EduReviewerKaplan Schweser vs Bionic Turtle: Choosing FRM Champion

Kaplan Schweser vs Bionic Turtle: Choosing FRM Champion

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Overall Comparison: Kaplan vs BionicTurtle

Brand Bionic Turtle Kaplan Schweser
Material The Bionic textbook is over 70 pages. Schweser textbook is over 700 pages and covers all the FRM courses in detail.
Trial? They have a free trial for new candidates. No free trial offer here.
Question The practice questions are tough and can be used for both FRM 1 and FRM 2. The practice questions are not so hard and can be used for FRM 1 alone.
Price The course is affordable compared to other platforms. The courses are expensive.
Features The platform majors on FRM exams only. They provide training on other aspects like CFA, CAIA, FDP, FRM, ESG, and KDP MSFA exams.

General Comparison of Brands

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

Do you want to fulfill your long-term dream of becoming a Financial Risk Manager (FRM)? Do you need a prep course that will help you prepare for your FRM Exam?

Presently, there are many courses for FRM preparation, but it is critical to take a course that will guide you on how to pass your exam and become a Financial Risk Manager.

I present the two most popular FRM courses that have equipped many people across boards and helped them become Financial Risk Managers: Bionic Turtle and Schweser.

Bionic Turtle is an FRM education, training, and certification provider for professionals across the financial services market.

Bionic Turtle training is an effective and affordable preparation guide for your Financial Risk Management (FRM) exam. All relevant topics are covered in their course material and well explained to ensure you do well in your exam.

Schweser is a financial education training platform that has helped thousands of business professionals across the globe. With over 30 years of experience, they have proven study materials that have helped serious candidates pass their FRM exams.

If you’re preparing for exams or a big test, the right study guide can make all the difference. We’ve assessed a variety of options and compiled Mometrix study guides reviews to help you find the best fit for your study needs.

As you read on, you will gain more clarity about each platform, its benefits, and every other detail you need to make an informed decision. Let’s go!

FRM Packages Comparison

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” —Theodore Roosevelt.

As expected, Schweser and Bionic Turtle have different packages for their candidates. If you are like me and quite interested in which options are best suited for you, read on. Let’s begin with the Schweser packages.

Here, users can choose from any of the two different packages.

  • The Essential Self-Study Package.
  • The Premium Package.

In the essential self-study package, you get core, review study materials, and access to the community forum. This essential study package will prepare you for the FRM Part I exam. The benefits of the essential package include the following:

  • Core study tools: These study tools will help you understand the materials and guide you as you solve the practice exam-like questions. With this you will know how prepared you are for the FRM exam.
  • Review products: to reinforce knowledge and test how well you will perform based on the FRM curriculum.
  • Community Forum: The community forum provides great help, especially when you need to tackle difficult questions. You can always ask for help amongst your peers.

kaplam premium package

The premium instruction package is, however, more expensive than the essential. In the premium package, you get personalized access to instructions, review tools, a community forum, and practice questions that better equip you for the FRM Part I exam.

Here, you have the option of following the structured study plan the tutors give or personalizing a plan that works around your knowledge level and schedule.

If you have the time and funds, I would personally recommend the premium package; you are guaranteed a great time of learning.

In search of an effective online study aid? We’ve conducted an in-depth review, where we detail the features, pricing, and usability. It provides comprehensive insights into whether it could be your ticket to exam success.

The Bionic Turtle, on the other hand, offers three packages, namely:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Professional

So, you ask, how do these three differ from each other? Let me take you through it.

frm exam course


Although there is a free trial package, you must pay for the basic package. If you are sure you don’t need the videos or have sufficient funds, you can opt for the basic.

This provides access to the community forum and exam study tools, including the study notes.


I recommend getting the advanced package if you want to benefit from the videos. The video content provides an integral aspect of learning.

Here, you are not restricted to just books, you have access to all the benefits of the basic package, plus full forum support and customer care.


The professional package is the most expensive among all the packages. The professional package has more learning content than basic and advanced users.

The additional videos and spreadsheets offer a more comprehensive review, as well as insights. For all the packages, you will get access to the updated material if any updates are made.

In summary:

Bionic Turtle Schweser
They have three basic packages, advanced and professional. They have two essential packages and premium package.
Free trial. No free trials.
No community forum

They have more video content in their professional, which answers most of their questions

Community forum for interaction among students & teachers.
Affordable courses. Somewhat expensive.

FRM Courses Pricing Comparison

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” — Warren Buffett

Money! It is always a major factor when making decisions. We all like to know what value we are getting for our cash. You would be glad to know that both platforms offer great value for money.

When I compared the price of each course offered by Schweser and Bionic turtle, I realized that Schweser is a preferred option if you work within a tight budget.

The essential package for FRM 1 courses is $399 per year, while the premium package goes for $739 per year.

