EduReviewerBest Online Learning Platforms: An Exploration of Virtual Training Hubs

Best Online Learning Platforms: An Exploration of Virtual Training Hubs

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Welcome to the riveting world of eLearning platforms, a space that’s transforming the way we learn, grow, and evolve. In this review, we’ll be journeying into the heart of some of the best platforms for online learning that I’ve personally tested. What are the defining features that set each platform apart? We’re about to uncover them!

With a focus on five key areas – prices, services provided, customer service, quality of deliverables, and guarantees, each platform was meticulously evaluated. I tried and realized that no stone was left unturned in this comprehensive and authentic exploration.

Among the platforms we’ll delve into are:

  • Coursera with its varied academic courses;
  • edX, the open-source giant;
  • Skillshare, the hub for creatives;
  • CreativeLive, where creativity meets academia;
  • Udemy, particularly its feature-packed Udemy Business offering;
  • Linux Foundation, the sanctuary for open-source enthusiasts;
  • MasterClass, the home of celebrity-led classes;
  • DataCamp, the playground for data science nerds;
  • Udacity, the realm of tech-specific content;
  • Codecademy, a coder’s paradise;
  • GoSkills, is a platform redefining Excel and othe Office courses.

Each brings something unique to the table, and we’ll dissect these features to help you find your ideal learning space.

Fasten your seatbelts – this is going to be a thrilling ride!

Best eLearning Platforms

In my experience, eLearning platforms have revolutionized how we acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies. They’ve opened the doors to a world of learning opportunities, making education accessible and flexible to everyone regardless of location or schedule.

From academic courses to skill development programs, these platforms cover an extensive array of disciplines and sectors. They allow individuals to learn at their own pace, offering the best online learning for it, self-paced courses, video lectures, interactive sessions, and even certifications and degrees from reputable institutions.

Making the most of remote learning platforms is essential in today’s digital age. Explore Bionic Turtle, a resource lauded for its finance-focused curriculum and comprehensive resources.


Price starts from $49
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  • Extensive range of courses across various disciplines
  • Partnerships with prestigious universities and organizations
  • High-quality course content delivered by experienced tutors
  • Earn recognized certifications and degrees
  • User-friendly interface
  • Interactive learning through quizzes and peer-reviewed assignments
  • Some users reported issues with the peer-review system
  • Customer service responsiveness can sometimes be a challenge
  • Paid courses can be pricey for some learners
  • Not all courses are available in all languages
  • Some courses are not available for free
  • Certain specialized courses or programs can only be accessed with the premium subscription
Coursera is one of the best remote learning platforms, renowned for its collaborations with prestigious universities and organizations worldwide. It boasts an extensive catalog of over 5,400+ courses across numerous disciplines, from Humanities and Business to Computer Science and Health.

Ratings and Prices

Coursera holds an average user rating of 4 out of 5, reflecting its high user satisfaction. While many courses are available for free, certification and specialization courses require payment.

The cost varies depending on the course, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $49 to $79 per month. These prices make Coursera a solid investment given the value of the course content and recognition.

achieve your on coursera

Premium Plan

Coursera Plus is the platform's premium subscription plan, priced at $399 per year. With it, you gain unlimited access to over 90% of Coursera's course catalog, making it an excellent value for money if you're an avid learner.

Also, learners can earn unlimited certificates for completed courses, and access to over 1,000 applied projects and practical labs, providing hands-on experience and skill development.

Course Material and Tutors

My experience with Coursera revealed that its course materials are expertly curated, comprehensive, and typically include a mix of video lectures, suggested readings, quizzes, and peer-reviewed assignments. The platform leverages technology to make the learning experience interactive, engaging, and practical.

The video lectures on Coursera are one of its main strengths. They are professionally produced, clear, and often broken down into manageable chunks, making it easier to understand complex topics.

Additionally, the video playback speed can be adjusted to match your comfort, and many videos also come with subtitles in multiple languages.

The suggested readings and resources are a valuable addition. These often include articles, research papers, and links to external resources that provide deeper insights into the subject matter.

Quizzes and assignments are another aspect where Coursera shines. These are designed to test your understanding and provide practical experience. The peer-reviewed assignments, in particular, allow for interactive learning and feedback exchange among students.

When it comes to tutors, Coursera doesn't compromise. The tutors are often industry professionals or accomplished academics from renowned universities. This ensures that the information you're receiving is not just theoretical, but also grounded in real-world experience and current trends.

coursera courses

Users generally appreciate Coursera's wide range of courses, the quality of the tutors, and the platform's user-friendly interface.

However, some users have raised concerns about customer service responsiveness and the platform's peer-reviewed assignment system, which can sometimes be inconsistent.

