EduReviewerKaplan Schweser vs Wiley CFA: Comparison of Level 1, 2, 3

Kaplan Schweser vs Wiley CFA: Comparison of Level 1, 2, 3

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Overall Comparison: Schweser vs. Wiley CFA Level 1

Factors Wiley CFA Schweser CFA
Score Prediction Yes No
Lesson Management Yes No
Flashcards Yes Yes
Expert Instructors Yes Yes
Bootcamps Yes Yes
Practice Questions Yes Yes
Mock Exams Yes Yes
Video Lectures Yes Yes
11th-Hour Final Review Yes Yes
Practice Questions Yes Yes
Pass Guarantee Yes Limited

In this CFA prep review, we have collected detailed information about Wiley CFA and Schweser CFA to compare and analyze them. The result is to determine which platform is better for the CFA preparation exam.

Considering that, we are going to begin analyzing the two CFA platforms. If you don’t feel like reading the whole review, you can check out our short overview to get an idea about the final verdict.

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Main Differences Between Wiley and Schweser

  1. Wiley has a score predictor to predict the score of the CFA exam, while Schweser doesn’t.
  2. Most study packages at Wiley have a pass guarantee but Schweser is not so generous in that regard.
  3. Schweser often glosses over important details but Wiley is very thorough and meticulous about them.
  4. When it comes to exam practice questions, Wiley is the winner.
  5. Even though Wiley offers more to its students, its lesson packages are less expensive than Schweser’s.

Main Features of Platforms to be Aware of

In this section, we will look at the two platforms in terms of CFA prep.

We will compare them based on the features each provides, such as a pass guarantee, exam practice questions, flashcards, course format, video lectures, score predictor, and 11th hours review.

Wiley CFA: How is it Better?

Many students prefer the course outline, study materials, and teaching style of Wiley over Schweser. They claim to have good reasons for that, so we wanted to find out more about it.

Therefore, in this section, we will observe every feature of the Wiley CFA program against Schweser and find out the truth ourselves!

  • Pass Guarantee

Wiley’s pass guarantee is available on all the packages without compromise. On the other hand, the Schweser pass guarantee is limited and you have to meet some criteria to become eligible for it.

  • Exam Practice Questions

The prep questions for Wiley are diverse and are quite similar to the questions you will see on the actual examination. Even the answers are provided in detail so you won’t have trouble understanding what’s going on.

  • Flashcards

Wiley’s flashcards are already included in the package that you purchase, so there is no need to buy them separately.

  • Course Format

Both Wiley and Schweser offer the best formats for your CFA exam courses. On-demand classes, live classes, and video tutorials are on all of their packages. Wiley’s instructors are Darren Degraaf and Peter Olinto.

Here, the instructors make the lessons manageable and give their students professional online mentoring. All in all, the course format is designed to provide the best service to their students!


[Wiley Exam Review]

  • Video Lectures

The video lectures are imparted in virtual classes and on-demand lectures in the Gold and Platinum whereas Schweser only offers video lectures on its PremiumPlus package. This style of learning suits those who prefer audio-visual lessons.

  • Score Predictor

Thanks to Wiley CFA’s score predictor, you can analyze your performance for the exam beforehand. You can prepare yourself according to the score!

wiley score predictor

[Wiley Score Predictor]

  • 11th Hours Review

The 11th hour’s review feature is also included in any of the Wiley CFA packages you buy. It includes a mock exam, study guide, and print books. This feature is mainly suitable for studying in the last week before the final exam!

Schweser CFA: Why is it Better Than Wiley?

Price starts from $1799
Promo Code N/A
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Exam Practice Questions
  • Flashcards & QuickSheet
  • Score Predictor
  • 11th Hour Review
  • Video Lectures
Wiley CFA has fans but so does Kaplan Schweser CFA. It has been in the CFA course business longer than Wiley. As such, Kaplan has industry knowledge and experience that others may lack.

Moreover, Kaplan works with a higher number of CFA charterholders who are also instructors in the learning platform.

Even though it seems that Kaplan holds more industry power, there are certain factors that the institution must reconsider and upgrade. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Pass Guarantee

Schewer CFA has a pass guarantee policy, but the condition is that you have to finish 50% of the study material. Additionally, you have to fail the CFA exam to receive a free package from Kaplan.

  • Exam Practice Questions

The exam practice questions are comprehensive and self-explanatory for the Kaplan course. In this case, both the CFA exam prep questions go head-to-head!

