key Criteria to Evaluate DAT Practice Tests

When I analyze DAT practice tests, there are several criteria guiding my evaluation. Because I want to be absolutely transparent, I present them to you here in complete honesty.

Tests Quality

I analyze the quality of the practice tests by checking them ourselves and reading online reviews.


I see how many tests are available to students and whether they are complete DAT practice EXAMS or only a few questions.


Based on the overall quality and the substantial quantity of the tests conducted, I understand whether the price is appropriate or too high.

Free Options

I consider the presence of free DAT practice tests on a platform a plus, but also evaluate their quality.

The Best DAT Practice Tests and Questions

Let’s get to the point, shall we? In this section, I will introduce what I think are the best DAT practice tests available online. But first, here is a summary of what you will find:

  1. Best Overall DAT Practice Tests: Kaplan
  2. Best Value DAT Practice Tests: DAT Booster
  3. Best Free DAT Practice Tests: Mometrix
  4. Best DAT Course with Practice Tests: The Princeton Review
  5. Best DAT Practice Tests with Tutoring: Varsity Tutors

The Princeton Review DAT Practice Tests

The Princetown Review is one of the top sites in the world when it comes to test preparation of all kinds. Of course, DAT also has its own specific section. On The Princeton Review, you will find a comprehensive course but also some very useful DAT tests.

The Princeton Review DAT Practice Tests

DAT Practice tests in the DAT+20 course

DAT 20+ is a popular option, and it is a comprehensive prep course that allows you to study and practice for the DAT exam. The cost of DAT 20+ is $1,699-$1,999 and includes 55 hours of live instruction and much more.

Here, I am interested in two elements in particular:

The quality is quite high, and all tests are extremely realistic. However, several students have reported that explanations related to the answers are missing.

Free Options

For those who do not want to pay for the course, there is excellent news. There are also free texts on the site. In fact, all you have to do is register on the site, and you can choose between two options: DAT Online Practice Test and Free DAT Canada Online Practice Test. These tests include all the areas covered by the actual exams.

The Princeton Review free courses

However, while the tests are realistic, they lack explanations related to the solutions, and this is a serious problem, according to some users. In addition, others argue that The Princeton Review is not a good score predictor.

Princeton Review user feedback

My conclusion on the Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is definitely a renowned platform. However, the DAT courses are not at the level of the most famous and most beloved courses for the MCAT. Besides, at the level of practice DAT exams, one should not put too much faith in the score that is predicted. In any case, they are great for practicing, especially the free options.

Mometrix DAT Practice Tests

Mometrix is a fast-rising site that is winning the hearts of many students. It is a platform with three types of instructional methods: actual courses, study guides, and flashcards. Of course, there are also sample DAT online tests. So let’s see what options are available for DAT.

mometrix start your dat practice test

DAT Study Guides and Flashcards

Let us begin by saying that I was very surprised that there is no DAT Prep Course on Mometrix. In fact, I only found the DAT Study Guide and Flashcards. It is fair to point out that both of them are considered really good options by the students who tried them out.


  1. DAT Study Guide: $39.99-$66.99 + fast free shipping
  2. DAT Flashcards: $53.99-$89.99 + fast free shipping

DAT Practice Exams

Practice tests are included in the Study Guide and Flashcards, but they are in every sense free on the main page of the site. These are excellent practice tests, providing detailed explanations of right and wrong answers. A professional service, though poor compared to other platforms. It’s important to mention these are not complete tests that simulate an exam. They only have 56 questions, whereas the real exam has 280 questions.

mometrix practice test material example

My Conclusion on Mometrix

Those who want to go at their own speed should definitely consider Mometrix, especially because the prices are really competitive. The DAT tests turn out to be really useful because they also provide explanations related to the answers, both correct and incorrect ones.

Mometrix positive review

Kaplan DAT Practice Tests

Kaplan is a veritable giant when it comes to the world of prep courses and tutoring. As we will see here, the options at the level of DAT practice tests are several, consolidating the leadership of this platform in its field.

kaplan welcome page

DAT Practice Tests

As far as DAT exam preparation is concerned, Kaplan offers several options. The Limitless Prep Course, which can be 3, 6, or 12 months, includes as many as 7000+ practice questions in the price. But the great thing is that even those who are only interested in DAT practice tests online, thus without taking a whole course, will also find something for themselves on Kaplan.

