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PrepScholar Review 2021

By Alina Burakova, Updated November 26, 2021


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About PrepScholar
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  • They develop specific individual study plans for every student.
  • Their programs are customized.
  • They work with highly trained tutors.
  • There are motivation techniques included in the programs.
  • They have a lot of study material available for students.
  • They provide free consultation for students that are considering hiring their services.
  • Students can have 1-on-1 tutoring sessions to complement their courses.
  • The rate of increased points on the scores is not so high.
  • Some of the content they use in the courses is very basic.
  • Practice tests are a little limited and don’t have many questions based on real tests.
  • Some feedbacks claim that the process of getting a refund is long and tricky.
  • Their programs are designed to help students with a low score, but it is not intended to help students with an average grade.
  • They offer specialized prep courses only for the SAT and ACT. Still, in many PrepScholar ACT reviews and in every PrepScholar SAT review, customers confirm that these are great quality courses.

Are you looking for help to improve your score on entry tests? That is a great idea since it’s one of the most effective ways to get into a great college. Read our PrepScholar review so you can find out everything you need about this great company that offers courses for the most common entry tests and if it is one of the best SAT test prep courses online.

We are committed to delivering great PrepScholar GRE prep review, PrepScholar SAT prep review, PrepScholar ACT prep review, and reviews for all the other types of tests. Basically, we can say that we’ve read all the reviews of PrepScholar.

That is because we know that you count on our articles to decide which program hire to help you when preparing for your tests. To deliver the best results possible, we developed a method where we assess the aspects that determine the quality of a prep course company.

Among other things, we check that the quality of the programs is good, that they have variety in the duration of the courses, that the pricing is fair, and that they have good guarantees that will keep your money safe.

We have also analyzed all PrepScholar college admissions reviews, while most websites just look at test prep services. While we want to cover all aspects of the company, find all its flaws and benefits and put them down here in this particular review.

Every course has a specific profile that adjusts to the type of test it’s oriented to. Let us tell you about the type of tests that are considered by Prep Scholar. So, in our review, we found that they offer courses for:

  • GMAT: the Graduate Management Admission Test is an adaptive test applied to students looking to get into a graduate management program. According to the PrepScholar GMAT review from some customers, this company offers the best programs for this test.
  • GRE: the Graduate Record Examinations is a standardized test designed for those that want to get into graduate schools. Most PrepScholar reviews for GRE recommend this company.
  • SAT: the Scholastic Assessment Test is an assessment designed to determine the potential of success in college that a student has. According to several reviews, PrepScholar SAT results of this company’s programs are the best you can find.

  • PSAT: the Preliminary SAT is a standardized test applied to 10th and 11th-grade students and used as an admission test for summer internships and merit schools. Many PrepScholar SAT training reviews recommend this company as one of the best to get prepared for the PSAT.
  • ACT: the American College Testing is a test used on college admissions in the United States. In the PrepScholar ACT prep reviews, you can read wonders about this company’s programs.
  • TOEFL: the Test of English as a Foreign Language is applied to non-native speakers students that want to study in an English-based college. In the reviews, PrepScholar tutoring is highly recommended for this test.

Technology is the best ally we have right now because it offers numerous benefits and advantages that help us to be more productive. Attending online classes and taking courses on distance is one of the perks technology has. By not having to go to a classroom and not being limited to the courses in your town, you can save a lot of time and widen your possibilities.

In-person classes are always great, but to go to a classroom is no longer a requirement to learn. Every PrepScholar SAT prep review agrees that you can make the best of your time with online prep courses without having to leave the comfort of your home.


It’s time that you learn all the little details that will help you figure out if Prep Scholar is the right way to go for you. Read this PrepScholar tutor review and get all the information you need about this great company.

What is Prep Scholar?

It is a company that offers online prep programs for some of the most used entry tests. They have courses customized to each student’s learning process; to do so, they use top technology that “learns” from the student’s strengths and weaknesses. This is why they can create an effective study plan for every student. Most reviews on PrepScholar ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, PSAT, and TOEFL recommend this company.

