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Best GRE Prep Apps

Having adequate preparation for the GRE is essential if you've decided to take it as a required test for college admissions. You'll probably choose this course of action because, as test takers, you stand to gain from using mobile applications to help you prepare for the GRE. It's reasonable, economical, and effective. By starting this on the correct track, you can ensure that you ace the GRE and gain admission to the school of your choice.

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Editor choice
$40 Price starts from

With the help of the app's more than 500 video tutorials, users may effortlessly understand complex subjects. In order to acquaint users with the format of the exam, it also provides longer practice problems.

My top choice for the GRE prep software
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Get access to the largest collection of practice questions. Users recommend this software to improve GRE maths scores. I also liked the dashboard feature in the smartphone app that makes it easy to view your progress.

Largest collection of practice questions
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$179 Price starts from

A list of the 1000 most frequently asked GRE terms is included in this goldmine of GRE knowledge to help students expand their vocabulary. The software provides real-time analytical reports and breaks down your progress into sections.

One of the best apps for vocabulary practice

How I Decide and Select the Top GRE Prep Apps

In my experiment to select the best application for GRE prep, I examined a series of factors that essentially helped me in making my list. They involve:

Content Quality

To ensure comprehensive coverage of all GRE sections, I meticulously curated high-quality materials for the app, guaranteeing thorough preparation.

User Interface

While many study aids lack interactive features, the top GRE prep apps prioritize intuitive interfaces, facilitating easier studying through user-friendly layouts.

Practice Tests

Recognizing the ineffectiveness of unrelated study materials, I prioritized the inclusion of authentic, full-length practice exams in the app, closely resembling the actual GRE experience.

Performance Analytics

The best GRE Prep App must include detailed performance analytics, empowering students to track their progress and focus their efforts strategically to achieve their target scores.

Summary: Best GRE Prep Apps

  1. Best Overall: Manhattan Prep GRE Practice
  2. Best for Big Maths Materials: GRE Maths Practice by PrepScholar
  3. Best for Verbal Reasoning Work: GRE Vocabulary Flashcards Prep by Barron’s
  4. Best Live GRE Instruction: Varsity Tutors GRE Mobile App
  5. Best Budget-friendly: GRE Prep and Practice by Magoosh
  6. Best Comprehensive Practice: Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh

Manhattan Prep GRE Practice

Manhattan Prep GRE App

Manhattan Prep GRE is my top choice for the greatest GRE prep software overall, based on my analysis of what seems like endless programs. Prepscholar GRE is my second choice, and this is somewhat tied, but overall, when all of its qualities are compared side by side, this is by far the best.

Students can better prepare for the GRE by using the extensive library of standardized test prep books in relevant disciplines offered by Manhattan Prep GRE. With the help of the app’s more than 500 video tutorials, users may effortlessly understand complex subjects. In order to acquaint users with the format of the exam, it also provides longer practice problems and mock exams from actual GREs.

Manhattan Prep GRE Math App

With Manhattan Prep GRE, customers may measure their progress over time with powerful analytics in addition to personalized study plans made to fit their schedules and needs.

Manhattan Prep GRE App Review

Regarding this tool, an Apple store user shared the following observations: “I like the step-by-step approach whereas other GRE apps seem to overcomplicate things…”

GRE Maths Practice by PrepScholar

PrepScholar GRE App

Users have found PrepScholar to be enjoyable due to its substantial math practice, which includes over 150 hours of interactive courses, as well as its affordability when compared to other resources. With access to the largest collection of practice questions, the software has been commended by some users for helping them especially raise their GRE math results.

With both text and video answer explanations available, the app lets you look over questions you missed from earlier classes and see how you did. I especially like how comprehensive the math explanations are. They walk you through each step of the problem-solving process in a logical order, beginning with how you would approach the question and moving on to the various stages of the answer.

Prepscholar GRE App Rating

The dashboard feature of the smartphone app, which makes it simple to view your progress, is something else I enjoyed. You can see a clear summary of the week’s lessons and tasks, how much time you’ve spent studying thus far, and your study objective as in the image above.

GRE Vocabulary Flashcards Prep by Barron’s

Barrons GRE App Prep

Barron’s Vocabulary Flashcards is my choice for the greatest verbal reasoning selection. While I acknowledge that some individuals like Manhattan Prep, Barron’s Flashcards for GRE can be the better software if vocabulary is more important to you.

