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Prep Expert Review 2021

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By Alina Burakova fb Jun 25, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Have you felt that there’s always an extra level of anxiety and nervousness regarding an entrance exam? Whether it’s intended for uni admission or a critical phase in your career, entrance exams can be daunting.

A lot of people today opt for prep courses online. This certainly can be super useful, but sometimes a little tricky, too, when choosing a good prep course, owing to the many scams and fake sources that linger around the internet today. If looking for a legit, reliable course feels like a giant, exhausting task (sometimes it is), you could look at good, detailed reviews of the best SAT prep courses instead.

A proper review is supposed to give you an in-depth insight into the specific course they are reviewing. Ideally, once you’ve looked at a legit one, it should tell you everything you need to know and have all of the questions/concerns in your head answered.

What About Our Prep Expert Review?

Over here, you will be looking at our very own, thoroughly analyzed, and assessed PrepExpert review. There are all the right reasons why you could entirely rely on our review and use our Prep Expert SAT prep review (you could call it a Prep Expert SAT course review) to make your online course choices, in other words, an online exam prep course.

As we work through our research in a specific service/website, we make it a point to look at the key, crucial elements that matter to students and delve right into each of them to find out all that’s essentially required.  We also make sure that we don’t simply stop there after having covered these key areas. Instead, we look at all other aspects, whether it matters to viewers or not, so that they are given a comprehensive and complete picture of a specific service they are looking at.

Similarly, in this review of Prep Expert, we focus on myriad concerns of students, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Is PrepExpert good, reliable, and not spam?
  • Does it guarantee improvement and better results?
  • Is it affordable or costly? Is it worth the money and time?
  • Do people recommend it with personal experience?
  • Are they helpful and supportive?
  • Is a valuable and positive learning experience assured?

We want to call our review Expert Prep review. Read on to find out why.

Why Take a Prep Course?

If you are a school or college student, your life will likely be all about study and examinations. Having an additional examination to sit for and prepping for it certainly might be an additional burden.

Time is something students always have to battle against, and with endless to-do’s piling up, it can be tough to find the motivation, the determination, and to make extra effort to succeed. This is why you’d instead opt for support and guidance when you have something crucial coming up in your academic life.

Entrance examinations aren’t something you can ‘juggle up’. It requires hours of commitment and preparation. Most of all, it requires authentic, quality study material that enhances your test prep. By opting for a prep course, you make sure that you follow a good guide, a proper plan and commit yourself to prepare yourself correctly.

When you enroll in a proper prep course, you will be provided guidance and support, all the essential material, and access to all the right resources you require to pass with ease and convenience.

With the growing demand for education and competition today, there’s a whole range of entrance exams designed to assess specific competencies and abilities and determine certain eligibilities. Most of these exams come in higher education and academics, such as graduate-level education, field specializations, and sometimes employment.

The following are some of the most common entrance exams that focus on adult students’ language and communication abilities.


One of the most popular, standardized examinations, the SAT, is designed to test abilities in core areas of the English language, such as writing and reading, and a student’s competencies in Math. The exam becomes an essential requirement for gaining entrance to some universities and colleges.

Students who cannot pass may have to retake the exam until they obtain good pass marks as their targeted university or college requires. Prepping for the SAT generally requires significant effort, planning & organizing, and genuine commitment.


This is an admission test that assesses the general readiness of high school students for college/university education. The examination involves components of language, Math, and science. The exam is valued internationally, and in most cases, is mandatory (offering no alternative) for students. A student’s performance/result at the test will help determine if they are ready to cope with higher education or require additional training.


TOEFL is an English language test that assesses abilities in all four essential areas of language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The exam becomes a requirement for university admissions, particularly for international students, and a pass is often mandatory. While it is commonly known as an entry exam, TOEFL is a beneficial qualification in employment and career advancement.


IELTS is an English Language test that assesses competencies in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In most cases, universities and colleges consider both the overall and individual marks (in each skill) to determine eligibility. This means that in some cases, you may be considered eligible if you have an overall Pass mark, despite having failed in one of the core skills.