Many compare PrepScholar vs Princeton Review because both companies´ profiles seem similar. But, if you look a little closer, you will notice that Prep Scholar offers programs much more specialized than Princeton Review. In the past few years, Prep Scholar has positioned itself as one of the companies with the best prep programs in the market.

And the majority of online Prep Scholar reviews have the same positive view of this company. In contrast, Princeton Review has dozens of negative comments.

The hardest comparison to make is between Magoosh vs PrepScholar. Both of these companies provide top-notch courses for different types of tests. At the present moment, we can say that PrepScholar is better for ACT, SAT and TOEFL prep. It also has high-quality college admission counselling services. While Magoosh is better for GMAT, GRE, IELTS, LSAT and MCAT tests preparation. But both companies strive to improve the quality each year, so all this might change soon.

How does PrepScholar work?

This innovative company is based on the positive reinforcement of the learning process, meaning that they believe that motivation is key for effective learning. They include in the features of their program to monitor the student’s progress to show with reliable registers that students are really advancing in their learning. This is an aspect highly flattered in PrepScholar online SAT prep reviews.

PrepScholar prepares students with online programs, but they also offer online personal tutoring. Students meet with professionals to help them work on their weaknesses and answer any doubts that they can come across. These are generalized features that Prep Scholar offers because, if you go into specifics and read any review of PrepScholar for the ACT, SAT, or any other program, you’ll see that each course is tailored for each student.

Does PrepScholar guarantee a better score? Does PrepScholar help at all?

Prep Scholar is so sure of its effectiveness that they guarantee that you will increase your score. If you complete the course and your score is still below that promised, they will refund 100 % of the payment.

The guarantees vary according to the tests:

  1. GRE PrepScholar reviews from previous clients explain that this guarantee is always effective. Prep Scholar guarantees a minimum of 7 points of improvement.
  2. In the case of the GMAT test, PrepScholar guarantees 60 points or more of improvement. This is confirmed by many PrepScholar reviews GMAT.
  3. Like every PrepScholar PSAT review tells you, the guaranteed increase of score for this test is at least 150 points.
  4. Prep Scholar guarantees an improvement of at least 160 points. According to almost every PrepScholar online SAT review, they keep this promise.
  5. For the ACT PrepScholar guarantees more than 4 points of improvement. Many PrepScholar reviews ACT alleges that with the course, students can meet this objective.
  6. For the TOEFL, they promise an improvement of 15 points, at least. There are no negative reviews on PrepScholar that indicate that this improvement is not possible to achieve.
  7. For the SAT Subject Test Prep, there is a guarantee of at least 80 points of improvement. Check any PrepScholar SAT course review to confirm this.

Are Prep Scholar test prep courses as effective as they say?

Yes, they are! And this is not just something we determine in our revision of this company, and it’s something you will find in reviews of PrepScholar SAT prep, GRE prep, GMAT prep, and basically any review for every program that Prep Scholar offers. They use effective methods to propel students’ motivation. Their courses are guided by some of the best tutors out there, so it is safe to say that PrepScholar delivers everything they offer and fulfil all expectations.

Is PrepScholar good or a scam?

The company that has been on the market for several years now, offering great programs imparted by professional teachers since the beginning, is surely safe. This fact alone gives it the status of a reliable institution.

Is PrepScholar reliable? If you want to go further, to be really sure, you can check any review PrepScholar has online. To read some PrepScholar customer reviews will lead you to confirm that there aren’t any denounces of scams or fraud attempts in the feedback given by previous clients. Luckily for students who need help with their entry tests, this company can be trusted.

Does PrepScholar have the best online prep courses out there?

It is risky that Prep Scholar has “the best program on the internet”, even though many reviews for PrepScholar say so. Mainly because the variety of courses and programs offered in the market is wide and the profiles of the students looking for these services are always different. So, there are diverse programs that shouldn’t be evaluated with the same criteria.

