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Best DAT Tutoring Services

Making a career as a dentist is the dream of many students in North America. However, nothing in life is easy, and one needs to study hard to achieve such a goal. The first obstacle to overcome in this journey is the DAT exam, which is a big challenge. That’s why so many students are looking for tutoring services, but are tutors helpful for the DAT exams? Well, studying alone is not always easy, although some prefer it. In this article, I will review the best DAT tutoring services, understanding what their strengths and weaknesses are.

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DAT 20+ course
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How I Check DAT Tutoring Services

Transparency is a great virtue, so I want to be clear with you from the start. Here is a list of the four main criteria I check when I analyze DAT tutoring services. Keep in mind that I always register to all these services to try them first-hand before writing about them.

Instructors Quality

I judge the quality of tutors based on their experience, expertise, and how good they are as instructors. For this, I also check online reviews written by their students.


I thoroughly analyze value for money to find and identify suitable educational platforms for students with all kinds of budgets, ensuring wide accessibility.


Since I'm transparent, I seek tutoring services that are too. That’s why I favor platforms that immediately reveal how much students will spend and what they will find.

Overall approach

I combine various tutoring options with other DAT-related resources on the site to get a more comprehensive overall picture of the website.

The Best DAT Tutoring Services

Here is a list of the best 5 DAT tutoring services that I have tried online. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, and I wanted to be as objective as possible when evaluating them.

Varsity Tutors Tutoring Service

Talking about tutoring services, I should obviously start with Varsity Tutors, a service that allows students to directly contact tutors who sign up for the platform.

varsity tutors main registration page

Selecting the tutor

When you enter the DAT exam section of Varsity Tutors, you must fill out a quick questionnaire. The site will ask you when you will try the DAT exam if it is your first time trying it, how much help you need, and where you are from. At that point, once you submit the form, you will be contacted by the tutor that Varsity Tutors deems ideal for your path.

An alternative is to scroll down the page and discover the various tutors one by one. The good thing is that these are “Certified DAT Tutors”. In other words, they have proven to be experts in the test. Some write what university they have attended, and others even include the scores they got on various exams such as the SAT or MCAT.

Strangely, however, no one entered the scores obtained on the DAT. In any case, reading their bios makes it clear how they are really experts in the field and that they are people you can trust when you start this path.

varsity tutors match you with tutor


Prices depend on the individual tutors, but on average, they range from $60 to $90 per hour for a DAT tutor. The more hours you choose to select, the less the service will cost per hour. However, there is a minimum of 12 hours to start with, meaning the starting point is immediately more than $1,000. After all, a couple of hours won’t be enough to prepare for DAT tests.

My Conclusions on VarsityTutors

The offerings of Varsity Tutors are certainly extensive. After all, that is the specialty of the site. I did not expect to find so many tutors for DAT, and that is a strong point for Varsity, together with relatively low prices. Finally, the company has plenty of positive reviews on websites like TrustPilot (4.5 out of 5). Though we couldn’t find anything specific about DAT, it surely is another plus for them.

varsity tutor tutor page

Princeton Review Tutoring Service

The Princeton Review offers many options for studying for DATs, most notably the DAT 20+ course. For the more demanding, however, the platform also included a private tutoring service. This works especially for those who want to be tutored step by step. Let’s see how it works.

princeton review registration page

A Personalized Approach to DAT

The Princeton Review goes to great lengths to make sure that students have the best experience when it comes to DAT tutors. There is no list of tutors to choose from. Instead, the site automatically pairs you with a tutor who is considered ideal for you. The service is available both online and in person, and also includes the best DAT tutoring materials printed by Princeton Review. There is also a guarantee tied to the score you get on the DAT exam.

princeton review pricing


Prices, it must be said, are a bit high. While it is true that you pay for quality, it is also true that the $5,000 price tag for the customized approach is not for everyone. In any case, there are two options. Let’s break their prices down in detail.

DAT prep prices

My conclusions on TPR

The Princetown Review packages an offer suitable for the most demanding students who have a fairly high budget. The quality offered is truly sensational, and the tutors are extremely knowledgeable. However, the price is quite high, and as many commented online, it might end up being overpriced when compared to others.

The Princetown Review user positive feedback

Kaplan Tutoring

Kaplan stands for quality and experience. For DAT exams, in addition to courses and practice tests, they have also established a good and interesting tutoring service.

Kaplan tutoring service

Tutors for DAT at Kaplan

“We’ll stop at nothing for your high score.”

That’s Kaplan’s motto, and it fits. It gives the idea of a group of tutors ready for anything to make the student improve at a glance, whether in 10, 20, or 40 hours. Their approach is developed in three steps. In the first, you will have to talk about your background and goals, but also tell what your study methods are.

