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By Alina Burakova fb Mar 28, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

The CV Store Review – The CV Store UK, just as the name may suggest, is a ‘store’ that offers compelling and error-free pieces. The truth is that the importance of a good resume cannot be overemphasized in the recruitment world. That is why it is highly important for job seekers, as well as already employed workers seeking to reform their resumes, to have one that is job worthy and will immediately attract the attention of your prospective employers.

In the CV writing industry, one thing that makes a standard CV writing service strive is their remarkable consistency in providing top-quality works. And, this is what the CVstore has been doing since its inception in the year 2001.

It has earned an excellent reputation as one of the leading UK agencies in the industry. The CV Store has been providing bespoke services for their happy customers. Even people who have worked with them have attested to the fact that this top-rated consulting service has been able to create the CVs and cover letters that swept their prospective employers off their feet.

Below, we offer you the CVstore review so you could see and decide for yourself if this agency is worth trying and if it is a top CV writing service. Let’s take a look!

The CV Store was established by Lee Tinge, a very popular CV writer in the UK. It first began in 2001 by providing CV writing services to customers and has grown to be one of the top-rated CV writing agencies in the UK.

The CV Store UK provides a detailed analysis of your curriculum vitae; they help you to refine your style and content at no cost whatsoever. Yes, the CVstore offers to review your CV at no extra costs.

They’ve been able to build committed and long-standing relationships with a lot of people, recruitment agencies, and other corporate entities from around the world. They have productive partnerships with top companies around the world. For instance, they are partners with one of the chief suppliers of energy in the UK in which they craft new CVs for their redeployed staff.

They have their offices in the US, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The CV Store has even been featured in a book written by the British-Pakistani TV personality and entrepreneur James Caan in 2011. This book details the rise to fame of the author on Dragons’ Den, a TV series by BBC.

The CV Store also actively provides support for Charlotte’s BAG, a charity organization in the UK that focuses on raising money for more research into brain cancer, through its monthly donations to the organization.

The packages you can order for on the CV Store are quite fair, I must say. Although, they are all on the high side; even more expensive than many other similar writing services in the UK, you will certainly get your money’s worth when you work with them. The CV Store offers two major ‘packages’; Standard and Specialist CV services.

Under the Standard CV services package are:

  1. Graduate/Entry-Level CV and Letter Package (at £69.97)

The Graduate/Entry-Level Package is mainly designed for students and those who have just graduated and are seeking jobs. This set of people usually have no work experience and will require the perfect piece that will really wow prospective employers.

According to recent research conducted by High Fliers, top employers in the UK, in 2019, are increasing the percentage of graduate vacancies by 9.1%. These increases, according to the report, are more evident in the accounting and public sector.

The CV Store’s team of professionals, who have gained an extensive 17 years’ experience, will deliver excellent services so as to cater to the need of newbies. They will create the graduate CV that will make you stand out amidst other applicants like you in your hunt for jobs.

  1. Professional and Letter Package (at £137.99)

This is for those who have gained more career experience. They offer professional and high-impact resumes that have concise but detailed content that is highly powerful and relevant and will get you your desired job even in the very competitive market.

  1. Career Change CV Package (at £142.70)

Many of us decide to make a career change in search of that job satisfaction which is so rare in the UK employment sector. So, if you are looking to change career and you do not have direct experience with your targeted job, the CV Store will help you build a functional piece that will showcase your professional qualities and highlight your essential skills, making your recruiters see how indispensable you are.

  1. Executive CV package (at £199.19)

This service is specifically designed to reflect your level of experience. This even ensures that you get well-deserved pay due to the way the structures of the CVs are designed; mainly focuses on and communicates your value. They also make sure to build the right CV to fit for the right position, whether interim or permanent positions

The services under the Specialist CV package include:

  1. Military to Civilian (at £155.99, including VAT)

Have you just ended your service for the nation or are soon to end, and are hoping to get civilian employment? You can work with this agency to get a bespoke CV that is very professional. Their team of specialists will make sure you have a detailed piece that translates your military capabilities to meet civilian job requirements.

  1. Medical CV Package (at £299.99, including VAT)

Medical CVs have special structures that usually deviate from the common way of writing a CV. A well-structured modern piece with contents that are powerful and essential to your success in your career will be written for you.

Other reasonable services you can get price-wise on CV Store UK are:

  1. Same-Day Revamp (at £49.19, including VAT);
  2. LinkedIn Profile (at £37.99, including VAT);
  3. 10 Professional CV Templates (at £17.99, including VAT);
  4. Cover Letter, which comes at no cost with all the packages for CV (at £19.99, including VAT);
  5. Corporate Outplacement – you will have to contact them personally to find out more about this.