However, in some cases, you may need individual Pass marks to be granted eligibility. If you happen to prep for IELTS or TOEFL, you should consider taking a course at BestMyTest, check our BestMyTest review, and be sure that these guys are legit. The test is designed to have a specific structure and pattern, so preparing appropriately will lead to higher chances of obtaining a Pass.

Proper Prepping?

When you want to consider a specific prepping course, you need to consider a few essential factors. Firstly, the system has to be legit, safe, secure, and not spam. It also should be adequate, offering quality material and appropriate training and practice. The movement has to be specific and focussed, and not just ‘general’ training. You also need to think about prices, and whether the money and time you spend will be worth it.

To sum things up, you will need to ensure that the course you sign up for will guarantee you better scores and, most importantly, a Pass at the examination you are prepping for.

How Does it Work?

Students are given many course plans that they are required to pay and subscribe to. They can view the options on the PrepExpert website. A single instructor among a team of equally impressive individuals will take charge of each course/plan. Details of the instructor are included in the description box of each plan. Therefore, you have complete clarity and insight before you make a decision.

Classes are primarily conducted online, live, and therefore you need an internet connection. You will see your instructor provide explanations, lectures and carry out engaging activities. Students can use the ‘live chat’ option during the class to interact and communicate with the instructor and their peers.

The entire class is also recorded and made available for access when students failed to attend live discussions or experienced obstacles/hindrances the first time. All reviews on Prep Expert speak of their prep system as one of the coolest ones they have ever come across!

Is PrepExpert Legit? Is it Safe? Is it Effective?

The PrepExpert is entirely legit, safe, reliable, and not a scam. The team at PrepExpert swear by their authenticity; however, that’s not the only evidence. If you look at prep expert SAT prep reviews, the Prep Expert 6-week course reviews, or Prep Expert ACT courses reviews, you couldn’t help but be repeatedly convinced about the excellence of PrepExpert in every way.

Prep Expert reviews from hundreds of students who obtained brilliant passes at their SATs and ACTs prove that the unique prep system deserves the entire credit. Thus, we know that the service is not just legit but super beneficial, effective, and fabulous!

PrepExpert was launched by Shaan Patel, who grew up in Las Vegas with his struggles in education and life. Amidst his difficulties, he engaged in hours of preparation for his SAT and passed the exam with exceptional results.

The achievement was the driving energy, and Shaan used it to do what he wanted to do: create opportunities for students to prep for their SAT in a proper, less burdensome way. Hence PrepExpert’s launch, it has been making life easier for millions of students around the globe.

PrepExpert is known for prepping students for their SAT, ACT, and APs through its online platform. All Prep Expert SAT reviews and Prep Expert ACT reviews prove that they’re one of the best services one could experience where exam prep is concerned.

As for SAT, PrepExpert offers you subscription-based prep courses with four different subscription options. The fee for the plan you subscribe to varies depending on the duration, access to course material, and the instructor conducting your course.

The subscription courses plan may differ in small ways; however, they are all designed to guarantee you the pass you need at your SAT. That’s what all PrepExpert reviews say, not just ours! And anyone who reviews PrepExpert SAT in the future is likely to agree, too!

ACT courses are designed in almost the same way. Anyone who reviews PrepExpert ACT courses is likely to speak of the benefits of offering subscription options to suit individual needs. You have four types of plans to choose from, which again are subdivided into a wide range of choices to suit your requirement.

Fees will vary according to what’s inclusive of the plan, and of course, your instructor’s conditions. According to all Prep Expert ACT courses’ reviews, this is one of the most powerful online prep platforms with so much to offer.

Many Reviews of Prep Expert, particularly the recent ones, prove how thankful students and parents are to PrepExpert for helping students with AP prepping online. PrepExpert offers video reviews on AP exams so that students get a clear demo of the actual exam.

Some genuine PrepExpert reviews on AP prep prove why the service is becoming increasingly popular with the current world situation.

PrepExpert also offers private tutoring and consulting services to students who need extra guidance and exceptional attention to enhance their learning.

The following are the options for SAT prep courses and the best ACT prep:

  • 6-week prep course;
  • 3-week prep course;
  • Self Paced Video prep course;
  • The Weekend Review prep course.