In the second, based on your answers, you’ll be matched with the right tutor for you. This means that, once again, you cannot choose the tutor. The third step is the most interesting one: your tutor will choose a study plan for you that suits your methods and aptitude.

kaplan choose study plan


With Kaplan, you can choose from four options in terms of tutoring hours and prices. Let’s look at them in detail.

Quality teaching is paid for, which is why the prices are higher than many competitors. In particular, the one for 10 hours does not turn out to be very convenient. Is that a way to charge students for more hours? Probably, and I did not appreciate that.

Kaplan pricing

My conclusions on Kaplan

Among the advantages of Kaplan is that it allows students to put themselves completely in the hands of tutors. The high price, however, imposes responsibility and discipline to make it worth it. Overall, Kaplan is the positive answer to the question: is tutoring helpful for DAT prep?

kaplan good review

Wyzant Tutoring Service

Wyzant is a fast-growing platform that does not include courses or practice tests. Rather, it brings together lots of expert tutors in a wide variety of subjects. Here I will see what kind of selection there is at the level of DAT tutors and what features the service offers.

Wyzant Tutoring promo page

A Great Selection of DAT Tutors

There are a total of 76 DAT tutors on Wyzant. That is a good number, considering it is a fairly niche specialty. Each tutor has his or her biography, and the price per hour (I really appreciated the transparency, absent elsewhere). There are also the hours of DAT private tutoring already done, which is essential to understand the experience with teaching in addition to the knowledge a tutor has, and the average response time.

Wyzant rates and reviews

In addition, for each tutor, there are lots of reviews from students who have tried his or her tutoring, and also a rating from 1 to 5 based on how one felt about it. In short, the material to figure out if a tutor is right for you is all there, and it is entirely accessible in a clear and transparent way.

Wyzant prices filter


Since prices are decided by private tutors, these vary widely. On Wyzant, as far as DAT tutors are concerned, they range from $25 to $360. In short, there is something for everyone. The average, however, is around $80-$90, while the most renowned tutors charge $130 on average.

My conclusions on Wyzant

Based on my research, the service offered by Wyzant is fantastic, especially because of the transparency that is offered. It is not often that you can immediately see how much a tutor costs and you can read reviews about that particular tutor.

As for the quality of the tutoring, the reviews themselves are a very good guarantee, and the level seems to be the same as DAT Bootcamp tutors. With a tutor with many hours of teaching, a grade point average above 4.9, and lots of reviews, you can be on the safe side.

MyGuruEdge Tutoring Service

MyGuru is a lesser-known platform than the previous ones, but it is still worth considering because it has a dedicated service for DAT private tutoring.

myguru promo page

DAT Tutoring

Truth be told, there is little transparency on MyGuru. On the page dedicated to DAT Tutoring, only a form appears for you to fill out with your name, email and phone number, and you will be contacted quickly.

MyGuru choose a tutor

I did a little more research, however, and found that the options are interesting and competitive. There are actually experienced DAT tutors, and they offer different options.


Prices are definitely very competitive.

  1. Standard Online Tutoring: $130/hr average
  2. Premium Online Tutoring: $180/hr average
  3. In-Person Tutoring: $200/hr average
  4. Expert Edge Online Tutoring: $250/hr average

Discounts of 5 to 15 percent are also available for those who pay in advance for 5, 12, or 24 hours.

MyGuru user feedback

My conclusions on MyGuru

Despite the lack of transparency on the site, it must be said that MyGuru’s prices make it a fairly competitive platform. However, there is a lack of certainty about the quality of the instructors, although the opinions of those who have tried them are mainly positive. In particular, those interested in the in-person option should know that some of the best DAT tutors in Baltimore and other US cities are on MyGuru.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a DAT tutor?
If you cannot study on your own and the courses you have tried have not satisfied you, the answer is that yes, you probably need a DAT tutor. In any case, as Socrates said, you have to know yourself and figure out if this is the right method of study for each of us.
Does Princeton Review have good DAT tutors?
The Princeton Review is famous for the quality of its instructors. DAT Tutors are no exception. On the site, you will find extremely good instructors who are subject experts and who will succeed in getting you through the DAT exam with excellent scores.
Are Kaplan DAT tutors better than Princeton Review DAT tutors?
Those wondering if are Kaplan DAT tutors good should rest assured. Many people claim that Kaplan tutors are unbeatable. Does Princeton Review have good DAT tutors? Yes, but I believe that Kaplan tutors are better. Not surprisingly, their price is higher.
How do I find good DAT tutors?
To find DAT tutors, visit one of the sites I mentioned and follow the instructions. Sometimes, the list of tutors will be in plain sight right away, other times, you will have to leave your contact information to be contacted again.

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