BT offers fantastic pricing options as well for their three different packages that will help you maximize your finance and still do well in your FRM exam.

FRM I FRM II FRM I and II (combined)
Basic $249 $249 $399
Advance $349 $349 $599
Premium $449 $449 $799
  • Basic package: Pricing for either FRM 1 or FRM 2 is $249 per year, while pricing for both FRM 1 and FRM 2 is $399 per year.
  • For the advance package: FRM 1 or FRM2 is $349 per year, while FRM 1 and FRM 2 is $599 per year.
  • While the professional package: FRM 1 or FRM2 is $449 per year, while FRM 1 and FRM 2 is $799 per year.

FRM Quality, Features, and Materials

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” — Pele

If you have read until now, you will discover that both Bionic Turtle and Schweser have excellent quality. Their materials are outstanding and comprehensive. Below is a further analysis of Bionic turtle and Schweser.

Bionic Turtle: How is it Better than Schweser?

Price starts from $299
Promo code N/A
  • Affordable prices;
  • Experts in financial risk management;
  • Interactive quizzes and mock exams;
  • The video content contains information on each aspect of the FRM course.
  • Some students complain that the quiz questions are tough while practicing.
Comparing Schweser FRM vs Bionic Turtle, I found Bionic Turtle to be better than Schweser based on several factors. These factors are:

  • Price:

Many candidates have testified that the Bionic Turtle course is more affordable. This means you don’t need to worry about experts getting the course.

  • Niche:

They deal only with FRM courses. If you are looking for an expert in financial risk management, you will find them in Bionic Turtle. This has made Bionic Turtle one of the best platforms.
Bionic Turtle feedback

  • Video content:

Research has shown that Bionic Turtle started the e-learning aspect of financial risk management. The video content contains the favorite part of the FRM course as it helps you save time.

The video content contains information on each aspect of the FRM course. You can never go wrong watching their videos since the tutors are experts in their field.

  • Practice questions:

The interactive quizzes and mock exams on the platform have helped students prepare well before the actual exam, thereby building their confidence.

Most students complain that the quiz questions are tough while practicing, but they are always happy they solved those questions before the exams.

Schweser: How Is it Better than Bionic Turtle?

Price starts from $99
Promo Code N/A
  • Schweser textbook is a must-read;
  • Secret to success in your FRM exam - The Schweser notes;
  • More than 30 years of experience.
To have the best result is the dream of every FRM exam candidate. Schweser textbook is a must-read if you want to come out with flying colors.

Since Schweser textbooks and notes have made it easy for students to understand each concept of the course, the books are useful when sitting for FRM 1 Exam.
kaplan schwester feedback
The Schweser notes have been acknowledged as the secret to success in your FRM exam. The textbooks cover all of the GARP Curriculum. Their instructors did students a solid on this. The Schweser book 1 consists of over 400 pages, so I was not exaggerating when I said it covers all GARP curriculum.

Not only FRM Candidates have agreed to this fact, but many Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) students have also testified that reading Schweser notes have made it easier for them to understand each concept of the course.

This comes as no surprise. Schweser has been in the business of enabling FRM students to ace their exams for over 30 years. The experience sure counts for something.

Verdict: So, Which One is Better?

Bionic Turtle gives a discount to full-time students and students from low-income countries. It offers a well-structured and time-efficient FRM Prep course to help candidates pass the FRM exam on their first attempt.

I believe that you can rest assured of success if you watch their video tutorials, read their well-crafted rest materials, attempt their questions, and chat with your colleagues via the forum.

I implore you to take advantage of the 20% discount by Schweser for those who pay for the premium package. You can go to their website and benefit by signing up. Schweser’s notes will help you comprehend each aspect of financial risk management.

Conclusively, students who fail the FRM exam don’t read the notes, practice the questions before the exam day, and hope for magic to happen. You want to do well in your exam and become a financial risk manager, right? Then either of these two would be a great choice.

Sign up and start your journey to being a financial risk manager.


Is Kaplan Schweser good for FRM?

Yes, Kaplan Schweser is good for FRM. You can never go wrong with Schweser. They have proven study materials that help serious candidates pass their exams. The Schweser book covers all GARP Curricula.

If you read this growth material, especially their textbooks, and attempt their mock exams, you will come out with flying colors.

Is Schweser enough for FRM Level 1?

To pass your FRM Level 1, Schweser is all you need. The materials in the course are enough for FRM Level 1. The notes are comprehensive. You will understand them easily.

Many candidates have praised Schweser for helping them pass. They have gone ahead to recommend Schweser to others.

How is Bionic Turtle for FRM?

Bionic Turtle prep courses are good for FRM. It has these explanatory video content, which has always been the favorite aspect of most students.

The practice questions would also help you become familiar with real-life FRM exams. Candidates who solve Bionic Turtle questions before the exam day do well than those who do not solve the practice questions.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on January 9, 2024
Verified by Max Zabairatskii
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