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Table of contents

Table of contents

By Alina Burakova fb Aug 07, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

There are many people, who belong to an era where student assignments and submissions were written manually. The hand-written assignments were then thoroughly read, criticized or praised and then the student was awarded based upon their performance in the assignment. But now, things have changed drastically. There has been a paradigm shift in the way students submit assignments, and how teachers evaluate students based upon this.

Not only have people started ordering writing services online and getting help from professional writers. But even teachers have started evaluating and grading the students online, using sophisticated software to check for any plagiarism in their assignment. This is how times have changed and how the educational system has transformed. The way things happen now is totally different from the way they happened in the past, and that is why there are a lot of websites and online portals that help students write their assignments in a professional and serious manner.

Colleges and universities nowadays have raised their standards substantially on how they expect the assignments and submission work from their students. They don’t need any childish things or errors in papers. Every research paper, thesis paper or dissertation that is submitted should be professional enough to match the standards of the university.

Even professors now have become utterly strict about everything in general. They do not award grace marks now, and they emphasize on keeping things professional. That is why they need properly formatted and proofread assignments that they can evaluate and grade you based upon them. They do not need any unprofessional work from their students.

Plagiarism is another big concern. While for students it does not hurt anyone to copy a little content from here and there and paste it to complete their assignments, but for teachers and colleges, plagiarism and copying is a big concern. They do not accept the papers that have more than 10% of plagiarism, and in some colleges, the percentage of allowed plagiarism is even lower. In such cases, students should either draft the entire paper from scratch on their own or they should hire someone who can do it for them.

Many students, especially those coming from international domain or other countries have to do part-time jobs to sustain themselves and earn a living. Many others have taken student and education loans to support their college expenses. In such cases, working for hours on a small writing assignment might not be affordable for some people, because that would mean losing hours of work! In such cases, some students play smart and they hire professionals who can do their job for a small amount. An amount that they can easily earn working in their part-time jobs.

With every product shifting online, students too have migrated to online communities to get their college work done. From writing assignments to art-assignments and science projects, you can buy anything online. Professionals from the writing domain are selling their services on many platforms and websites, and one of the most popular websites in the student community is – Bookwormlab is a popular name when it comes to ordering content online and asking for writing services.

The opening line you see on the website is ‘when a good paper is just not enough’, and right below the tag-line, you see an image of a paper with A+ grade, surrounded by a lot of other papers that have ‘A’ grade. These two things are enough to clarify what the website is about. With micro-copy and minimal imagery, they have clearly identified and presented their agenda and motive. They are attracting students and arerealistic about how assignments and submissions have become nowadays. With simple images, they also convey how getting A-grade is also not enough, and how you need an A+ to be considered for a great position.

Right below this, you see the number of active writers on their website which is more than a thousand right now, they have completed more than forty thousand assignments, and written more than three hundred thousand pages. All this highlights their achievements and accomplishments that they have managed to gain. This also showstheir seriousness and dedication towards the cause that they are supporting.

Right below their achievements, you see a list of products that you can order from them. From bookreviews to thesis statements to capstone projects to research papers to essays to case studies and coursework, there is an array of content that you can order from this website without a hassle.

The next thing you come across is the fact that they are more than 10 years old, which makes them reliable and trustworthy. They also gave features of their services and some of them are – plagiarism free content, affordable pricing, quality writing, fast turn-around,and anonymity guaranteed.

The best thing you see at this website is not the features or the layout or the user-friendliness of the interface design, but the best thing is the samples that you come across at the middle of the website. There are writing samples that you can read and analyze before you place an order with them. This is in our opinion, the most honest kind of marketing. They are giving out their product for free foryou to review and analyze before you choose them to write your assignment.

After the samples, you can now calculate how much your paper will cost you. The cost of a paper depends upon various factors ranging from the type of paper you are writing, the academic level that you need it for, the formatting style that you require and finally the number of pages/words that must be there in your paper.

Based upon all these factors a tentative cost is calculated for you, and you can estimate that the actual cost will be around the tentative one. For example – if you need a research paper for an undergrad level that has 20 pages, you will need to pay $400 for a 15+ day delivery. But if you need it quickly, the price will increase. Overnight delivery service is the most expensive service that they offer. Have a look at Edusson reviews and see some another features for comparison.