For those interested in college admission consulting, Prep Experts has recently launched its own consulting. They have a great expert and admission counselor, Akbar Rahel; with his help, PrepExpert reached their customers’ 97% acceptance rate to top-tier colleges. Prep Expert has also been featured in the best college admissions consultants list rated by EduReviewer.

Many likely consider pricing affordable, but some think that their services are slightly high priced. The six-week and 3-week courses are priced at $799, while the self-paced course charges $499, and the weekend plan is $299.

However, it all comes down to value for money, which is a sure thing at PrepExpert, no doubt! There are always some sales going on to get a 50% discount on a prep course.

The admission counseling will cost from $6,999 for a Flagship Package. This package includes 25 hours of individual consultation and free SAT or ACT prep classes.

The Gold Package costs $9,999 and includes 40 hours of consulting. The first two packages are recommended for Juniors and Seniors.

The Platinum one costs $13,999, includes 60 hours of personal consultations, and is recommended for 8th graders and freshmen. For more affordable options on admission counseling, check Admissionado and find lower prices there.

It’s impossible that you’ll find Prep Expert bad reviews owing to their quality of products and service. This is not just our conclusion on PrepExpert. All reviews on Prep Expert, whether you look at PrepExpert SAT prep reviews, or you consider Prep Expert reviews, or you look for more specific Prep Expert 6 week advanced course reviews and the popular PrepExpert 12 month SAT video course reviews, you see that the one thing that’s repeatedly emphasized about is quality of service.

Simply Google ‘reviews for PrepExpert’ or Prep Expert 6-week course reviews’ to find all the great things people have to say about their fantastic prep courses. You could also try looking up reviews PrepExpert SAT to find us about SAT prep specifically.

And try searching for a PrepExpert vs. Princeton review or, to be more specific, a PrepExpert SAT vs. Princeton Review to find a comparison in terms of overall quality. Whether you look at Prep Expert or Kaplan SAT prep reviews, you need to make sure you pay attention to the quality above the rest.

In our review of Prep Expert, we affirm that it is one of the most pleasing services in every way. Like all unbiased Prep Expert reviews, we have no reason to deny how excellent their education and customer services are.

The website is simple and easy to use and includes enough information for students seeking the essential details. A quick browse should tell you all you need to know.

  • Guarantees - Money back guarantee if you do not pass as promised.
  • Quality - Quality of education, customer care, and every other aspect.
  • Choices - Students have quite a few good options to pick from subscribed courses.
  • Virtual Classes - Students will attend online classes where their instructor will present lessons just as he would in a regular classroom. This makes it easier for students to adjust to the system.
  • Recorded Videos - There’s no need to worry too much if you miss a live session as you will have access to a recorded version.
  • Value for Money - Considering the quality, security, and guarantees, PrepExpert is definitely worth the money and time.
  • Prices - Some may find PrepExpert a little expensive and unaffordable.
  • Details - The website, although well structured, might be lacking some essential information.
  • FAQ - It would have been better to discuss a couple more common concerns on the FAQs.
  • Payment Info - There’s not much information about how payment works.
  • Limited choices - Being a fantastic service, they ought to extend their options and start prep courses on other vital exams.
  • Website Structure - Despite having an appealing design, little things might need to be fixed for faster, easy browsing.
My verdict
Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit PrepExpert

Overall, PrepExpert is one of the most effective platforms students have for test preparation. The sort of guarantees you are offered by PrepExpert isn’t easily found elsewhere. When they say "you’ll pass", it undoubtedly means you will, and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

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Thanks to Prep Expert ACT courses I was able to gain a much deeper understanding of the different aspects of the tests. I am much more relaxed now and I cannot wait for the exams.

Robert B.

This is the best online platform to prepare for any exam. I am really grateful that the platform allows different subscriptions for learners. I was able to afford to study for my SATs.


I did not feel ready when I first took my SAT exam and as expected I did not do well. When a friend told me they used Prep Expert, I was extremely happy to know about it. I took my SATs again and I passed. Thank you!


I love the fact that the platform has tutoring services. As a learner, I prefer being taught as opposed to reading on my own. The support is immense. Thank you Prep Expert.


I managed to complete the three week SAT prep course and I was blown by how much knowledge I obtained. I am forever indebted to Prep Expert for helping me realise the gaps in my knowledge.