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Best Calculators For PSAT

There are many ways to prepare for your PSAT exam, but getting your options right is essential in crushing this exam. The purpose of finding the best is not just to aid you in getting your results faster but also to make it easier for you to work under pressure with little to no mistakes According to the college board, using the approved calculators for the PSAT exam is highly recommended, especially for math sections with lots of counting to do. But what are the best PSAT calculators? In this article, we will discuss the best PSAT-approved Calculators and how to know which is best for your needs.

  1. Best Overall Graphing: Texas Instruments Nspire CX II CAS
  2. Best Portable Graphing: Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS CE
  3. Best Durable Graphing: Casio FX-9750GII
  4. Best Value Scientific: Casio fx-300MS
  5. Best Standard Scientific: Casio FX115E PLUS

Key Considerations When Picking PSAT Calculators

With so many options to choose from while asking yourself, “What are the best calculators for PSAT?” I've put together four critical considerations for the best PSAT Calculators. These factors are thoroughly proven and tested to help make the right decisions.


My initial consideration when selecting the best calculator for the PSAT test, aside from the functionality and features, is that it can complete all tasks found within the test and help produce the best results. Hence, I opted for the ones that help with all scenarios.


While ensuring the selected option was efficiently adept at handling substantial calculus questions, I contemplated a conveniently versatile variation with a secure and comfortable grip. The ease of carrying it effortlessly makes it exceptionally suitable for studying and working with.


Having a calculator that will help with all math problems isn't enough, but I chose one allowed in PSAT. While answering the question, “What is the best calculator for the PSAT?” I double-checked the PSAT college board list to see the list of approved calculators and their specific restrictions.

Hands-On Experience

You have a mistake-free result when working with calculators you’re comfortable with. I don't rely on manuals. I work with calculators, firstly tested in school and classes before using them for the exam to prevent technical difficulties and to speedily complete math sections in PSAT.

Texas Instruments Nspire CX II CAS

With an algebraic operating system that is simple to use and accessible to all users, the TI-Nspire CX CAS graphing calculator is a reliable hands-on learning aid that meets the demands of math and science curricula.

In my experience, it can factor and extend variable expressions, solve equations symbolically, discover antiderivatives, find computer limits, and provide accurate solutions in illogical forms. It can even complete the square.

TI-Nspire CX II CAS is the first choice of many SAT and PSAT test-takers but I realized that sometimes they may not be allowed on all tests due to its high advancements and certain restrictions.

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Key Features of TI-Nspire CX II CAS

Despite its updated form, the TI-Nspire CX will always be remembered as Texas Instruments’ original color graphing calculator. Below is a list of features that make TI-Nspire CX II CAS stand out from other ones apart from its ability to do algebraic operations:

  1. Compared to most previous graphing calculator manufacturers, this option is lighter and slimmer.
  2. It has a 320 × 240-pixel screen with 16-bit colors, a decent resolution of 125 DPI, and an easy-to-read display.
  3. Plotting directly onto images – some of which come with the device – is possible with the TI-Nspire CX II.
  4. You can use this option to load any JPG, BMP, or PNG file onto your device and see graph functions immediately on top of it.
  5. It is permitted on College Board exams, including the SAT and AP exams.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

The TI-Nspire CX II CAS is not the cheapest graphing calculator available today, but it is well worth the price, and I highly recommend it.

Texas Instruments Nspire CX II CAS review

Customers admire its quality and power. According to the screenshot above, they describe it as the best one ever, with an advanced math engine that can perform all the essential operations in Stats, Algebra, Trig, Cal, and even a little bit of geometry. However, according to my research, there are differences among clients regarding usability.

TI Nspire CX II CAS user review



  1. Not allowed in ACT or PreACT.
  2. Very expensive.

Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS CE

Texas Instruments’ most stylish graphing calculator, the TI-84 Plus CE, is perfect for high school science and math classes. It can be utilized for various college exams, such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT entrance exams.

This model’s graphing features are complete, and the formulas and mathematical symbols are displayed just as they are in textbooks.

Students are engaged by its MathPrint™ feature, which allows them to enter equations and fractions in the correct notation and see the results on the display exactly as they are written in text and on the board.

Key Features

Pricing and Customer Reviews

The TI-84 Plus CE’s improved screen, more compact design, and longer battery life make it worth the extra few dollars. Since its invention, it has been the most often used and acknowledged graphing calculator in schools, making it incredibly simple to become comfortable in class with your instructor or professor.

My experiments have shown that customers appreciate its accuracy, readability, algebraic simplicity, and ease of use. They say it’s really helpful, fulfilling all their needs, and can be used from junior high to college.

They are also pleased with the quality, performance, and color. On value, however, perspectives diverge.

TI-84 PLUS CE review



  1. Poor quality of the body’s features.
  2. Costly in relation to the performance.
  3. Smaller buttons.

Casio FX-9750GII

Casio FX-9750GII Calculator for PSAT

The Casio FX-9750GII is a sturdy calculator that boasts a sharp LCD and is very simple to operate. Compared to most graphing calculators, it features one of the most powerful programming interfaces.

With its quick processing speed, this serves as an example of good calculators for PSAT Exam and the ACT math exam. This calculator’s buttons and choices are appropriately arranged, so it would be easy to use.

Students enrolled in various math and scientific courses, from pre-algebra to physics, are advised to consider the Casio USB power graphic fx 9750GII. It also can capture, clip, and paste.

