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By Alina Burakova fb Jun 23, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Are you considering Manhattan Prep to assist you in your entry tests? Then you have to read this Manhattan Prep review, where we tell you every little detail you need to know to make the best decision.

Our reviews are done to give you an idea of how good a service is; that’s why they are done thinking about the students’ best interest and making a special effort to answer every question and doubt that can come up. To deliver the best GMAT prep course reviews, we have developed a method to evaluate some aspects of the company to determine its effectiveness.

The first thing we check is the quality of the programs offered. This is done by checking both previous clients’ feedback and other reviews. For example, if you read Manhattan test prep LSAT reviews, you will see that it is one of the best GRE prep online programs out there.

Next, we check the programs’ curriculum to see if they are consistent with students’ needs. In the case of Manhattan Prep, you can be sure that they tailored their curriculum to each student. According to some Manhattan Elite Prep online reviews, these two companies have this in common, but the effectiveness of Manhattan Prep is superior.

Manhattan Prep is a wide company that offers programs for some of the most used entry tests in the US and the world. They design their programs according to the profile of the test and the students. Here are some details about those tests:

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test):

An adaptive test that is designed to measure analytical, writing, reading, quantitative and verbal skills. It’s applied to those students that want to get into a graduate management program. Many Manhattan GMAT prep course reviews insist that this company offers the best preparation for this test. That fact is reinforced when you read Manhattan Elite Prep GMAT reviews, for example, and see all the accusations of scams.

GRE (Graduate Record Examinations):

The GRE is a standardized test administered to students that want to get into graduate schools in the US and Canada. Its objective is to assess several skills, like verbal reasoning, analytical writing, critical thinking, and financial math. The Manhattan GRE prep reviews indicate that this company has the ability to unleash students’ potential for this test. Compare this program with some Manhattan Elite prep GRE reviews and even Kaplan GRE prep course reviews, and you’ll see how recommendable Manhattan Prep is.

LSAT (Law School Admission Test):

This is a standardized test administered by the Law School Admission Council to determine the potential of law school candidates. It is applied not just in the US but also in countries like Australia and Canada. It mainly assesses students’ reading comprehension and verbal reasoning. If you look for a Manhattan LSAT Prep review, you will understand that this company offers some of the best programs for this test.

EA (Executive Assessment):

The Executive Assessment is a test that evaluates if a student is ready or not to enter a business school. It mainly assesses if the career experience has given the students the necessary tools to extend their academic preparation. To be precise, this test uses aspects like critical thinking, analysis capacity, and problem-solving skills.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language):

This standardized test has the objective of measuring the ability non-native speakers students have of the English language. It is a requirement that helps assure that the students will immerse themselves in English-speaking colleges. It is accepted not just in the US but also in other English-speaking countries like Canada and the UK.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Testing):

Manhattan Prep reviews GRE, and Manhattan Prep reviews LSAT to show that Manhattan Prep has great quality courses for these types of tests. But they also have developed programs for the two most common entry tests in America, the SAT and ACT. These two tests are designed to assess students’ potential for success in college.

Whether to choose an in-person course or an online course is a very personal decision that will depend on various aspects. Manhattan Prep offers both options to their clients to decide for themselves which suits them better. For some students, direct contact with the tutors helps them in their learning process. But, it has been proven that this contact is not necessary to achieve great results.

The online platforms have many benefits to students, like studying from home or the chance to study in an institute that is not in their towns. Still, many clients feel like online classes aren’t as good as in-person classes. But this is a prejudice that, in today’s world, has no room. Almost all Manhattan Prep LSAT reviews recommend online programs because, according to the ones writing the reviews, it makes it easy to fit the study sessions into their daily schedule.

Online courses are one of the advantages of living in the Internet era, and it is not a bad idea to trust the quality of great service and take the benefits it offers.

We know that you came to us to know how good is Manhattan Prep, so we give here the best Manhattan Prep review you can find online. Pay attention and don’t miss any detail.

What is Manhattan Prep?

Manhattan Prep is an American company that offers prep courses for the most important entry tests in the United States: the SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and Executive Assessment. It has its headquarters in New York City, and they use tutoring programs, in-person classes, online classes, and some other teaching methods.

They work with highly prepared tutors, design their curriculum using real test questions as a base, and promote critical thinking in students. With this method, Manhattan Prep prepares students for entry tests and prepares them for their academic college careers.

It is common to compare Manhattan Prep vs Manhattan Review, another company that offers preparation programs for several college entry tests. But, actually, even though both companies work in the same field, Manhattan Review is not too recommendable. There are reviews of that company that show suspicious behaviour.

How does Manhattan Prep work?

This company’s vision is based on the students’ interests, so they try to offer various tutoring techniques through several platforms. That way, students can choose the method they find more suitable for their schedule and lifestyle.