Personally, I find Coursera's partnerships with universities and its high-quality course content to be its most compelling features. The ability to access course content from institutions like Stanford, Yale, and even Google, right from the comfort of my home, is an unparalleled advantage.
Another aspect I genuinely appreciate is the diversity and breadth of the courses available. Whether you're interested in Data Science, Psychology, or Sustainable Development, there's a high-quality course for you.

Customer Reviews

In general, students rate Coursera quite positively. As of my last check, students frequently highlight the quality and variety of courses available as a significant positive. The ability to access content from prestigious institutions and industry professionals is highly valued.

Many students also appreciate the flexibility offered by Coursera, as it allows them to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

The user-friendly interface of the platform also garners positive reviews. Students find the platform easy to navigate, making the process of finding and enrolling in courses straightforward.

coursera review

However, it's not all praise. Some students have pointed out issues with the peer-review system, noting that the quality of feedback can sometimes be inconsistent. Others have mentioned that the customer service could be more responsive.

It's also worth mentioning that while many students appreciate the free courses available, some have raised concerns about the cost of certificate and degree programs, which they feel can be pricey.

Despite these critiques, the general consensus among students is that Coursera offers a valuable and high-quality eLearning experience.

coursera feedback


Price starts from $50
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  • edX for Business provides comprehensive solutions for upskilling teams
  • Established by and partners with top universities
  • High-quality course content from industry experts
  • Option to audit most courses for free
  • MicroMasters and Professional Certificates programs available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Limited course availability in creative and humanities fields
  • Not all courses are eligible for financial assistance
  • Some users reported issues with customer support
  • Interaction between learners and instructors can be limited
  • Some users find the cost of certificate and degree programs to be high
  • Not all courses are available in all languages
edX is another eLearning titan that has made its mark in the realm of online education. Founded by Harvard University and MIT, edX offers a robust collection of courses across a myriad of disciplines.

Features and Prices

Featuring a user-friendly platform, edX provides access to over 3,000 online courses from top universities like Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and more. It even offers MicroMasters and Professional Certificate programs, which are highly sought after.

With many courses available for free, students only pay if they want to receive a verified certificate upon completion. The cost for this usually ranges from $50 to $300, depending on the course. I found that the quality of content and the recognition attached to these certifications provide good value for money.

Premium Plan

As for a premium subscription, edX doesn't have a similar model to Coursera Plus. Instead, edX offers what they call "Programs," which are essentially a series of courses designed to provide deep learning in a specific area. These include MicroMasters Programs, Professional Certificate programs, and even full online Master's degree programs. The cost of these programs varies depending on the field and depth of study.

edX for Business

For professionals and businesses seeking to upskill their teams, edX offers a dedicated platform known as edX for Business. This platform is specially designed to meet the learning needs of businesses and organizations.

For small teams or businesses, edX for Business charges $349 per learner per year. This gives each learner access to over 1,000 courses designed to enhance professional skills in areas like data science, business & leadership, computer science, communication, and more.

For larger organizations, edX offers an Enterprise plan. While specific pricing for this is not readily available and interested organizations are encouraged to contact edX's sales team for a custom quote, the Enterprise plan provides access to the entire edX course catalog.

edX new courses

Course Material and Tutors

Courses on edX come packed with video lectures, interactive quizzes, and a mix of self-paced and timed assignments. One unique feature of edX is the "audit track" for most of its courses, which allows students to access course materials for free but doesn't include graded assignments or certifications.

In terms of tutors, edX, like Coursera, ensures you're learning from industry experts and academics from the partnering institutions, guaranteeing a high-quality educational experience.

Many users praise edX for its academic rigor, the diversity of courses, and the quality of instructors. The platform's interface also receives positive comments for being user-friendly.

On the downside, some users have expressed concerns about customer support responsiveness and the lack of interaction between learners and instructors.

Personally, I'm most impressed by edX's strong academic foundations and the quality of the courses. The opportunity to earn MicroMasters and Professional Certificates from renowned universities is a significant draw.

Student Feedback

Many students appreciate the depth and breadth of the courses offered on the platform. They frequently comment on the high academic standards of the courses, which, they note, offer a rigorous and comprehensive learning experience.

Many users also appreciate the "audit track" feature that allows them to access course materials for free.

edx constructive review

On the flip side, some students express dissatisfaction with the level of interaction with tutors. They feel the platform could do more to facilitate direct communication between learners and instructors. The responsiveness of customer service also appears to be a sticking point for some users.