With the use of this application, GRE test takers can study and practice vocabulary words that are frequently seen on the exam. It’s special not only because it’s digital software and a physical set of flashcards, but also because it offers definitions and terms that mirror a college graduate’s vocabulary and fluency.

Barrons GRE Prep Example

It includes target words with pronunciation and part of speech together with a list of high-frequency words that have shown up on recent GREs. Users of the program can personalize the flashcards to concentrate on particular subjects or terms they may be having trouble with. Each card includes an explanation of the word, an example of how to use it in a sentence, and a list of synonyms.

Varsity Tutors GRE Mobile App

VarsityTutors GRE App

One of the greatest applications for GRE prep is offered by The Varsity Tutors, which links users to adaptive learning tools and live, customized coaching sessions. Students can concentrate on either verbal or quantitative skills, or both, based on their areas of weakness, using the app, which is available for iOS and Android.

I received video tutoring with all the bells and whistles—quizzes, practice exams, flashcards, movies, and diagnostic tests—through the Varsity Tutors GRE app. Numerous practice questions are carefully arranged according to topic. You can schedule a 20-minute study session to improve focus or take timed full-time practice exams.

VarsityTutors GRE App Interface

It costs nothing to download the GRE app. This app is convenient, especially for last-minute study sessions. It is available on Android 6.0 and higher, and you may practice with a friend or hire a tutor from Varsity Tutors to help you ace the GRE.

GRE Prep and Practice by Magoosh

Magoosh GRE Prep App

Created by Magoosh, a well-known test prep company for competitive exams, this company does an excellent job of making GRE preparation interesting and approachable.

In terms of features, it offers reasonably priced membership plans that provide you instant access to study schedules, practice problems, and video tutorials. With the help of score predictor technology, which is based on your present efforts as well as the efforts of thousands of other students finishing the course at the same time, you can forecast your final GRE result.

To help you raise your score to the next level, the app includes more than 250 video lectures, over 1200 practice problems, and vocabulary flashcards.

There are several featured video lessons available in the free edition. Nevertheless, you’ll need to register for premium access to Magoosh online GRE if you want all of the features.

Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh

Magoosh GRE Vocabulary App

One of the best apps for vocabulary practice is the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder, which is also developed by Magoosh. A list of the 1,000 most frequently questioned terms on the GRE is included in this gold mine of GRE knowledge to help students improve their vocabulary. This software isn’t your typical GRE prep app.

Magoosh GRE Prep App Features

This program provides real-time analytical reports and breaks down your progress into sections. According to my research, Magoosh offers the greatest apps for learning vocabulary according to their level of difficulty and is a reliable resource for anyone preparing to ace the GRE. All of this is accessible with the Trial version; but, a subscription gets you access to additional video lectures and practice problems.

Check out these real-time reviews of the GRE Exam Prep Application.

Magoosh GRE Prep App Review

One user said that the app is the ideal resource for using a smartphone to learn while on the go.

How To Study Effectively with GRE Apps

After reading through this guide on the best GRE Prep App there is, below are effective strategies to get the most out of GRE Practice Apps:

Why You Can’t Use Only GRE Apps

Though they aren’t comprehensive enough to take the place of your main study, GRE apps are great refreshers for people who frequently leave their primary study place. Even though the GRE examinations may be difficult, some apps only address a portion of the test, thus they aren’t a reliable resource for studying.

However, enrolling in a study course or attending a respectable review institution is the most efficient method to be ready for the GRE, and test-takers should limit their use of apps to improve their test-taking strategies. That being said, I firmly believe that using a GRE prep tool to study is still far superior to doing nothing at all.


What are the best GRE apps for Android users?
The GRE Prep & Practice and the Magoosh. They have the highest star ratings and number of downloads on the Google Play Store.
What are the best GRE apps for Apple users?
Based on star ratings and the number of downloads on the App Store, the Manhattan Prep GRE and Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh are the best GRE apps for Apple users
What is the most accurate GRE practice test?
There's no one-size-fits-all approach to answer this, but our best overall pick, Manhattan GRE Prep is tested and trusted to be the most accurate GRE practice test helping you ace your GRE in one attempt
What is the best GRE app to improve vocabulary?
With over 1,000 vocabulary words picked by a GRE tutor, Magoosh’s GRE Vocabulary Flashcards is one of the most effective apps for improving vocabulary skills.
What is the best predictor for GRE scores?
As reviewed in the guide, the GRE Prep and Practice by Magoosh is the best app to predict your GRE scores with its score predictor technology.