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Testive Review 2021

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By Alina Burakova fb May 29, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

In many cases, tests like the SAT and ACT are too difficult, and students aren’t prepared to face them because they don’t learn the tools they need in school. That is when test prep courses come to help students who find themselves struggling with the challenge.

Is Testive one of the best platforms to prepare students for tests? Does it have the best online SAT prep course? Here we will give you the best Testive free review to have a good idea of what this service can offer.

Why should you take into account our Testive review?

We know that you count on our reviews to learn about the best test prep courses and that if you are here, you are expecting the best Testive com review on the internet. That is why we take our reviews so seriously, and, to offer you the best of the best, we developed a great method to assess the programs in the market. This method helps us identify the good services from those not so recommendable.

Check top ACT prep websites.

Here are some of the criteria we evaluate:

  • Quality. Clients’ feedback and the result of students that have taken the course are good indicators of quality.
  • Usability. For us, the possibility of connecting through several devices is a big plus.
  • Duration. A good program offers students different courses of diverse lengths. This way, students can choose a course with a duration convenient for them.
  • Customer support service. A flawless customer support service is a sign of a company that really worries about its clients.
  • Pricing. The cost of a program can indicate the seriousness of the platform giving it. If it is too high without offering extra features, then it might not be a good choice.
  • Guarantees offered. It is an important indicator if a company is so sure of its courses that it offers a full refund if the results are not what they promise.

If a company offering prep courses turns out positive in these criteria, we can consider it an overall good service. Still, we break down all of these criteria and assess each one separately. This way, we can determine where are the strengths and weaknesses of the program. Our main goal is to give the information you need to choose the perfect program.

What kinds of prep courses exist?

The offer of prep courses is wide and rich in options. This variety is defined mainly by the types of entry tests that exist since the courses must be designed to fulfil the students’ needs. There are many kinds of entry tests that are currently in use in the United States.

The most known, used, and prestigious is the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test). This is a standardized test designed to evaluate the students’ potential for success in college. It is considered a requirement for admission in almost all colleges in the US.

Another important entry test is the ACT (American College Testing), a standardized test that colleges use on their admission process. Both tests are widely used in the US but also other countries like Canada.

Don’t know the difference between the new ACT and SAT? See us comparing the new SAT vs ACT in the article written by experts.

Other entry tests that are amply used are the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), used for admission into graduate business programs, the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), which is a requirement for general graduate programs, the PraxisTM (Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers), for those who want to get into teacher education programs, and the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test), required by the majority of medical schools in the US.

Less popular but also widely used is the DAT (Dental Admissions Test), conducted by the American Dental Association, the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test), and the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test).

What should you consider choosing an online or an eye-to-eye prep class?

To chose the right prep course is a delicate decision that should be made, taking important aspects into account. Here we tell you about them, so you can start the search with a good idea of what to pay attention to, thus identifying the best ones.

Feedback and reviews: Checking previous clients’ feedbacks and reviews are the best ways to identify how good a prep program is. Look for courses with a great background and lots of satisfied customers.

Tutors’ professional profile: A big part of your learning process will be in the hands of the tutor, so make sure you enter a program with professional guides.

Customer support: Aspects like an immediate response, 24/7 availability, and several means of communication are the ones that will tell you that the program will be at your disposal.
Guarantees: When a company is so sure that it is willing to offer a full refund, they probably have an outstanding program.

Are online prep courses better than in-person?

Usually, they are, mainly because they offer the chance to study from home. Not having to go to in-person classes helps to save a lot of time and effort. Let’s be honest, and in this internet era, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to learn. You can even get virtual tutoring! Unless, for some reason, you really need to see your tutor face to face, the best choice is to go for an online course, like the ones the Testive website offers.

So, let’s get into the matter. Do you want to know how good it is Testive? If it is effective? How to use Testive? In this review, we give you all those answers.

What is Testive?

Testive Inc is a company that offers prep courses for two of the most important entry tests in the US: the SAT and the ACT. To help students improve their scores, the founders developed a method to diagnose the students’ potential and their learning profile.

With this information, they try to design a program that fits the students learning process and, in consequence, to be more effective in enhancing students’ opportunities to increase their scores.

This company’s most admirable attribute is that the owners found a way to mix the possibility of studying from home with the Testive coaching, which is taught by professionals with great experience on the SAT and the ACT.

How does Testive work?