Transactions for any of the services are handled by PayPal and Stripe. Be sure that once you make a payment and get your order delivered, you will not be able to get a refund even if you are not satisfied with the service. This is because the CVstore believes they provide great and unquestionable services no matter what. This is one of the shortcomings of this agency and could be, in a way, quite discouraging.

Payment is very secure. You shouldn’t have to worry about your transaction data going into the wrong hands.

The CV Store UK is different from other agencies, they deliver modern, optimized, and personalized pieces with targeted and quality content that will compel your potential employers to hire you at the end of the day. Generally, many of their existing clients have even confirmed that their employers usually confirmed that the pieces they got from the CVstore make them stand out in the midst of others.

The CV Store is TrustPilot’s No.1 choice, of all CV Writing Services. And, if you are still in doubt about the authenticity of this company, it is also a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC).

They have excellent packages that come with a full 1 year of free updates and reviews. They also offer free career advice for people who don’t need professional resumes or cover letters. Provided on their simple website are informative articles that highlight general career goals in a variety of industries.

The CV Store has excellent customer service. You can easily contact them through their mobile number, Skype, or even through their email. You can even visit their registered office in London.

They will respond to your inquiries complaints or corrections immediately without hesitation. The CV Store UK is always available between 8 am and 8 pm every working weekday. On Saturday too, you can contact them from 9 am to 5 pm.

The CV Store writers pay attention to detail and are always willing to satisfy you with excellent content. They are always on the ground to give their expert and honest advice and provide positive recommendations on what you need to do.

They are very assertive, helpful, and fast, even faster than most other similar writing services in the UK. You get your piece within 24 hours!

The website is not a very exciting one to go through, but it is definitely simple and very clean. It is also quite interactive and very easy to use with adequate and straight to the point instructions on how to go about your order. You can also subscribe to the website so that you can get a notification anytime articles that help build your career are posted.

Truth be told, a top-rated service like the CV Store should have a better website than that. The interface should have easier navigation like for instance. The unexciting color of the website can discourage prospective customers, so I would advise that they ginger it up to fit the excellent description of the company.

  • They create professional, modernized, and more personalized CVs and Cover letters than most consultancies in the UK.
  • They offer free access to CV templates so that customers can see what they actually want before ordering.
  • They offer a one-year additional support period that allows their customers access to free reviews and make corrections or alterations when the need be.
  • They provide timely responses to inquiries and complaints.
  • They offer free CV review services and comments.
  • They cover all key terms of a good CV in their CV writing services; grammar and spelling error-free, excellent layout, concise and detailed descriptions, and so on.
  • Their writing services are more limited to a range of documents.
  • They do not have any money-back guarantees and they offer no refund, even if you are dissatisfied with their service.
  • Packages on the CV Store are quite on the expensive side and they are the most expensive CV writing service in the UK.
  • They offer very limited payment methods. Customers may feel uncomfortable using PayPal or Stripe.
  • Their services are more limited compared to other high-ranked CV writing services in the UK.
  • The website of the CV Store is not so exciting and the interface needs more ginger so that they can attract prospective customers.
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit the cv store

The CV Store is more expensive than other services like it. There's no assurance that you'll get your money back in case something happens. Existing customers of this CVstore have not confirmed how they stand out amongst other applicants when they submit their documents. In case you are not convinced, you can always check our other CV writing services reviews.

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I can’t say everything was perfect! I contacted thecvstore several times, they didn’t get my idea of what I was looking for! In the end I didn’t receive what I needed. Sorry, but I couldn’t recommend you as a hight-quality service!


They completed changed the appearance of my CV to a much better design, improved the words that I used in order to better sell my CV and at the first moment I was very happy. When I decided to make some changes, they answered my demands right after I sent them and this shows their attention and commitment to always improve their work and to completely satisfy their clients.


The cvstore version of my CV is well written and supplied in different formats for applications. After I received less than positive feedback on my CV from employers. So I’ll be revising my CV again. Hope my further requests for amendments will be processed swiftly.


My experience isn’t positive overall. CV was delivered on time. But there was no effect of it. My current CV and the job profile have no responses, calls, requests, answers whatsoever.


The website is rather outdated, reminds me of 2007 websites. Same about the CV, I think I could have done even better on some free online CV builder. Was not worth a penny.


Bad score! Nothing in time, thecvstore net service!

Amelia Macdonald

I was disappointed with the content. It was basically a re-formatted more succinct version of the CV I had already had before. I wanted some support in improving the resume through some discussion, but unfortunately my requests were ignored.