EduReviewerBest DAT Study Tools and Apps that Guarantee Excellence

Best DAT Study Tools and Apps that Guarantee Excellence

The Dental Admission Test is a major hurdle to surmount if you wish to become a dentist. This test is not on the list of easiest things to do in the world as it requires rigorous preparations. To this end, many tools and apps can help you ace the exam, but choosing the best DAT study app may be difficult, but don't worry. I tried a couple of DAT study tools, and from my experience, I curated this comprehensive guide to help you make smart, informed decisions. Get set; you'll see the best tools and apps to pass the exam with flying colors.

How I Validate Test Study Tools and Apps

I got through a series of experimentation and documentation that essentially involved trying out the tools and apps before recommendations. In my experiments, I look out for the following features.

Comprehensive Coverage

The best DAT study tools cover biology, comprehension, organic/general chemistry, quantitative reasoning, and perceptual ability. I verified their coverage by evaluating their offerings.

Detailed Explanations

In my experience, I realized that the best study tools provide detailed explanations for each answer. They also include performance analytics to help you identify your areas of strength and weakness, further enhancing a focused approach to efficient study.

Practice Questions

Studying without practice has proven abortive for many students, so I always look out for the availability of practice questions in a study tool or app before recommending them. I also ensure their questions mimic the difficulty and style of the actual test.

Interactive Tool

I realized that most study tools are not sufficiently interactive or engaging, but the best DAT study tools and apps excel notably in this regard. They provide helpful and effective tips and tricks for retention to assist students in enjoying their studying process.

Best Overall Prep Tool – DAT Bootcamp

DAT Bootcamp main dashboard

The DAT Bootcamp is well recognized for its comprehensive coverage of relevant subjects, which helps students thoroughly prepare for this exam. The boot camp has a wide array of practice tests, questions, and lesson videos to simulate the actual exam effectively. The best part is that it is consistently updated to fit the latest demands of the test, giving it a competitive advantage against others that stay static without updates.



Pros of DAT Bootcamp

From my experience, the DAT Bootcamp is easy to use because of the graphical approach to knowledge delivery. The use of videos helps to retain attention and helps drive information faster. Their question bank is also highly relevant, making the boot camp very effective for pedestal students who want to ace this exam.

Many users across platforms like Reddit have openly discussed the price of this tool. In my opinion, it is a well-structured study tool, but truly relatively expensive. A 90-day subscription can cost around $499. However, they offer an installment package of 4 interest-free payments ($125 each).

Some students commented on forums like Student Doctor Network to express that their primary concern is the price, even though it is a valuable study tool. Others submitted that this tool is comprehensive and effective, especially for students who prefer a structured study plan. The DAT Bootcamp stands out from others by providing real-life test simulation and a wide array of materials, making it a versatile choice for comprehensive preparation.

The value you get for your money:

Here’s what one student had to say about this tool on Reddit: “I used DAT Bootcamp to prepare for my DAT exam, and I scored 19AA and above in all subjects.”

DAT Bootcamp Reddit reviews

Some other students on the same platform (Reddit) commented that students could potentially score higher than their scores in the actual exam after consistent practice with DAT Bootcamp.

DAT Bootcamp positive reviews

Best for Study On-The-Go – DAT Exam Prep Mastery

DAT Exam Prep Mastery on Google Store App

The DAT Exam Prep Mastery is an interactive study designed to deliver comprehensive study help for pre-dental students. Since it’s an app, students can study on the go, and I found this to be effective, as it means I can study on the bus or train. I included it as one of the best DAT prep apps because it is a study tool for students who want a mobile solution. The app comes with a subscription model that includes the option for a one-time purchase. It is flexible and accessible.

The mobile app offers the convenience of studying on the go and often includes various practice questions and study materials. This tool is designed for busy individuals who want to ace the exam on their first trial. This study tool is an app for free download from the Google Play Store. I have checked the download link and installed the app to get first-hand experience. The app is truly free to download, and the link is safe.



Content depth isn’t as rich as some other tools

DAT Exam Prep Mastery About the mobile app

Value you’ll get:

DAT Exam Prep Mastery App

Check out these real-time reviews of the DAT Exam Prep Mastery Application.

DAT Exam Prep Mastery Application real time reviews

One user commented that the app is a perfect tool to study on the go using a mobile phone.

Another user affirms this app has a comprehensive question bank for an effective practice experience.


CrackDAT has been enjoyed by users for its comprehensive practice tests and for being cost-effective compared to other resources. Some users have specifically praised its practice tests for helping them understand the exam format and timing.