For the GMAT, LSAT, and GRE, they offer complete courses in-person, in which students must attend a classroom, but there is also the choice to attend these online courses. Many GMAT, LSAT, and GRE Manhattan Prep reviews show that both platforms are highly effective. Besides, there is the possibility of receiving private tutoring for these tests and the SAT and the ACT. They also offer accelerated courses, which are programs planned to be done in a shorter time and designed for students who are getting close to their test date and need to be completely prepared very soon.

To attend classes in this prestigious institution courses, the students must register and pass the payment process. The share for each class is limited, and registration ends in the second class or when the class is full, whatever happens first. If a student chooses private tutoring, then he must pay in advance for the number of tutoring hours he is asking for.

Online classes and tutoring are done through the platform Zoom, a great app designed to conduct meetings. Every review of this platform has something great to say about it because it offers VoIP connections, a chat box window, and an interactive whiteboard. These features allow students to feel just like in a real-life classroom.

Does Manhattan Prep guarantee a better score?

Just like many Manhattan GMAT prep reviews show, Manhattan Prep is a company with great quality programs. But they do not guarantee that students will get a better score just by assisting in their courses. They believe that the score is something that depends entirely on the students’ effort and commitment.

Are Manhattan Prep test prep courses as effective as they say?

They surely are! There are countless testimonials from previous clients that assure that their experience with this company is satisfactory. You can look for Manhattan Prep GRE review, Manhattan Prep LSAT review, or Manhattan Prep GMAT review, and all of them will tell you the same: this company is one of the best and, as a student, you will get all the benefits they offer.

Is Manhattan Prep safe, or is there a risk of scam?

When both your money and your grades are on the line, it is crucial to make sure that the company you are dealing with will not come around as a scam. In this regard, there is good news because you can trust Manhattan Prep with your eyes closed.

This company has 20 years on the market and a great history of success that backs up its legitimacy. It is completely reliable, and you won’t find any denounce of scam from previous clients. So, you can feel sure when dealing with Manhattan Prep.

Does Manhattan Prep have the best online prep courses out there?

Although many Manhattan prep LSAT course reviews asseverate that it actually is the best of the best, it’s hard to say which online prep course is actually the best. But what is safe to say is that Manhattan Prep is undoubtedly among the best ones. This company has a great curriculum and an outstanding teacher payroll; these two aspects work together to give students the best preparation they can ask for.

Manhattan Prep is a company that started in 2000, which means that it has two decades in the business of tutoring for entry tests. It was founded by Zeke Vanderhoek, who designed Manhattan Prep based on the premise that the best way for students to learn effectively is by having the most effective teachers.

According to this idea, the mission of Manhattan Prep is to give students the possibility of learning from the best professionals, from teachers that already have experience in the topics that they are imparting, and that could answer every need a student can have in a classroom. Like Manhattan GMAT test prep reviews, references show that the years this company has on the market have helped it be on top of quality.

The different services that Manhattan Prep offers depend on the kind of tests students need to prepare for. This is because each test has a particular profile; hence, it should have a specific curriculum and approach.

  • ACT

This is one more of the most used entry tests in the United States. Every student enrolled in this program is assigned with a tutor, who creates a curriculum tailored for the student’s learning profile to generate an effective process. Every Manhattan Prep ACT review shows that the quality of these private tutoring is great and that students feel really prepared after ending the program.

  • GMAT

We made our Manhattan GMAT prep review. And we can see from the Manhattan Prep review GMAT that, for this test, Manhattan Prep offers a great program. This is more noticeable when you compare it with reviews for Manhattan Review GMAT prep, another company that actually has a shady history. You can also compare Magoosh vs Manhattan GMAT, where students will have private tutoring, both in-person and online, while Magoosh only offers GMAT prep courses. The tutoring is customized, and it adjusts to the student’s availability and rhythm. The company also offers more than 35 video lessons available to use on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, whatever the student needs.

  • GRE

This is another important test for which students have to prepare. Luckily, Manhattan Prep offers a great program, admired in every Manhattan GRE prep review you find. This is something that does not happen when you read a Manhattan Elite Prep GRE review because there are some denounces of scams that could scare anyone. If you compare Manhattan GRE Prep vs Kaplan, you will know that you can get private tutoring in-person or online for this test, according to the student’s will. Also, students will have access to more than 66 video lessons (which equals more than 10 hours of video), around 100,000 practice problems, 6 computer-adaptive practise tests, an interactive online syllabus, and a lot of study material like flashcards and books.

  • SAT

This test is the most required and common in the US. You can find amazing Manhattan test prep GRE reviews, and there is also positive feedback about the SAT prep courses. For it, Manhattan Prep offers personalized tutoring, imparted by professional teachers. Each student that enrols in this program is assigned with a tutor determined according to the student’s profile. The tutoring session, as well as its regularity, is determined according to the student’s needs.

  • LSAT

For the LSAT, there is private in-person and online tutoring available. Each student will get personalized instruction tailored to his learning profile. Students in this program will have access to more than 10 hours of on-demand video lessons, more than 60 hours of interactive video-based lessons, and access to LSAT forums. Also, they get amazing study material like flashcards, challenge problems, and books that cover every topic on the LSAT. It is a great program, and all reviews of Manhattan Prep LSAT you find online are positive.

