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Blueprint Prep MCAT Review

By Alina Burakova, Updated September 13, 2022


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About Blueprint MCAT
Lowest price$249
Charged Monthly
Our verdict Pros & Cons


  • All in all, Blueprint provides an excellent course for students struggling to prepare for the MCAT exam.
  • These guys definitely know a lot about the essentials of MCAT.
  • Therefore, they pay attention to all details and do their best to develop the most flexible strategy that will help even the most demanding learners.


  • Also, the courses are good in almost all aspects that really matter.
  • This can be proved by multiple positive Next Step MCAT reviews that you may find on the Internet.
  • Whether it goes about a Next Step MCAT practice tests review or about tutoring feedback, most accounts will admire the courses for their excellent quality and devotion of these guys.


  • So, I definitely recommend you rely on Blueprint as a reputable partner helping you improve your MCAT rating.
  • These guys have some things to improve, especially when it comes to quizzes, but such issues are rather insignificant.
  • Generally, they know how to help their clients and provide money-back guarantees.
  • I suppose that it is an excellent choice for your MCAT preparation.
  • Blueprint offers a user-friendly interface of the website.
  • The company is consistent and reliable in its money-back guarantees.
  • Blueprint has skilled tutors who take a customizable approach to the clients.
  • All materials provided by Blueprint are highly interactive and supported with attractive visuals.
  • There's an excellent quality of the material taught, which is admired in most Next Step test prep reviews.
  • Some quizzes provided by Blueprint may seem a little bit repetitive.
  • The prices may be too high for some users even though they are quite justified.
  • The explanations provided to the results of some tests may seem to be not detailed enough.
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Which MCAT Prep Course is the Best?

The best way to improve your score during the MCAT examination is to choose a decent course that will facilitate your preparation. After getting familiar with many positive LSAT Blueprint reviews, I decided to analyze the MCAT prep course provided by MCAT. This offer definitely deserves your attention, and I will try to explain why. In this material, I provide a detailed analysis of the MCAT preparation course provided by Blueprint. The main criteria by which I evaluate this offer are its prices, quality, website usability, customer service, and guarantees.


MCAT is an extremely challenging test, which requires much preparation and attention to detail. If you feel insecure about getting a successful score for it, we recommend you rely on experienced professionals. Blueprint claims excellent MCAT preparation services that will help you cope with the most significant challenges pertaining to this exam.

Are these guys, actually, so good? Well, let’s find the answer to this question. Read this Next Step MCAT prep review to know more about the quality of courses provided by Blueprint. We will try to examine all the essentials of such support offers. We will also pay attention to the pricing of such courses, as well as their pros and cons. After reading this material, you will know whether you should rely on Blueprint while preparing for MCAT.

Blueprint Prep MCAT Course Review

One of the most important things about the MCAT preparation course provided by Blueprint is its interactivity. Here you will find game-like exams, informative videos, and many more tasks that will surely keep you engaged. All the content is available on the platform’s website, which is also perfectly compatible with various mobile phones.

The course is extremely rich in useful material. In particular, there are 160 learning modules with relevant content, strategy data, and quizzes. All these elements are properly structured to ensure some quality preparation for the MCAT. Apart from this, you may find 30 learning modules that are specifically dedicated to teaching strategy and reasoning skills required for the successful passing of the MCAT. Such content diversity helps you understand the essentials of MCAT from various perspectives. In this case, you prepare yourself theoretically, but also develop the required pattern of thinking that will help you successfully pass the test.

In most cases, your classes involve watching a video or any other piece of interactive content. This is typically followed by a short quiz or testing that helps you practice your skills and check what you have learned. In most cases, these tests bring some real fun. They are not mundane and repetitive, so you may get some new experience each time you pass a specific learning module. We must also admit the quality of videos and interactive materials. They are visually attractive and informative. Surely, such pieces of educational content may differ, but, at most, they were really satisfying.

Speaking in more detail about the quizzes, these guys provide the most common tasks. You may find multiple-choice questions, drag and drop matching tasks, ordering assignments, and the tasks where you should fill in the blank. All tasks are distributed harmoniously so that you will not get bored will multiple identical assignments in a row. Probably, these questions may still seem to be quite repetitive, but it is still far from being critical.

Besides, each quiz is followed with a problem explanation. It is added to help you dig deeper into the topic. Unfortunately, there are some minor issues with this part of the course. As an experienced author of one next step MCAT review has mentioned “they are far from being detailed.” In many cases, the guys from Blueprint fail to provide more than one sentence to explain the right answer to a particular quiz. Probably, demanding explanations around incorrect answers would be too much. But these guys should definitely pay more attention to explaining, at least, the correct answer and the main points that make it the right choice. This will facilitate better work on mistakes and help the learner understand the material more comprehensively.

The company seems to be proud of its attractive visuals and animations introduces in the interactive pieces of content. At least, they emphasize this feature in numerous promotions. Illustrations and animations that you can find on this website are really much more attractive than the ones that you will see in most MCAT preparation courses. The guys from Blueprint try to explain all the most relevant facts with vivid illustrations or diagrams describing the most complex biological systems, chemical processes, and many more. It seems to be a perfect place for those who are more into a visual memory.

The decent quality of lessons is good, but a great problem of many educational courses is the poor customizability of their curricula. Fortunately, this is not the case with Blueprint. This platform provides a highly customizable study planner. It allows you to make your learning curricula as convenient as it is possible. Blueprint prioritizes your time and wants to ensure that you won’t waste a second with their MCAT preparation course.

