Reviews: Is It Any Good? Reviews: Is It Any Good?

By Alina Burakova, Updated July 27, 2023


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About Academized
Lowest price$15
Charged per page
My Verdict Pros & Cons
Not Recommended


  • Overall, we would not recommend Academized. There are plenty of other writing services out there that we think will do a better job for you.
  • Of course, it will be up to you whether you use Academized.
  • But if it were us, we would not recommend using them. Instead, you can use a more reputable company that we have reviewed.


  • There are some positives to this website. In particular, there are reasonable prices for long-duration requests, and there are always discounts running.
  • But perhaps these deals are trying to tell us another story. We are not convinced the assignments are written by native English speakers, which affects the quality you receive.
  • You want to trust who you are purchasing a paper from when it comes to your education.


  • The problem we had was that the information available would be limited when it came to writers.
  • 100 percent of privacy protection.
  • Late Delivery Compensation.
  • Moneyback guarantee.
  • Free Features to enjoy.
  • Samples are available.
  • Fair Prices.
  • No profile pictures for writers.
  • High price for urgent papers.
  • Questionable paper quality.
  • Not native English writers.
  • Limited writing services.
  • Slow response rate.
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Academized Overview

Choosing a writing service is not an easy task when there are so many to choose from.

So, you may be wondering, is Academized good? Is Academized legit? We have conducted a thorough Academized review to answer this question for you and enable you to make the right decision.


Our overview of Academized is one with some positives and some negatives. Overall, we were not blown away by the services offered. You can read on to find out more in our review.

Academized Story

The story of Academized mentioned on their website talks about wanting to help students from around the world. They sympathize and say they know how hard and stressful assignments can get.

They also point out that they deliver the best essay writing services in the USA among the other great options such as EduReviewer reviews.


After our review, we might not agree with that. In particular, they point out that they have a fantastic team of writers. But as you will read below, we can only find out limited details about them.

We are skeptical that they are who they say they are. We also had a bad experience with poor-quality papers.

Academized Services

There are limited writing services available online, which was very disappointing to us.

For example, we could only see maths and science assignment help. We normally expect there to be a lot more subjects to choose from. This makes us question how many writers are available to help with papers.


There are copywriting and rewriting services available. You can also choose editing and proofreading help. But academic writing help is the most in-demand service, and we are disappointed that there are no more options like dissertation writing available online.

If you need someone to write a dissertation for you, check the dissertation writing services review on our site.

Academized Pricing

The pricing you can expect at Academized is fair, and we would recommend the structure. But check the Essay Pro review as it is cheaper and has better quality! Is reliable, though? Yes, it is. Different services are varying prices, but they are all affordable for students and those on tight budgets. You can choose just editing from $4.99 to academic paper writing from $14.99.


You can also keep your eye out for an Academized discount code that pops up on the screen. This can be an incentive to make an order.

However, we should recognize that the price of urgent work was very high. We saw that the price for a three-hour turnaround paper was $41.99. This is very high if you are stressed and need an essay done quickly.

For affordable prices for essay writing, check our reviews of algebra homework help services to find top picks.


We cannot do a review of Academized without highlighting the free features that you can enjoy. There are lots of deals, such as a free bibliography with your order, as well as a title page, outline, formatting, and limitless amendments.

These could change over time but do make it sound attractive. We are impressed that there are no hidden charges, just like the website says.

Academized Payment

We like that several payment options are available, and reviews on Academized indicate that it is easy to pay. For example, you can choose to pay by cards, such as VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. You can also choose PayPal and Wire Transfer. The choice will be your own, and it will be whatever is easiest for you.

If you are looking for an essay writing service where you could pay with Apple Pay, then PaperOwl is your choice. Check Paper Owl reviews on our website.


One of the things we loved during our review was a money-back guarantee for all customers. This means that you can request a reimbursement if you were not happy with the work you received.

You will receive all of your money back if no writer has been assigned to the work and you change your mind. If the writer has been assigned, you only get 70 percent of your money back.

If the deadline is passed, you will receive 50 percent of your money back. We also noted that there was a late delivery compensation scheme. This meant that you would receive compensation if the initial deadline and time were discussed and agreed upon passes.


This means that you will always be protected and pay a fair price. An investigation will help if you complain about the quality of the work. Quality

We did some investigating during our reviews to find out the quality of the papers you can expect. It wasn’t easy to find out straight away, but Academized ratings suggest it should be good.

They state that they check academic qualifications before becoming a writer, and they have to complete a test. This includes 90-day probation.

We liked that you could view writers’ profiles to see how many orders they have completed and their ratings. You could request a writer if you liked them.

One thing we did notice was that a lot of profiles did not have a picture. Sometimes, we like to write our paper as you can tell a lot from a photo.

The Academized writing reviews suggest customers are happy with the work they have received.


Ultimately, you will have to write this for yourself and see if you agree. The Academized ratings are high, so this is a good sign. But it can be hard to tell.

When we ordered a paper, we were not impressed with the quality of the content. We thought that there should have been more detail, and the structure is not what we expected. This suggests that the writer may not have been a proficient English speaker and writer.

Customer Service of Academized

When you are using a service, you always want to make sure there are ways to contact the company if you need to.

Even if it is to ask questions, we did some digging on the Academized website to see if it was easy to contact them. We found a contact number available on the homepage.


There was also a live chat function, which is always helpful for fast responses. However, this did seem to be slow on the response rate, so they might not be easily contactable if you are going to decide whether you will use them right there.

Academized com Website Usability

During our Academized reviews, we discovered that the website usability was average. Certainly, the homepage has clear information, and you can start your order right there within a few minutes.

There are also clear headlines you can click on to access your account.

You can see the latest statistics and read testimonials very easily. Features and discounts are simple to spot too. There do seem to be many links at the bottom of the webpage that make it look cluttered. But they are easy to ignore.


Even if you are not tech-savvy, you will be able to order an Academized paper without a problem.

  • 100 percent of privacy protection.
  • Late Delivery Compensation.
  • Moneyback guarantee.
  • Free Features to enjoy.
  • Samples are available.
  • Fair Prices.
  • No profile pictures for writers.
  • High price for urgent papers.
  • Questionable paper quality.
  • Not native English writers.
  • Limited writing services.
  • Slow response rate.

Academized Alternatives

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Academized Reviews 5

  1. Jacob O. says:

    First experience utilizing their services was nice B+. However, the second and third time around with more detailed required having some friction. They were not on time and the quality turned out bad. I got one F and one C-. I won’t order again.

  2. Joel Hall says:

    I linked sources and the guidelines for the paper writer, her ignored them completely and when I told him he needs to use relevant sources that I provided, his response was “I do not understand them”. Please tell me HOW a “top 10” writer did not understand sources and therefore decided to use completely irrelevant ones, without checking with me. At this point my paper is extremely late!!!Academized was a mistake…

  3. Stormy says:

    Academized has no awareness of how important the deadline is. They kept asking for extension and lied to my face about the work almost done. I ended up missing the deadline completely. And their no plagiarism guarantees are total bullsh, I found almost the same paper they made for me through google search in 5 minutes!! Be careful with these guys!!

  4. Dave says:

    I received Zero for my paper made by academized dot com! The paper was not written in criteria given at all. I called them and they refused to refund or re-write the paper! Read their refund policy first!!!

  5. Larry says:

    Although a well written essay, the thesis statement was weak/nonexistent and there was no concluding paragraph. It’s like the writer completely stopped when he hit his word cap. That and it didn’t follow the requirements along in the very least. I would not recommend academized too!

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