  • Executive Assessment

The prep course for Executive Assessment that Manhattan Prep offers is intensive, designed to prepare students for the test in a short time. It is a course that includes classes with an instructor and has great studying material, like a set of eBooks and a complete syllabus. It’s a flexible program offered only online and with a duration of 4 weeks, with one class every week.


For the TOEFL, there is no course offered. Instead, Manhattan Prep has developed an incomparable book with all the information a student could need to prepare for this test. It is a 5 lb book filled with TOEFL practice problems, which compiles more than 1,500 problems designed based on the real test´s problems. It also has explanations to get the students through the process of solving each problem.

The pricing for Manhattan Prep’s courses will depend on the kind of test and the program the student needs. They offer a discount for some tests according to the number of hours the chosen program has.

Manhattan Prep SAT course prices:

  • It’s charged per hour ($225/hour for Private Tutoring).

Manhattan Prep ACT course prices:

  • It’s charged per hour ($225/hour for Private Tutoring).

Manhattan Prep GMAT course prices:

  • 30 Hours program: $225 per hour;
  • 20 Hours program: $230 per hour;
  • 10 Hours program: $245 per hour;
  • Hourly Rate for less than 10 hours: $255 per hour.

Manhattan Prep GRE course prices:

  • 30 Hours program: $225 per hour;
  • 20 Hours program: $230 per hour;
  • 10 Hours program: $245 per hour;
  • Hourly Rate for less than 10 hours: $255 per hour.

Manhattan Prep LSAT course prices:

  • 30 Hours program: $225 per hour;
  • 20 Hours program: $230 per hour;
  • 10 Hours program: $245 per hour;
  • Hourly Rate for less than 10 hours: $255 per hour.

Manhattan Prep Executive Assessment course prices:

  • $1299 for the entire program.

Manhattan Prep TOEFL course prices:

  • The book costs around $39.99. The price might vary according to the platform where you buy it (we can’t find any TOEFL prep courses on their website anymore).

When talking about the quality of Manhattan Prep programs, there is one answer: it is great!! The big quality of this company resides partly in the profile of the teachers and tutors they work with.

Actually, one of the foundational pillars of the company is to assure that educators are 100% prepared to impart the lessons they are assigned to. That is why they recruit professionals who have attained at least 99% effectiveness on their own tests. This way, the company is sure that they are hiring only the best of the best for these tests.

The company’s customer support service has a great reputation among users. Many Manhattan Prep GMAT reviews and reviews for their other programs agree that this is one of the best aspects of the company. They have a nice customer support team who do their best to help clients solve the conflicts they might have regarding their programs.

The only downside of this customer support service is that they have limited means of communication (only by email or phone call during working hours).

Manhattan Prep’s website is easy to use, and it has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to navigate. For some programs, like the GRE and the GMAT, Manhattan Prep has available mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android.

Manhattan Prep GRE reviews and GMAT reviews show that these apps are also easy to use and give complete access to the study material. Other programs, like the EA, only have support on the website, and for the TOELF, there is only the physical book available.

If you are not sure if Manhattan Prep is a good option for you, check our Magoosh GMAT course review, it might be a good alternative for you.

  • Manhattan Prep offers preparation for 7 of the most used entry tests in the United States.
  • They have some of the best teachers and tutors, experts on the topics they teach.
  • Students can choose the platform they want for their programs (live classes, online tutoring, online classes, etc.)
  • The company offers many study materials for students, like video tutorials, books, and flashcards.
  • The curriculum of the programs is customized for each student.
  • Its quality is unquestionable, like many Manhattan test prep reviews show.
  • Prices are a little high.
  • Some programs are too demanding.
  • There is no personalized curriculum for the TOEFL nor the EA.
  • Customer support service is limited since they don’t offer 24/7 availability.
  • They don’t have mobile apps for all their programs.
  • It does offer neither a guarantee that students will get a better score nor a refund.
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Manhattan Prep is a company with a lot of history that has proven they know what they are doing. Many students compare Manhattan Review vs Manhattan Prep, so read our Manhattan Prep reviews and see that this is a better option. So, Manhattan Prep is a unique company with 20 years of experience in the field. We can surely recommend it.

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If I could give the Manhattan Prep 8 starts I would. Never been more satisfied with a learning in my life. I hate my school and my teachers. But here I got amazing tutors for my LSAT test. Everything was perfect, customer service is available there for you with cool and supportive guys.


Amazing! Look at all the score they have here at EduReviewer! I’m not an employee or a friend of these guys. Absolutely amazing human service. You can try yourself and call or email and speak to someone before you purchase. You will see how good they are! Once you have your GRE test passed like I did, you’ll see. The guarantee is also provided, but you will not need it. You’ll pass, I assure you.