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PSAT Practice Tests

To pass the PSAT/NMSQT® (or Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test), you need a lot of preparation. Along with reviewing several practice questions, you also need to receive a lot of tutoring regularly. The finest PSAT practice exams are created by prep schools or instructors who are experts. I've compiled a thorough summary of the top five free PSAT practice tests after evaluating the offerings of well-known PSAT practice programs to make your search as simple as possible.

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Specific math exercises;
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PSAT Practice Test Checklist

In our review of real PSAT Practice Tests, we featured the 5 best digital PSAT practice test. Accuracy, Accessibility, Quantity, and budget considerations are key factors in selecting the ideal PSAT Practice Tests.


Checked the best practice PSAT test to ensure they reflect the format, content, and difficulty level of the real PSAT exam. They should also be based on official PSAT practice tests from previous years.


Analyze the range of course formats offered and the availability of materials based on your preferences. Make sure they are inexpensive and easy to access and use.


Emphasised that each program offers enough questions and tests to cover all the topics and skills tested on the PSAT. They should allow you to practice under realistic time constraints and conditions.


Considered how much they cost per test, bundle, or subscription. I also factor in any free trials, discounts, or guarantees offered. The goal is that you find the best deal for your money.

Varsity Tutors

VarsityTutors PSAT practice tests Varsity Tutors is a test prep program that offers SAT practice like flashcards, subject tests and an updated Question of the Day. Every question has a thorough explanation provided so that, if you cannot solve it, you can learn from your mistakes and identify where you went wrong.

By using the special feature of creating tests for you and other users, you may pinpoint a specific idea or kind of question you need to practise more than others, freeing up your time to concentrate on learning the content that will be most beneficial to you. Read more in our Varsity Tutors customer review.

Varsity Tutors PSAT Practice Tests Features

Overview of Varsity Tutors PSAT Practice Tests

Through the program, you may explore the free PSAT diagnostic exams offered by Varsity Learning Tools to determine which academic topics you can understand and which ones need more work. The PSAT diagnostic test results show you how well you did. The data can then be used to develop a customised study schedule based on your specific area of need.

There are five components of the PSAT/NMSQT: two evaluate critical reading, two assess math, and one assesses writing skills. The PSAT/NMSQT does not have an essay part. As I previously indicated, you should use caution when utilising these areas of practice exams as part of your PSAT preparation plan.

Varsity PSAT Practice Tests’ study materials include excellent content and relevant information on the structure, how to take the test, etc. It is crucial for students to fully comprehend the new PSAT/NMSQT exam and how to prepare for it, as most high school students take the PSAT exam as a practice test for the SAT college entrance exam.

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Princeton Review

Princeton Review PSAT Practice for Test

Princeton Review has the best PSAT Practice Tests for students who want an intensive study guide and resources to improve their scores quickly. Previously, we prepared an in-depth review on Princeton Review PSAT prep course. Compared to other new PSAT practice tests, it is one of the biggest names in test prep since it has been on the market for over 35 years.

Princeton Review offers students the essential strategies and tactics to improve their test-taking performance through its proven test-taking approach.

SAT and PSAT test preparation books from Princeton Review come with two complete practice examinations. Pupils adore realistic exercises, mock exams, and detailed examples that provide advice on how to get a good score and raise their chances of being admitted to prestigious universities.

Princeton Review PSAT Practice Tests Features

  1. 2 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations
  2. 220+ drill questions throughout the book
  3. Specific math exercises, including functions, quadratic equations, geometry, and other topics
  4. Professionally evaluated materials
  5. Unlimited access to online materials

Princeton Review PSAT Practice Questions

Overview of Princeton Review PSAT Practice Tests

The Princeton Review concentrates on whatever you need to know to pass the exam. They provide easy-to-understand PSAT preparation materials, books, and personalized instruction.

Five comprehensive practice exams with comprehensive score summaries are included with the online PSAT courses, along with live guidance.

To begin with, enroll in a complimentary PSAT practice exam. Take a comprehensive test to assess your skills and weaknesses and receive a customized score report. Even though the free trial version of the course does not allow you to examine the study materials before buying, you can use the money-back guarantee to get your money back if you are unhappy with your exam results. Take the free online test to glimpse the program’s quality and PSAT prep options.

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Kaplan Practice Tests for PSAT

Since Kaplan Practice Test is one of the top providers of standard college preparation materials, their reputation for providing reliable advice on approaching each exam part is well-founded. This program offers guidance to students uncertain about improving their exam scores and hundreds of fresh practice problems and tried-and-true study techniques.

I wrote earlier in my Kaplan review of PSAT prep that I really like the fact that many of the practice exams are real PSATs. Thus, you might boost your confidence by practicing questions in advance. Additionally, you can grow accustomed to the time needed to finish a paper and achieve a good score.

