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To get a top-tier grad school program in the GRE, you'll need at least 60th percentile, or even more, around 70th percentile. However, it's not an easy task, and while studying on your own can be harsh, choosing a private tutor isn't easy either. Therefore, we reviewed the most well-known GRE prep tutoring companies, considering what matters to define good mentoring. Moreover, here you'll find, in detail and with all the essential information, which could be the best GRE tutor service for you.

Top 1
Editor choice
$699 Price starts from

Princeton is so confident about its tutors that you’ll have a 165 score guarantee for both the verbal and quantitative scores.

Score Guarantee
Top 2
Customer choice
$40 Price starts from

99th percentile score teachers. Most reputable source for GRE prep and offers one of the best GRE prep tutoring.

Best GRE teachers
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$179 Price starts from

Most low-priced prep courses. You’ll find 1,600 practice exercises and tests, both with explanations by video and text.

Very good pricing

The Most Important Decision Factors and How I Check Them

In our search for the best GRE tutoring, we go through a three-step process to determine the most critical factors. With that in mind, we can have a more accurate viewpoint and give you an unbiased view.

Expertise and Experience

Look for tutors with proven expertise in GRE preparation. Check their qualifications, experience, and track record of helping students achieve their target scores.

Cost and Value

Compare the cost of tutoring services relative to the quality and features offered. Consider the overall value proposition, including the impact on your GRE performance and future academic or career opportunities.

Student Feedback and Reviews

Pay attention to reviews and testimonials from past students. Positive feedback and success stories can indicate the effectiveness of the GRE tutor's teaching methodology

Additional Resources and Support

Evaluate the availability of additional resources of tutoring sessions. Comprehensive resources can improve your preparation and address any gaps in understanding.

How Online GRE Tutors Work

Online GRE tutors use virtual platforms and tools to provide personalized instruction and support to those preparing for this test. They use online meeting platforms and specialized mentoring sites to deliver content, practical problems, and tailored material to your needs.

Alongside homework, mentors will help you to track your progress, adjust teaching methods, and offer feedback to increase your performance. Also, you’ll have direct communication with them via email or messaging platforms to get queries and additional resources. Moreover, you can expect focused review sessions and more strategic guidance as the test gets closer.

However, you must know that different preparation companies and teachers will have different approaches and frameworks. Even when discussing the best GRE tutors online, they will have different teaching methods.
But that doesn’t mean they are better or worse because of their different frameworks. That only means they have their differences, which can be even better for you since you can look for the method that suits you better.

With their expertise in this specific exam and test-taking strategies, online mentors will ensure that you are well-prepared to achieve the desired score. Online GRE prep tutoring is made to optimize your performance, fostering confidence and success on this exam.

Best GRE Prep Tutors


  1. Best GRE In Personal Tutoring: The Princeton Review GRE Tutoring.
  2. Best GRE Tutoring Rates: Wyzant GRE Tutors
  3. Best GRE Prep Additional Material: Manhattan Prep GRE Tutoring
  4. Best GRE Value Over Price Tutoring: Magoosh GRE Tutoring
  5. Best GRE Online Tutoring: Kaplan GRE Tutoring

Now, I’ll give you a review of the significant GRE tutoring online services that you’ll find, and how they can be helpful for you. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, we applied the three-step process to what we consider the most critical factors. Also, you can even use them yourself if you want to.

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Magoosh GRE Tutoring

Magoosh GRE Tutoring

Much more known for its flashcards, the Magoosh also offers an entire prep course for the GRE. Moreover, we are discussing a very affordable and flexible alternative prep option that still provides high resources.

The highlights are:

Not only is it affordable, but its pricing is very straightforward, with three plans that could match your necessities and even a Premium + Admissions course. Also, the highest value you’ll pay can be $260, which is pretty affordable for that material.

However, its low price doesn’t mean it’s not a great study resource for the GRE. Quite the opposite, Magoosh will give you everything you need for your prep, both in video and written format.

And about the material, you’ll find plenty of it for its price. You’ll find 1,600 practice exercises and 3 full-length practice tests, both with explanations by video and text. Also, you still have access to study plans and schedules, vocabulary and math flashcards, tips, and even a blog.

Magoosh GRE Test Questions

In Magoosh, you can access the course from 1 month- to 1 year, according to your chosen plan. Also, they have a mobile app for Android and iOS, including flashcards, practice problems, and a progress tracker. It’s a bit of a limited app, but it still has a lot of resources for a mobile app.



Most low-priced prep courses can be limited, but that is not true with Magoosh. Their video lessons can provide you with everything for the GRE while delivering highly knowledgeable content for your prep.
While the low cost is its most attractive aspect, it is perfect for those looking for a flexible course on demand.

Manhattan Prep GRE Tutoring

Manhattan GRE Tutoring

Manhattan is a reputable source for GRE prep and offers one of the best GRE prep tutoring. This online service has many additional resources, which can be an outstanding option for your mentoring.
Here are the main points of this platform:

  1. 10+ hour video lessons.
  2. 99th percentile score teachers.
  3. 6 full-length practice tests.

Maybe the most important aspect is the tutors for GRE themselves, with all of them being 99th percentile scorers. Moreover, their mentors are also very good communicators. They know how to keep things clear in the most understandable way, and you can meet with them in a Zoom-based teaching room.

Also, you’ll have access to other great tools, like a digital whiteboard shared with both of you, where you two can mark notes and share thoughts on screen. Furthermore, this will also give you access to the Manhattan GRE prep course, which is their top-notch GRE course and one of the best-rated ones.

