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Economist GRE Review 2021

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By Alina Burakova fb Jun 30, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Your GRE score is a fundamentally essential part of your graduate school application. Many institutions require students to take GRE tests before they are accepted to the school. To increase your chances of passing such tests, thorough revision and access to practice questions are imperative.

But the internet is full of companies claiming to offer excellent prep services. This makes it notoriously difficult to choose a prep course provider. Besides, a significant number of these companies are either misleading or fraudulent. So, your best bet in finding a great prep service provider that your studies can depend on is by using our services.

Why should you trust our review of the Economist GRE prep? We perform a thorough company evaluation to ensure that they offer students the top of line services. Before recommending a prep course provider or calling it one of the best GRE prep courses, we look at:

  • The quality and effectiveness of the prep course(s).
  • Swiftness and reliability of customer care services and lastly.
  • The affordability of the prices.

The article below is an in-depth Economist GRE review. The Economist GRE has a wide assortment of practice questions and modules to help you with your GRE test. No time to read, check what is the best GRE prep on our website.

Most people associate The Economist with a media house company that publishes newspapers focusing on current affairs, world news, business, and, of course, economics. However, The Economist also features a GRE test prep course. New to this particular market, the Economist has certainly made up for lost time with great options at remarkably affordable prices.

The Economist has recently updated the platform by following a new partnership with examPAL. This means that their online learning platform now uses examPAL’s award-winning education technology to teach students the key strategies for solving any GRE question. The PAL approach trains students’ cognitive flexibility, allowing them to identify the quickest route to the correct solution. It uses AI and crowd-wisdom technology to identify the best way for each student to answer a question. Read more in our examPAL review.

What is Economist GRE?

The Economist GRE is a holistic GRE prep designed to help students fully comprehend each section of the graduate record examination. You can learn with the Economist GRE tutor with their Premium and Genius packages that guarantee an improvement to your overall GRE score by 6 to 7 points.

How does Economist GRE work?

The tutor assumes various methods to help you improve your score and achieve your target. Three programs combine responsive teaching methods with live support to enable students to receive guidance from experts. Additionally, the tutor covers all sections of the GRE, including official ETS® practice tests, to give an all-around and holistic feel going into the test.

Should you have doubts about the program’s eligibility, the Economist tutor offers a free 7-day trial, where you can try a few modules and have 30 test credits to spend on practice questions and video tutorials.

Does Economist GRE guarantee a better score? 

As is the case with most products and services today, guarantees (and warranties) are some of the main features that lure customers to a brand’s services. Luckily for students, The Economist GRE tutor offers a score guarantee. The company claims that with their Premium and Genius courses, students will enjoy a five or 7-point positive increase to their GRE scores.

That is a big statement to make, and quite frankly, it is a testament to the company’s extensive tutoring services. What’s more appealing is that the company offers a money-back guarantee if a student fails to improve by 6 or 7 points if a student has completed the Premium or Genius course. Many students ask us, “is GRE easier than LSAT?”, that’s why we wrote that guide, so if you are unsure which test to take, check it out.

Are Economist GRE test prep courses effective?

Going by many positive reviews online, students who undertook the course claimed to have benefited in one way or another. Many students claimed that the courses were good at getting the job done because the tutor was quick and responsive whenever the students had questions. Additionally, other areas, such as essay structures and vocabulary, were professionally addressed. So, the tutor got the job done, affirming the effectiveness of such programs.

Is Economist GRE safe? Is Economist GRE a scam?

Students are always sceptical when it comes to tutoring programs. Rightly so, dozens of online websites claim to do one thing and end up doing the exact opposite. However, the Economist GRE is a 100% legitimate business.

In fact, we are sure that you’ve heard of the famous Economist, a media print company. The Economist GRE tutor is a subsidiary of that parent company. They are not a scam. You can quickly sign up for the free 7-day trial. Upon expiry, you don’t have to purchase the course. We can comfortably say the Economist GRE tutor is not a scam or fraudulent company.

Is Economist GRE the best online prep course out there?

Economist GRE is undoubtedly a top contender when it comes to the best prep courses out there. They are continually improving to adapt to changes in the market. Multiple reviews online have them placed at the top with other companies, thanks to excellent IT infrastructure and customer support.

GRE Economist was founded back in 2012. As mentioned, the company is a subsidiary of the parent company, the Economist. Not much is known about this company as it is reasonably new. However, it is privately held with its headquarters in Canary Wharf, London, and operates in over 80 countries worldwide.

The company majors in e-learning. This means that most of its learning operations are facilitated online. As a result, they can manage with a relatively small employee number of about 11 to 50 people. Nevertheless, the company upholds a high level of professionalism and believes in delivering affordable test prep tools, as indicated by the services below.

There are three basic plans for all students depending on the level of awareness and budget.

