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By Alina Burakova fb Jul 06, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

College assignments and submissions have always been a part of a great concern for the students who have usually considered it nothing more than a burden. There are many students who are interested in writing tasks and assignments, but there are many others who are not. Many students consider it just an undue pressure on their already existing cumbersome curriculum.

While students have always preferred to seek assistance in university assignments, now they can do that online for a small fee. Many online portals and websites have started selling their ghost-writing services for students and helping the students have more time to mingle in their social circle and focus on their part-time jobs.

Students usually have student loans and meager income to depend upon, while they are studying. On top of that, if they start doing every assignment on their own, it becomes tough for them to manage their part-time job, that is mandatory for some students to sustain themselves. In that case, they prefer to seek help and pay for their assignments rather than doing it themselves and wasting all the time.

Some students get paid around $12 to $20 per hour, and the cost of the assignment is equal to or less than their per-hour pay, which is the most affordable it can get. The more the students invest in these services, the easier it will be for them to manage their coursework and part-time jobs in the future.

One such website that provides these academic ghostwriting services to the students is essay company. We always check all the writing services reviews. An on the internet, you will find mixed reviews about Essay company and their services, and since online reviews are not to be trusted since most of them are paid or fake, hence, we decided to try the services on our own rather than trusting a third-party.

Here are some salient and important features of essay-company that we came across while outsourcing our job to them:

  • Timely delivery

The delivery date was respected by their professional writers, and they did not delay the delivery. We asked them to come up with the best essay in 48 hours, and they did that without fail.

  • Premium Quality

We were surprised by the quality that we received from them and we were astonished at the fact that they also formatted the document properly.

  • Freebies included

We did not ask for a formatting, but when we received the essay, it was formatted in Chicago style, and a free bibliography was included at the end of the document. This made us even happier, because this is something that rarely any website or online portal does!

  • Proofread and Cross-checked

Usually, when the professional writers online deliver something, they just deliver it without proofreading, but our document was thoroughly proofread and cross-checked. We verified this by the comments that were added throughout the document to make it readable and to ease the flow of the subject.

  • Proper Word Count Mentioned

The essay that we received was not only formatted and proofread, but it also had the word count mentioned at the bottom of the document for ease of viewing. It looked like the professional quality essays that we are required to submit to our universities and colleges during the final submissions.

  • Thorough and Proper Research

The research done for the essay was in-depth and proper. At no point or in no sentence, did we feel that it is out of context or added just to increase the wordcount? Every word was meaningful and resourceful in the essay and every paragraph made proper sense.

Having a quick look at their brought forth following noteworthy points:

Their website has a clean and understandable interface, which is not confusing at any point. They have clearly mentioned their features and services and you can browse quickly through their powerful visual identity. Something similar you can observe on service.

They have provided a separate section of ‘work samples’ where you can check out the samples of their work, coming straight from the professional writers on their network. Those samples – to a large extent – determine the quality that you should expect in your assignment.

They also have a price calculator on their website that makes it easy for the student to calculate the price, and decide whether it falls in theirbudget or not, and then take everything ahead. Nothing is concealed or hidden, and rather everything is transparent. The student is charged with what is displayed on the front screen while calculating the cost.

The best part is – you pay in advance! This feature helps the student avoid the hidden and unnecessary costs. Once the payment is done, all you need to do is just wait for the assignment to be delivered to you.

Essay company reviews are also displayed on their website, where customers have shared their comments and testimonials about the services they have received.

