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Best Study Material for GRE

Despite being only one part of your graduate school application process, the GRE prep would take up to 10 hours per week for over 3 months to prepare. It's not only about time, but you’ll also need access to the best GRE study material. That material can be very costly, but it can be much more affordable than you think, especially on the Internet. Furthermore in this review, you’ll see what those methods can offer you. Not only that, but you’ll see the best material and their reviews based on what my experiments have shown.

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$699 Price starts from

Video tutorials help you get up to speed quickly. Simulated practice tests replicate the GRE's interface and difficulty. Interactive scores to identify your weaknesses.

Best GRE live classes
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$449 Price starts from

One of the best GRE study materials. Live classes option with top-level instructors. Live lessons also focused on retention.

Best GRE Overall Course
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$179 Price starts from

A lot of free content. Have a list of 1000+ words. The content was chosen by experts. Very interactive and easy to use.

Best GRE interactive course

Crucial Decision-Making Factors and How I Check Them

When looking for a great test prep, we consider three key factors. These factors help us give you an unbiased viewpoint and an opinion that is more accurate to reality.


We evaluate the relationship between price and value by comparing fees, materials available, textbooks, classes, and any other factors.


At this point, we evaluate and analyze the program's overall quality, from its materials to the knowledge and formation of its teachers.


Thorough practical evaluation, focusing on students' impressions of the materials, in terms of effectiveness, usability and quality of service.


Some GRE study materials may focus on individualized instruction, while others may emphasize group sessions or online resources.

Summary: Best GRE Study Materials

As I said previously, I’ll now show you the best study materials for GRE you can find and what they can offer you. Also, the critical decision factors mentioned before were applied, and you can even apply them by yourself if you want to. These were my main conclusions regarding the resources available:

  1. Best GRE Live Classes: Princeton Review
  2. Best GRE Overall Course: Kaplan GRE Prep
  3. Best GRE Value Over Price Course: Manhattan Free GRE Practice Test
  4. Best GRE Practical Test: ETS Official Prep
  5. Best GRE Prep Book: Barron’s GRE Essential Words, 5th Edition
  6. Best GRE Interactive Course: Magoosh Vocabulary Flashcards

Kaplan GRE Prep

Kaplan Prep GRE Study Materials

What can be considered a premium course, Kaplan GRE Prep is a perfect combination of different resources. Their course is more than a simple book; it is an outstanding combination of video and book, which have excellent means to transmit information and retain you.

  1. Affordability: They are worth their prices, and even the more expensive ones have great value with them.
  2. Analysis: It guides you step by step with exceptional didactics and exceptionally well-prepared teachers.
  3. Usability: You’ll also have access to 2,500 practice problems, which, with the lessons and quizzes, can create over 180 hours of study material.

Besides the video, their lessons have a quiz at the end and a detailed written explanation, breaking down every issue and the reason for every choice. In my experience, with their excellent care and attention to detail, those contents give you the right amount of information you need.



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The Princeton Review GRE Prep

Princeton Review GRE Study Materials

A well-known course that has helped students for over 35 years, Princeton is also known for replicating the GRE. The course is excellent, without saving resources, designed and implemented the test’s curriculum.
The course is broken down into the 4 general sections of the GRE and also is broken down into explanations, lessons, and drills for each subtopic.

  1. Affordability: It can be considered fair given the quantity and level of the resources offered.
  2. Analysis: They have a top-notch quality in their lessons and coursework.
  3. Usability: It mirrors the GRE test very well, and the content is simply structured, very well-written, and easy to spot.

While their video lessons are very interesting and indeed helpful, their videos cover everything you could know in an interactive form without losing any quality. It’s highly entertaining, and their drills will help you to keep all the information. Finally, it’s a tried and tested course which works.



ETS Official Prep

ETS GRE Materials

For those looking for official study materials for GRE, that is the one you are looking for. Also, it’s one of the most accessible courses, even with the free options, which are helpful. About paid options, there are a lot of different books, either with practical texts or problem-solving, which are very budget-friendly.