Online, you will find many bookwormlab reviews that might be positive or negative, but here we are trying to present you the honest feedback about their services and writing quality. Here are some pros and cons of using

  • Their papers are high in quality and they guarantee to uphold the quality of the content while working on it. They do not offer substandard or low-quality papers because they also have their own reputation at stake.
  • They believe in customer satisfaction, hence they deliver the papers on time. They do not delay the delivery at any cost, and whenever you have ordered the paper to be delivered, you will get it in the estimated time for sure.
  • They are strictly against plagiarism and copying, and they have instructed their writers to write content that is 100% original and plagiarism-free. You can also run their content through plagiarism checking software to find any anomaly if you can, and before you submit the content to your mentor or guide, you must do a proofreading on your own to be sure about the originality of the content.
  • They allow you to interact and choose the writer that you want to work with. They do not giveyour assignments to random writers on their own, but they let you choose the person whom you think will do a proper justice to your work.
  • They also provide free proofreading services to their customers, while many other online portals and websites charge the customers per page on their proofreading services. But at you will not be charged, as the paper delivered to you will be proofread and thoroughly checked for any errors or mistakes.
  • The website is clean andthe interface is understandable and user-friendly in nature.
  • The cost of papers is not so low. $400 for undergrad research paperof 20 pages is too much, hence cost factor is something that they must consider while inviting students on their platform, as pricing is something that every student considers before ordering anything online.
  • Customer support of needs to be better. There are mostly automated calls and emails, and automated computer-assisted chats that will entertain the user. Instead, they should employ some people who can address the issues that the customer is having.
  • They do not have a money back or refund policy, and if you do not like the content or if the content isn’t delivered to you on time, you can’t do anything as you can’t claim your money back. They do not have any refund policies that their system supports.
  • They ask for a 100% advance payment upfront. While there are some websites that take only halfof the money beforehand, and the half after completing the work, asks you to pay the entire sum before you get the work delivered.
  • Even though they claim to proofread the paper, still you must proofread it on your end before submitting.
  • The communication from your end should be proper and thorough. If you do not communicate your requirements clearly to the writer before he starts working on your paper, you will lose your money and get a content that will not even fetch you a B-grade in class!
My verdict
Don’t Recommended this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Bookwormlab

If you are serious about finding a good writing service, we can not recommend High prices, poor customer support, 100% advance payment and poor communication are some of its weaknesses. You should try to find better writing service.

10 reviews

I received a failing grade. It was awful, I didn’t have time to review the paper before submitting it. There were spelling errors and the writer even spelled the author’s name wrong… seven times!!! Go with a different site. These guys are awful. The worst paper, I’ve ever seen. I paid 470.00!!!

The accuracy of the referencing and evidence of misleading referencing in the work. The writer inserted references in places that are not the source of what is being said. I am highly disappointed as I am currently facing dismissal. OMG! How I wish I could just turn around the hands of time.

I’m afraid I’ll not pass my exam because of bookwormlab. They wrote not a quality paper for me. I’m upset!

I got a very bad mark written by a so called professional writer. I informed bookwormlab and was told to screen shot my result reflecting the University name, lecturers comment… before I can get a refund. I did as I was told and the writer tried to defend herself pushing the blame on me, but with evidences, I was able to prove him/her wrong. Anyway not to bore you, it is over 4 months now nothing is said about the refund all they came up with was that, they are happy to rewrite it for me. So absurd! What would I do with that now when the mark had already been awarded. This is so frustrating !

Well, I think you need to work better, Bookwormlab! Your quality and customer support are horrible!

The actual quality of the papers is not great either, you would have to constantly heck grammar, content, spelling, formatting, etc. They do not have native English writers and so the work produced is basic even though you pay a premium for a PhD level service.

I asked for a basic paper to be completed and the file they sent me was a complete copy of a document found on a tutoring website, down to the works cited and everything. Word for word. A quick google search turned up the document and I messaged them immediately that the paper was plagiarized. The response was awful and needless to say, I didn’t get a refund.

I’m annoying, I used Bookwormlab for my studying, thought I could rely on them, but they cheated on me with deadlines! Shame, real shame! Fix your whole system, please!