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How to List EdD on a Resume Like a Pro

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EdD, also referred to as Doctor of Education, is a graduate degree that helps individuals build leadership skills. Also, they can suggest favorable changes in organizations followed by their processes and systems.

Further, they learn how to create an organization’s curricula, help people experience professional growth by introducing several methods, identify and observe issues, provide respective solutions, and so on.

So, if you’re someone who wants to lead and make valuable changes that gradually impact organizations, then it’s great to have a degree in EdD.

After putting in all your hard work and earning this precious degree, you should focus on highlighting your skills and knowledge correctly in your resume. After all, when crafted strategically, your resume will help your profile outshine other candidates and enable you to land competitive jobs and projects. Want to showcase your practical skills and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers? Add a Capstone Project on resume.

Your resume should be crisp and should include the summary, key skills, accomplishments, experience, education, and highlights of your degree or career, along with honors & awards.

Other factors include having lots of white space when moving from one section to another and using easy-to-understand language.

While these are basic yet crucial points for making a resume, we’ll cover in detail how to write Ed D on resume in the upcoming sections.

Should I Put EdD On My Resume?

Whether your degree is in progress or is completed, you should include it on your resume. The EdD resume objective is to make the employer aware of the skills and education you have gained so far.

However, you need to be cautious about how to include your degree’s information without making it too broad or vague.

If you have recently graduated from a university, write your overall GPA. If your education will be completed in the next few months, talk about the anticipated date of graduation, and add ‘in progress’ when including your degree in the ‘education’ section. This will not only make your profile transparent but will also let the employer know about your availability to work.

Further, if you’re new to creating resumes and need guidance, then our detailed article on top scientific resume writing websites can help.

When to Put Doctor of Education on Resume

A student can include his/her Doctor of Education degree after completing their required coursework, exams, and research work. If their degree is in progress, they can still add it to the resume and mention that they are still pursuing it.

Remember that you need to be transparent about your degree’s status and should not at all shy away from including it on your profile.

Even if you’re in the final stage of your degree, you can start exploring the opportunities and reaching out to prospective employers. This will increase the chances of landing the desired job right after you pass out of the university.

If there has been a situation where you had to drop out of the program, you should not include EdD on your resume.

However, you can include the years of education and experience under the ‘Education’ section to create a great impact on the hiring manager.

How to List EdD On Resume

Many students often feel confused about how to list EdD in resume. Some of the questions like ‘Should I keep it capitalized?’, ‘Should I write the abbreviation alone?’, etc., keep popping up in their minds, and persuade them to seek EdD resume help.

When it comes to adding your degree to resume, it’s good to keep it abbreviated. The idea is to keep your content crisp and sharp.

Here are a few quick tips that can boost your EdD resume’s visibility:

  • Mention the credits earned:

After completing your degree, ensure to enlist the number of credits earned. Besides, don’t forget to highlight the major you chose, as that will tell the employer about your expertise.

In case your degree has not been finished yet, mention the expected completion date of your program. For instance, an EdD candidate; the expected completion is by December 2022.

There can be students who might not have been able to complete their degrees due to unavoidable circumstances.

However, the good news is that you can still mention that you’re an EdD candidate on resume and enlist the experiences along with education tenure out there. Be mindful of not including any misleading information or anything that creates a negative impression for you.

  • Work experience:

Employers are more likely to consider candidates with work experience over a degree. They may be more inclined towards hiring people with practical knowledge over theoretical aspects.

This means if you have any work experience in the related field, consider adding it on top of your education section. Also, feel free to showcase your achievements and recognition awards to let your resume stand out.

In case you’ve just completed your education and are seeking your first job, don’t feel shattered. Enlist your education followed by any research works or projects you’ve led or completed during your study tenure.

For example, enable the program advisor to plan, create strategies, and manage daily activities. Another point can be to introduce and implement exclusive educational programs to increase literacy rates by 70%.

  • Objective statement

Consider this section as an opportunity to impress the employer. Keep it brief and highlight your strengths.

The EdD resume objective statement, also known as a summary, showcases your professional skills and what you can bring to the table. Here, you can include your years of experience, your remarkable achievements, and how you can implement them in your next job.

For instance, a dedicated and enthusiastic non-profit director with a strong knowledge of e-learning and organizational processes. Detail-oriented with effective leadership skills.

  • Format like a pro:

One of the most important things about how to write Doctor of Education on resume is to choose the right format. Leave enough space between headings and don’t make your resume wordy.

Besides, pay extra attention to typos, grammatical errors, consistency, etc. Pen down your key strengths and how you will be using them in the next job.

Besides EdD, we have also covered topics, such as how to add PhD ABD on a resume, how to add ABD after EdD on resume and how to include list lab experience on resume. If these topics interest you, feel free to add them to your reading list.

Key Takeaways

We hope that the above points explain how to put EdD on resume and answer any related questions you may have. Let’s have a recap of what we discussed before:

  1. Mention the credits earned
  2. Work experience
  3. Objective statement
  4. Format like a pro


How do you write an incomplete degree on a resume?

If you have not completed your degree yet, you can still write it on your resume. Put research experience on resumes, exhibit the skills developed during your education and provide insights related to your education.

How do you put your education on a resume?

When a job posting requires a certain degree or certificate, make it a priority to add it at the beginning of your resume, most probably after the summary section. This will give a positive sign to the employer that your profile meets their educational requirement.

In case the job posting doesn’t specifically mention education, you can place it after your work experience and achievements.

How do you put EdD on your resume?

Job seekers can put EdD under ‘experience’ and ‘education’ sections. Under the experience section, they can provide brief information on their research topic, objectives, key results, etc. While in the education section, they can mention this degree along with the year of completion, cumulative GPA (only if it’s at least 3.5), and the name of the institution.


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