Kaplan PSAT Practice Tests Features

You can access practice exams anywhere from two to eight, depending on your chosen course choice. Every practice test offers a comprehensive score analysis, so even if you answer a question incorrectly, you’ll know exactly why—a knowledge that will protect you from making the same mistakes twice.

It’s important to note, though, that some students think the practice exams are harder than the real ones. Better performance could result from this, but it also hurts your score.

Overview of Kaplan PSAT Practice Tests

Kaplan study guides and online tools, which incorporate years’ worth of test-specific data and tactics tested by Kaplan students and professional analysts, offer students the professional help they need at every stage of their academic career.

The program offers preparation for over 90 standardized tests, including professional licensing exams for lawyers, doctors, and nurses, as well as entrance exams for graduate, undergraduate, and secondary schools.

You can use Kaplan to study at your pace and on your schedule with a wide range of self-paced and live online courses, print books, and mobile apps. Kaplan provides one-on-one assistance in addition to those programs through private tutors and admissions consultants.

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PrepScholar Practice Tests for PSAT

With good cause, PrepScholar has recently become a more well-liked option for standardised test preparation. Their all-online format, focused criticisms, and excellent technological integration make them a compelling option. If this is important to you, check out our Prepscholar PSAT review.

Most of the PrepScholar official PSAT Practice Tests come from an extensive collection of more than 7,000 potential questions, which should provide you with more than enough practice to improve your score.

During testing, I hardly encountered a practice question or test I had not seen previously. You will feel slightly more at ease on test day as you know what to anticipate.

PrepScholar PSAT Practice Tests Features

  1. 210+ hours of content
  2. 4000+ total practice questions
  3. 98 skill lessons with strategy videos
  4. Smart diagnostic test
  5. 4 real practice tests
  6. Customised weekly study plans

PrepScholar PSAT Practice Tests

PrepScholar Overview

PrepScholar promises that their Digital PSAT prep will help you improve by 150+ points on your next exam or give you your money back.

This self-paced adaptive PSAT test prep includes over 90 skill courses, 4 official practice exams, and more than 4,000 realistic practice questions with detailed answers. While reading, writing, and math are covered, the program will help you concentrate on the areas where you need the most assistance.

More progress may be made in less time with The Complete Online PSAT Prep than with any other program since it is scientifically developed to identify your strengths and weaknesses and tailor them to your specific abilities.

I like that PrepScholar’s practice exams include a diagnostic quiz in addition to the wealth of knowledge it offers. You take it to determine and assess your strengths and weaknesses in the subjects covered on the PSAT before you begin the prep course. This makes it simpler to decide where to put all your attention and not waste time and energy on something you already understand well.

The thoroughness of the PrepScholar coursework and high-quality lessons and practice questions impressed me. Nevertheless, I did have a few very small issues. PrepScholar has a few shortcomings, one of which is that it’s somewhat expensive and outdated. However, if you’re prepared to pay for a quality PSAT course, this is unquestionably an appealing option.

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Mometrix PSAT Practice Test

Mometrix Practice Tests for PSAT

To ensure complete readiness, Mometrix provides the best PSAT online practice test to assist all learners in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to ace the PSAT.

Study guides for over 1,500 standardised examinations, including the PSAT, are available from Mometrix. Exam-takers can also get targeted practice materials in Math, Reading, and Writing through the website, in addition to a PSAT practice exam.

The standard online practice PSAT tests from Mometrix is an enhanced version of the exam that helps pupils identify their areas of weakness. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you yet, check out our Mometrix review.

Mometrix PSAT Practice Tests Features

Mometrix PSAT Practice Questions

Overview of Mometrix PSAT Practice Tests

The Mometrix PSAT Practice Tests contain a wealth of precise and comprehensive information essential for passing the test. Ideas and precepts are not only mentioned or read over; instead, they are thoroughly explained.

One section of the PSAT study guide flows effortlessly from the one before since it is logically and well-organised. It’s written with an eye towards readability as well as technical accuracy, so you won’t have to worry about becoming lost in technical academic jargon.

The quality of a test preparation guide is mostly dependent on the practice questions and explanations provided, which is another area in which Mometrix excels. To help you prepare for the real exam, the Mometrix test prep team has offered several sample questions. Every response is thoroughly explained to ensure the underlying ideas and logic are understood.

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How hard is the PSAT test?
The PSAT test is not very hard for well-prepared high school students, focusing on math, reading, writing and language concepts they have already studied in their academic courses.
Where can I find PSAT practice tests?
You can find real PSAT practice tests on the College Board website, which offers two official PSAT/NMSQT practice tests for free online and on paper. You can also find PSAT practice tests on other online platforms, such as the one mentioned in this article.
Are PSAT practice tests free of charge?
Yes, PSAT practice tests are free of charge in most cases, except for several online sources apart from the college board. You do not need to pay any fee or register an account to access these practice tests.
How many PSAT practice tests are there?
There are only two PSAT practice tests released by the College Board. However, you can find more PSAT practice tests on other online platforms, such as Kaplan and Princeton Review.