1 – Express Subscription Plan

As mentioned earlier, Economist GRE has provisions for a money-back guarantee and a score guarantee. However, with the basic plan, you have access to:

  • Quant and Verbal sections (online tutorials and practice questions);
  • 3 ETS® practice tests, 2 AWA Essay Reviews (practice essays where an expert tutor reads, corrects, leaves comments and further feedback on how to improve);
  • 3-month Economist digital subscription to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension for Verbal and AWA sections of the GRE;
  • Live tutor support via email and chat (no live sessions with a tutor).

Expires after 6 weeks. This particular package is priced at $349 and expires after six weeks.

2 – Premium Prep Plan

With this package, a student is eligible for a 6+ score guarantee money-back guarantee. In addition to the full course, you will also get access to:

  • Quant and Verbal sections (online tutorials and practice questions);
  • 4 ETS® practice tests, 4 AWA Essay Reviews (practice essays where an expert tutor reads, corrects, leaves comments and further feedback on how to improve);
  • 3-month Economist digital subscription to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension for Verbal and AWA sections of the GRE;
  • Live tutor support via email and chat.

The package goes for $489, which expires after three months.

3 – Genius Prep Plan

The genius prep plan is the flagship course model for The Economist GRE. It is priced higher than the other packages, but the course has more features than the other two. For $699, you have access to:

  • Both Quant and Verbal sections (online tutorials and practice questions);
  • 5 ETS® practice tests;
  • 6 AWA Essay Reviews (practice essays where an expert tutor reads, corrects, leaves comments and further feedback on how to improve);
  • 3 live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions via video call;
  • 2 Expert Assessments™ where a tutor reviews your progress and helps you identify key areas of improvement;
  • 3-month Economist digital subscription to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension for Verbal and AWA sections of the GRE;
  • Live tutor support via email and chat.

The package goes for $699, which expires after six months.

The Economist also has great GMAT tutors. We have recently noticed a positive Economist GMAT tutor review online. It has also been featured in our list of top GMAT prep courses online.

The quality of prep courses matters just as much as the quantity and depth of the program. We took the time to carefully analyze the effectiveness of the programs offered by The Economist GRE tutor.

On paper, The Economist GRE test prep courses are holistic and comprehensive. They are inclusive of all aspects of the GRE test. In fact, the GRE tutor has a feature that allows students to address their strengths and weaknesses. Such features speak volumes about the competency of the staff and the whole tutor staff. Besides, there are a ton of online videos explaining the concepts of the GRE examination.

When it comes to online services, the swiftness and reliability of customer service is an important feature to consider. Fortunately, multiple online reviews suggest that The Economist GRE is excellent at handling customer queries online.

We found the same thing in the Magoosh GRE reviews that customers left on Reddit, Quora, Sitejabber, TrustPilot, and our website. If you have experience using GRE tutors, don’t forget to leave your own reviews on Economist GRE below!

The best part about using this particular tutor for your test prep is that you can easily access the program from any device. This adds a degree of convenience to your study and test preparations. Furthermore, the program is accessible from anywhere across the world.

Students who have access to devices with android or IOS operating systems will have a good user experience. However, our extensive research has shown that the company’s website runs better on Google’s Chrome than on any other browser. However, keep an eye out for bugs and lags in the application as it is still in the development phases.

Still not sure which course to take, GRE or LSAT? Is GRE easier than LSAT? Find out in our article today.

  • The programs are competitively priced.
  • The design of the courses reflects the concepts of the GRE test.
  • The courses are flexible to allow you to study at your convenience.
  • The website and apps are user-friendly, relatively easy to navigate.
  • There is a decent number of study videos that are useful and well explained.
  • The difficulty of the questions increases with each correct answer given.
  • Many practice questions offer complete preparatory lessons.
  • Students can contact our tutors easily via chat function (accessible from the platform) with any questions they may have about a particular topic or question where they require an alternative solution.
  • In as much as the programs are well-structured, the programs have a rigid feel to them.
  • Well suited to individuals who prefer reading online.
  • They no longer support a mobile application.
  • The courses could go into more depth as some online Economist GRE reviews claim some courses are not comprehensive.
  • Many students have claimed that the prices do not reflect the quality of education.
My verdict
Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit The Economist

That marks the end of the Economist GRE review. We sincerely hope that we have addressed all the concerns you might have regarding the Economist GRE prep programs. So, is this program worthwhile?

With absolute confidence, we can say that the Economist GRE has many positives. However, the company is relatively new, and there are many features the company is planning to add to its immense portfolio. This has been met with bad reviews from a few students. Nonetheless, there are many positive the Economist GRE prep review, so the company is definitely worth trying.

Besides, there is a money-back guarantee should you lose faith in the program, but it is implausible that you will be unsatisfied. The company is rising to the top and is one of the best GRE prep services.

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