Concerns about the cost of the certification programs have been raised by a few students. While they acknowledge the quality of the courses, they suggest that the certificate and degree programs can be a bit pricey.

edx customer feedback

Overall, despite some areas of criticism, many students agree that edX offers a rich and rewarding learning experience that aligns with academic rigor and professional relevance.

In conclusion, edX offers a compelling learning experience. It holds its ground as one of the best online teaching platforms, backed by a strong repertoire of courses and partnerships with prestigious institutions.


Price starts from $19
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  • Emphasis on "learning by doing" through project-based courses
  • Wide variety of creative courses available
  • Integration with multiple marketing tools for businesses
  • Ability to promote internal training programs and track learning initiatives
  • Engaging and easily digestible video format
  • Lack of academic or industry-recognized certification
  • Video-based format may not cater to all learning styles
  • Limited text-based learning and interactive quizzes
  • Lack of LMS integration for businesses and organizations
Skillshare stands apart as an online learning community that primarily focuses on the creative arts. It offers a wide array of courses in fields such as illustration, design, photography, video editing, and more.

Features, Ratings, and Prices

With a sleek, user-friendly interface, Skillshare provides learners access to thousands of creative classes. It maintains a good average rating of 3.5 out of 5, indicating a high level of user satisfaction.

To cater to businesses and organizations, Skillshare offers a 3-tiered pricing plan tailored to meet the needs of different team sizes.

The Starter plan, ideal for teams of 2 to 19 users, costs $159 per user per year. This plan offers access to thousands of creative and business courses, and it facilitates team-building through collaborative learning.

For larger teams of 20 or more users, Skillshare provides the Enterprise plan that offers all features included in the Starter plan, along with advanced analytics to track team learning progress, priority customer support, and seamless integration with business tools like Slack.

The Revive plan is tailored for teams of 51 or more users. This plan is designed to rekindle the creative spark within larger organizations, with features tailored for large-scale collaborative learning.

Overall, Skillshare's pricing structure for businesses offers flexibility and scalability, catering to both small teams and larger organizations.

Course Material and Tutors

Skillshare's unique selling point lies in its emphasis on 'learning by doing.' The courses here are structured to be project-based, which means that as you progress through a course, you'll often be encouraged to create something related to what you're learning.

The course material on Skillshare ranges from design to photography, animation, music, and more. The material is usually divided into short lessons, making it easier for learners to digest information and apply it to their projects. Many classes also include resources and additional reading materials to supplement your learning.

skillshare course overview

Skillshare's course quality is quite high, as the platform invites professionals who are active in their respective creative fields to teach. These tutors bring in a wealth of industry experience and practical knowledge, offering tips, tricks, and advice that go beyond textbook learning.

For example, you might find a course on digital illustration taught by a renowned illustrator, or a class on scriptwriting taught by a professional scriptwriter. The tutors often encourage interaction, providing feedback on student projects, and hosting Q&A sessions. This gives learners the chance to interact directly with professionals and gain valuable insights from their experiences.

skillshare courses

In my experience, I've found Skillshare's tutors to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate about their subjects. Their ability to share real-world experiences adds an extra dimension to learning, which I find particularly appealing.

As for me, what I like most about Skillshare is its commitment to fostering a vibrant, interactive learning community. The emphasis on practical projects promotes active learning and allows students to produce tangible outcomes from their course.

Student ratings

Many students praise the hands-on, project-based approach that Skillshare uses in its courses. They appreciate the opportunity to apply what they've learned immediately, enhancing the learning experience. The diversity and depth of the creative courses offered are also frequently highlighted by users.

The quality of teaching receives positive feedback as well. Learners appreciate that many Skillshare instructors are professionals actively working in their fields, bringing real-world insights into their courses.


skillshare feedback

However, as with any platform, there are some areas where students feel Skillshare could improve. The absence of certificates upon course completion is a recurring point of critique. Some users have also mentioned that the quality of courses can vary since anyone can become an instructor. In addition, some students had problems with subscriptions and payments, so this remains a disadvantage.

skillshare positive feedback

Overall, it seems that Skillshare has been successful in creating a positive and engaging learning experience for many of its users, particularly those looking to explore or improve their creative skills.

In conclusion, Skillshare offers an engaging, community-driven platform for creative learning. Its strength lies in its practical, hands-on approach and diverse array of creative courses.


Price starts from $13
  • High-quality courses taught by industry professionals
  • Expert tutors with real-world experience
  • Live learning feature provides interactive and dynamic experience
  • Valuable insights and practical knowledge shared in courses
  • Creative community and networking opportunities
  • CreativeLive Creator Pass offers unlimited access to a vast library of classes
  • Limited course variety compared to other platforms
  • No mobile app for learning on the go
  • Individual course prices can be relatively high
  • Limited access to course materials without purchase
  • Occasional technical issues during live sessions
  • Some users desire more in-depth course content
CreativeLive is a distinguished online education platform that focuses primarily on providing creative education. It offers thousands of classes in art, design, photography, music, crafts, and more.