However, it is safe to say that the rate of effectiveness Prep Scholar has positioned among the best and most convenient companies for students. Many compare PrepScholar and Princeton Review programs, but there is no doubt that Prep Scholar is a better choice to help you improve your score in entry tests.


It is a company that started in 2013 in Massachusetts, founded by Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang, two PhDs who graduated from Harvard with perfect scores in their entry tests. The premise in which they founded PrepScholar was to offer great quality courses at affordable prices.

After some years on the field, Prep Scholar has become one of the best companies for students who need little assistance to increase their ACT, SAT, or other tests scores. We found that in PrepScholar SAT online prep reviews, customers are sure that Prep Scholar puts all effort to provide students with programs that they can pay for and give effective results.


This company offers programs adjusted to every test. So, for each test, there are some specific features. Let us tell you some details about them.

  • GMAT

In every PrepScholar GMAT prep review, you will find that customers say that for this test, they offer several options. You can choose from three tutoring packages:

  1. The monitored automated prep option, which includes one month of access to all study material and 4 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring session;
  2. The full tutor-led complete prep option, which includes three-month access to all study material and 10 hours of a 1-on-1 tutoring session, plus 5 Email-An-Expert Credits;
  3. Or the maximum tutoring prep option, including unlimited access to all material plus 20 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring sessions and 10 Email-An-Expert credits.

There is also the option to be included in a small study group. Just as many PrepScholar GMAT reviews show, the program for this test is one of the most complete in the market.

  • GRE

Like it is summarized in the PrepScholar GRE prep course reviews, the programs for this test are flexible and adaptive.

One option is a 5-day free trial with an adaptive diagnostic evaluation, where you’ll have access to interactive lessons and a customized curriculum with a progress tracker. As we found in the Prep Scholar GRE prep review from one of the customers, he was unsure if it would be good to take a class at PrepScholar. But after having a free trial, he was more than convinced.

Another great option is a year program that gives unlimited access to all study material, and it is done with a customized curriculum and feedback from tutors.

The third option is a lifetime program that gives the student access to all study material, all practice tests, private feedback from tutors, and weekly reports of the process. No wonder why so many former clients say it has nearly the best GRE prep course online and recommend this company in their PrepScholar GRE reviews.

  • PSAT

For the PSAT, you can choose from two customized options:

  1. The complete PSAT online prep, which includes unlimited access to all study material, a customized curriculum, feedback from tutors, and weekly reports of your progress,
  2. Or the complete + tutoring, which includes everything mentioned above, plus a one-on-one tutoring session.

These two courses have great practice tests with more than 7,100 practice questions updated with the latest version of the PSAT. Plus, it has live online classes with in-person tutors.

  • SAT

Every review of PrepScholar SAT prep indicates that this is a top program in which students will obtain the necessary tool to improve their performance on this test. If a student wants to take the course, he has several options: the most popular is the complete SAT online prep, which includes unlimited access to study material, a customized curriculum, personal feedback from tutors, and weekly reports to track your progress.

You also have the chance to choose a complete SAT online prep + tutoring, which includes everything mentioned above, plus the possibility to have a one-on-one tutoring session. Another option is the complete premium course, which offers access to everything the complete SAT online prep has for three years.

There is a special course that Prep Scholar offers called the Dual SAT + ACT, which includes courses for both tests and is very advised in ACT PrepScholar reviews. This wide variety of choices is part of the reason why every PrepScholar SAT program review recommends this program.

  • ACT

The programs offered for these tests are very similar to those offered for the SAT, but, according to reviews PrepScholar ACT, these are a little more specific. They give 5 practice tests and the possibility to customize your courses. To put together, students have the chance to choose a great course from five different options.

The most popular is the complete ACT online prep, which includes unlimited access to study material, feedback from tutors, and weekly reports of your progress. Another choice is the Prep Scholar classes, which include online classes.

There is also the complete ACT online prep with the possibility of private tutoring. And the complete premium program that gives students access to everything mentioned above for three years. One of the best aspects of these programs is that PrepScholar ACT tutor reviews indicate that tutors for this program are outstanding; that is why it is featured in the best online ACT prep list rated by a team of experts.


