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Best MCAT Mobile Apps to Use for Your Prep

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Best MCAT Apps for Your Preparation This Year

Although we know that most MCAT exam preparation books will help pull through the complex concepts, we all love our share of modern technology. Considering this, I studied the most popular MCAT solutions from diverse vendors to determine their pros and cons.

Since we all learn differently, I focused on the features and accessibility of each app available to help you see if it is up your alley. From the flashcards approach to the MCAT mnemonics and repetition, the free app solutions I present you with are worth testing, especially if you run out of time before the exam.

The Best MCAT Prep Apps

Preparation for the medical college admission test with the help of mobile apps is one of the best solutions for students with limited resources and time. I have picked seven of the best MCAT prep apps with some in-app features, which is why I had a great chance to test them all as a medical professional and educator.

  1. My Choice: Kaplan Test Prep MCAT App.
  2. Best Value: Khan Academy MCAT.
  3. Best for Beginners: MedSchoolCoach.
  4. Most Compact Solution: TPR MCAT app.
  5. Innovative MCAT App: UWorld MCAT Program.
  6. Best for MCAT Tutoring: Varsity Tutors.
  7. Constantly Updated: Magoosh MCAT.

The positive aspect that unites all of these MCAT market offerings is interactivity, diagnostic tests, and practice exams in certain cases.

Magoosh MCAT Prep Apps

Price starts from $379
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  • It features numerous video lessons that are quite accessible and covers the majority of topics.
  • It is cross-platform and has numerous features you can use along with practice tests.
  • The only negatives mentioned in reviews are mobile phone video playback problems, which have been fixed by app developers.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about the videos as their quality varies, yet their flashcards are satisfactory, especially for general Chemistry. You can also track what you have seen and read, so there is no confusion.


The free version of this best MCAT prep app provides 40 videos that can be checked free of charge.

Personal Considerations:

It is one of the most affordable MCAT study apps when you have to keep your funds limited. I have checked most videos available for the full subscription and can say that their quality is not always the same. The flashcards and MCAT mobile progress tracking can save time by focusing on a particular subject.

Online Reviews:
magoosh user rates
The online reviews for it among the best MCAT study apps have 173 ratings with 4.8 out of 5 stars, which makes it quite popular.


Google Play

Kaplan MCAT Apps

Price starts from $1799
Promo Code N/A
  • It is one of the closest to the actual MCAT exam.
  • It includes one of the best quizzes that resemble the tests by showing incorrect answers.
  • Content access issues and technical aspects like having a study plan or a schedule.
kaplan app main page

I believe that it is one of the classic apps that help cover most MCAT Prep subjects.

Investigating this best MCAT study app, I have been offered a set of medical test preparation videos on my Kaplan account that I had to watch before starting with the quizzes. What I have found especially helpful about this educational app is how the app lets you see your tracking history, which shows progress.


The free Kaplan MCAT flashcards app version includes 50 flashcards. By paying $34.90, you shall access 1,000 cards with numerous MCAT practice tests hosted and videos linked to each set of digital pre-medical mastery app flashcards.

Personal Considerations:

I have found biochemistry, biology, and a great set of behavioral sciences especially useful, as this app covers them best. Out of what I have tried for the apps to study MCAT, the content of Kaplan is the most accessible and does not go south compared to what they offer in the books.

Online Reviews:
kaplan user rates
They have 2.2 out of 5 stars, based on only 12 ratings.


Google Play

Varsity Tutors MCAT Practice, Prep, Flashcards Apps

Price starts from $40
Promo Code N/A
  • It is 90% free and provides a custom interface you can change based on your learning pace.
  • Some of the subjects have weaker explanations and need more details.
varsity tutors main interface

I have found this Varsity Tutors MCAT Prep app helpful for critical thinking training and analytical work. At the same time, I believe it is mostly suitable for those MCAT mobile app learners who wish to start with a particular subject instead of trying to cover it all at once. This app for studying MCAT also offers a study plan, which can help you narrow things down.


It is free for the most part, with some bonus features that require a payment.

Personal Considerations:

I have found this app especially useful for analytical work and preparation for the structure of the MCAT exam. Speaking of accessibility, I suggest this among the best MCAT mobile apps to medical school students who wish to focus on specific subjects.

Online Reviews:
varsity tutors user reviews
It is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 2.1K reviews. Most people praise this app regarding accessibility by being the best phone app for MCAT flashcards with a wide range of subjects. Still, I would suggest another option in terms of MCAT precision.


Google Play

Khan Academy App

Price starts from $0
Promo code N/A
  • One of the most accessible MCAT science review subject video collections.
  • It is completely free.
  • There will be no personalized coaching or tutoring.
khan academy main page interface

I discovered that Khan Academy is an official partner of the AAMC institution responsible for creating the MCAT exams and realistic AAMC-style questions.

This organization has checked the videos and represents one of the best quality examples. Among the best apps for MCAT studying, this mobile app interface has a detailed explanation structure.


It is completely free and represents a non-profit organization.