Features and Prices

CreativeLive's intuitive interface allows learners to easily navigate its vast catalog of courses. The platform employs a pay-per-class pricing model, with prices varying depending on the course's length and complexity. While individual course prices can range anywhere from $13 to a few hundred dollars, the platform often runs sales and discounts. Given the depth and quality of the classes offered, learners generally find good value for money, especially for those deeply engaged in creative disciplines.

creativelive plans

Premium Plan

The CreativeLive Creator Pass, which acts as the platform's premium plan, is priced at $39/month or $149/year. With this pass, learners get unlimited access to over 2000 classes, making it a worthwhile investment for those keen on exploring multiple creative domains.

Course Material and Tutors

Courses on CreativeLive are taught by seasoned professionals and well-known industry experts, offering valuable insights into various creative disciplines. Classes often include video lessons, course materials, and sometimes even live interactive sessions.

creativelive courses and tutors

The platform boasts a roster of industry-leading professionals who not only have profound knowledge in their respective fields but also have the real-world experience to back it up.

From renowned photographers like Chase Jarvis and Sue Bryce, to Grammy-winning audio engineers like Young Guru, to New York Times best-selling authors like Tim Ferriss, CreativeLive hosts a wealth of expert tutors who bring authenticity and depth to their courses.

These tutors share their wisdom, techniques, strategies, and often their own professional journeys, adding a personal touch to the learning experience.

creativelive industry icons

What I personally enjoy about the tutors on CreativeLive is their passion and dedication. They are practitioners who are actively engaged in their fields, and this engagement translates into their teaching, making their classes truly inspiring.

From my personal standpoint, I appreciate CreativeLive's commitment to quality learning. Its live learning feature stands out as a distinctive offering, providing an exciting and dynamic learning experience.


General feedback from students on CreativeLive is overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing high levels of satisfaction with the skills they have acquired through the platform.

Students frequently praise the quality of the courses and the expertise of the tutors, noting that the content is practical, insightful, and applicable to their creative pursuits.

Many students report that they have successfully implemented the skills they learned on CreativeLive into their professional work, leading to noticeable improvements in their creative output.

creativelive feedback

Additionally, students often mention the supportive creative community that CreativeLive fosters. They appreciate the opportunities for networking, collaboration, and feedback from peers and instructors. This sense of community enhances the learning experience and provides valuable connections within the creative industry.

creativelive review

Overall, the general sentiment among students is that CreativeLive has played a significant role in helping them develop and refine their creative skills. They feel empowered and satisfied with the knowledge they have gained, enabling them to excel in their respective creative endeavors.


Price starts from $12
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  • Easy-to-use platform with straightforward navigation
  • Quality control measures ensure up-to-date and relevant courses
  • Completion certificates for demonstrating new skills
  • Seamless integration with LMS for easy tracking of employee progress
  • Cost-effective solution for businesses to train and upskill their staff
  • No course creation functions for businesses
  • Limited to video-based learning format
  • Passive learning may not cater to all learning preferences
Udemy is an online learning platform that offers courses ranging from technology, finance, marketing, and personal development, among others. The platform's user-friendly interface makes it easy for learners to navigate and choose from an extensive range of courses. Udemy courses are divided into categories and subcategories, making it easier for learners to choose a course that aligns with their interests and goals.

Features and Prices

As of 2023, Udemy offers courses taught by 57,000 instructors. The courses are available at an average price of $13.99. The platform also offers free courses and discounts from time to time, making it more accessible for learners across the globe.

Udemy Business offers a premium plan that provides organizations with a dedicated learning management system, access to over 7,000 courses, and customized training paths. The premium plan also provides businesses with the option to assign courses to employees, track their progress, and generate reports. This feature allows organizations to align the training needs of the employees with business objectives.

Course Material and Tutors

What makes Udemy stand out is the material offered, which is up-to-date and relevant to current industry trends. Instructors can upload their content, ensuring that the material is continually updated. Udemy may also offer courses with a certificate of completion, which adds value to the learner's resume.

People love Udemy for its affordability, convenience, and relevant content. However, some of the common disadvantages mentioned by users include inconsistent course quality, lack of interaction with instructors or peers, and low-quality audio and video in some courses.

Personally, what appeals to me the most about Udemy is the variety of courses on offer, the affordability, and the ease of use. The option to download course material and access it offline has come in handy on several occasions.