For this test, you can choose from three prep options. The first is a 5-day free trial that offers an adaptive diagnostic assessment, 150 hours of interactive lessons, and 4,000 practice questions.

The second option lasts for a year and allows to customize a curriculum. It also gives you personal feedback from tutors and unlimited email support.

The third option is the master option, which lasts your lifetime and that PrepScholar tutors review as one of the best options for students. As we determined, the best TOEFL prep is available on PrepScholar, though if you are looking for an alternative, see Magoosh TOEFL reviews on our website. It is also a great option for those interested in TOEFL test prep.

  • SAT Subject Test Prep

If you check any PrepScholar for subject test review, you will find how recommendable this program is to enhance your abilities in a specific subject of the SAT. There are two programs available for US History, Literature, World History, Math 1 and Math 2, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

The most basic course is the complete SAT subject test online prep. It lasts for a year and offers unlimited access to study material, a customized curriculum, feedback from tutors, and weekly reports of your progress.

The other option is the complete SAT subject test online prep plus tutoring, including one-on-one tutoring sessions. Many PrepScholar program reviews advise using this program.

  • College Admissions

Prep Scholar also offers programs that assist students in search of the right college. You can find more than one PrepScholar SAT prep program review that recommends you to use this program. Admissionado is another great option for college admissions consulting, be sure to check the Admissionado pricing to compare the prices of these two companies. For the PrepScholar program, you can choose one out of three options:

  1. The Complete Admissions Package, which offers a meeting with a personal consultant that will help students create a strategy to select the best schools;
  2. The Full Essay Service, which offers guidance through all the processes of writing the entry essay, including revisions and finalization;
  3. The Essay Editing program only has unlimited essay revisions and finalization.


Pricing is a paramount aspect to consider when choosing between several programs. In the case of Prep Scholar, prices vary a lot according to the profile of each program for each test. We tell you here some of the costs for PrepScholar services.

  • GMAT

The simplest program costs $259, the more elaborate costs $3,399.

  • GRE

Practice tests and lessons cost as little as $38 each, and the more complete lessons go up to $345.

  • SAT

The Complete SAT Online Prep costs $397, Prep Scholar Classes cost $895, and the Complete SAT Online Prep plus Tutoring costs $995.

  • ACT

The Complete ACT Online Prep costs $397, PrepScholar Classes cost $895, and the Complete ACT Online Prep plus Tutoring costs $995.

  • PSAT

The Complete PSAT Online Prep costs $397, Prep Scholar Classes cost $895, and the Complete PSAT Online Prep plus Tutoring costs $995.






Starting as low as $187 and going as high as $385.

  • SAT subject test prep

Starting as low as $397 and going as high as $995.

  • College admission assistance

Starting as low as $195 for Essay Editing and going as high as $6,895 for a Complete Package. In the online PrepScholar admissions reviews, we found that this is one of the newest services at But it has already helped dozens of students with admissions. And it is also featured in the list of the best college admissions consulting firms by the experts.


The quality of the services offered by Prep Scholar is one of the best in the market. In many PrepScholar reviews for the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT and PSAT, customers recommend this company, and every PrepScholar tutors’ reviews say that their teachers are experts in the topics they teach.

Customer Support

According to our research and PrepScholar online reviews, the customer support service of Prep Scholar is outstanding. They offer the possibility of contact through email 24/7 and phone calls during working hours. Those students with a program that includes Email-An-Expert Credits will have an immediate response to their questions. The effectiveness of this service is confirmed by many PrepScholar SAT reviews.

Website | App Usability

Prep Scholar does not have a mobile app installed on your smartphone, so all interactions are to be done through their website. Luckily, the website has a clear and user-friendly platform, the same as the software they use to conduct diagnostic evaluations and available to the students for the practice tests. This is an aspect that in most PrepScholar reviews on SAT customers find pleasant.


