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Is Rolling Admission the Same as Regular Decision?
Subtle differences between college policies mean a student can enroll in the desired program or miss a deadline ending up in a less favorite education institution. If handled wisely, rolling admission and regular decision procedures will help you fill the spot, get financial or housing needs, and fulfill your demands. Students should remember that not...
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What is a Priority Deadline?
Deadline is a self-explanatory term meaning a final day or hour to submit an application, form, or document. For students, a priority deadline means a “soft” deadline after which they can still submit their application, but those sent before that date will have a priority treatment by the admissions team. Schools with rolling admissions will...
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What is a College Admission Consultant – All You Need To Know
Deciding on where to go next and which college to attend may be a difficult task. Along with the assistance offered by the high school advisers, many students and families prefer to hire an independent university counselor for further assistance. But first and foremost, you must understand what is a college consultant, how to choose...
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How to Become a College Admissions Consultant
How to Become a College Admissions Consultant When it comes the time to prepare for college, high schoolers may face various challenges. It all begins with selecting the right university or college, the application, and many other things that are waiting for them in the process. If you would love to help the students get...
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How Much Do College Consultants Charge?
Attending college and getting a step closer to your career goals is probably the goal that you have. It is not the end of the world if you decide on the wrong college. There is always enough place to fix the issue of that type. But why would you expose yourself to such a risk?...
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Should I Hire a College Consultant and Why?
The process of applying to colleges isn’t straightforward in any way. Not only is the process complicated, but it is also ever-changing. Several questions have to be answered and it can easily become overwhelming. How should a student prepare for the admission process? What steps should a student take to get ahead of the competition?...
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