[Kaplan Questions with Answers]

  • Flashcards

To help you with CFA, Schweser lets you study with flashcards that are color-coded by topic and indexed by the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS). They are also offered for free and can be downloaded from the respective website.

The only downside to this is that you have to separately purchase Kaplan flashcards. Otherwise, they are not included in the package that you buy.

  • QuickSheet

Most Schweser CFA packages contain a QuickSheet and a formula sheet to understand concepts, key formulas, and definitions. Some of these materials can also be downloaded for free from the official website!

  • Pass Protection Guarantee

With Kaplan, you have 2 types of guarantees, one of them is The Schweser Commitment. This gives you a pass guarantee in the form of a free package if you fail your Chartered Financial Analyst exam.

However, there are conditions attached to this guarantee. You must answer at least 50% of all the CFA exam practice courses. This offer remains up to 24 months from the purchase of any Kaplan package, such as Essential, Premium, or PremiumPlus.

  • Course Format

Kaplan’s course format is designed with the contribution of 60 CFA charterholders. They can help you navigate through the tough course until you pass. Moreover, the course contains full-length mock exams, online mentoring, and organized lessons.
kaplan mock exam

[Kaplan Mock Exam]

  • Video Lectures

The video lectures are interesting and informative, but this feature is only available in the PremiumPlus package.

On the other hand, Wiley makes it easier for students to enjoy video lectures in their Gold and Platinum packages.

  • Score Predictor

Kaplan doesn’t have a score predictor or CFA calculator to measure your potential performance in the actual exam. In this case, Wiley beats Kaplan because Wiley has a good score predictor!

  • 11th Hour Review

Just like Wiley, Kaplan also provides an option for you to study some handy materials in the last week before the exam. It includes a mock exam, print books, and a study guide.

This special option is known as the Schweser Secret Sauce and gives a concise summary of the CFA curriculum.

Pricing Comparison

Wiley CFA and Kaplan Schweser CFA have varying pricing packages. Whether you are studying for level 1, level 2, or level 3, you will find a package that meets your needs!

Overall, Wiley CFA’s pricing package is less costly than Kaplan Schweser CFA even though you can get more out of Wiley in terms of lectures, additional materials, and assistance. Let’s look at the charts below:

Wiley CFA Packages Cost
Self-Study Course $645
Gold Course $995
Platinum Course $1,395

The most expensive package of Kaplan Schweser CFA includes on-demand classes and live online classes. You can have both these features in the Gold and Platinum courses of Wiley CFA.

As a result, when comparing the pricing packages of these 2 online courses, Wiley CFA has a better deal to offer! The terms and regulations for Wiley CFA are also more lenient compared to Kaplan Schweser CFA.

Quality of Learning

We have looked at the different features of both Kaplan and Wiley course packages. Now we will learn more about these two platforms based on the quality of the learning outcome.

Wiley CFA

Wiley’s pass rate is double the international average score for all the 3 levels of CFA and the course includes 300 hours of solid prep work. Kaplan may have the industry advantage, but many professionals claim that Wiley is the best for CFA!

With a free trial available for all 3 levels and packages, students have the freedom to assess the best one for their needs. The prep courses are offered based on levels, so you have to purchase a package for each level.

This is done so that even if you fail any level, you don’t have to pay for the rest of the levels. Whichever level you chose to study for, Wiley has 3-course formats: The Self Study, Gold, and Platinum.

In the Self Study course, there is no video instruction or live class but you get 2 practice tests, 5000+ hours of level 1 practice questions, 1700+ hours of level 2 practice questions, and 750+ hours of level 3 prep questions.

Video instructions and live classes are available on both Gold and Platinum packages, but they are more expensive than the Self Study package. For video instruction, you get above 90 hours for level 1, more than 100 hours for level 2, and more than 50 hours for level 3.

It doesn’t matter which level or package you are working on, you have to go through a series of study sessions to complete the course. The lesson plans take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to finish if you are pausing the video and taking notes.

Furthermore, the prep questions are designed to adapt to your knowledge and ability. If you are answering them all correctly, then the questions become harder. On the other hand, if you are not doing well, the questions become easier to boost your confidence!

Therefore, we think that you can learn a lot from the Wiley CFA program without spending too much on a course. Additional features with the packages are very helpful to help you to pass your CFA exam!

Kaplan Schweser CFA

The Schweser Study Program became the leader in CFA back in 1990. Then this organization was acquired by Kaplan in 1999. Today’s Kaplan Schweser has over 20 CFA charterholders located all over the world.