Even the best of the best have positive and negative aspects. That is why so many PrepScholar SAT prep course reviews and PrepScholar act course reviews have a list of positive and negative. So, to complement the information we have already given you, we tell you here the pros and cons of Prep Scholar.

  • They develop specific individual study plans for every student.
  • Their programs are customized.
  • They work with highly trained tutors.
  • There are motivation techniques included in the programs.
  • They have a lot of study material available for students.
  • They provide free consultation for students that are considering hiring their services.
  • Students can have 1-on-1 tutoring sessions to complement their courses.
  • The rate of increased points on the scores is not so high.
  • Some of the content they use in the courses is very basic.
  • Practice tests are a little limited and don’t have many questions based on real tests.
  • Some feedbacks claim that the process of getting a refund is long and tricky.
  • Their programs are designed to help students with a low score, but it is not intended to help students with an average grade.
  • They offer specialized prep courses only for the SAT and ACT. Still, in many PrepScholar ACT reviews and in every PrepScholar SAT review, customers confirm that these are great quality courses.

PrepScholar Reviews 12

  1. Lauren Klein says:

    The PrepScholar website is great for preparing students for ACT examinations, ranging from detailed videos, different study materials, free consultation services and highly trained professionals. The incredible feature is that learners are entitled to one-on-one tutoring, which increases higher chances of success since programs are customised.

  2. Morgan says:

    The first thing I can advise you is not to be afraid of prices because believe me, they are not high for preparing for such difficult and specific exams. PrepScholar offers a wonderful and interesting preparation course. Materials and information are presented in an easy and consistent manner. There are also test questions to know for sure that you have learned the lesson. It’s a great service!

  3. Alex says:

    The exam preparation course we ordered was quite interesting. PrepScholar has the right approach to presenting the information. Learning with them is easy and even fun!

  4. Andrew says:

    Sometimes children can be quite distracted. And it’s hard to get them to study, especially when it’s hard for them to cope with large amounts of information. But with the courses from PrepScholar everything is much easier! The child easily concentrates and receives exactly the material that is needed.

  5. Ashley says:

    We found many fake preparatory courses and materials for preparing for TOEFL. But when we were advised to turn to PrepScholar, we immediately realized that we were getting into the professionals. Prices are relatively not high, because on average, everyone names the same prices for preparing children for important exams. The lessons here are interesting and full.

  6. Sasha says:

    Only with PrepScholar you are guaranteed a high mark on GMAT. It’s easy to choose the right package and your child will definitely be grateful to you for such a training format.

  7. Cindy says:

    We are very pleased to have found PrepScholar to prepare for SAT. We chose complete SAT online prep and were not mistaken. It was easy and interesting to study for our son and he received a high score in the exam.

  8. Jason S. says:

    There is a lot of information on the Internet to prepare for exams and it is very difficult to understand which one is needed and which is not. To understand this, there are sites like PrepScholar. I ordered an online program for preparing to GMAT for my son and am very pleased with how the materials are presented here.

  9. Matthew Porter says:

    My daughter was studying using PrepScholar SAT program. For me as a parent, I notived that she had an unlimited access to everything she needed. She also coulv be as motivated as she wanted while studying. Now she feels a lot more confident in her SAT skills and says the lessons are easy to follow. She said that she is ready for the exam on 100%, well, will see.

  10. Martin says:

    I used the online test prep services of PrepScholar for SAT test. Well, they were good and all, material was useful and advanced materials were really hard for me. But eventually I got 1580 for my SAT, so I’m more than happy!

  11. July says:

    We used PrepScholar’s online program ($399) and I thought it was really well done. Kind of expensive but they do offer a full refund (be wary – there are a LOT of special circumstances you must hit, specifically completing their entire (gigantic) course. Our son put in the time, completed the full programs, and earned excellent scores!

  12. Tony Bergs says:

    The process of enrolling to their SAT test prep and probably taking other courses is very easy process and never have any problems. It is also easy to engage with the PrepScholar online platform. My course was very helpful and user-easy. It has the unique features and good online programs for students. The features are all helpful and fits very well.

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