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Taking the DAT can be a daunting task. While doing my research, the mentioned DAT preparation books are essential in completing this challenging test. As it turned out from my experiment, not all materials are equally helpful. I found out that you should choose among the best DAT prep materials based on which criteria will be discussed from now on. Based on these critical decision drivers and my field knowledge, I am ready to present you with some of the best DAT prep books in the market. Let us embark on this voyage as one, keeping your preparation organized and less terrifying.

Top 1
Customer choice
$99 Price starts from

Realistic Practice Tests;
Detailed Subject Review;
Innovative Study Tools.

Realistic Practice Tests
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$299 Price starts from

Customized Study Techniques;
Detailed Subject Coverage;
Abundant Practice Materials.

Customized Study Techniques
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$30 Price starts from

Extensive Practice Material;
Online Video Tutorials;
Detailed Content Coverage.

Online Video Tutorials

Steps in Selecting Appropriate DAT Exam Preparation Books

When selecting DAT exam preparation books, I focused on Content Coverage, Authorship and Reputation for Practice Materials, and Study Strategies. Here's how I approached each:

Content Coverage

In the process of conducting my research, comprehensive coverage is essential. I ensured the selected books contained all test's sections – Natural Sciences, Perceptual Ability, Reading Comprehension, and Quantitative Reasoning with in-depth explanations for questions.


My studies have revealed that the quality of the test is significantly affected by an author’s or a publisher’s established credibility. I specifically looked for books written by well-known, established dentistry professionals or recognized preparation experts, confirmed through reliable reviews.

Practice Materials

I attempted and learned in-depth about the significance of broad practice materials. Good books typically include multiple practice questions, full-length tests, and detailed answer guides. All these components are essential to master this test and give you a significant advantage for success.

Study Strategies

Great techniques of studying the impact the performance on examinations significantly. I selected books that offer useful study tips, recommendations for managing time effectively, and detailed strategies for taking this exam. Such approaches help you feel more confident.

The Best DAT Prep Books

Kaplan’s DAT Prep Plus

Kaplan's DAT Prep Plus Study Book

In education, Kaplan’s Prep Plus books are written by experienced teachers and test preparation experts hired from their number one global educational resource provider – Kaplan Test Prep. However, my experiments with different study materials have made it clear that a detailed understanding of the structure and content of this exam distinguishes Kaplan.

The unique selling points are:

Features and Feedback of Users Online

Kaplan DAT Prep books are some of the top-rated ones for several reasons. They provide a comprehensive analysis of all DAT content that contains every topic tested on the exam. The books also have more than 600 practice questions with explanations that make the material easy to comprehend and remember.

Kaplan DAT Prep books positive user feedback

Online user reviews such as Sara S and Josenia’s feedback indicate that the simplicity of use is coupled with additional functionalities, which include study tests and a checklist. These reviews prove the efficiency and convenience of such books for users.

Kaplan DAT prep books positive review

In the research process, Kaplan DAT prep books are very useful because they provide correct and current information for students to study. The second reason for their inclusion on the list of best DAT prep books is that Kaplan’s expert guidance and test-like practice exams are pivotal. Their product confidently guarantees a refund in case scores don’t improve, which further reflects the quality and effectiveness that serve as study materials.

Price and Value for Money

In the process of my DAT study books’ evaluation, Kaplan DAT Prep Plus 2023–-4 is an outstanding product because it depicts good content and cost efficiency. A Kindle version costs $59.99, and the paperback one costs $46.99. It’s an investment in your academic life. This price includes two online full-length practice exams replicating the testing set, 600 plus questions for all subjects, detailed answers, and explanations. Its utility is increased through the appendix of a 12-page full-color study sheet and an aligned guide based on the current DAT Blueprint.

Kaplan’s DAT Prep Plus materials description

Kaplan’s DAT Prep Plus stands out from the competition in content and instruction approaches. However, the practice questions and study materials are compiled by qualified teachers to make sure they mimic real tests. The fact that they have had years of test preparation with 80 years of experience embodies their skill in making quality study guides.

Based on my thorough research of Kaplan DAT Prep Books, here are the pros and cons:



  1. Price: A higher price than some alternatives, which could be a consideration for cost-driven students.
  2. Content Overload: Some students might find the large amount of information overwhelming.