Just like Wiley, Kaplan has 3 lesson packages for its students: Essential, Premium, and PremiumPro. The Essential package is the cheapest but it is full of essential materials! You can get 4 mock exams, checkpoint exams, a resource library, an activity feed, practice questions, notes, and video notes.

The Premium package includes everything the Essential package has plus on-demand review workshops, on-demand live classes, and Schweser Secret Sauce. Moreover, the PremiumPro package includes all of those in addition to live online classes and workshops.

To keep up with the market competition, Kaplan also offers a 10% discount on package purchases, free trials on quizzes, videos, workshops, classes, and prep questions, and free materials to your email address every day!

Level 1 contains 3500+ practice questions, level 2 has 2500+ questions, and level 3 has about 2000+ questions. Answers and explanations are also given with effective performance metrics to assist in your studies.

Furthermore, the study materials provided by Kaplan are effective and concise. The Secret Sauce is a compact guide to review what you have learned right before the exam date!

Main Advantages

Wiley CFA

  • You are entitled to a customer support team who is available 24/7.
  • Online lectures are more comprehensive and detailed.
  • Wiley CFA mobile app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Examples and explanations are included in the lectures.
  • The online vital bookshelf updates automatically as long as you have an internet connection.
  • The video tutorials are fantastic for learners of various backgrounds and abilities.
  • Wiley CFA courses include special features that are not present in Kaplan Schweser courses.
  • Wiley’s presentation questions are more similar to the ones in the Chartered Financial Analyst Institution (CFAI) textbooks.

Kaplan Schweser CFA

  • It will provide you with 95% of the resources that you need to study for your exam.
  • Kaplan Schweser is the leader in the CFA review courses market.
  • It offers the greatest number of mock exams for levels 1, 2, and 3.
  • Kaplan is the right choice if you don’t have enough time to prepare for the CFA exam.
  • It has 100% coverage of the CFA syllabus.
  • Free trials and free materials are often offered for promotion.
  • Kaplan has market dominance because it has been around the longest.
  • Flashcards, QuickSheets, and PassProtection are available in the package.

Main Disadvantages

Wiley CFA

  1. It may take you 4 to 5 solid hours to study the lectures provided by Wiley.
  2. You may have to wait for days for customer service to reach you.
  3. Wiley is comprehensive, so it can be overwhelming to finish all of them.
  4. Paperback is made of newspaper print.

Kaplan Schweser CFA

  1. Some of the packages offered by Kaplan are overpriced.
  2. The review course often glosses over important details.
  3. Lectures are not engaging or interesting.
  4. It can’t offer a pass guarantee for your CFA exams.
  5. The extended access feature is missing from the Kaplan prep course.

Kaplan exam practice questions are of poor quality.

Verdict: So, Wiley or Schweser?

This is the end of the review and here we will help you decide which course has the best CFA books, a question bank, mock exams, and additional features.

Our winner is Schweser because its lesson plan is more detailed and easier to understand. Every test prep is meticulously designed with the help of skilled instructors and 300 hours of study time.

But, Wiley also has engaging tutorials, a pass guarantee, and a score predictor to support the students in their studies. You also get all of these at a more affordable price than Kaplan.


Which is better Wiley or Kaplan for CFA?

Between Wiley and Schweser, the obvious winner is Wiley. That is because Wiley offers a more comprehensive course outline than Kaplan.

Besides, Wiley is generous with what it has to offer its students, such as a pass guarantee, score predictor, engaging video tutorials, and cheaper but bountiful lesson packages.

Which is better for CFA Level Schweser or Wiley?

In our opinion, if you want to pass the CFA exam, then both Wiley and Kaplan are good choices. But if you want to learn about chartered finance as well as pass the exam, Wiley is your winner.

Moreover, Wiley lesson packages are less costly and more generous than the Kaplan course.

Is Kaplan Good for CFA?

Kaplan Schweser online course is a great choice for students who wish to do well in the Chartered Financial Analyst exam. The program offers 95% of all the resources you need with plenty of mock exams and manageable lessons.

Nevertheless, the tutorials are boring and the practice questions are of poor quality.

Is Kaplan enough for CFA Level 3?

Kaplan Schweser may be resourceful and helpful for CFA level 1 and level 2, but it is not so great for level 3. With no score predictor, it may be hard for you to analyze your preparation.

Moreover, the practice questions are super hard and the syllabus is not accurate

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