  • Professional Writers – Here, on this website, you will find professional writers who know the work they are doing! They are experts in various domains and specialize in academic essay writing. Some writers are also native English speakers, which make them the best contestants for this job.
  • Respect for Deadlines – They do not delay the work that is given to them. Usually, all assignments are submitted on time, and deadlines are something that they carefully examine. However, if you do not give decent time to them to work on something, the quality might be compromised, but if you provide them decent time, you will not get a bad quality paper.
  • Plagiarism Free Content – The content that comes out from essay company is plagiarism free and 100% original. Plagiarism is something that is taken very seriously in a lot of colleges and universities around the world. If found plagiarizing, the students are expelled and black-listed from the college, which ruins their career completely. To prevent making the students fall into such scenarios, the essay company carefully examines all essays written by their writers, and every piece is double-checked for plagiarism.
  • Free formatting and Bibliography – While other websites and online portals, do not provide anything for free, on the other hand, essay company provides free bibliography under all their submissions. They also format your document in any format, may it be Chicago, APA,or MLA.
  • Thoroughly Researched Content– The content that essay company comes up with is usually thoroughly researched and well sought out. Their writers are expert in researching every subject and topic, before finally starting with anything at all. And since the content is 100% original, hence, every essay is written from scratch.
  • Amazing customer support – The customer support is good at essay company and you can also have a live-chat with their customer service executive. On the live-chat, you can clarify all your doubts about their features and services, and get to know the way they function.
  • Only Essays are Available – You will find only essays on the essay company, and nothing else. Where some websites provide a host of other content like – lab-reports, thesis and dissertation reports, academic papers, research papers etc., this website only focuses on essays.
  • Cost of an essay – Price of a commodity is one of the most important features considered by a student while ordering anything online. Because most of the students have study loans and are also doing petty part-time jobs to sustain themselves, it sometimes becomes difficult for them to pay high amounts for such services. While the cost of ordering an essay from essay company is not so high, but it is not so cheap either. They have clearly mentioned this thing on their website, that their services are ‘affordable’ but not ‘cheap’. Which clearly indicates that it might be expensive for many students!
  • Quality of the content – While the quality is top-notch, but it can be compromised if the deadline is too close. We observed this thing when we ordered an essay from them to be delivered within 48 hours. That is why it is a tip to have a decent time between ordering and delivery of your content.
  • Miscommunication can lead to great blunders – This is something that we experienced first-hand. We wanted the writer to write on a subject that was close to African History, but we did not specify our requirements clearly enough, and the piece that came out was very different from our expectations. Hence, we will recommend to all the customers and especially the first-timers, to mention your requirements carefully and precisely to avoid any communication gap.
  • Proofread Again – The writers will give you thoroughly proofread content, but before submitting them to your college, you must proofread them once again, so that any errors or mistakes can be corrected at the last minute.
  • No interaction with writers – Another disadvantage here is that you do not get to know ‘who’ is working on your assignment. Writers get assigned randomly here.
My verdict
Don’t Recommended this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Essaycompany has some good features as well as many bad ones. But on the whole, the services provided by this company are average. The professional writers of this writing service respect your deadlines, but you can expect plagiarised content. If you need your paper within a short time, but with plagiarism, you can go to But we can't recommend their services.

10 reviews
Martin K. says:

I got nothing extraordinary from essay-company dot com, but the essay was accepted and I got 81 out of 100. Overall they are okay, quality was okay, support was okay too. That’s it.

Matt says:

I don’t like everything about this service: writing service and paper formatting was ok, but organization of the process in general wasn’t ok. I ask you to work on this!

Dangelo says:

I made an order some time ago from essaycompany and got a job with spelling errors. When I asked to make edits, they apologized and edited everything. Don’t know why you can’t check it before sending to customers, maybe because of tons of orders. My paper was accepted, so no hate from me. But I have an advice for you is to check in advance!

Sketch says:

Essay company just taken me out from my studying troubles. Thank you for my academic paper!

Lina says:

Essay company helps me to balance social and academic life, and I really appreciate the service quality.

Shon says:

Essay company wrote for me an academic written piece which got me “A”, many thanks for that

Kris says:

Nice! Made a B+, my professor said it was one of the best papers he had from me.
First when i have ordered I think the writer didn’t get the idea well, but after the request to change, he or she modified made everything right.
I’m happy with the results, thank you Essay-company.

Jarrett says:

I needed a paper done in 10 hours. I found and my experience with them was good! They sent me my assignment in the time given. Quality of the work was not that good as I expected, but decent! I suppose I’ll work with them in future or order from another service, will see.

Bill says:

My dissertation from EssayCompany had avarage writing style. This service helped me, and well..I think I could recommend them!

Ross says:

I had errors in my paper, and some of the important requirements weren’t included, however I asked for revision several times. And the work turned out good. Do everything yourself that’s what I always think when approaching such services, but for one time you can give it a try.