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Key Features

What makes Casio FX-9750GII the most suitable option, compared to other graphing calculators, is its relatively non-competitive pricing. You’ll get a calculator with almost as many features as the ever-popular TI-84 Plus calculator for an extremely low price. A few of those critical features include:

  1. Calculates values for specified independent and dependent variables with ease.
  2. Interactive arithmetic.
  3. This calculator has a slide-on cover covering the whole screen and all of the buttons.
  4. More than 200 hours of battery life.
  5. Ability to graph X= relations.
  6. Create tables of values from given functions and generate plots and graphs from tables.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

PSAT Calculator Casio FX-9750GII review

The Casio FX-9750GII is, in my opinion, the most feature-rich graphing calculator available at this price point compared to other models in the range. At that price, you won’t have any problems finishing any high school math class with just this calculator, despite its bulky.

According to the general consensus, customers seem to like the calculator’s performance, color, age range, and quality. They say it’s a robust device that works well for math classes in high school, is excellent for studying and office work, and is a wonderful purchase for teenagers. Having said that, others claim the color is “cute” and adds excitement to math.



  1. Not a Computer Algebra System (CAS) calculator.
  2. Low-resolution graphed lines.

Casio fx-300MS

Calculator Casio fx-300MS for PSAT

The Casio fx-300MS Scientific Calculator, like all other Casio brand calculators, are well-liked, reasonably priced calculators for the PSAT test. It is a relatively user-friendly scientific calculator that isn’t meant for graphing.

The calculator has over 220 built-in features, such as scrolling keys, converting mixed numbers to appropriate fractions and their decimal equivalents, and random number generation.

The two-line display of the Casio FX300MS is large and easy to read. It allows you to track your equation-solving process more effectively by displaying the problem and the solution next to it as you write it. Using the backspace key, you can rapidly correct input errors.

Key Features

From research, the unique feature of Casio FX300MS that sets it apart from other scientific calculators is that it has a repeating decimal display. Other key features include:

  1. Solar-powered plus a battery backup that can last over 1 month.
  2. Auto power off features.
  3. LCD of clear 10 digits for easy readability.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

Once again, the Casio series proves to be a low-cost and user-friendly substitute for their competition. The Casio FX300MS is less expensive than the most widely used scientific calculators, and you won’t find many other options of this caliber at that price.

Customers feel it’s durable, a good value for the money, and appropriate for various courses and standardized tests, according to user opinions and reviews. However, I understand that this calculator won’t satisfy individuals who demand more sophisticated operations or graphical features.



  1. Digits are not readable clearly from the side.
  2. Ordinary build renders it non-durable.

Casio FX115E PLUS

Calculator Casio FX115E PLUS for PSAT

Although the Casio FX115E PLUS is the last option on my list, it is still one of the most advanced scientific calculators to date, designed and engineered for easy operation at any level.

Exams such as the ACT college entrance exam, SAT, AP, and PSAT are all acceptable with this device. The 4-line display that it has been created with makes it easy to operate and update inputs. I am reminded about the detailed review of the best Prep Sites.

The fx-115ES Plus is a highly flexible device ideal for high school and college students due to its natural display and increased capabilities, such as displaying root forms of equations, determining derivatives, product notation templates, and sophisticated inequality functions.

Key Features

Pricing and Customer Reviews

Calculator for PSAT FX115E review

Perhaps you need to save a few dollars while benefiting from an advanced range of functionality, so Casio FX115E PLUS is an excellent choice. This is one of the best calculators for PSAT on the market, and it’s still sleek and designed enough for you to see the screen. The buttons are nicely sized as well.

review on calculator for PSAT FX115E

Which One is Better?

Selecting the ideal calculator for the PSAT depends on your preferences. The Texas Instruments Nspire CX II CAS is a powerful choice, favored by many for its advanced features. However, it may have restrictions on certain tests due to its sophistication.

The Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS CE is a stylish and lightweight option suitable for various exams, including the PSAT. While praised for accuracy and readability, some users mention concerns about build quality and smaller buttons.

For a durable and budget-friendly alternative, the Casio FX-9750GII offers a sturdy build, sharp LCD, and affordability. It is permitted for the PSAT and other exams.
If you prefer a scientific calculator, the Casio fx-300MS and Casio FX115E PLUS are solid choices. The fx-300MS is user-friendly and cost-effective, while the FX115E PLUS is advanced, with compatibility for exams like the PSAT.

In conclusion, the best calculator for the PSAT depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like functionality, portability, approval for the PSAT, and hands-on experience when making your decision. Each calculator has its strengths, so choose the one that aligns best with your test-taking needs.


Are all calculators allowed in the PSAT?
The answer would be yes! However, not all calculators are allowed in the PSAT Math Test. You can only use the Four-function calculators, Scientific calculators, and Graphing calculator on PSAT Math Test day.
What is the most recommended calculator for PSAT?
A four-function calculator may be okay during the PSAT math test. However, during math tests, you may encounter problems that require a device that does more than addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Hence, approved Scientific and Graphic calculators are recommended
Is a Casio calculator PSAT approved?
Not all models of the Casio Calculators are approved. Some models use hardware peripherals like a stylus, while others have touchscreen capabilities (e.g., Casio ClassPad). All these are prohibited for PSAT tests.
Is TI-84 Plus CE allowed on PSAT?
As already mentioned in the article, the TI-84 Plus CE calculator is permitted to be used for PSAT, SAT, and ACT college entrance examinations as well as other college exams.