Manhattan Prep GRE Questions

Besides one of the best GRE online tutoring, you’ll have over 65 video lessons, over 100,000 practice problems, prep books, and even six full-length practice tests. However, it would be best to remember that this is one of the more expensive courses, but it is still worth even more than its costs.



When we compare Manhattan with their competition, it’s a bit pricier. However, you can still find very good promotions. Also, in my experience, we are talking about a very top-notch course with a lot of resources and material, which lives up to its price.

Wyzant GRE Tutors

Wyzant GRE Tutors

A little different from other GRE tutors, Wyzant offers a more bargain-like approach. They almost act like a job board, allowing independent mentors to connect with students while they set their own rates.

The main features are:

  1. 65,000 experts in 300+ subjects.
  2. Choose a mentor that fits your budget.
  3. Very well-reviewed.

There, you will find a vast number of different teachers, even as little as $20 per hour. Also, if you want a nearby instructor for in-person instructions, you can find one.

However, their instructions don’t follow a specific framework, which can turn out to be a big problem. Each mentor can follow a completely different teaching method, which can be an issue if you change instructors or if his framework doesn’t work for you.

But it doesn’t mean you’ll find a bad teacher since Wyzant carefully and critically examines their experts. Also, you’ll have access to their complete profile and all ratings made by other students to find the best GRE private tutoring for you.

Furthermore, they offer a screening process to help you find the best tutors for GRE prep on their platform. It can be very helpful, even, to see what they can offer you.

Wyzant GRE Tutors List



Finally, for those who can take a bit of a risk or are looking for a bargain, I’d recommend you check out what Wyzant can offer. You should, at least, go through their initial screening process. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t take long.

Kaplan GRE Tutoring

Kaplan GRE Tutoring

Kaplan offers a wide range of different tutoring packages, and you can find tutoring from pay-by-the-hour to different hour bundles, from 10-hour up to 40-hour. Also, their price could vary as much as their tutoring packages, but their prices are more affordable than some of their well-known competitors.

Kaplan’s key factors are:

In Kaplan, you’ll find many of the best GRE prep tutoring personnel, which will surely help you with both your strengths and weaknesses. Also, with at least 8 years of experience, they’ll give you plenty of useful test-taking tips and tailored strategies.

Alongside their tutoring, you’ll also have access to their GRE course. You can watch 40+ hours of lessons in that course, both live and on demand. Furthermore, you will have 2,500+ practical questions in their question bank and 7 full-length simulation tests, which are very practical and akin to the actual GRE exam.

Their premium plan gives you access to custom-tailored homework tasks and ongoing assistance to maintain your progress between your meetings – moreover, tutors in Premium are 99th percentile GRE scorers.

Kaplan GRE Tutoring Lesson



With all that, you can surely find many of the best GRE prep tutors at Kaplan at a more affordable price than other top-tier tutoring services. However, it would help if you remembered that we are not talking about low-cost tutoring but about very high-quality tutoring at a more affordable price.

Wondering which GRE prep course is right for you? Dive into our comparison of Kaplan GRE review and other top contenders.

The Princeton Review GRE Tutoring

Princeton GRE Tutoring

Not only is this a top-notch company, but they also offer the best GRE prep tutoring in person that you can find. Believe me when I say it’s a significant differential since most high-level GRE tutoring is mostly online. However, it’s not the only quality that Princeton can offer you.

Princeton’s highlights are:

  1. You can choose between online and in-person tutoring.
  2. Private tutoring for a more affordable price.
  3. 165+ Quantitative or Verbal Score Guarantee.

In Princeton, you’ll also find many of the best tutors for GRE prep, either in person or online, who have mastered the learning material. Also, their tutors are very communicative since being dynamic, engaging and interactive is a part of their admission and training.

Princeton GRE Lesson

Nonetheless, the truth is that digital tutoring isn’t universally effective for all individuals. Certain students benefit from direct interaction and tend to grasp concepts more effectively when they can solve problems alongside their tutor in proximity. Moreover, Princeton is so confident about its tutors that you’ll have a 165 score guarantee for both the verbal and quantitative scores. However, it would be best to remember that guarantee, as the refund is only for their top package, 32 hours long.

However, that doesn’t mean you must acquire their most expensive package to prepare for the GRE. Also, their rates can be a bit less costly than other top-tier GRE tutoring you can find.



Princeton Review is definitely the right choice for those looking for the best tutors for GRE in person. Also, as said before, you must remember that online tutoring is only suited for some, and some people benefit from a more traditional approach. With that in mind, we discovered that Princeton is the best in that aspect.


Is it worth getting a tutor for the GRE?
Getting a GRE tutor can make a big difference in your GRE prep. Remember, we are talking about a very harsh test since it's an exam for many graduate schools and professional programs. Also, if you lack focus and self-discipline, choosing to get help with tutoring can be the best option for you.
Who has the best GRE prep?
Actually, it depends on what you need. Different methods and resources exist for all the other necessities, which can vary from person to person. So, instead of searching for who offers the best tutors for GRE prep, you should search for which one has the best method for your needs.
How long should I study for the GRE?
To be very honest, it'll depend on many factors like your previous knowledge, focus, number of hours you can dedicate, etc. However, most of the time, the GRE prep will take something between 4 weeks to 20 weeks, but most consider the ideal time to be around 3 months of preparation.
Are Varsity Tutors suitable for the GRE?
It has its pros and cons, as any other GRE tutoring. On the good side, they have knowledgeable tutors, affordable rates, and customized homework to target weaknesses. However, most popular tutors book very fast, and their live classes are less complete than many of the best GRE online tutoring you can find.