Customer Reviews

In general, students leave great feedback after using this platform. Many note its affordability and interface quality, putting it ahead of its competitors.

udemy ratings and reviews

Another aspect that students appreciate is the variety of course offerings, which span across various domains and skill levels. Udemy Business also provides opportunities for continuous learning and upskilling, which is essential in today's fast-paced work environment where skills become outdated rapidly.

udemy customer review

Why is Udemy Business a popular choice for companies?

Udemy Business has become a go-to platform for companies of all sizes due to its many benefits. For starters, the platform is cost-effective and offers an affordable alternative to expensive in-person training. Moreover, the platform is scalable, which means that it can cater to the learning needs of companies with a few employees to those with thousands of employees spread across different locations. Another significant advantage is the platform's ability to provide real-time analytics and reporting, which enables companies to track the progress of their employees and identify skill gaps that need to be addressed.

Linux Foundation

Price starts from $299
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  • High-quality courses on open-source technologies
  • Expert instructors with industry experience
  • Relevance to the tech industry and job market
  • Hands-on learning approach with practical exercises and labs
  • Industry-recognized certifications
  • Comprehensive course material and supplementary resources
  • Pricing can be relatively high for specialized training programs
  • Some courses may require prior knowledge or experience
  • Limited course variety outside of open-source and Linux technologies
  • Self-paced courses may require strong self-discipline
  • Specific pricing for subscription plans not publicly disclosed
  • Some learners may prefer more interactive learning formats
Linux Foundation serves as a renowned online learning platform focused on open-source technology and the Linux operating system. Let's explore its features, ratings, prices, value for money, tutors/courses/material, and more.
linuxfoundation main page

Features, Ratings, and Prices

Linux Foundation offers a wide range of courses, certifications, and the best it online training programs for both beginners and experienced professionals. The platform has received positive average ratings, with users appreciating its high-quality content and relevance to the tech industry.

Pricing varies depending on the course or certification program chosen, ranging from around $99 for self-paced courses to several thousand dollars for specialized training programs. The value for money largely depends on the specific needs and goals of the learner, as the Linux Foundation courses are tailored towards enhancing skills in Linux administration, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and other open-source technologies.

Premium Plan

Linux Foundation does not have a traditional premium plan; instead, it offers different subscription options based on specific training needs. These subscriptions can provide access to various courses, training bundles, or labs for a specific duration.

Please note that specific prices for the subscription plans are not publicly disclosed and may vary based on the selected courses or training programs.

Tutors and Courses

Linux Foundation courses are designed and taught by industry professionals and experienced instructors with expertise in Linux and open-source technologies. The course material includes video lectures, hands-on labs, practical exercises, and supplementary resources, providing a comprehensive learning experience.
linuxfoundation courses overview
Users highly appreciate the Linux Foundation's commitment to open-source technology education and the practical skills acquired through their courses. The platform is praised for its relevance in the tech industry, its strong emphasis on hands-on learning, and the availability of industry-recognized certifications.

However, some learners find the pricing to be relatively high, particularly for specialized training programs.

Customer Reviews and User Interface

When it comes to customer reviews, the Linux Foundation generally receives positive feedback from learners. Users appreciate the quality of the courses, the expertise of the instructors, and the relevance of the content to the tech industry.

Many students highlight the hands-on approach and practical exercises, which allow them to develop real-world skills.

Navigating through courses, accessing resources, and tracking progress is typically seamless and intuitive. The platform provides clear instructions and a well-organized layout, making it straightforward for learners to engage with the course materials.
linux foundation customer review
However, some users have mentioned minor challenges in finding specific resources or have suggested improvements to the search functionality.

Overall, the Linux Foundation receives positive feedback for its customer reviews and provides a user-friendly interface that enhances the learning experience for its users.


Price starts from $15
Promo code N/A
  • High production value of courses for an engaging experience
  • Professional and visually appealing instructional videos
  • Comprehensive learning experience with exercises and downloadable materials
  • Immersive and cinematic approach to courses
  • Limited interactive elements within the platform
  • Limited opportunities for feedback from instructors
  • Limited direct interaction between students and instructors
MasterClass is a distinctive eLearning platform that offers classes taught by world-renowned experts in various fields. Let's delve into its features, prices, value for money, courses/material, and more.

Features, and Prices

MasterClass stands out for its star-studded lineup of instructors, including renowned celebrities, industry leaders, and experts in their respective domains. The platform has received high average ratings, reflecting the quality of its content and the engaging learning experience it provides.
Pricing for MasterClass is subscription-based, offering unlimited access to all courses for $180 per year or $15 per month. With this subscription, learners gain access to a vast library of classes across multiple disciplines, from cooking and writing to music and film.