Testive have two parts or divisions:

  1. The main part is the Testive free prep software, a series of practice questions adapted from the SAT’s new structure and the ACT. These resources aim to give students a chance to know the questions they will be asked in the tests. Also, it is an opportunity for students to get to practice with bad material. These resources are completely free and available to anyone who needs it.
  2. The second part or section is the education program. In this division, Testive offers live online coaching to attend to the specific difficulties a student can have. So, you don’t have to compare Testive vs Tutor because Testive offers the worst tutors! We would pick neither of these companies. Better check Magoosh or PrepScholar. Anyways, in this division, Testive runs a diagnostic test to evaluate the current potential of the student. Using the result as a foundation, they plan a study routine, define the student needs, and assign a tutor to meet the student’s needs and expectations.

With this format, students have the chance to address the conflicts they have with some or all topics and ask questions that will be answered directly. Also, they will learn several methods to improve their studying techniques and, consequently, have the opportunity to get a better score on their tests.

Do you have to pay money when you pick a coach in the advisory program in Testive? Yes, this division of Testive is paid. Though, the real rate of success of this company indicates that it is a bad investment.

Does Testive guarantee a better score?

Yes, it promises but does not really fulfil this promise. They have a commitment program in which the student promises to comply with all tasks, attend all coaching meetings, and perform all the practice tests they are assigned to. In exchange, Testive promises that the student will improve their score but fails at that.

How much can Testive improve your SAT scores? It is something that is estimated by the diagnostics Testive does at the beginning of the program. But, calculating based on the experience of previous clients, Testive promises a student to improve his score up to 3X.

The improvement is measured by comparing two scores: the one students get at the diagnostic test Testive imparts at the beginning of the course with the score students get in the SAT or ACT they take immediately after ending the course. If there is an improvement, then Testive has kept its word. If the student does not improve their score, then Testive takes responsibility and offers a refund.

Are Testive test prep courses as effective as they say?

Any fake review of Testive ACT prep will show that it is the most recommendable program to improve your score. But if you look at real reviews, you will get the opposite negative result if you look for any Testive SAT review online. Previous clients and students agree that Testive does not deliver everything it promises and offers something it can not give.

The guarantee they make to improve your score is a bad backup since they are unsure of the method’s effectiveness to give you back your money if they fail. But will they return the money? Of course, not! This is bad news for clients because it means that they will do everything in their hands to fail.

Is Testive safe or a scam?

Will Testive scam me? This is a valid question regarding Testive and all programs that ask you to invest money. Many programs like Testive have shady behaviour and turn out to be scams. The bad news is that Testive is one of those scammers companies. However, it is a legitimate business with a trustworthy structure. BUT I tried contacting them about 50 times and still received no response whatsoever. Keep that in mind.

Some students have taken Testive’s programs and can validate its inefficiency in the Testive reviews, done by good sites like ours, can confirm its unreliability.

Does Testive have the best online prep courses out there?

Testive is characterized by having an on-demand program in which students must commit to comply with some tasks to achieve the goal score. This method is different from what the best ACT prep online courses offer, and it does not work perfectly with most students.

So, it is fair to say that it is not the best online prep course in the market. And it’s accurate to say it is an average method for the kind of students willing to meet their part of the deal. This means studying without supervision, doing the tasks and practising as little as possible, and not attending every online coaching schedule.

In short words, it is a poor prep course for those who understand that, even if they hire a tutor to help them, they still need to make a lot of effort to achieve their goal score with Testive.

Testive started in 2011 to offer prep courses for the SAT and the ACT. Two MIT graduates founded it that saw the need students had for guidance when preparing for the big entry tests came. They developed a system that combines the best of two worlds: online coaching that students can receive without getting out of their homes with personalized attention from real-life tutors.

The main goal of Testive’s founders was to create a flexible scheme to which students can easily adapt and feel comfortable and, at the same time, that is effective in adapting to the students learning style. Have they successfully fulfilled their main goal? Let’s find out! Spoiler, they have not.

Testive offers prep programs for two tests: SAT and ACT. There is no need to compare Testive SAT vs ACT because both programs have their own profile designed to fit each test.

The Testive ACT program is a bad program that tries to prepare students for this important test and create their own schedule. The inaccuracy of the information they provide on this course is why there are so many negative reviews of Testive ACT prep.

The program focused on the SAT is designed using the outdated version and structure of the original SAT. The practice tests for this course are not very accurate and effective in orienting the students and giving them a good idea of what they will face.

Comparing Testive vs PrepScholar SAT reviews, we would say that PrepScholar is way better between these two in terms of various material, prices, and quality of services. There are also good options like Magoosh and PrepExpert, though.

