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There are many difficult obstacles to pass before becoming a doctor, but the MCAT exam is the most challenging, with a multiple-hour testing period where you have to prove years of knowledge. Selecting the right MCAT prep course can make things easier because they include all study materials you need and a comprehensive study plan which you can start following months in advance. With clear explanations, interactive lessons, and practice tests, these courses provide incredibly helpful assistance. The question, however, is how to find which mcat prep course is best for you and fits your learning style?

There is no data or statistics to rely on, and most recommendations are biased since they come from people who only tested one service. To help you pass the MCAT exam from the first try, EduReviewer provides you with this detailed review of the most popular services. Why you should trust our review? We provide in-depth peer-reviewed accounts of popular educational services to assist students in finding the best options that guarantee academic success. Our team of expert reviewers value integrity and transparency on the market of education courses.

To ensure our evaluation process is rigorous, we looked at essential criteria that define the quality of a MCAT prep service. We tested the services, performed an in-depth analysis of their features, and ranked them according to performance, so we can tell you what are the best MCAT prep courses. Here are the things we analyze before recommending a service:

  • Curriculum quality
  • Duration of courses
  • Adaptive study plans
  • Professional instructors
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Mobile app capabilities
  • Large database of practice tests
  • Affordability
  • Responsive Support
  • Quality Guarantees

There are several companies that compete for recognition as the best online MCAT prep course. Before choosing to enroll in one, it’s important to know that there are several types of MCAT prep courses, each presenting different advantages. Some include only flashcards and video lectures, while others provide a thorough study plan with live instructors. Before choosing an online service, you should consider the following aspects:

  • What do customers’ reviews say?
  • What learning style do you prefer? Practice tests or live instruction?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What features do you consider crucial?
  • Which are the most reputable services?

Read on to discover an in-depth comparison of the best MCAT courses that offer the most helpful practice tests, video lectures, and studying tools. Our review will assist you in selecting a MCAT best prep course able to strengthen your knowledge so you can ace the exam.

In this section, we present you with an overview of five contenders for the title of the best prep course for MCAT. After analyzing their services, we’ve put together a brief list of pros and cons that will give you a glimpse into their main strengths and weaknesses.

Pros and Cons of the Best MCAT Prep Courses

Let’s find out which company is the best in MCAT test prep out there. Here is the list of top companies:

kaplan reviewChecking the best MCAT review courses, it is obvious that Kaplan is the first choice for many students. If you cannot be physically present to a Kaplan location, the online course is an excellent alternative. The course comes in different training modes to fit each student’s preferences and includes the best MCAT classes. You can thus choose from live online, self-paced or in-person.

This is among the best MCAT online course you can enroll in since it includes hundreds of hours of recorded video practice lessons available 24/7. In addition, the platform offers access to prep books, thousands of practice questions, practice exams, along with live lectures and coaching from expert instructors available on-demand. All video content can be browsed by subject, interests, or the instructor’s name. If your score does not improve, you can repeat the course at no additional cost or ask for your money to be returned.


  • Outstanding instruction
  • MCAT Channel
  • Rich study materials
  • High score guarantee


  • Pricey

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Magoosh review

Magoosh is a popular platform that provides some of the best MCAT practice tests along with updated study materials. With their weekly study planner, it’s easy to stay on track with your workload, and a smart feedback system helps you analyze your progress to find areas for improvement. The study guides provide a rich visual experience, with fully-colored pages and visual representations of important concepts, so you can memorize quicker.

In addition, the platform offers preparatory materials on all important subjects like chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, biology, and reasoning skills. In each section, you will find lectures and questions about the new material, along with descriptions for new concepts and tens of 30-minute practice exams in the MCAT format.


  • Rich visual content
  • Large study packages
  • Mobile usability
  • Affordability


  • Limited content

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princeton review review

Princeton Review has the best MCAT prep course for students who want an intensive study schedule to improve their score quickly and has been on the market for over 30 years. The course includes an impressive amount of study materials in various formats to suit any learning style and cover different subjects in physics, biology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. Students can find a massive amount of practice tests, prep books, online video content, interactive lessons, and other educational tools, all accessible on any device.

The Princeton Review immersive boot camps take just four to six weeks for more intense study. Students who need quick extra help can also use online tutoring as a study option. Although you cannot try out the study materials before the purchase, if you’re not happy with the exam score, you can use the money-back feature to get back the money you spent on the course. Otherwise, you can take a free online test to get a glimpse into the quality of the program.


  • Course Quality
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Expert Instructors
  • Fast learning
  • Reputation
  • Build-in app


  • No Flashcards
  • Lack of free trial

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The MCAT exam is preceded by months of stress, anxiety and day after day of full studying. To surpass this difficult period, most students put all their faith in the preparatory courses that are meant to help them achieve a satisfying score. However, there are many problems related to this.

  • Are the MCAT prep courses effective? Identifying the best MCAT prep course online is challenging. There are many services online that provide MCAT study packages in various formats and at various prices. How to know which are truly effective and can elevate your score? Which courses lead to the best score results? Which have the best instructors or most detailed lesson plans? The effectiveness of prep courses has bee proved, however, by the thousands of students who improved their scores in a matter of weeks.
  • How to know if a prep course online is credible and reputable? The Internet is filled with fake reviews, paid testimonials, and scammers looking to benefit from people’s emergency needs. Many students find it hard to determine which service they should trust. This is one of the biggest problems that they face when looking for help online. Thankfully, there are plenty of companies with years of experience that can provide professional, high-quality assistance.
  • How to design the best study plan? With so much to learn, and so little time, students are afraid that their study plan might not be inclusive or intense enough. However, prep courses offer detailed study schedules that start months before the MCAT exam and which students can follow confidently. These plans were designed by academic instructors and tested by thousands of students successfully.