Value for Money and Premium Plan

MasterClass offers a unique value proposition with its premium plan. The platform provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn directly from some of the world's most accomplished individuals. The insights, wisdom, and perspectives shared by these experts can be invaluable for personal growth and skill development.

What I Like the Most

As a reviewer, I appreciate the diverse range of expertise offered on MasterClass. The opportunity to learn from accomplished professionals in their respective fields is truly inspiring. I find the insights and personal anecdotes shared by the instructors to be immensely valuable and motivating.

Customer Reviews and User Interface

MasterClass received quite mixed reviews from its users, as it turned out that many were dissatisfied with the course program and content, as well as the customer support service. At the same time, there are still users who are grateful to the platform for the skills they have acquired.
masterclass customer review


DataCamp is a specialized eLearning platform that focuses on data science and programming skills. Let’s explore its features, average ratings, prices, value for money, tutors/courses/material, and more.

Features, Ratings, and Prices

DataCamp offers an extensive library of courses designed to help learners acquire and enhance their data science and programming skills. The platform has received positive average ratings, reflecting the quality of its content and the effectiveness of its instructional approach.

DataCamp operates on a subscription-based pricing model, offering unlimited access to all courses for $29 per month or $300 per year. This subscription grants learners the flexibility to explore a wide range of courses at their own pace.

Value for Money and Premium Plan

DataCamp provides good value for money, especially for individuals seeking to develop their data science and programming skills. The platform offers a comprehensive learning experience with hands-on exercises, interactive coding challenges, and real-world projects. Learners can gain practical knowledge and apply it to real-life scenarios, making their learning journey more valuable.

DataCamp does not have a distinct premium plan. Instead, the subscription provides access to the entire course library and all available features, ensuring learners can explore and learn without any restrictions.

datacamp upcoming courses

What People Like and Disadvantages

One of the key strengths of DataCamp is its interactive learning environment. Learners appreciate the platform’s coding exercises and challenges, which provide hands-on experience and reinforce learning concepts effectively. The ability to practice coding skills in a guided and supportive environment is often highlighted as a major advantage.

However, some users have expressed concerns about the platform’s limited course offerings outside of data science and programming topics. This may be a disadvantage for individuals looking for a broader range of subjects or seeking specialized courses in other fields.

I appreciate DataCamp’s focus on hands-on learning and practical application. The platform’s emphasis on coding exercises and projects allows learners to build their skills through real-world scenarios. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter and enhances the overall learning experience.

datacamp tutorials examples

Customer Reviews

DataCamp receives positive customer reviews, with learners often praising the platform for its quality content, interactive exercises, and comprehensive learning paths. The user interface of DataCamp is user-friendly, with a clean design and intuitive navigation. The platform provides a seamless learning experience, making it easy for learners to track progress and access course materials.

datacamp customer review

Overall, DataCamp serves as a valuable platform for individuals looking to develop their data science and programming skills, offering interactive courses and practical learning experiences.


Price starts from $399
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  • Strong emphasis on practical projects for real-world application
  • Opportunity to build a portfolio of projects for showcasing skills
  • Insights from industry leaders and staying up-to-date with industry trends
  • Partnership with industry professionals for enhanced learning experience
  • Course materials may require a strong foundational understanding
  • Higher pricing for nanodegree programs
Udacity is a prominent eLearning platform known for its focus on providing industry-relevant education and career advancement opportunities.

Features and Prices

Udacity offers a wide range of courses and nanodegree programs in fields such as programming, data science, artificial intelligence, and more. The platform maintains a strong reputation, with average ratings reflecting the quality of its content and the relevance of its courses to industry demands.

Udacity's pricing structure varies depending on the chosen course or program. Individual course prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, while nanodegree programs are typically offered as subscription-based plans priced between $200 to $400 per month.

The value for money is highly dependent on the learner's career goals, as Udacity focuses on providing skills that align with industry needs.

udacity main features

Udacity offers a diverse range of courses and nanodegree programs focused on in-demand skills such as programming, data science, artificial intelligence, and more. These courses provide learners with hands-on projects, practical assignments, and industry-relevant knowledge, empowering them to advance their careers and stay competitive in the job market.

With a strong emphasis on real-world application and partnerships with industry leaders, Udacity equips learners with the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

Udacity Range of Courses

From my perspective, I admire Udacity's dedication to bridging the gap between education and industry needs. The platform's strong industry partnerships, hands-on projects, and focus on career advancement make it a valuable resource for learners seeking to enhance their professional prospects.