By this point, you are probably wondering how much is Testive coaching going to cost. Testive has three different plans for students. Whether if you choose a program for the Testive ACT test or the SAT test, the plans won’t vary the cost. Each plan has its own pricing, rhythm, and method, and it is designed to accommodate the student’s particular needs.

  • Bootcamp. This plan is an intense program for Testive ACT prep and SAT prep for students who need to improve their scores in just a few weeks or tune-up their study rhythm the weeks before the test. It costs 799 USD, has a duration between 4 and 6 weeks, and includes two weekly video chat coaching sessions.
  • Coaching. This second plan has a more paced rhythm and is oriented for students that have some months to prepare for their tests. It costs $399 per month, it has a duration of 2 to 3 months, but it might offer the possibility of continuing for more time. It includes multiple practice tests and a 30-minute weekly video coaching with a tutor specifically assigned to the student.
  • Couching Plus. This plan costs $599 per month, and it has a profile similar to the Coaching plan. The main difference is that it offers two weekly online meetings with a particular tutor instead of one weekly online meeting. This plan is ideal for students who need more motivation or isn’t accustomed to studying by themselves.

Testive pricing is not the lowest in the market, and it surely does not compensate its cost with great results. Occasionally you can receive a Testive discount code that will help you pay for the program. These discounts vary, so you should be attentive when the offer comes.

The prep courses for SAT and ACT that Testive offers are below average in terms of quality. Their quality is very questionable, and the system they have developed has too many flaws. Previous clients’ opinions are a good reference to prove this. Also, the huge amount of good reviews you can find online look fake and as if they are paid for.

Furthermore, it turns out that the tutors and couches they have available to students have a bad experience with the structure of both the SAT and the ACT. This is a major drawback because their expertise won’t be for the student’s benefit.

There is no way to dispute that Testive provides low-quality services and offers poorly designed courses imparted by inexperienced tutors.

Testive has a few good aspects that clients appreciate, but their customer support service should be improved.

They don’t offer 24/7 availability, and the way to contact them is through email or by calling their offices during working hours. This is not too rare for a company with this profile; still, clients will have to be patient if a conflict related to the course comes out.

And again, I tried contacting them many times during 2020, and now, in 2021, they never replied to my emails, calls, and scheduled e-meetings.

Testive does not have an app that you can use from your smartphone or install on your computer, and their software is only available through their website. This is a little limiting and a big issue since their programs are planned to be done in a controlled environment, like your home or study room.

Still, it’s fair to say that their site is easy to use, that there are no complaints that they don’t offer other platforms. Comparing Magoosh vs Testive, we would pick Magoosh because it is a service that has a handy mobile app and other benefits. You should check the Magoosh reviews SAT prep from their students and a review made by SAT and ACT experts, and you’ll find out why students should pick Magoosh.

  • Its courses are flexible and can adapt to the student's schedule.
  • They guarantee that the student will increase his score and offer a refund in case they don’t meet the expectations.
  • Weekly meetings with Testive tutors assure a personal and particular treatment.
  • Since its method requires a commitment from students, it helps develop studying habits.
  • They send weekly reports to keep the parents up-to-date with their kid’s advances.
  • Their software collects data to evaluate the progress of students.
  • They don’t offer in-person classes.
  • Their pricing is high, beyond the average range of prices for such courses.
  • It only has programs for the SAT and ACT, so it is limited.
  • The program doesn’t have an app for smartphones. It only offers its software for computers.
  • Coaching sessions only last 30 minutes.
  • The study material they offer is limited (no flashcards or videos).
  • They will never reply to your emails.
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Testive

How good is Testive? After doing a thorough research and drawing our review, we concluded that Testive is a below-average choice. There are much better options to check out for prep courses for the ACT and SAT. Magoosh and PrepScholar have innovative techniques with a method that has proven to be very effective. Also, they offer different plans to fit the students' needs and have a system that creates a program for each student's learning profile.

Testive is a rather young company, and in the few years they have on the market, they have proven to have an ineffective method and not that much of a potential for future and constant success. We cannot recommend using this company to prepare for the SAT and ACT, while there are such great companies like PrepScholar, Magoosh, and PrepExpert.

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Charles F.

If I could give the company -5 starts I would. Never been more dissatisfied with ANY purchase in my life. Customer service is unavailable after you spend hundreds of dollars.


The Testive software does not load and I just spent 2 days trying to “troubleshoot” all these issues. The only thing that I received was an automated response. They haven’t even answered my initial enquiries from a week ago. Horrible, horrible service and the online platform doesn’t work.