We should also pay attention to the overall quality of the platform provided by Blueprint to those into preparing for MCAT. What is really important is that these guys provide a convenient in use website that is easy to navigate. We all know how a web platform with poor usability and layout of elements may negatively affect your efficiency. Sometimes, it impacts your motivation. And there may even be cases when you miss some valuable materials just because you have issues with finding them among dozens of clickable symbols and pages. When it comes to the Blueprint MCAT course, I must admit, that these guys anticipated such a problem and tried to do their best to avoid it.

They have paid much attention to developing an intuitive interface. You may easily find the main subpages. They include your study plan, learning profile, exams, analytics, the storage of questions, and other essentials of a learning platform. Hence, you will have no issues with finding the relevant information on the website of the MCAT assessment course.

If you wonder where you can find most of your learning materials, use your study plan. It allows you to see the most valuable resources in one place. This is much more convenient than in the case of many learning websites where you should scroll through many pages to find what you need. Meanwhile, Blueprint enables you to see your educational content in a properly structured way. Surely, there are other ways to review your learning materials.

For example, Blueprint provides you with a resources tab. This example illustrates one of the core principles of the observed learning platform. These guys want you to access the required materials through various links and tabs. All such measures mean that you’re never more than a couple of clicks from the required material.

Just like in the case of the LSAT course, Blueprint supports its MCAT preparation course with tutoring services. The company provides private tutoring packages that will meet the most specific requirements. Some next step MCAT tutoring reviews claim that this course is rather costly, but its value totally justifies the price. A failure to pass the MCAT can be very damaging for your academic career, so it is definitely worth spending some money on a professional tutor.

How do these tutors work? They choose a highly-customized approach that will help you observe the most important MCAT topics from various perspectives. No part of the MCAT curriculum will be left without attention. These guys provide certain quality guarantees and apply various tutoring techniques to make sure that you tackle everything important about MCAT. If you search for Next Step tutoring reviews, you will see that many learners admire their Blueprint teachers for their excellent study planning. Probably, I am not skilled enough to determine whether my tutor was a guru in all parts of the MCAT. Still, I think that he was proficient enough to help me comprehend the most diverse parts of the course. I felt some huge relief even after a few hours spent with a tutor.

As we have already touched on the question of Blueprint tutoring hours, let’s briefly overview their offer. This platform offers 3 bundles in which you may get 16, 24, and 40 hours of tutoring, respectively. Just like in the case of LSAT, the price per hour may differ from bundle to bundle and can be reduced when the guys from Blueprint introduce discounts. You can easily find the most relevant information on discounts, as well as on all other offers, terms, and conditions of the courses by simply contacting the Blueprint support team. These guys don’t provide anything “unique and special,” but do their jobs really diligently. My experience with Blueprint’s customer support was genuinely positive.

Blueprint MCAT Cost

Generally, Blueprint provides two types of courses. The first one is the Online Course. It is a self-paced version of the course that you may complete within the set time period.

  • Access to the Online Course for 6 months will cost you $1,800.
  • 9 months with the Online Cost will cost you $2,200.
  • The price for 12 months with the Online Course is $2,500.

Besides, the platform offers its users a Live Online Class, which is almost identical to the Online Course. The main difference is that this option includes 40+ hours of live classes. During such classes, you can interact with the best MCAT instructors provided by Blueprint. Typically, such an option costs around $2,500. However, you may be lucky enough to catch a discount. In this case, the price may be substantially lower.

Also, we have already mentioned an MCAT tutoring offer provided by Blueprint. The price for an hour of tutoring may range from $150 to $200. Such prices are not the cheapest, but they grant you quality. Also, you may search for some discounts that will make tutoring services provided by Blueprint less expensive to you.

Quality of the Blueprint Prep MCAT Course

I was extremely satisfied with the overall quality of services provided by Blueprint. According to various next step prep MCAT reviews, these guys really know their business and constantly improve. Probably, this point about improvement refers to their long-term strategy, but I have also managed to witness their improvement throughout the course. It goes about efficiently and quickly customize the course according to the needs of a specific student.

The positive impact of the course is evident to me, as it has significantly improved my understanding of various disciplines pertaining to the MCAT. Professional tutors do their best to help a learner understand even the most difficult parts of the material. According to the estimates, the course brings a roughly +13 points score increase on average. From my own experience with the course, I may say that such numbers seem to be very realistic.

As a credible company, Blueprint provides its users with a money-back guarantee. If the prep course doesn’t improve your score, you get your money back. Meanwhile, the company is not obliged to return your money if you have not met the basic requirements. In particular, you should complete all the lessons and take a diagnostic test proving your proficiency.

Apart from getting your money back, you receive the option of repeating the course. What is really important about such guarantees is that the company really follows its policies. At least, some next step test prep reviews admire Blueprint for its fairness and willingness to satisfy the clients.

  • Blueprint offers a user-friendly interface of the website.
  • The company is consistent and reliable in its money-back guarantees.
  • Blueprint has skilled tutors who take a customizable approach to the clients.
  • All materials provided by Blueprint are highly interactive and supported with attractive visuals.
  • There's an excellent quality of the material taught, which is admired in most Next Step test prep reviews.
  • Some quizzes provided by Blueprint may seem a little bit repetitive.
  • The prices may be too high for some users even though they are quite justified.
  • The explanations provided to the results of some tests may seem to be not detailed enough.

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