CrackDAT stands out for its extensive test bank and its affordability, making it a popular choice among those who need extensive practice but are also budget-conscious.

CrackDAT Dashboard

CrackDAT offers an array of study materials: a video crash course, elaborate study guides, flashcards, and a test simulator. CrackDAT has a provision for more than 4500 updated questions with explanations and PAT generators. This study tool delivers a comprehensive package covering all the relevant subjects. As an advantage, the platform is constantly updated to accommodate the latest questions. It is also easily accessible on all devices anywhere, anytime. This tool has been leveraged by most present students since 2005. Being a tool that can be used on the go, it is fit for students studying under tight schedules.

Advanatges of CrackDAT

CrackDAT offers different pricing packages. They provide a 1-month access, which costs $199 and works fine if you only need supplementary study material. However, from my observation and experience, you should dedicate at least 3 months to using this tool to get the best from it.

Their pricing is in the form of payment for a license, which means you’ll get unlimited access to all their perks:

Live Class Example on CrackDAT

CrackDAT offers the following value for money:

CrackDAT Dental Admission Test App Review

A student claimed to have gotten a score boost from 17 to 21 by investing time in using CrackDAT as a study tool for DAT.

Another user’s review showed the effectiveness of CrackDAT, especially for preparing for PAT, which is just one of the areas of value delivery that sets CrackDAT apart.

CrackDAT Reddit user feedback

DAT Flashcards

This study tool, in particular, is effective in guiding you to memorize and recall notable concepts, terminologies, and processes that closely align with the DAT preparation. The DAT Flashcards app is designed to assist students in preparing for the Dental Admission Test (DAT). It offers an effective learning tool by displaying flashcards at optimal times for memorization and retention. The app includes 1800 premade flashcards across three key subjects: Biology, Chemistry, and Maths. It supports various learning modes like Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorization, and Quizzes to make the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

DAT Flashcards App on Google Store

This is perhaps the best phone app for DAT flashcards, as users have received positive feedback for its usefulness and convenience for studying on the go. Additionally, it offers features like progress tracking, statistics display, a vast database of flashcards, review schedules, and customization options. Premium features include text-to-speech and offline study capabilities. The app is available across multiple platforms, including the Apple App Store and Amazon Kindle App Store.

DAT Exam Prep

DAT Exam Prep, also named DAT Test Prep (on Apple Play Store), is one of my recommended DAT preparation apps for acing DAT. It offers over 1100 to-notch test questions with correct answers, detailed explanations, and different exam modes for practice. It has an analytical system and performance tracking feature to help measure strengths and weaknesses. The app is designed to provide a comprehensive and efficient DAT practice experience with its extensive question bank and various test modes.

DAT Exam Prep App on Google Play

However, the limitation of this app for studying DAT is that some reference materials were not provided, and certain questions contained errors.

The app is available for free download from the Google and Apple store. It also has in-app purchase and upgrade features to enjoy premium benefits. The subscription mode includes $5.99 for a week, $17.99 for a month, and $39.99 for three months.

The app has amassed an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5 on the Apple store. I realized that some users were dissatisfied while others found the app helpful.

All the DAT study tools highlighted in this guide have unique features that address different areas of your DAT preparation. You know your weak points, and this information should guide your choice of the best DAT preparation apps. DAT bootcamp is reputed for its comprehensive content and structural approach to content delivery, so you may want to consider it if you’re unsure of a choice. Other options are great, too, as long as they suit your study preferences, budget, and DAT preparation needs.


What is the best study tool for the DAT?
There's no one-size-fits-all approach to answer this, but DAT Bootcamp is tested and trusted to help you ace your DAT in one attempt. Some alternatives are DAT Exam Prep Mastery and CrackDAT, each known for being flexible, comprehensive, and detailed.
How do I study for the DAT exam?
To study effectively for the DAT exam, you must start by comprehending the format and content areas. Set a realistic goal, then use study tools and apps. Set out time to treat all sections, find your weak points early, and tackle them using practice tests, review books, and study apps. With consistency, you'll build resilience, comprehension, retentiveness, and speed.
Is 2 months enough time to study for the DAT?
The DAT preparation can be pretty intense; you are advised to spare enough time to focus on the preparation. Preparing for DAT in two months of dedication and hard work is possible. This will entail a focused study approach, leaving no stone unturned, practicing extensively, and targeting weak areas.
How Many Hours A Week Should I Study For DAT?
It is highly recommended that you spare approximately 20-30 study hours per week for effective study and preparation for the DAT. The required hours may vary depending on your knowledge base and learning agility. However, consistency and solid quality study time can beat a mere number of hours.

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