  1. Affordability: It has a lot of free content and accessible courses with a lot of content.
  2. Analysis: It offers official content that is well-written and revised for didactic purposes.
  3. Usability: It’s perfect for those who prefer written material over more interactive approaches.

However, despite almost all written content, you still have access to introductory video lessons, and regularly, they give free webinars with test-taking strategies, tips, and questions and answers. In my experience, I would say it’s excellent material for those with focus and self-determination.


  1. Official GRE study material.
  2. A lot of free content.
  3. Their paid material is very accessible.
  4. Free webinars are regularly offered.


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Barron’s GRE Essential Words, 5th Edition

Barrons GRE Study Book

Barron’s GRE Essential Words is a vocabulary workbook that presents 800 graduate-level words for the GRE with definitions that you’ll find on the exam. It’s a book by Philip Geer Ed. M., director of Mentaurs Educational Consultancy, with years of experience in the area.

  1. Affordability: It offers much more than its price.
  2. Analysis: It was made by an educator with 30 years of experience in English teaching and the director of an educational consultancy that prepares students for the GRE and SAT.
  3. Usability: It provides many vocabulary lessons, word definitions, sample sentences, and practice questions.

Barrons Prep for GRE Paperbook

Even though it doesn’t follow some books’ huge, dictionary-like lists, this material has words followed by definitions and sample sentences, including context questions, key facts and practice questions. Moreover, it’s a book that offers everything you can expect from a vocabulary workbook for the GRE.



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Magoosh Vocabulary Flashcards

Magoosh Study Materials for GRE

A set of online study materials for GRE that makes good use of the online aspect of it, based on flashcards. More than that, you’ll find plenty of helpful information, even an example sentence and pronunciation.

  1. Affordability: It has a lot of free material, while the paid content is worth the price.
  2. Analysis: A top-notch design over its proposed format of flashcards, visibility made by experienced educators.
  3. Usability: It’s very useful, even in its free version, with all common resources also available in the free version.

Magoosh GRE Vocabulary

Also, with a simple click, you can have a good follow-up of what you already have and what you don’t. Magoosh cards are convenient material covering most words commonly used in the GRE, but they don’t work for everyone.



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Manhattan Free GRE Practice Test

Manhattan Prep GRE Free Test

As a reputable source of GRE information, Manhattan allows you to take a complete practical test for free. Written by experts, this practice test is of a very high standard. Also, you will have access to the real test and a complete section full of explanations.

  1. Affordability: It’s free and offers a full-length test.
  2. Analysis: Manhattan is known for its expert professionals, online GRE courses, and books.
  3. Usability: It’s very close in content to the ETS’s official test.

Manhattan Prep GRE Questions

Also, after finishing the free practice test, you’ll have a deep analysis of your performance. It’s a good starting point for your preparation for the GRE.



How to Study for the GRE?

It is possible to study on your own, but you will find plenty of GRE test study materials online. With that in mind, know that I have tested and concluded that you’ll need:


How can I study for the GRE by myself?
Fortunately, with the internet and its convenience, it’s pretty possible, and much less complicated than you think, to study by yourself for the GRE. You can find many online study materials for GRE, with many different resources that can masterfully prepare you for the test.
Can I prepare for the GRE in 2 months?
Yes, it's possible, but it's not an easy task because more than two months are needed to prepare for it. My experiments have shown that you can do it, but you'll need to maximize your time as best as possible, knowing about each section while keeping yourself focused and organized.
What is the best resource for the GRE?
The best resource is a set of different resources. Those resources should have lessons, practical problems, simulation tests, and a study schedule. Moreover, all those resources must be written by persons with good expertise in the GRE.
Are there free study materials for the GRE test on any website?
Yes, and you can even find a lot of free study materials for GRE on the internet, or even paid ones in a trial version. However, this kind of free material has limits, and you’ll hardly find free materials with the same quality as the paid ones.