Princeton Review DAT Prep

Princeton Review DAT Prep study book

The DAT Prep books from the Princeton Review are comprehensive guides developed by test preparation specialists. This series is designed to help students ace the DAT, which plays a vital role in advancing career plans within dentistry. The value and structured nature of the materials contributed to their reliability among DAT aspirants while I was conducting my research.

Three unique selling points of the Princeton Review DAT Prep books include:

Features and Feedback of Users Online

There are several reasons why the Princeton Review DAT Prep is so remarkable within DAT test books: The series is highly comprehensive with a lot of features such as the complete coverage of all DAT sections, many illustrations and diagrams for visual learners, and colorful reference guides to help in quick reviews. Due to this very in-depth strategy with content and exercises, it is on the list of recommended DAT prep books.

Princeton Review DAT Prep book user review

Online reviews of the Princeton Review DAT Prep books are contradictory. However, some users like Mysterious_Ad5072 on Reddit regard the content quality as insufficiently representative of the true DAT and others appreciate books for richness in content and systematic method.

While researching, it is essential to supplement the DAT study with different sources, but Princeton Review books are a solid base. Although there are both positive and negative reviews, the fact that they use a systematic strategy of test preparation, being well-known in this field, is enough justification for their inclusion among top DAT resources. They provide a combination of theory, practice, and strategic perspectives, which are essential to doing well in the DAT.

Price and Value for Money

The DAT Prep books distributed by the Princeton Review, all of which cost between $29.36 and $32.13 a copy, provide an extensive set for preparation on the Dental Admission Test. For the purposes of my study, this figure is average because a lot was covered.

Princeton DAT study book overview

You have subject overviews, various practice questions from different sources, and two full-length exams. This resource is unique because it provides well-described problem-solving guides and strategies developed explicitly for the DAT. From my research and experiments with various DAT books, here are the pros and cons of the Princeton Review DAT Prep books:



  1. User Feedback: A downside might be that the content may not accurately reflect what is on the actual DAT, which some users like Mysterious_Ad5072 have depicted as a drawback.
  2. Difficulty Level: It is possible that the level of complexity in practice questions will not entirely correspond to what one would find on an actual exam.

Mometrix DAT Prep Book

The Mometrix DAT Prep Book

The Mometrix DAT Prep Book is a comprehensive handbook created by professionals to overcome the hurdles and challenges presented through dental admission testing. From my experiments with different study materials, it is evident that the creators of the Mometrix Test Preparation are good at producing student-oriented products.

Here are three unique selling points of the Mometrix DAT Prep Book:

  1. Extensive Practice Material: The guide contains comprehensive practice questions for an in-depth understanding of the concepts and improvement of one’s problem-solving abilities.
  2. Online Video Tutorials: This feature is a standout. Over 75 step-by-step video tutorials are accessible through this book.
  3. Detailed Content Coverage: All sections of the DAT are described in detail, not only Perceptual Ability, Reading Comprehension, and Quantitative Reasoning.

Features and Feedback of Users Online

The Mometrix DAT Prep Book can be deemed as the best DAT prep book of them all for several reasons. Its structure and content are meant to transform complicated notions into something easily consumable, which has earned it high praise on the Internet.

Mometrix DAT Prep Book top reviews from the us

Uzma, a genuine buyer, evaluates it with 5.0 out of 5 stars and pinpoints that it is helpful for DAT preparation. In the same way, Dmbrown emphasizes a user-friendly structure of this manual along with practical tools like QR codes leading to instructional videos.

Throughout my study, the rationale for its inclusion among top DAT preparation books is evident. Its in-depth study, interactive learning technology, and practical test strategy make it indispensable. This book doesn’t just get students ready for the DAT; it facilitates them with lifelong learning skills usable in other academic high-pressure situations.

Price and Value for Money

The DAT book by Mometrix, priced at $54.99 for Kindle and 47.10$ for paperback, provides serious value for the money paid. Throughout the research process, this is not just any prep book; it’s a highly detailed DAT tool.

The DAT book by Mometrix to buy on amazon

You will get highly informative practice test questions, in-depth video tutorials, testing techniques, and a DAT section review. This level of content, mainly the video tutorials and answer explanations, makes it stand out from other substitutes. Investment in this book is monetary and a gateway towards a strong comprehension of DAT principles.



  1. Price Point: Slightly more than some others, but in my opinion, the additional investment is warranted by its quality.
  2. Physical Quality of Paperback: Some users, such as Dmbrown, pointed out that the cover could be made more sturdy since it is used often.

