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List of Items Allowed in the LSAT: What Can You Bring?

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So, you’re revving up for the big LSAT day, huh? It’s almost like prepping for a marathon, right? Between the hours of studying and countless practice tests, one thing might be slipping your mind: What the heck are you allowed to bring on test day?

The last thing you want is to get tossed out for some silly rule violation. No worries, though – I’ve got your back. This guide’s gonna tell you everything you can pack and what you should leave behind.

At a Glance: Quick & Dirty LSAT Must-Haves

For those of you in a hurry or just skimming through (I see you), here’s your lightning-fast rundown:

  1. Identification: Trusty government-issued ID. Be official!
  2. Admission Ticket: Your golden ticket. Willy Wonka style, minus the chocolate.
  3. Pencils: Good ol’ #2s. No fancy stuff here.
  4. Snacks: Think quiet and quick energy.
  5. Water: Liquid gold. But sip with strategy!
  6. LSAT Allowed Items: The Nitty-Gritty Details

Alright, for those of you who need the full picture, let’s dive a bit deeper.

The Absolute Must-Haves

Identification: First things first, you won’t even get past the door without this. It’s your ticket to even sit for the LSAT. Make sure you’ve got a clear, government-issued ID that’s up to date. No using that pic from 10 years ago where you had that weird haircut. They’ve got to recognize you!

Admission Ticket: You’ve registered, you’ve paid your dues (literally), so don’t forget this crucial piece of paper. It has your LSAT info, and they’ll want to see it. Pro-tip? Print a couple of extras. You never know.

Comfort Zone – Making the LSAT a Tad Easier

Test-taking is stressful enough. So, why not set yourself up for a smoother experience?

Pencils: #2 pencils are your trusty sidekicks for the day. Mechanical pencils might be the norm in other settings, but here? Nah, keep it old school. And bring a few. Because, well, life happens.

Snacks: You’re thinking, “Really? I can bring snacks?” Yup! But think smart. Energy bars or a piece of fruit? Perfect. A crinkly bag of pretzels? Not so much. No one wants to be “that person” crunching loudly during a logic game.

Water: Dehydration and critical thinking? Not a great mix. Bring a clear plastic water bottle. Just remember the test is long, and bathroom breaks are limited, so be strategic about your sipping.

The “Nice-to-Haves”

These aren’t musts, but if you’ve got ’em, bring ’em.

Eraser: The non-abrasive kind. If you’re like me and sometimes second-guess your answer or just plain change your mind, this is key.

Highlighter: A secret weapon for some. If you’re used to color-coding or highlighting crucial info, pack one. Just don’t go overboard and turn your test paper into a rainbow.

Wristwatch: Time management is crucial, but smartwatches are a no-go. Dig out that old-school analog watch. Just make sure it doesn’t beep or have an alarm. You don’t want to be the reason for a test-day disruption.

The “Definitely-Do-Nots”

Avoid the embarrassment of having any of these:

  1. Electronics: We live in a digital world, but the LSAT? It’s kind of in a time bubble. Phones, tablets, digital watches – they’re all off-limits. Leave them in your car or at home.
  2. Noisy Snacks: Okay, I can’t stress this enough. Even if you think your snack is silent, if there’s any doubt, leave it out.
  3. Hats & Hoods: Unless it’s for religious reasons, these should stay at home or in your locker. They can see it as a potential cheat sheet hiding spot. Crazy, I know, but rules are rules.

Last Minute Tips

Mental Calm and Composure

Deep breaths. When you feel overwhelmed, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Remember, anxiety can cloud your judgment. The LSAT is as much a test of your endurance and composure as it is of your knowledge. You are prepared for everything and know what items are allowed at lsat, so there is no reason to panic!

Time Management

The LSAT isn’t just about getting the right answers and pacing yourself. Use that wristwatch you brought. Allocate specific amounts of time to each section and stick to it. If a question seems too tough, move on and return later if time permits.

Confidence in Every Step

Believe in yourself and your preparation. Don’t let self-doubt creep in. If you encounter a challenging section, remember all those practice tests you aced and confidently push through.

The LSAT Flex has a unique scoring system. For a deep dive into these scores and how they differ, read our detailed article on LSAT flex scoring.

Quick Review, But Don’t Overthink

If time permits, glance over your answers, especially ones you were unsure about. But don’t second guess every choice. Trust your initial instincts – they’re usually right!

Visualize Your Success

Before you start, take a moment to visualize yourself acing the test. This positive reinforcement can boost morale, especially during challenging sections.

Quick Items Allowed: LSAT Checklist

Category Items Do’s and Don’ts
Essentials Identification, Admission Ticket Must be current and clear
Comfort Boosters Pencils, Snacks, Water Quiet snacks; Sip water sparingly
Optional Yet Helpful Eraser, Highlighter, Wristwatch Non-abrasive eraser; Analog watch without beeps
Banned Brigade Electronics, Loud Snacks, Hats Strictly not allowed
Tips Mental Calm, Time Management Keep calm and manage your test time wisely

What the Online Community Says – Insights from Reddit and Quora

Tapping into the collective wisdom of peers can often offer unique insights. We scoured Reddit and Quora for LSAT-related discussions, and here’s a snapshot of recommendations from real users:

Community Say Insights from Reddit


“After scouring countless forums, one piece of advice stood out: When stuck, move on. Sometimes the brain needs a moment to process. I often solved a previous question while working on the next.”

Quora Contributor

Comparison discussions on LSAT vs bar were enlightening. While the LSAT focuses more on your analytical abilities, the bar delves deep into your legal knowledge. Both tests have their own quirks.”

Reddit Discussion Thread

Online Community Says Insights from Reddit Spookysocks50

“I hit a plateau during my LSAT prep. Then I stumbled upon a thread about the importance of mental well-being. Took a week off, focused on relaxation, came back, and saw immediate improvements!”

Quora Response

For LSAT logic games tips, one user suggested visualizing the problems. Drawing them out helped me make sense of the chaos. The more I practiced, the clearer these games became.”

Reddit User

fb quora Bruce Hayden self-study LSAT prep courses

Tailor your strategy based on your strengths, and keep pushing forward, improving LSAT score!

Wrapping it all up, preparation for the LSAT isn’t just about studying the material. It’s also about setting yourself up for success on the day itself. Making sure you have everything you need (and avoiding what you don’t) is a crucial part of that.

So, with this list in hand and your months of prep, stride into that testing center with confidence. You’re armed, ready, and set to ace the LSAT.


Are you allowed paper and pen on LSAT?

Nope, pens are a no-go. You’re required to use a pencil, specifically #2 pencils. A paper will be provided for the writing sample. Check out the best LSAT tutors online for in-depth advice on LSAT prep.

Can I have a water bottle during the LSAT?

Yes, you can! But it needs to be in a clear plastic bottle. Stay hydrated, but sip strategically. And if you’re thirsty for more LSAT knowledge, dive into ratings of college consultants.

Can I drink coffee during the LSAT?

Technically, yes. But be mindful. Too much coffee can lead to jitters or frequent bathroom breaks, which could disrupt your focus. It’s best to balance caffeine intake with hydration and consider your personal tolerance before the test.

Can I bring a dictionary to the LSAT?

Sorry, dictionaries are off-limits. The LSAT tests your analytical and logical reasoning, not vocabulary. For a treasure trove of study resources, peek at the best LSAT prep websites.



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