The effectiveness of the best MCAT prep course depends on many aspects, and not just the quality of instruction. Besides the motivation and hard work of the student, these are some elements that can determine if a MCAT online course can be effective:

  • Different content formats. Students have different learning preferences. While some learn more by reading, others prefer visual content like videos, infographics, or pictures. A prep course is effective if it offers study material in as many formats as possible so students can switch when their motivation drops.
  • Live instruction. Learning via live lectures and coaching allows students to get a better understanding of difficult concepts. Attending a live online course can also increase motivation significantly and provide students with an incentive to prepare in advance so they can understand more from the lectures.
  • Money-back guarantee. If a prep course is willing to return your money if your score doesn’t change, this means they are very confident in their study programs. This guarantee is proof that they fully trust the quality of their own services.
  • Positive reviews. Any online service with a bit of experience must have dozens of online reviews. Read positive reviews from former students and determine the effectiveness of the course from their testimonials.
  • A large number of study materials. If an MCAT prep course comes with dozens of practice tests, video lessons, lectures, flashcards and prep books, this is a sign that the course is trying to fill all the gaps in your knowledge. If you take in information from multiple sources, you study more effectively so there’s a higher chance you will get a good score in the MCAT exam.

Since the search for the best online MCAT course is personal, our goal is to provide you with a series of well-tested tips and strategies that will help you answer what is the best MCAT prep package you can purchase for maximum results.

  • Read EduReviewer’s specialized reviews. For a knowledgeable opinion, read our best MCAT review course, where we cover all popular prep courses and tell you everything you need to know about them, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Read customers’ reviews. Find testimonials and reviews from previous customers and see what they have to share about their experience. Where they satisfied? Did they get their money’s worth? Did they pass the MCAT exam? Look carefully at various reviews and find clues about the quality of the course.
  • Test the platform. Some of the best online MCAT prep platforms allow visitors to take a free trial test or enter a free workshop to determine whether they like the quality of the study materials or the style of the live instructors. Check how user-friendly is the interface and how responsive is their mobile app.

How to find the best online MCAT prep course?

To find the best MCAT course to take, start by reading reviews on the most popular courses and see what they have to offer. Try to determine whether their content fits your learning style. If you prefer practice tests, it makes no sense to pay extra for live instruction. After browsing reviews, choose an online course that has a good reputation and provides excellent customer support, rich study content, and affordable prices.

Where to find best MCAT prep course?

According to testimonials from thousands of students, the best MCAT prep course can be found online. Nowadays, to be able to help students regardless of their location, many reputable prep courses have moved on the Internet. However, don’t choose the first link that comes up on the search page. Research beforehand to make sure to sign up for a reputable prep course.

How to choose the best MCAT Prep Sites?

To ensure you select a site with the best practice MCAT tests, look over the study packages and see whether they fit your study preferences and busy schedules. If you don’t have the time to attend live lectures, it’s best to select a self-paced course where you study by yourself whenever you have some free time. If you learn better in a classroom environment, it’s best to choose a live prep course.

What is the best MCAT prep course to take?

The best MCAT course you should take is one that fits your lifestyle and that you can seamlessly incorporate in your daily schedule. The course should not be too fast or intense so you can have the time to assimilate the new information. If it’s too easy or simple, you will not learn enough. Our best tip is to follow recommendations from trustworthy sources regarding the most helpful and cost-effective course.

When is the best time to take MCAT prep class?

The best time to enroll in a MCAT prep class is a couple of months before the date of your exam. This way you will have plenty of time to do dozens of practise tests, attend multi-hour lectures and take exam simulations. You need time to analyze your progress, find your weak spots, improve your knowledge, and retake tests if necessary.

What programs are best for MCAT prep?

Studies suggest that programs which include live classes and exam simulations provide the best MCAT prep. By attending regular classes, reading materials each week, and getting feedback from qualified tutors, your chance of passing the exam increases significantly. In our opinion, the best program is the one that can take you closer to your goal with as little stress as possible. This is why the quality of instruction is the most important element to determine the best program.

How do you know which company is the best test prep for MCAT?

To create our reviews, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the most popular courses, where we verify their quality claims by looking at their library of study materials and comparing prices and features. In our goal to uncover the best MCAT online prep course, we use objective ranking tools that analyze performance and quality-to-price ratios.

Would you pay for online MCAT courses or use free courses?

The difference between paid and free online MCAT courses is immense. If you want to go to the exam confidently, the best thing is to pay for a reputable course. According to most students who have passed the exam, the best way to study for MCAT is to take a good prep course. When you pay for your course, you pay for hundreds of hours of work from dozens of teachers, instructors and academics who prepare the materials, design the study plans and give live lectures with feedback and progress trackers. A free course never reaches this level of professionalism and complexity.

According to our expert reviewers who tackled the question of the best MCAT review, the companies that fit the most criteria for quality, performance, and effectiveness when it comes to the best MCAT test prep course are Magoosh and Kaplan. We evaluated different factors, and these platforms showed the most promising qualities as they include an extensive library of study resources in different engaging formats.

From captivating visuals to rich content filled with well-structured and updated information, here you can find anything you want on any subject related to the exam requirements so you can get the best prep for MCAT.

If you want a prep course that motivates you to stay on track with your study schedule and which can develop, refine, and analyze your knowledge levels, these are top options to consider. Not only that you will not empty your bank account, but you will gain the confidence to go to the exam without stress or anxiety. Kaplan and Magoosh have helped countless students from all over the country to get closer to their dream of becoming a doctor, as proven by their outstanding reviews and reputation.