Customer Reviews and User Interface

Udacity garners positive reviews from learners, with many highlighting the platform's comprehensive content, practical assignments, and the support provided by instructors and mentors.

udacity user review

The user interface of Udacity is intuitive and visually appealing, making it easy for learners to navigate courses, access resources, and track their progress. The platform's interactive learning environment and student community contribute to an engaging and supportive experience.

Overall, Udacity stands as a platform that empowers learners with industry-driven education, equipping them with the skills needed to thrive in today's job market.


Price starts from $13.99
Promo Code N/A
  • Interactive and hands-on learning experience
  • Well-structured learning paths and projects
  • Accessible for beginners with no prior coding experience
  • Code editor integrated into the platform
  • Competitive pricing, especially with the Pro subscription
  • Limited course variety beyond coding and programming
  • Some users desire more advanced and in-depth content
  • Limited support for non-coding languages or skills
  • Limited instructor interaction and personalized feedback
  • No official certification upon course completion
Codecademy is a popular online learning platform that focuses on teaching coding and programming skills.

Features, Ratings, and Prices

Codecademy offers an interactive learning experience, with a hands-on approach to coding education. The platform provides a variety of coding courses covering programming languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and more. Codecademy receives favorable average ratings, highlighting the effectiveness of its instructional approach and the quality of its content.

Codecademy's pricing structure includes a free version with limited access to courses, as well as a Codecademy Pro subscription priced at $19.99 per month. The Pro subscription unlocks additional features, such as quizzes, projects, and tailored learning paths, providing enhanced value for learners seeking a more comprehensive coding education.

Value for Money

Codecademy Pro offers good value for money, especially for individuals who want to dive deeper into coding and benefit from the platform's premium features. With Pro, learners gain access to a broader range of courses, guided projects, quizzes, and real-world projects that help reinforce their coding skills.

As a reviewer, I particularly appreciate Codecademy's interactive learning environment, which allows learners to practice coding directly within the platform. The availability of real-time coding exercises and projects enhances the learning experience, enabling learners to apply their knowledge and develop practical coding skills.

Reviews and User Interface

Codecademy receives positive reviews from learners, with many praising the platform for its interactive coding exercises, structured learning paths, and user-friendly interface.

codeacademy user feedback

codeacademy positive feedback

The platform's user interface is clean, intuitive, and beginner-friendly, making it easy for learners to navigate courses, track progress, and engage with the coding exercises and projects.

To sum up, Codecademy serves as an effective platform for individuals looking to learn coding and programming skills through an interactive and hands-on approach.

Remote learning is the future of education. Discover the most robust platform for online learning to ensure a seamless and effective learning experience.


Mindvalley has certainly earned its stripes as one of the leading online establishments for personal growth and holistic learning. With an extensive library of distinguished courses, taught by world-renowned creators, it’s no surprise that Mindvalley has attracted millions of members worldwide.

The platform’s content is designed to provide you with engaging, transformative learning experiences that are tailored to your personal growth plans.

Features, Ratings, and Prices

Mindvalley offers a diverse range of courses and programs designed to help individuals explore various aspects of personal growth, including mindset, spirituality, relationships, health, and more.

The platform stands out as a game-changer – reputable, innovative & transformative – just like its content. With average ratings off the roof, it offers a treasure trove of world-class experiences to users who want nothing but the best!

mindvalley courses overview

Mindvalley’s pricing structure varies depending on the specific course or program. Prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. While the pricing may be higher compared to some other platforms, the value for money lies in the comprehensive and holistic approach to personal development that Mindvalley provides.

Mindvalley Main Page

Pros Cons
Wide range of personal development topics Higher price point compared to some other platforms
High-quality courses taught by renowned experts Limited focus on technical or professional skills
Holistic approach to personal growth and transformation Some courses may require an open mind and belief in alternative approaches
Engaging and interactive learning experiences Limited opportunity for direct interaction with instructors
Community support and engagement Self-paced learning may require self-discipline
Access to exclusive events and additional resources Limited scientific research backing some techniques

Mindvalley’s emphasis on holistic personal growth sets it apart from other educational platforms. It isn’t just about academics or professional skills, it goes deep into mindset, spirituality, and well-being.

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of learners have experienced positive changes in various aspects of their lives as a result of Mindvalley’s comprehensive approach? As a user, I appreciate Mindvalley because it offers learners a chance to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and unlock their true potential.

Customer Reviews

Mindvalley is a learning platform that’s been making waves online. They’re loved by learners because of their transformative courses that provide high-quality content, engaging learning experiences, and practical instruction. Thousands are tuning in and benefiting from their groundbreaking programs and sharing positive reviews. They’re changing the way people learn for the better!

mindvalley customer review

Mindvalley is a standout platform that provides transformative personal development experiences for learners of all kinds. With a visually appealing and intuitive user interface, it boasts easy navigation of courses and seamless access to resources that kickstart learning.