Barron’s DAT Book

Barron's DAT Prep Book for dental school aspirants

Barron’s DAT Prep Book, a detailed guide for dental school aspirants, is crafted by a team of experts: Joseph DiRienzo Ph.D., John J. Ference DMD, Nicole Cornell M.S., Edwin Hines DDS, and John Swartwood CPhil.

During my research, this book stands out for several reasons:

Features and Feedback of Users Online

Barron’s DAT Prep Book provides explanatory answers, online tools, and a comprehensive coverage of all test sections. Nevertheless, online reviews such as those by customers Sm and Alec T. show some doubts about the reliability of accuracy and typing mistakes.

Barron’s DAT Prep Book bad customer reviews

Despite these objections, the book’s placement on this list of best DAT prep books relies on its comprehensive depth and extensive resource library. While some mistakes are noticeable, the rest are high-quality and in-depth pieces that can serve as a valuable DAT preparation tool for those who need plenty of samples to practice with.

Price and Value for Money

Barron’s DAT Prep Book is a detailed preparation kit costing $11.54 to $ 49.9. The cost encompassed in my research spans three comprehensive model tests, answer explanations and video tutorials.

Barron’s DAT Prep Book to buy

Secondly, the book touches on important DAT themes such as natural sciences, perceptual ability, reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning. Its unique feature is the availability of an online practice test that can be accessed through different devices, which makes it even more worth its price. Regardless of its affordability, its performance must be compared against other best DAT books in the market.



  1. Accuracy Concerns: As users mentioned, several typographical and factual mistakes could confuse students.
  2. Limited Value in Difficult Subjects: For the more complex subjects such as General and Organic Chemistry, this book has an enhanced effectiveness because of errors.

Sterling DAT Prep Books

Sterling DAT Prep practice tests

Among a crowded field of test preparation companies, Sterling Test Prep emphasizes the series’ detailed and practical DAT prep books, which adds to why these practice tests stand above many others as one of what are considered standard-bearers for best DAT books.

The key selling points are:

Features and Feedback of Users Online

Among my recommended preparation books are some of the Sterling DAT Prep Books. They strike a balance between content detail and attention to high-yield areas. The books have been both praised and criticized on the Internet.

Sterling DAT Prep Books customer feedback

The content deserving praise includes advanced explanations and realistic practice questions that work well for the actual DAT. However, some critics indicate occasional slips in the explanations for specific queries.

Sterling DAT Prep Books negative feedback

However, the consensus is that Sterling’s books are unbelievably effective. This effectiveness and their targeted approach make them stand among the top DAT prep books. Aspiring dental students serve as a reliable DAT source.

Price and Value for Money

The Sterling DAT Prep Books cost $54.95 for the Kindle and paperback versions, promising detailed preparation in the Biology section of the DAT test. This investment provides high-yield biology questions with comprehensive explanations throughout my research, thus proving beneficial for learners who would like to score well.

Sterling DAT Prep Books price

The book is unique because of its detailed information, which can be used for different learning styles. This is not about learning by heart but understanding concepts, which are very important for the DAT.



  1. Cost: Costing $ 54.95 may be expensive for some students.
  2. Lack of Explanations for Some Answers: As mentioned by the reviewer, some questions do not come with detailed answers.
  3. Mistakes in Content: Occasional mistakes which can confuse the learners.


Which program should one study for the DAT?
Kaplan’s DAT Prep Plus catches the eye in my research process because of its detailed content coverage and practice questions. It becomes a preferred option with its carefully designed content and teaching approach, developed through years of experience in these areas for efficient DAT preparation.
Would 3 months be a reasonable amount of time for DAT preparation?
As for the duration of DAT preparation, I have found that three months is a reasonable amount of time to prepare if you are dedicated and stick to your study plan. Many students have proven that this period is enough to prepare for DAT, using one resource that provides a wide range of study materials.
Which is the best app for DAT studying?
Kaplan DAT prep course is the best app for those who want to study the subject in depth. It has a mobile application that gives you the best of self-directed and live virtual classes, interactive video lessons, and abundant study resources. The program also offers a high score guarantee.
How do you know which DAT practice test is the most accurate?
Through my experimentation, it has been observed that the practice tests provided by Kaplan’s DAT Prep Plus are very reliable. Students can get as close to a realistic experience as possible, which is directly related to the actual test by format and level of difficulty.

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