First of all, there is the Practice Test Pack. It consists of 2 whole DAT Practice Tests, so all 280 questions you might find in the exam. Each answer is explained in detail, and the whole thing is available for 90 days. There are many students who say Kaplan’s DAT practice tests online are harder than average and even harder than the actual exam. This may scare some people. However, I believe that it is better to practice something difficult and then tackle something easy rather than the other way around.

Kaplan enreoll practice test pack

Another option is the QBank. This is not the simulation of a test but over 1,500 DAT practice questions of varying difficulty, which allows you to practice effectively. Among these questions, then, are as many as 650+ PAT-only questions, or Perception Ability questions, considered by many to be the most difficult on the DAT.


Here are the prices for these options:

  1. Practice Test Pack: $149
  2. QBank: $99
  3. Self-Study Bundle: Practice Test Pack + QBank: $199 (4-month period)

kaplan enroll self study bundle

Free Options

On Kaplan I also find some DAT practice tests online free options. Among them, for example, is the DAT 20-Minute Workout. This is an option designed for those who do not have time or desire to try a whole simulation and simply want to exercise for a bit. Specifically, it is a workout of 16 questions on many different topics. Those with even less time can try Kaplan’s Question of the Day. Even more interesting, however, is to try a realistic test for free, which is also possible on Kaplan.

Kaplan DAT 20-min workout

My Conclusion on Kaplan

All in all, Kaplan’s proposal is really great and full of options. On the one hand, the tests are full of explanations of the answers and allow you to actually understand where you are going wrong. On the other hand, the free options are very attractive, even compared to the competition. As for the prices, perhaps the two tests at $149 are excessive, but the quality, as you may have guessed, is very high.

kaplan user review

DAT Booster Practice Tests

DAT Booster is a platform that has recently undergone major improvements and changes. It has gone from a very simple interface to being a modern and effective site with a huge focus for all-things-DAT.

DAT Booster main page and practice tests

DAT Practice Tests

The good news here is that DAT Booster’s focus is really on practice tests. Access with Booster Premium costs $399 and gives 90-day access to as many as 60 Practice Tests, with a total of 8900 questions available. In addition to this, students will find exam-related videos, a Keyhole Generator, Built-in 3D Models, and more. Most importantly, the quality of the test is really high. Many students have found the exact same questions in real DAT exams, and they have even gotten better scores than on DAT Booster.

DAT Booster membership

Free Options

The possibility of taking free tests is not clear on DAT Booster. In this, the site is rather misleading. On the one hand, it says it offers the possibility of training on specific exam subjects. However, when you click on the button indicated, the site says you have to be a premium user. So this is probably an SEO-level gimmick, which I did not like.

DAT Booster only paid membership

My Conclusion on DAT Booster

Despite the problem of DAT practice tests online free options, DAT Booster is a respectable platform. The quality of the tests is perhaps the highest you can find on the entire web, and the price is definitely competitive.

Varsity Tutors DAT Practice Tests

Varsity Tutors makes tutoring its workhorse. Therefore, it is normal not to find so many sources when it comes to practice tests. Yet, I still found something quite interesting.

Varsity Tutors DAT Free Practice Tests Banner

DAT Practice Tests

The strangest thing about Varsity Tutors is that it only has Perceptual Ability tests when it comes to DAT. Of course, as I have already mentioned, this is one of the most difficult sections of the exam, but it still seems far too specific to me.

Free DAT Perceptual Ability Practice Tests

Specifically, Varsity Tutors presents seven tests, each of two questions varying in difficulty. They can be useful for those who want to review on the fly, but nothing more. In addition to them, there is also the question of the day. Fortunately, this content is all free.

Varsity Tutors Free DAT Perceptual Ability Practice Tests

My Conclusion on VarsityTutors

Those who want to prepare decently for a DAT exam through constant training should look elsewhere. I appreciate that the Varsity Tutors tests are free, but without the accompanying tutoring, they also remain quite an end in themselves. In any case, as far as we have seen, they are at least realistic.


How accurate are DAT practice tests?
The best DAT practice exams are all very accurate and realistic, similar in every way to the actual exam. In fact, many students say they are even more difficult than the exams themselves, which is why they are even more useful.
What is the best study tool for the DAT?
From my analysis, Kaplan's DAT practice tests and DAT Booster seem to be the most valuable, although value for money is not always equal. In any case, we are talking about reliable sites with great experience in the field.
What is the best way to prepare for the DAT?
There is no better way to prepare for the DAT exam. For sure, study and lots of practice cannot be missed. Plus, I recommend trying as many sample DAT online tests as possible before taking the actual exam.

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