The platform fosters a genuine sense of connection and support among learners, making the learning journey a memorable and enjoyable one.

Mindvalley’s programs boast impressive results, with individuals discovering fresh tools and insights that enable them to thrive in all aspects of life!

With Teachable, you can build a digital classroom tailored to your needs. Discover how this platform can elevate your online teaching experience in our review.

Which Platform is the Best for YOU?

Platform Suitable for Specialty
Coursera General learners seeking a wide range of courses. Broad selection of courses from top universities.
edX General learners seeking courses from prestigious institutions. Courses from leading universities and institutions.
Skillshare Creative individuals looking to develop artistic and design skills. Wide variety of creative courses and project-based learning.
CreativeLive Creative professionals and enthusiasts seeking hands-on learning. Focus on creative fields like photography, design, and music.
Udemy Learners of all levels seeking a wide range of topics and affordable options. Broad selection of courses in various disciplines.
Linux Foundation Individuals interested in open-source technology and Linux. Courses and certifications in Linux and open-source technologies.
MasterClass Learners interested in learning from renowned experts in various fields. Courses taught by industry leaders and celebrities.
DataCamp Data science and programming enthusiasts and professionals. Focus on data science, programming, and analytics.
Udacity Individuals seeking career-focused courses in tech and programming. Practical projects and partnerships with industry leaders.
Codecademy Beginners and intermediate learners looking to develop coding skills. Interactive coding exercises and projects.
Mindvalley Individuals interested in personal development and holistic learning. Courses on mindset, spirituality, health, relationships, and more.

Overall Comparison of All Platforms

Platform Target Audience Pricing Course Variety Level
Coursera General learners Varies (free and paid options) Wide range of courses from universities and institutions Beginner to advanced
edX General learners Varies (free and paid options) Courses from prestigious universities and institutions Beginner to advanced
Skillshare Creative individuals Subscription plans: Starter ($159/yr), Enterprise (custom quote) Creative courses with project-based learning Beginner to intermediate
CreativeLive Creative professionals and enthusiasts Varies (individual courses and bundles) Focus on creative subjects (photography, design, music, etc.) Beginner to advanced
Udemy Learners of all levels Varies (course-dependent, often affordable) Broad range of courses across disciplines Beginner to advanced
Linux Foundation Individuals interested in open-source tech and Linux Varies (course-dependent) Linux and open-source technology courses Beginner to advanced
MasterClass Learners interested in learning from experts Subscription ($180/yr or $15/mo) Courses taught by industry leaders and celebrities All levels
DataCamp Data science and programming enthusiasts Subscription ($29/mo or $300/yr) Data science, programming, and analytics courses Beginner to advanced
Udacity Individuals seeking career-focused courses Varies (course-dependent) Tech and programming courses with practical projects Beginner to advanced
Codecademy Beginners and intermediate learners Free and Pro subscription ($19.99/mo) Coding courses and projects Beginner to intermediate
Mindvalley Personal development seekers Varies (course-dependent) Personal growth and holistic learning courses All levels

What are the Most Popular eLearning Courses?

The popularity of eLearning courses on remote learning platforms can vary based on trends, demand, and individual interests.

However, some of the most popular eLearning courses across various platforms and subjects include:

Programming and Web Development:

  • Python for Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • JavaScript and React Development
  • HTML/CSS and Responsive Web Design

Data Science and Analytics:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Python
  • SQL and Database Management

Business and Entrepreneurship:

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Business Analytics and Decision-Making
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation

Creative Arts and Design:

  • Graphic Design and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Photography and Photo Editing
  • Music Production and Songwriting
  • Illustration and Digital Art

Personal Development and Mindfulness:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness
  • Personal Finance and Wealth Management
  • Leadership and Communication Skills

Language Learning:

  • Spanish, French, and German Language Courses
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean Language Courses


Which is the best online learning platform?

The best online learning platform can vary depending on individual needs and preferences. Popular options include Coursera, edX, Udemy, and Skillshare. It’s recommended to explore multiple platforms and consider factors like course selection, pricing, and user reviews before determining the best fit.

What is the world’s most widely used learning platform?

Udemy is considered one of the world’s most widely used learning platforms. It is an open-source learning management system (LMS) used by educational institutions, businesses, and organizations globally for creating and delivering online courses. It provides a flexible and customizable platform for online learning and has a large user base worldwide.

Which platform is best for online courses and free?

Coursera offers a wide range of online courses for free, including options for auditing courses without paying. Other platforms like edX and Udemy also provide free courses, though they often offer paid options for additional features and certification.

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