Personal Considerations:

It is especially good for high-school students as the videos and pre-medical concepts are presented in an accessible way. The content is structured well and provides screen captions and instructions for pre-medical mastery. There is no paid content or restricted features, making it a great MCAT mastery app you should not miss.

Online Reviews:
Khan Academy User Ratings
Since there is basically nothing to complain about, the reviewers online have rated it at 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 67.7K reviews. Most kids will know this app quite well since it is child-friendly for video courses and completely free. Therefore, starting with this app for the MCAT, many will already recognize the features.


Google Play


Price starts from $1399
Promo code N/A
  • Easy navigation and the friendliness of the interface.
  • A lot of subjects.
  • Only available for iOS users
tpr app interface

The Princeton Review is one of those household names many students know. I should note that this MCAT solution is only available for iOS users, which is a great omission as others offer support for iOS and Android devices. It offers 550 MCAT flashcards that will cost you $17.99.

I have been able to create Organic Chemistry custom card sets on MCAT subjects and see my statistical data. It is user-friendly and helps you find all the necessary topics. Some subjects like Psychology and Sociology need more details, but they will suffice if you have prior training or knowledge from the books or other MCAT preparation apps.

Price: $17.99

Personal Considerations:

I find a quality MCAT prep app useful when you already have some books from TPR or the Kaplan App for the test day. I find it good as a supplementary app where you can find a topic and train yourself with the cards for a good MCAT score. Speaking of their quality, they are very good and have no mistakes in practice questions.

Online Reviews:
tpr user ratings
The advanced MCAT subject reviewers rate it at 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 16 ratings. The reviews speak of easy navigation and the friendliness of the interface. The Princeton Review is no stranger to MCAT topics coverage, which is already an important point of trustworthiness.


UWorld App

uworld app interface


It is one of the newer players in the field of MCAT that offers over 2,000 practice questions that come along with the quizzes. It takes a slightly different approach with many explanations and descriptions. It also sets the time limit to help you train for an actual MCAT exam.

I have found their time limitations and correct answers especially useful. The performance metrics are good for determining your knowledge gaps and discovering your weaknesses.


Some features are free, yet a paid subscription is necessary to access all the features on offer.

Personal Considerations:

It is one of the most interesting solutions for those students who wish to get the most realistic MCAT exam experience. I have tried all of the time-critical features, which have worked well for the most part.

At the same time, I find it helpful to learn at my own pace and train things by repeating the concepts with all the questions.

Online Reviews:
uworld reviews
It is 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 145 user reviews. The only complaints mention a poor user interface, which is not what I experienced during my MCAT review.


Google Play

MedSchoolCoach App

MedSchoolCoach app interface


I have found numerous audio podcasts that have been especially helpful for training and understanding the concepts. The quality is acceptable, and it says that the experts have done it to create the best MCAT app for test takers.

Price: Free but offers in-app purchases.

Personal Considerations:

I loved the podcasts by Higher Learning Technologies INC and the bank of questions. The quality is lacking in Sociology, but considering it is free, it is still good for training your critical thinking skills. In case you need accuracy and MCAT success, look for Kaplan’s offering, yet it is second to none for a comprehensive overview.

Online Reviews:

It is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 1.1K reviews. Some medical school users talk about the poor quality of the questions, but I have found them to be accurate. Considering that it is free among the best MCAT apps, it is totally worth trying!

Medschoolcoach User Reviews


Google Play

Final Verdict: Kaplan MCAT Prep App is a Choice

As we have reached the final MCAT content app for this review, I can assure you that these offerings have certain value and can help you pass the MCAT exam with flying colors. Whether you are unsure about your MCAT prep courses choice, consider each app’s objectives and how much time you have.

The most classic medical field solution I have found helpful for a personalized learning experience is the one by Kaplan. Being more into MCAT material videos, USMLE world books, and visually perceiving things, I recommend checking either Khan Academy or the Magoosh MCAT apps.


  • What is the best free MCAT prep app?

That being said, if I had to choose just one free MCAT Prep app, it would be the MCAT Study App by MedSchoolCoach. The accessible design and great coverage of all the MCAT sections make it a great addition, regardless of your learning style. Khan Academy’s comprehensive explanations take second place for free MCAT offerings.

  • What is the best study program for MCAT?

While the “best” is always subjective and depends on what you would like to achieve, I can safely recommend the app by Kaplan as one of the best tools to prepare for an upcoming MCAT exam. The progress measurement feature and the presence of interactive cards help to eliminate anxiety.

  • How good is the MCAT prep app?

It always depends on what you would like to achieve! For this MCAT Prep app review, I have tested seven of the most popular options to discover they all offer something unique. Using digital flashcards, you prepare for an exam without wasting too much time. Likewise, watching thousands of MCAT subject videos by Khan Academy works too!

  • What is the best MCAT resources solution?

I believe that the Kaplan MCAT app is the best choice regarding access to the MCAT resources and a lengthy list of diverse topics. The structure alone makes it one of the most accessible apps. Yet, if I would like to access a lot being on a budget, I recommend the Magoosh MCAT app as a friendly alternative.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on December 13, 2023
Verified by Alina Burakova
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